Erotic story


Erotic story
His first solo run through the forest wasn’t anything like the calculated training exercises his parents or teachers at the packs school had taught him. Stealth and calculation were not at the forefront of his mind for this excursion. He ran through deep mud patches, slid over rotten foliage and careened through brush and bushes in his haste to try out his new form.

His parents called out to him through their family bond to come back immediately but he effectively dulled the link (not forgetting that particular lesson since it was interfering in his fun). Ryon had finally mastered phasing into and out of his wolf form and wanted to test out his other new skills and celebrate this news stage in his life.

Contrary to what his human mind believed the ’wolf’ he believed he was now, was still little more than a pup. As a natural born Lycan until they were able to phase successfully, into and out of their wolf form, they were frozen in their 8-year-old body. That included their mental capacity. Since their human minds would try to rush the process if it continued to mature it would cause their wolf form to mature too early and cause a mental retardation of their wolves’ mind. Once they had successfully learned to phase their bodies, both wolf and human, continued to develop until they reached their prime, around their late twenties. After that their physical aging slowed to an almost halt causing many to look 35 at 500 years old.

Having spent 10 years in his present 8-year-old body all that didn’t matter to Ryon. Right now all he was determined to do was stretch flat out into a sprint and test out his speed. Flying through the woods and up the mountain behind his parent’s home Ryon turned as gracefully as he could in his present state of mind towards the waterfall at the base of the mountain. They only visited it as a family when his father came home from his research and council trips, but he liked to sneak out the house or circle back from going to school to spend the day swimming or climbing up his favorite oak tree. He could smell the moisture in the air as he drew closer but stopped when his wolf felt something ominous in the vicinity.

Crouching down he pricked his ears forward and slunk through the shadows listening for any clues that might alert him to what his wolf was sensing. Clouds slid over the moon darkening the already dim forest lending a creepier aura to his surroundings. He’d never felt afraid in these woods before but something was off. The wind suddenly picked up and blew the clouds away illuminating the forest once more and with it, it seemed to have blown the dark aura and some of his uneasy feelings away. Tempted to turn back he remembered the hell he’d have to pay from his parents when he got back and that this could be his last thrill run for a while.

Once he weighed out the consequences of turning back his rest of his uneasy feelings disappeared and he decided to press on.

Slowly slipping out of the shadows he was about to resume his run when he heard a shrill cry. Faint and muffled by the falls he thought he was hearing things when it sounded again. Moving with caution, he once again crept through the shadows using more thoughtfulness, applying his teachings with not a little bit more attentiveness to his surroundings then he previously displayed. As he made his was closer to the falls he dove into some brush surrounding the break in the forest that encapsulated the little haven. Peering out of his hiding spot Ryon took in the clearing.

The wind had died down and had left the sky clear with the full spring moon lighting up the night like it was daytime. The falls looked like diamonds falling into the heavens as the crystal clear water of the smooth lake mirrored the sky full of sparkling stars and iridescent moon. The tall trees surrounding the lake seemed to wall off the world to this place, truly making it a haven for him. He looked off towards the right and saw the small river that bleed off towards the town and his tall oak tree he loved to climb. It had to be the tallest tree in the whole forest cause when he climbed to the top he could see the town from here and the lights of the highway, which was very far since the pack held a lot of land for its privacy.

Not seeing or hearing anything for the span of a few minutes, he had just stepped out into the clearing when he heard the loud cry again coming from his right. He noted it was coming from his oak tree so he cautiously stole over to it and as he got nearer he noticed a small borough at its base that wasn’t there before.

Sniffing the air, he whimpered and shook his head trying to alleviate the assailing odd smells and fear that stained the air. A high-pitched cry caused him to leap into the air and scurry back away from it. Calming slightly as it continued, it reminded him of his friend Annie’s new little brother when he got fussy. Peering back into the hole he saw a bundle of blankets and a tiny human leg sticking out and realized it was a baby.

He tried to nip the blanket and pull the bundle out but every time he tugged the shrill got louder causing him to become more distressed at the sound. Whimpering and beside himself with increasing anxiety he gave up and tried to shimmy into the hole and get behind it to wiggle it out. Once he had wormed his way in he paused to let his eyes adjust. He flattened his ears against his head as the crying seemed exceedingly loud in the tight space. Trying to calm it he snuggled next to the infant but the emotions rolling off it combined with his and overwhelmed his immature mind causing his mental block with his parents to dissipate and their bond to reform. Once the bond link reconnected he felt his parents respond to all the emotions coming through it from him and the infant. He felt the anger and protectiveness well up in his parents through their link from them thinking all those emotions were his and that he was in danger. They latched onto his location sent him hints that they were on their way and to stay put.

