My plumper bitch roommate

My plumper bitch roommate
Everyone in college knows the hot rich bitch whose dad bank rolls her four years of wild partying. That’s Jordan, and I’m the sucker dating her roommate. There’s nothing wrong with having money and a nice ass, especially for a blonde. Too bad Jordan is the biggest bitch to walk this planet since Yoko Ono.

I could tolerate her half-caf no foam latte lifestyle, except she loved to be a tease. She’d prance around her apartment in all different slutty outfits, and then giggle when she "noticed" I was there. I was constantly hiding a rage boner beneath the couch cushions.

Once when I went to take a leak I barged in on her in the bath. "What the fuck are you looking at," she snarled, "Use the fucking toilet and then leave." As I awkwardly dribbled piss, I could tell she was looking at my flaccid cock. "Not packing much, eh?" she teased, and I zipped up quickly and left.

But Queen of Demons aside, I still had access to the always fuckable body of my girlfriend Abi. Fun-loving and simple, Abi just wanted to have a good time. And lucky for me, a good time often consisted of her sitting on my face and then busting a nut on her famously large tan knockers.

Unlike prissy Jordan, who probably gave her first blowjob with a silver spoon in her mouth, my girlfriend got her sexual education on the street. This meant she was a nasty cum-loving slut, and we would drink the night away in a skanky house party and then fuck our brains out in the master bedroom

Bitchy Jordan loved my skanky girlfriend like a sister, and would egg her further just to press my buttons. One night after drinking , Jordan coyly convinced my trashed Abi to let a burly old pawn shop owner grope her tits in exchange for a cheap plastic ring.

"Abi, why don’t you show the Uber driver how big your tits are?" Jordan mischievously suggested. The prick of a driver took a bump on the curve just to watch my girlfriend laugh as she jiggled around in the back seat.

Despite hating her guts, I still found Jordan to be a prime A piece of ass. So when she suggested Abi and I come with her that weekend to the lake to swim and take in the sun, I immediately said yes. All I had to do is put up with her yapping and antics and I could spend the day watching her prance that toned body around in a bikini.

We managed to find a bikini that could fit in Abi’s impressive honkers, and the lake trip seemed ready to go. Except late Friday night when, at the library, I got an email from a professor giving me a 50 page paper due at 6pm. There was no way I could take the trip.

"How the fuck else are we going to get to the beach?" Jordan texted me, "We can’t take an Uber all the way there." I told her there was nothing I could do, we would have to reschedule. "I’m not rescheduling just for you," she typed back, "And neither is Abi."

10 minutes later she texted me back. "I found us a ride with some guys in Alpha Alpha Tau. They said they’d love to come to the lake." I didn’t like the idea of those rich douchebags. "And hurry up with your paper," Jordan added, "You better show up late, Abi deserves a boyfriend who keeps his promises."

I tried not to think about the frat guys and the lake, but Jordan wouldn’t let me. She texted me a video of one hugging her, and her tits looked great in her gold shining bikini. "Oops, wrong person," the bitch lied, "But btw, if I see one frown on Abi’s face because she’s sad you’re not here, I will make you regret your stupid paper."

I texted Abi, but even after an hour I didn’t get a response. Jordan buzzed me: "Abi’s phone fell in the water. She’s having so much fun with these guys, splashing around in the water with those big tits of hers. They said they’re inviting some more of the house brothers. Think you can make it here before they do?"

"This is unreal," I texted back, "You can’t expect me to just show up when I have a paper to write. And I don’t believe for a second that Abi is interested in two rich asshole frat guys." Jordan sent back two wink faces. "I can see two BIG reasons why you’re wrong ;) ;) "

Over the next hour, Jordan sent me a new picture every five minutes. They were all of enormous bulges. "I bet this one looks real nice," she added to a clip of a frat boy’s donkey sized dick flopping around in his boxers. I could picture her surreptitiously hiding the camera as she zoomed its lens on the man’s long heavy member.

I got a message from an unknown number. "Hey this is Matt, I’m with the girls at the lake and got your number from Jordan. She wants to know if you’re coming? She said if you’re busy, then I should at least let you know we’re going to take the girls to a private beach we know about, clothing optional."

Jordan texted. "Hey there, did you get Matt’s message? We’re on our way to the NUDE BEACH now. Matt seems to really like Abi, they spent a lot of time in the water together. But I got him alone for a moment to check inside his pants: he’s at least three times the size of that thing I saw you peeing with!"

"So you’re just going to IGNORE me? When I’m the only one here standing between your busty girlfriend and a line of twenty hung naked men? If you don’t respond, maybe I’ll go take a walk alone. Let’s see if these men can resist stuffing every last one of your girlfriend’s holes with cock!"

