Sandal Goddess, sex story

Sandal Goddess, sex story
My name is David and I am a 35 year old man that was recently divorced after a ten year marriage. My wife had refused to perform oral sex on me even though I frequently went down on her. I have become frustrated by my recent attempts at finding a woman to date. My ex-wife was pretty, well educated, smart, was an amazing fuck, but would not submit to fellatio on my substantial penis. I will try to find a lady that was like my ex-wife, but that will suck cock as well. Another thing I look for in a female is pretty feet. I love thong sandals on a well shod foot. The totally exposed foot spreading out as a woman walks has an attraction for me. I have a foot fetish, but with a thong sandal fetish as well. My ex-wife grudgingly wore sexy thongs on her feet, but only on special occasions.

It was a hot summer night in Tucson and David was cruising a back street near Arizona University. The club David found was large, well lighted, and was very new. The light on the front of the club was "Girl’s Secret." David found a parking place and entered. At the entrance he was stopped by a large black man that looked like a pro football linebacker.

"Are you a club member?"

"No I am not. I have never been here before." Said David.

"Membership is 100 Dollars a year. If you are interested you may register with the manager."

"What type of club is this?" Asked David.

"A place to meet women, men or a TS."

"Are there a lot of women members?" David questioned.

"Yes. Actually women outnumber men about 2-1."

"What type of women are here?" David replied.

"Any kind you want. Rich, poor, tall, skinny. fat, old, young, ugly, pretty and women with secret lives.

Our female members have no membership fee"

"Yes I am interested in joining." David responded.

"OK, Sir come into our office and our manager Ms. Evans will be with you."

"Hello I am Cindy Evans the manager of this establishment. I understand that you want to become a member of our club."

"I am David Simpson. Yes I am interested in joining your club."I said.

Cindy Evans was about 40 years old, blonde, nearly 6 feet tall very shapely maybe 160 lbs of MILF flesh.

She briefed me about club standards and rules. I filled out a contract three pages long with disclaimers of all sort the legal document. Members were required to follow the wishes of other members in regard to physical contact. All sex was to be off premises. The club was a meeting place for dinner, drinks, dancing, heavy petting. Nudity and sex were not allowed inside the club. The contract addressed taboos such as drugs, guns, assault, rape, theft and fraud.

I read and signed the papers. I paid Ms. Evans with my credit card.

"Follow me David I will give you a tour of our facility." Cindy said.

"Lead the way Cindy."

We walked through the spacious entrance that was decorated in a Roman theme. Columns, arches and decorative statues of nude men and women lined the front fašade of bar. The statues were very erotic with breasts, vaginas, and penis’s in full view. Several of the male statues had large erections and low hanging scrotums. One statue was an exotic female with a small penis.

Cindy noticed me looking at the various statues. "The Romans and Greeks were very open sensual people. Most of them were bisexual and they had sex outside of marriage with multiple partners."

"Yes I knew that. I love the decor and layout of the entrance."

"In here is the bar and lounge with dance floor David. It is about 4,000 square feet."Cindy pointed out.

I followed Cindy through the back section of the lounge. She showed me the restrooms, ATM and game room. In the back of the building was a large dining room with about twenty tables and an equal number of booths. Cindy informed me that the dining room was as large as the front of the building. On the side of the dining room was a full kitchen with a large counter to pick up food orders. Throughout the club women and men were mingling with drinks and refreshments. Some were obviously couples. The women outnumbered the men by about 3-1. It was only about 7 o’clock and the night was young. I figured with that many women I might find a lady to meet.

"David it was nice meeting you. If you need anything or have any questions I will be available at the office." "Thank you Cindy for the tour." I responded.

I went to the bar and sat next to an exotic tall woman in a brown dress. I glanced at her feet. Yes I thought thong sandals! I didn’t want to stare at her toes so I glanced back up and surveyed her. She was on a stool and it was hard to tell how tall she was but her legs and torso were very long. She had red hair with green eyes. Her body was full maybe 200 lb s, but not fat. I was starring at her. I was captivated by her face. She had very high cheek bones, very full red lips and a long narrow nose.