Hearing the infant still sobbing he nuzzled and licked at its crying face cleaning it of the tears and dirt. He paused think that she had a unique and delightful taste resuming his actions he couldn’t seem to stop himself from licking its whole face until he felt a hand in his fur. Pausing in his ministrations he peered down into a pair of eyes that snatched his breathe away with such force that it seemed his soul was tied to it and was ripped out along with it. He felt like he was falling, flying and drowning all at once and that he could live forever or die right there in that stare.

It seemed like it was both an eternity and a single moment that passed when he felt his parents enter the clearing growling and ready to attack what had frightened their only child. Howling out to him his parents broke the staring contest they seemed to have shared thus allowing him to reply back with a howl of his own. He heard them both bound up to the tree and saw their snouts as they both tried to squeeze their heads in at once. Their heads disappeared for a moment and was replaced by his father’s paws as he attempted to dig the hole wider. The added excitement was agitating the infant, causing it to resume its whimpering, and triggered him into lashing out at his father. Growling and biting at his father’s paws he went ballistic when the infant started crying louder.


Pausing at his son’s growling and the sharp cry of an infant Burim stood shocked and threw a bewildered look at his wife Wynnie.

’What was that?’ she asked through their bond link.

’It sounds like there is a baby in there with him!’ he said back. They both opened up their link to their son and pressed reassuring and soothing emotions through it to get him to calm down.

Once they felt the haze lift from his mind he stopped attacking and growling and started whimpering.

’Is there a baby in there with you Ryon?’ he asked.

’Yes’ was the faintly whispered through their link.

’You must try and stay calm Ryon your father and I are trying to get you out. If you don’t calm down, we won’t be able to help you both out of there and you’ll continue to scare the baby.’ Wynnie said.

At the mention of scaring the infant he quietened further not even whimpering anymore.

’I need you to answer my questions as best you can Ryon. Are you or the baby hurt? Can you crawl out?’ Burim said through the link.

Ryon whined softly and thought to them in a rush, ’I’m fine dad I can get out, I tried to pull it out but its stuck and I can’t get it out I don’t know what’s wrong with it, it keeps crying and I don’t wanna leave it please hurry up I don’t know what to do!’

’Ok, ok son calm down I understand but I need you to crawl out of there so I can have more room to get it out ok?’

There was a pause before Ryon replied, ’Ok...’

As soon as Burim removed his paws from the entrance of the hole Ryon crawled out and was snatched up by his mother who had phased back into her human form to assist me in retrieving the infant.

As he dug the holes’ entrance wider he could hear a combination of him whining, her telling him to phase back immediately, followed by her crying and reprimanding him with a loud kissing sounds as she showered him with all the emotions she’d felt for the last hour all at once.

He chuffed at his wife to come over and assist him and to leave Ryon be for the moment. They still had another child to concentrate on retrieving so he didn’t want any distractions for the choice words and lecture he was going to dole out for Ryon’s careless midnight romp. Ryon’s look of salvation left his face as he realized he’d rather be smothered with his mother’s sloppy kisses than deal with his dads scolding later on.

Wynnie sat our son down and knelt beside the hulking form of his wolf and reached into the gaping hole to disentangle the blanket from the roots that was stabbing through it. As she stood up, gently fixing the blankets around the quieting babe she gasped. All color drained from her already pale face turning her as white as the moon light, eyes widening where the whites of them matched her complexion and her mouth gaping like the hole in the ground.

"Burim she’s... she’s a... a..." Wynnie paused looking up at him.

He phased back to his human form and peered down at the child. He gasped, unbeknownst to him his reaction mirroring his wife’s. I felt wonder, amazement and a bone chilling fear as I stared down at the child in my wife’s trembling arms.

"She’s a what mama? What is she? Can I see her?" Ryon said pulling on her arm, "Give her here! I found her first! Let me see!"

With each question Ryon got louder and more aggressive.

Our heads snapped towards him then our eyes snapped back to each other. Wynnie looked back at Ryon and asked the question blaring in my mind.

"Was she alone?... Did anyone see you or her?!"


He looked between his parents getting more agitated.

’They want me to answer their questions but won’t answer mine! I’m a full fledge lycan changeling now!’ He thought in frustration and 8-year-old indignation.

He was about to voice his frustration but one look at his parent’s faces had him huffing and saying aloud instead," No... when I came to the clearing I used those techniques we learned in school and what you and mama taught me to scan for danger. No one was here when I found her, no one seen us... Can I see her now?! PLEEEASSE" He begged/whined the last part.