Fed up with the taunting, I called Jordan and demanded to speak to Abi. My girlfriend sounded surprised, said everything was fine and sure she was topless with some guys she met but they were nice and I had nothing to worry about. She handed the phone back to Jordan. "You lying bitch," I said to her, but I heard her laugh. "Fine, listen to her and not me. It’ll make it funnier when it all finally happens."

"If you think these guys don’t mean business," Jordan added, "You’re wrong. They keep coming up to me with their stiff cocks and rubbing up against me. It would be so easy for me to just grab them in my hands and give them release. But I want them nice and hard, yearning to fuck as they watch little Abi jiggle across the beach."

I finally finished my paper, and immediately called Jordan. No answer even after six tries. Reluctantly, I dialed the number of the frat bro Matt who had texted me earlier. "Oh yeah, hey dude," he greeted me after I explained who I was. "Yeah, makes sense Jordan didn’t pick up, we’re in the van and she’s kinda got her mouth full.."

I panicked as I heard the familiar moans of that bitch Jordan taking dick. "Where are you going? Where’s Abi?" He answered back, "Just this bar we know. I can text you the address. And she’s in the backseat, let me hand her the phone."

"Hey baby," Abi’s sweet voice answered, "No I’m doing just fine. We had a great time at the beach and I got such a good tan all around. Feeling the sun against my bare tits was so refreshing." I protested. "Oh babe, come on," she said, "They’re guys! Of course some of them stared, that’s natural when you’ve got the DDDs I have."

"Honestly, Matt and the guys are so sweet. I’m not even upset you didn’t come since they’re here. Matt just had a breakup so I’ve been talking him through it. Can you believe a girl left him because his dick was too big? I mean, I saw the thing today at the beach and it is very large, but who would leave a guy for something great like that?"

"Jordan’s really getting fucked good by these guys," Abi added absentmindedly, "I mean, she’s not normally such a slut, but these guys are so hot, I totally get why she’s letting three of them fuck her right now. Like after spending all day with these naked hung guys, I could really use a good screw too!"

As pissed as I was, nothing got me harder than Abi talking dirty. "What bar are you going to to?" I asked, breathing heavy. I needed to get to her. "Um, I think it’s more of a strip club," she answered, "The guys said girls get in free if they’re topless, Matt says with a pair my size they’ll probably let all us in free!" My cock stiffened as I imagined her shaking free of her top and exposing her great breasts.

I hung up, but Matt never texted the address. I called him and Jordan over and over, but no response. Finally I thought to track him down on Facebook. Right there on his timeline was a video of my Abi, buck naked with her big tits shaking as she brought that fucker a beer. There were 57 comments. "Damn you Matt," one read, "hope you gave those the tit fuckin they deserve!"

I sent Matt a friend request but instead of accepting, the dude blocked me! My heart began to beat intensely as my paranoia grew. I put my internet sleuthing to work, tracking down his instagram, twitter, snapchat. Blocked on all of them. In this time, I got a single text message from Jordan that just read "sexxxxxxxx~~~" Did she mean herself or Abi?

I tried not to picture Abi. I tried to not see Matt’s beefy hands groping her like a piece of meat, stuffing that piston of a cock inside her eager open hole. I didn’t want to think about it sliding around her insides, poking its big purple head in her supple young body. And I definitely didn’t want to see it erupt with cum, filling her insides with sticky warm goo.

This was all the bitch roommate Jordan’s fault. The blonde slut who threatened me and told me she would get miles of frat guy dick up inside my Abi’s snatch. Now that asshole Matt had already stripped her naked and was probably banging her right now. That’s when I finally decided to try Matt’s skype. He was logged in, I was unblocked, so I gave it a ring...

It answered, and there was Abi, alone, splayed naked on an unfamiliar bed like a common whore. "Baby!" she exclaimed, excited to see me. She asked why I didn’t come to the bar, and as I started to explain, I instead flipped it on her: why was she naked in this guy’s bed? "Oh I was already naked from the club, and it’s more comfortable," she answered naturally.

"Holy fuck you look good," I told her, a bit intoxicated by her jiggle. "Thanks baby." "Are you alright?" I asked, "Did you have a good day?" Abi bit her lip. "Yeah today was good." But there was a certain nervous look in her eye, as if there were some details she wasn’t sure how to put into words.

"Babe I want to tell you something. When we were at the strip club, Jordan dared me to go on stage. And then I was doing so good on the pole, Matt joined me. And he and I were both naked, and so at one point, his big thing, I mean, his penis, or his cock, it just kind of slipped into me. Like, just a couple of times."