"Hi I am Sheila." "I am David. Nice to meet you Sheila." I replied nervously.

"You look like an athlete David did you play sports?"

"Yes I played football and wrestled."

"What weight class were you in David?" She asked.

"I wrestled at 220 mostly. I started at 198 and got bigger as I competed."

Sheila looked at me like she wanted to eat me. She had a sexual energy about her.

"You look like you could still wrestle David. You look very strong and you are thickly muscled. How many years has it been?"

"Over fifteen, I am not in cardio condition. I still weigh about 220 and I work out a couple times a week. You look pretty tough Shelia were you a jock?"

"I don’t have anything to put in a jock, but I did swim."She giggled.

We spent about an hour talking and getting to know each other. Shelia was 32 years old and worked as a radiologist in the local hospital. She was single, never married and currently available. Her hobbies were reading, swimming, movies and collecting dolls. I knew there was a connection between us I could feel it.

"I don’t want to be to forward David, but would you dance with me?"

"Yes I would be delighted Shelia."

We stood and walked hand in hand to the dance floor where soft slow dance music played. As Shelia stood I noticed how tall she was. She had to be 6 feet tall or taller. I noticed her sexy thong sandals were on a mid size 3 or 4 inch wedge heel. As we walked I just was amazed how perfect she was. Sheila was a big girl maybe 200 lbs or more with a very full butt and big boobs.

"I love to slow dance David." She purred.

"I do to. I kind of suck at the fast dances."

"I dance really well and I suck really well." Shelia laughed.

I was shocked at her comment as we embraced to begin our dance. We made small talk as we clutched and moved our bodies together. I became erect as we moved. I am very well endowed. She had to feel me against her leg. Her breasts were smashed against chest as we danced. She kissed my ear. After three dances I moved my mouth to hers and we French kissed for about ten minutes as we locked through two more dances.. I was turned on and I could tell she was also.

"David I am so horny I can’t help it. I felt your big cock when we danced and I want to get naked. Will you take me home so we can be in private?"

"I am sorry I couldn’t control myself Shelia. I was worried that you might notice me being hard. It is very difficult for me when I get excited. We can leave now. Should we take your car or mine?"

Her hand gripped my swollen cock through my pants. She shielded her hand from the other couples as she slipped her large strong hand inside my pants.

She whispered in my ear. "I am going to put this huge monster in all my holes tonight. My car is at home. My house is three blocks away.

As we left the club Shelia grabbed me in the parking lot and shoved her tongue down my throat. As we French kissed I massaged her large ass and could feel a thong g-string through her dress. I moved my hands higher and felt her huge breasts as I shoved my tongue into her throat. Shelia did something I am never had done to me she swallowed my tongue and deep throated it. It was as if she stole my very sole. She looked up. "I have no gag reflex. I am very oral I can take very large objects into my mouth and swallow them into my throat. Can you think of something beside your tongue for me to swallow?"

I grinned. "My thumb, my big toe, my nose maybe."

Shelia smirked "I can put most parts of a man’s body in my mouth. I can think of other things to tickle my throat. "

We left for my car and drove to her home. It was only about 10 o’clock. We got out and walked to her house..As we walked I noticed her pretty sandaled feet. Her toes were fire engine red and totally exposed in her sexy high heeled thongs. Her toes spread out as she walked. Her thong sandals had very thin straps that wrapped around her ankles.

Shelia caught me looking at her feet. "Do you have a foot fetish?"

"Sort of I replied. I adore sexy feet in thong sandals. In fact I am turned on by your sandals and feet."

"I hope you are attracted to more than my feet and sandals. I live in thongs 24/7 in the summer, except at work. I have to wear ugly crocs with my scrubs. "

"Shelia you are very lovely. Your face, your hands, your butt, your boobs, your mouth and your toes. I am turned on by your personality and your intelligence "

"OK. I was worried you were going to kiss my feet and ignore the rest of me."

"I plan on kissing every inch of you Shelia."

As we entered the small adobe structure. Shelia threw me against the door and swallowed my tongue again. She pulled my penis out of my pants and explored my erection with her fingers. My cock is circumcised with a small head not much bigger than my thumb. It has a pointed tip with a slight curve to the left. At about two inches from the head my cock widens to a six inch circumference with thick turgid veins. When erect my cock is 8.5 inches. Flaccid I am 5.5.