His parents shared a weird look between each other and immediately his father reached down and picked him up as his mother swaddled the baby.

"Hold on tight to me Ryon"

With that they took off sprinting back towards their house. They were moving much faster than his parents ever dared to run before with him in their arms. Looking up at his father he was ready to question their sudden haste to get home, when he noticed the cold seriousness and fear on his father’s face which caused him to think better of it.

He hunkered down further into his father’s arms watching the trees pass in a blur. They had just passed over the river that separated the mountains forest from the reservations forest when the air turned frigid and the wind kicked up so strong it sounded like the whole pack was howling in their ears. Sending every single hair on his body needle straight up. His father squeezed him tighter as he and mother sped up, if that was even possible. They didn’t slow until they’d reached the house and the door closed behind them and the dead bolts slid home on every entrance in the house.


After everyone had calmed down and the excitement of the run back died, they all started to get ready to turn in. While she was getting a meal ready Burim went up to the attic with Ryon to bring down some of Ryon’s old baby stuff down. She heard them digging around up there as Burim began lecturing Ryon about his foolish nighttime adventure. He went on about how he was now a new changeling and he had to start making better decisions. He said something to the effect of trying not to give his mother a heart attack again because he didn’t think he could take her haunting him from the grave with free rain at nagging him.

At that she sent him a sharp retort through their bond and turned her focus back onto making the meal. She turned it on low and sent Burim a mental message that the food was ready but that she was going to clean up the babe and herself first.

When she was done bathing and finding something to change the babe into she laid her on her bed and changed into her own pajamas. The infant had looked like she was almost one but was small for her age and slightly malnourished. She still had full cheeks and a little pot belly to match but her arms and legs were on the thin side.

Turning back towards the bed she picked up the gurgling baby that was trying to eat her own hand and walked out of her room and downstairs to feed herself and the little one. When they had finished with their meal Burim and Ryon had cleaned up and left her plate in the microwave and had returned upstairs, getting themselves ready to turn in. Heating up the plate and bottle Burim had made they ate until they both were full. Cleaning up their plates she picked up the infant and headed back upstairs, the child snuggling into her arms and yawning in exhaustion. She was unlike any baby she knew trusting her and her family readily and completely like she knew they were trying to help her. Coming down the hall she could hear Burim putting together Ryon’s old crib in Ryon’s room.

Turning around the corner she saw him finishing up the crib. As their eyes meet when he looked up at her he sighed and smirked, "I knew we were going to need this again, though I thought I would have a little more time to put it together and especially not at 1 in the morning" giving her a sly wink he laughed.

"Well Luna does as she wishes so deal with it" She retorted as she reclined back onto Ryon’s bed shifting the baby to lay on her chest, "Ryon honey come sit with me."

Ryon climbed in next to her and snuggled into her side laying his head next to the babies on her chest, he gently brushed his hand across her tiny cheek as she dozed off. She put her arm around him and pulled him closer. Her eyes looked up to meet her husband’s gaze and she sent all the sadness, regret and new found contentment through their mate bond, knowing that those emotions were blatant in her eyes, asking him with those feelings what she was too scared to voice aloud. He gave her a wane smile as he crawled in behind their son nodding his consent and holding her gaze as he threw his arm around them all pulling them close and furthering the bond through touching all of them.

"Ryon, how would you like to become a big brother?" he asked finally breaking eye contact to look at the top of his son’s head.

Ryon looked back at him then to her slightly confused and excited, "Are you gonna have a baby mama? My friend Bart’s mom is going to too and her stomach is so big! Is it in there right now? Will she crush it cause she’s laying on you? When-"

"Hold on, hold on" She laughed softly shaking her head, "No, no what your father means is how would you like for this little one to become a part of our family? We would adopt her as our daughter and she would become your foster sister."

His face scrunched up in thought for a moment before he said, "Will she have to leave if you don’t adopt her?"

She shot a look up at her husband before she said, "Yes I doubt the council would allow us to house a human child with no attachment to the pack. But-"

He interrupted her saying, "And if you did adopt her she’d be able to stay with me forever? And I would get to protect her like Annie does her baby brother?"

Her husband’s laugh shook the bed, "Well that’s what a family does! Besides you couldn’t get rid of us even if you tried." Burim replied as he tickled him.

She shushed them, "Don’t wake her up."

"Well starting now she is ours!" Ryon stated matter-of-factly.

Burim and her chuckled at that knowing that it wasn’t that simple and they would still need approval of their Alpha and the high council before they could let the infant officially stay. But seeing as Burim was a high ranking Beta, the head "Keeper" of the entire clan and he was an important advisor to the council their family held a high rank in the pack and it would help make it easier to get what they wanted.

