Pearl and I are in love - erotic story

Pearl and I are in love - erotic story
Patti had sounded good on the phone, I thought to myself. She finally sounded happy with life and I was glad that she had found a decent guy to be with. Patti and I once had a go at things a few years back which hadn’t worked out but we still kept in touch with each other even if it was only periodically. I think we still loved each other but we just couldn’t live together as a couple. Life goes on I guess.

It was ironic that with one simple phone call my life had come full circle and that I was now hanging out with several of the people that I had spent so much time with in the past. I hadn’t talked to my ex-girlfriend Patti in over a year until this afternoon it suddenly occurred to me.

During our phone conversation Patti had expressed genuine concern for our dear friend and former landlady, Garnet. I had been unaware that Garnet had lost her thirty four year old stepson Wayne to drug overdose only two days prior until Patti’s call that afternoon. Patti and Garnet talked regularly I knew and they looked out for each other. They had become quite close over the years and shared several common interests which was good because it kept them both occupied and active in things they loved doing.

Now as I sat in the driver’s seat and drove Garnet’s Subaru Forester down Fifth Avenue a flood of memories began to descend on me from the old days of living with both Garnet and Patti under the same roof. Those were the times alright, never a dull moment with those two around. We’d shared a lot of laughs together in those days and met some interesting people along the way too, Wayne being one of them I reflected.

Turning on the windshield wipers I took the exit ramp onto Minnesota parkway, I then looked over and stole a quick glance of Garnet now sitting beside me in the passenger seat of her own car. She was apparently lost in similar thoughts as she looked out the passenger’s side window and stared at the city lights of downtown Anchorage without saying anything.

Personally I had never really cared for Wayne and I knew that Garnet and Wayne’s relationship had been stormy at best. Wayne really hadn’t been that bad of a guy but he had made a lot of poor choices in life and he could be a real challenge to be around at times, yet I was saddened by his passing all the same.

After receiving the phone call from Patti and talking with her about Wayne, she had suggested that it might be a good idea for me to spend a few days with Garnet, at least until the dust settled down and Garnet was able to get her emotions back into check and think a little more clearly regarding Wayne’s loss. I had readily agreed. Even though there had been little love lost between Wayne and Garnet I knew that she was a little confused and disorientated right now and it bothered me to see her like that.

Garnet was one of those mature, pleasingly plump women in her 60’s that never knew a stranger, human or otherwise. She was loyal to a fault and the type of lady that was always organizing food drives for needy families or taking in stray animals and then finding good homes for them. She never turned someone away who was down on their luck or hungry for a meal either. I know, because when Patti and I had been together we had spent several months on Garnet’s hide-a-bed and eaten at Garnet’s table when times were hard for us one winter and neither of us had ever forgotten Garnet’s kindness.

Garnet was a very unique and complex person to understand and it usually took a little time for new people to get used to her, if they ever did at all, many did not. She was a self proclaimed "tough old broad" and she didn’t care if you liked her or not. Garnet was a lady that had absolutely no filters between her mind and mouth, she wasn’t necessarily vulgar but would speak exactly what was on her mind, whenever it was on her mind, good, bad, or indifferent and it caused a lot of people to give her a wide berth and steer clear of her. In essence she was too much for a lot of people to handle.

An emotionally stable and pleasant person to be with, Garnet was generous, genuine and humble yet at the same time she could be loud, blunt, eccentric and unpredictable. It was rumored by some that that Garnet was a closet lesbian and that her and her late husband Paul had been employed in the adult film industry at one time. The rumors also claimed that they had been into the Vegas "swingers’ scene" for years. Some people said that Garnet had also been a periodic "working girl" from time to time whenever Paul was too drunk to work and past rent was due or the car needed new tires.

Yet even with all of her perceived short comings Garnet had raised two boys of her own, Tom and David, and done it all herself with no money, support or help from anyone. Tom a dentist in Boston and David now owned a successful car dealership in Fort Worth. Not bad results for a lady that had made ends meet as a truck stop waitress or seasonal cook aboard Alaskan king crab boats in the Bering Sea or by managing rowdy trailer parks off and on throughout the Mid West over the years.

There had been a few shop lifting incidents here and there in her past, food I believe, but aside from that she had never been in trouble. Garnet also possessed some natural born talents that were envied by many. She had an astute mathematical mind and was especially good with managing large sums of money. I would surmise this stemmed from all of her time managing apartments, working in casinos and penny pinching grocery budgets as a young mother with two kids and dead beat or absent husbands.

She was also a self taught and phenomenal artist. Garnet was extremely good with oils and enjoyed painting, when she felt like it, usually nudes, moon lit landscapes or animals in the wild. Her various works with oils had a bawdy, earthy, feel to them yet they were somehow mysteriously sophisticated and mesmerizing all at the same time. She had in fact generated a small following of people interested in her work and more than one of her paintings now hung in Las Vegas casinos. The paintings had, on more than one occasion kept the wolf away from the door during lean times.