"Wow David you have a magnificent penis. I am going to have fun with this tonight. Is that all right with you?" Shelia’s hand gripped my cock and stroked me 3 or 4 strokes.

Shelia pinned me against the door and squatted on the sandaled balls of her feet. She held me around the hips and lowered my pants. I could feel her breath on my cock head.

"Preview" she whispered in a gravelly voice.

I held onto her head and looked into her green eyes as she slowly sucked the top half of my cock into her mouth. She kept eye contact as she sucked me. I could see her toes spread open in her sandals as she squatted. After about five minutes I was wondering about that gag reflex.

Without warning she swallowed me balls deep into her throat and concentrated on my last 2 or 3 inches while deep throating me into her throat on each bob of her head.

Suddenly she un-swallowed my cock and stood.

"Preview over. Let us shower and get fresher my cunt is a little tangy. I want to be sparkly clean for you. You do eat pussy, I assume?"

"Yes I eat pussy, ass, armpits, belly buttons, and toes."

"Well I have never had my toes or ass eaten David. I can’t wait. If you didn’t eat pussy that would be a show- stopper."

"The towels are in the hall grab a couple. You go first David I will take longer."She instructed.

I quickly washed my face and body. As I showered Shelia entered the bathroom.

"I have a fresh razor for you David let me hand it to you. "

She quickly walked by the shower door and I noticed she was nude. I also noticed she was totally smoothly shaven. No patch of fur to fight through!

I ran the soap over my body to work up a lather. I shaved my face, armpits, penis, scrotum. I keep my body hairless and had shaved it yesterday. So this was a touch up.

I wrapped my body in a towel and walked back into the bedroom. As I walked my erection was sticking out and tenting the towel.

Shelia smiled. "I will be out in a few minutes baby."

She was naked and walked past me smiling. "Do you like what you see? Do you think I am fat?"

No I think you are healthy. I love your body every inch of it."

"I will let you prove that in a few minutes." She smiled.

I could hear the shower running and was thinking about what she was shaving and scrubbing.

My erection was waiting for an orifice to invade. I felt my cock and imagined Shelia’s body next to mine.

I lightly stroked my cock to keep it primed. I worked my cock for a few minutes.

"Hey don’t waist that on your hand. I will be with you as soon as I get dressed."She hollered as she ran by me.

I thought dressed? In a few minutes Shelia returned. I was stunned. Shelia had a shaved head as smooth as a bowling ball. She wore a red negligee with matching g-string. On her feet were High heeled thongs on a five inch heel and ankle straps.

"What do you think? I wear wigs when I am out I love my head shaved." Shelia said with a worried look.

"I love everything about you. Your head is amazing. I can see your skull and neck. No hair to hide your features."

"I was worried you might not like it. My wigs are all so form- fitting most people don’t know I shave my head. I have been wearing my hair short my entire life." She explained.

"Swimming?" I asked.

She smiled. "Yes I kept it in a pixie cut for years when I swam. I put it under my swimming cap. I liked my cap to be very tight on my head. I cut my hair shorter and shorter . One day I pulled out the razor and shaved the stubble smooth. I swam with the cap on just to not freak out everyone. My teammates asked me how I kept my cap on so tight. I just explained I cut my hair very short and used a tight cap.

I immediately started wearing wigs. I am a blonde and redhead mostly."

"I love it."

"What do you think of my sandals David? I put them on for you."

Before I could answer she placed her right foot into my face.

"Suck my sandaled toes David."

I opened my mouth and swallowed her little toe, then two, then three, I managed to swallow all four of her toes into my mouth. Her foot was fairly large I estimate size 10. I looked at the bottom of her other sandal and noticed 10.5 wide on the bottom.

"That feels amazing David. I have never had a man suck my toes. It feels divine."She smiled as she patted my head.

"Lay back David let me suck that cock."

I laid on my back and Shelia kneeled between my spread legs and got in position.