Looking down at the softly snoring infant she suddenly remembered an important concern.

"Well if we are going to announce our new daughter to the public she must have a name first."

Gazing down at the tiny bundle she couldn’t help but remember how beautiful her eyes were as they’d peered at her in the moonlit forest and seemed to ensnare her soul. Hearing her thoughts her husband said, "Well how about Hazel, for her unique eye color? Or Ivy for them ensnaring our hearts?

"Hhmm... Hazel... Hazel Ivy Storozh," I repeat, "yes I love it Burim!"

"Yea me too!" Ryon said looking at me, to Hazel he whispered, "What about you Ivy do you like it?"

As if she heard him she gurgled in her sleep.

Smiling he leant over and kissed her cheek, "Well that’s what it is then."

Taking a moment to absorb the happiness filling her she gazed down at the little bundle capturing her family’s hearts. The dim light of the side table lamp made her almond colored skin glow with its own inner light. As she ran a hand over her soft curly brown hair the light reflected of the auburn colored highlights speckled throughout it. In the center of her small face between round rosy cheeks a cute little button nose and bee stung pink lips released an exhausted sigh as she slipped into a deeper sleep. She moved to get up and Burim slid the covers down as he got up too, making Ryon slide underneath. She placed Hazel into her new crib and tucked her in kissing the top of her head and moved to switch with Burim and do the same to Ryon. Before either of them made it out the room they heard Ryon snoring.

Moving back down the hall towards their bed room she made her way into the closet as Burim closed their door. When she returned he had stoked a fire in their fireplace and was turning down their bed and undressing, in her hands was a small box. As he pulled his shirt over his head she pulled out of the box the blanket hazel was wrapped in when they’d found her, a necklace and a piece of paper. The necklace and note had been hidden in Hazel’s swaddling when they’d found her, attached to the top blanket that was visible only when they had removed her from the hole.

Placing them on the bed she asked him, "So what are we going to tell the council about Hazel?" She paused before continuing, "What we supposed to do with these things? If anyone found this stuff they’d... we’d..." she sighed, "She was our friend and I don’t mind raising her daughter as our own but... won’t they suspect us first?

He sighed, "I know, I know... the council and many of my colleagues know we’ve been looking to adopt so it will be easy to get them to go along with this. They will help make this quick adoption look preplanned and help sell it to the rest of the clan on accepting her sudden appearance and also deter anyone else who might be inquisitive about Hazel."

He gathered Hazel’s blanket off of the bed and threw it back into the box along with the necklace, he picked up the piece of paper and threw it into the fire watching it catch and burn slowly.

"Tomorrow while I’m with the council and our Alpha I want you to take that box and some of your pricier jewelry and a few Ryon’s sentimental baby things downtown to the cities first federal bank," he said to her picking the stuff up and sitting it on the dresser, "get a safety deposit box with us having the only access to it. I will get another one later and place that key into the new box."

She sighed thinking of the circus she was about to perform to protect her daughter. But she would do that and more, already feeling a fierce protectiveness and loyalty to HER daughter who was sleeping in the other room.

As she slid into bed she had another niggling question that wouldn’t leave her be, "What if she asks questions or ever shows signs of-"

"Don’t worry" Burim said as he joined her turning off the light and pulling her close, "I have an associate whose research is in repression. He is working on a product meant to repress rogues of all the mythic species. I’ve seen the clinical trials in our rogues; as it is easier to see the physical outcome with our rouge wolves since they can’t phase back to their human form it is easier to study the effects of the drug. If it can repress that I’m sure it can repress anything she might display."

"Won’t that be dangerous I don’t want to hold her back or stunt growth" she stated.

"No I will make sure everything is perfect before we even attempt to give her it besides she won’t show major signs until reaches puberty. Meanwhile I will give her another product that will mask her smell to that of a human to help her blend into the story I will spin to the council."

He pulled her tighter as he sighed heavily into the top of her head mixing their smells and replacing his breath with the smell of her hair. They took the time enjoying having their scents mixed together welcoming the oneness they both felt.

They were both quiet for several moments.

"What if the Alpha suspects? It is hard to lie to him you know" She asked softly fighting sleep to ask this last question.

He shushed her softly, "Shhh... I will not lie to him; I will just elude to somethings... Besides he is a big picture kind of guy and will only require us to present her to him for his wolf to access her danger to the pack by then I will have administered the scent masker... Don’t worry love no one will ever suspect... I swear it."

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