"I was so embarrassed, I hopped off his dick after like only five minutes. But Matt kept saying that it got him so hard, that it wasn’t fair that I got him all riled up with my tits and my pussy and I didn’t let him cum. I told him that I had a boyfriend, but he said a blowjob wouldn’t even count. So I wanted to be fair and promised I would put it in my mouth."

"But then Jordan got involved and suddenly she was the one sucking his dick while he just groped my tits and ass. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get kind of wet as he touched me, and as I watched his big cock disappear down Jordan’s throat..."

"I was getting so turned on watching Jordan suck that dick, and Matt looked like he was really enjoying himself. I just sat back on the bed with my hand in my cunt and let Jordan do the work. But that’s when two of Matt’s friends walked in. Here I was, almost creaming my thighs, and now there were suddenly two new big cocks wagging in my face!"

"They told me that after a long day of staring at my tits at the beach and the club, I owed them a good suck and fuck. Boyfriend or not, I would have to get take their loads after being such a tease all day. So I did the best I could at taking their dicks in my mouth but it was really hard! I had two of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen trying to flood my body with cum. Finally I got them to erupt on my chest and they stumbled off without saying anything."

"I wiped myself down with a pillow, but I noticed Jordan still hadn’t finished. So I got down with her and we both sucked Matt’s cock together. Honestly, with one more tongue, taking that big thing was TONS easier. And Matt got a lot harder having all four of our big tits for him to play with."

"I could tell Matt was close to cumming because the veins on his shaft were pulsing on my tongue. But I saw him smile right before he grabbed my face and shoved the bulk of his dick down my throat. I felt his big balls smack my cheek but I just gulped his cock down with all the saliva drooling down my chin."

"After all that work, I expected to soon feel the hot gush of cum into my stomach. But instead, Matt popped his cock from my lips and sprayed Jordan down with his load. It was like watching a fire house pour yogurt onto her face, I was so impressed."

"Anyway, I thought that was it," Abi said, "But then Matt started playing with my tits, saying that since I hadn’t been the one to make him cum, I still owed him. He just went to the shower but when he comes back, I think I have to fuck him."

My head was spinning, but I got Abi to tell me the address. Just then, the largest cock I had ever seen entered the screen, pulsing and waving over Abi’s face. He couldn’t tell we were on Skype. As his dick got closer to my girlfriend’s face, I grabbed my laptop and raced to my car.

I almost crashed so many times on the way. I had one eye on the road, one eye on the screen where Matt’s fat prick plowed away at my girlfriend’s white pussy. I had one hand on the steering wheel, the other on my rock hard cock as I watched this asshole frat guy fuck my girlfriend in front of me.

When I got there, I barged in to see not Abi, but Jordan. "She’s behind three different locked doors," Jordan said mischievously, "You won’t get to her." And I fell down onto the couch exhausted. "Why don’t you put that laptop here," she said, "And we can together watch little Abi get fucked away on screen."

"Wow look at Abi take that dick," Jordan cooed as she fingered her cunt next to me. "I bet you never thought that pussy got take a cock so large. I knew Abi had it in her." Reluctantly, I pulled out my cock and began stroking next to Jordan. "I mean look at this!" Jordan said, touching me, "Did you really expect to compete with that baseball bat of a prick inside Abi right this moment?"

"I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me," Jordan said, stripping down completely and rubbing her naked body against my small prick, "And face it, your relationship is over. Why not just stick it inside of me?" I stared at her and reached for my dick, but she burst into laughter. "Holy shit, pea brain! I was just kidding! I am not fucking you." But she continued to wipe her ass against me, and it felt amazing.

Abi’s face contorted into orgasm over and over. She came more times on Matt’s dick than she did in our entire relationship. Finally, when Matt’s balls looked heavy, he flipped my girlfriend over and began fucking her mega juggs. As he began to spew a hot load onto my girlfriend’s chest, I felt Jordan’s legs tremble as she orgasmed in front of me.

After coating her entire tits in cum, Matt completed his domination of Abi by finishing the rest of his load on her face. Streams of sticky viscous cum floated around my girlfriend’s cheeks, and she opened her mouth to swallow as much as she could. I dribbled a small load onto the carpet in front of me as Abi drank down more and more from the frat guy’s balls.

In the next few weeks, I trusted Abi to stay faithful to me. But Jordan undermined me at every turn, and she sent dozens of guys to bed with my girlfriend. Eventually, though it was a hard decision to make, I had to let her go. My big boobed goddess would never be mine. I wish I could say I got over her, but sometimes at night I wake up cursing and screaming out the bitch roommate Jordan.

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