I grasped her smooth head tightly as she swallowed my first six inches. She pistoned her head on my cock and sank lower on each stoke. After just a few strokes into her throat I was buried to the hilt in her throat. I could feel the muscles in her powerful throat milking my cock. Shelia kept about five inches of my cock in her throat at a minimum as she swallowed me to my base. Her long fingernails lightly scratched my tightened scrotal sack. Without warning she spit my cock out of her mouth and lifted my legs and placed my feet by my head. She gripped my ankles and spread my legs. L could feel her breath on my anus. I felt her tongue invade my shaven sphincter. I moaned for her not to stop as she tongued my anus. After a few minutes she moved to my cock and deep throated me non- stop for about five minutes. The velvety throat of hers had me bellowing through clinched teeth. I knew I would shoot my load deep in her throat if this continued.

Shelia sensed this. "Get up I want you to eat my pussy."

We switched positions. Now I was between her thighs. I placed her sandaled feet behind her head she was very limber.

"I am going to eat out your pussy and ass and make you cum." I announced.

"What are you waiting for?" She growled.

I attacked her shaven cunt with my tongue. I sucked and swallowed her huge clit which was about two inches long. This drove her crazy and she was beginning to shake. I buried my entire fist in her cunt as I attacked her clit. After about ten minutes she was very close to orgasm. I kept my fist in her cunt and started performing analingus on her rectal opening. After a few minutes I put 3 on my fingers in her ass I pulled my fist out of her vagina and resumed teasing her giant clit. This sent her over the edge and she grabbed my head and clinched my head with her thighs holding me in place as she came.

"David you sure can eat pussy. What you did to my ass was amazing. I have never cum so hard in my life. I am not kidding." She had tears in her eyes and was shaken.

"I love your body Shelia. I was sharing my skills with yours." I explained.

"You haven’t cum yet. I want you in my pussy next." She demanded.

I positioned her with her legs and feet on my shoulders in a high missionary position. I buried my thick penis into her pussy. As I entered her swollen cunt I placed her sandaled feet where I had access to them. I worked all of her toes into my mouth as I plunged into her cunt.

This was freaking her out and her breathing was getting heavy. I could tell she loved having her toes sucked while being fucked.

"David this is nice I love you mouth on my toes as you fuck me."

"I am glad you like my fetish." I replied.

"It is my fetish now." She smiled.

"We have one task unfinished." I announced.

"Your orgasm?" She asked. "And your ass." I replied.

Without any more discussion I withdrew out of her pussy. I placed the head of my pointed cock at her anus. She looked at her and clinched her teeth as I forced about 3 inches into her bowels. I kept my cock in her with slow shallow stokes as she loosened to handle my girth. As I did this I renewed my worship of her thong sandaled toes. In a few minutes I was buried in Shelia’s anus. My cock had been to the hilt in all three of her holes and she loved it. I started hammering her stretched sphincter with long strokes as I sucked on fours toes of her left foot. I shot about ten loads of thick semen into Shelia’s ass.

I stayed the night. We slept in each other’s arms until dawn. Shelia had slept in her negligee and sandals during the night. I awoke. with an immense erection. Shelia opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me..

"I thought you were a dream David." She smiled.

"Yes I thought you were a dream as well."

"Shut up and lay back." She commanded.

"I want some breakfast." She whispered as she deep throated me in one swallow.

After a few minutes of being deep throated I exploded into her mouth.

She swallowed my semen and said. "Good Morning."

I stayed with Sheila for three days and we spent half that time fucking and sucking like animals. I came in her so many times. I must of emptied my loads into each of her holes 4 or 5 times. Shelia wore a different pair of thong sandals each time we had sex.

I counted 97 pair of shoes in her walk in closet. She had 3 pair of tennis shoes, 5 pairs of flip flops, 6 pairs of pumps, 3 pairs of clogs and 80 pair of sandals. Everyone was a thong. Only 7 pair were without back straps and those were high heeled mules. About half of her thongs are flat.

We are a married couple now. Shelia has me wearing thin strapped hand- made thong sandals as well. I came in her so many times that I got her pregnant. We have been married for five months and Sheila is 6 months pregnant. We are adding to her sandal collection. Lucky we are in Tucson.

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