Garnet had essentially lived on the ragged edge of society most of her life, marrying and divorcing degenerate gamblers or con-artists, rich one day , dirt poor the next but she had survived it all because she had wanted a better life for her children and was in fact "a tough old broad".

I didn’t care about her past or any of the rumors one way or the other; I loved Garnet and always would, even if it had to be at arm’s length at times.

"Your windshield is cracked and the hood is dented!" I said with some shock to Garnet as I drove the car now.

I really was slightly incredulous, as the little pearl white Subaru Forester that Tom and David had bought, brand-new, for their mom was less than a year old. It was the first new vehicle Garnet had ever owned in her life and she had quickly Christened the new car as "Pearl" because of its color. She loved the car and was so proud of her two sons for surprising her with it that she had cried when they had presented it to her. I was saddened somewhat by the crack in the windshield and large - U - shaped dent that went all the way across the hood like a giant beech ball had landed on it.

"I’ll talk to my buddy, Marty, he’s a very good body and fender man and we’ll get everything fixed for you sweetie, I hate to see your new car ruined like this because I know this car means a lot to you." I said to Garnet.

Garnet realized that I was trying to comfort her and took my hand and squeezed it a little.

She then replied with "Pearl and I are in love, honey, and she’s perfect exactly the way she is."

That was a classic Garnet response I thought to myself, direct and to the point as always.

We then both lapsed into silence again, lost in our own thoughts and memories of the past.

Pearls, Garnet had always loved pearls, and she always wore white shiny pearls and even had a pearl polisher. She wore pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings and pearl rings. If she’d owned a firearm it would probably have been a pearl handle revolver, maybe she did own one for all I knew. "Pearl" was the perfect name for her new car.

As we sped along I began thinking about the time I had replaced the transmission in Garnet’s Crown Victoria right in her garage when she first moved into her new house. Tom and David had bought the house for her and for the first time in her life Garnet had a "real" house with an actual heated garage. The house was on a thirty year mortgage but it was a beautiful little house and just right for Garnet. It was a small and modest track home in a blue collar neighborhood but Garnet loved her new "casa" and she loved her two boys.

Looking through the cracked windshield at the dent in "Pearl’s" hood , I tried to recall but it seemed like Garnet’s Crown Victoria had the exact same dent in the hood, strange I thought. I shrugged my shoulder and dismissed the thought, it really didn’t matter now. Someone had stolen the Crown Vic from a supermarket parking lot three months after I had installed the new transmission anyway. We never saw the car again. Some people believed that Wayne had stolen the car himself but I had doubts about this.

As we drove along in silence now I began to notice the houses which were along our route with lights on inside their windows and thought about the people inside. Most of the people inside those houses had just finished dinner and were most likely unwinding with a bowl of popcorn and a movie or tinkering with whatever hobbies interested them. They weren’t thinking about past marriages or lost loved ones the way Garnet was.

Garnet must have sensed that I was concerned about her because she patted my leg and began talking in a light hearted tone. "Patti tells me you’ve got a new gal now."

I was glad to hear Garnet finally say something and answered her question with a verbal "mmm - hmm."

I knew she was just getting started from the tone in her voice and that it would probably do her some good to just talk so I decided to let her. For the next few minute I answered Garnet between sentences with either a quick mmm - hmm or yeah.

Garnet then began a rapid-fire, one sided dialog with "Are you serious about this one honey or is she just a fuck pal?"

Garnet then held both palms out in front of her as she solemnly said "NONE of my business of course but from what Patti tells me you’ve been banging this one like a screen door in a wind storm - good for you sweetie!"

"Nothing wrong with a little friendly intercourse every now and then!" Garnet added excitedly.

"Patti says this one has a nice rack on her too, can’t wait to meet her!"

"Monika isn’t it?" Garnet asked quickly between breaths.

Garnet continued her one sided litany with "I still want to do a nude portrait of you sometime, have you given it any more thought?"

"Wish to God I could have done a painting of you and Patti making love, that is such a lovely girl!"

"I was so sad when you and Patti split up."

"I know you and Patti still love each other and that’s sooo beautiful!"

"Patti tells me that this Monika is a Swedish girl and verrry sexy!"

"Did you meet this one on the internet sweetie?" Garnet then asked.

Garnet then looked at me and asked "Do you think this Monika would allow me to do a portrait of you and her making love?"

This last question was more or less Garnet’s way of teasing me although I think she really would like to paint a nude portrait of Monika and me - hell, maybe one day we’d let her.

"We’ll see I guess, but you need to meet her first." I answered in response to Garnet’s last question to which we both laughed.

"We put the fun in dysfunction!" Garnet replied enthusiastically and we both laughed again.

God, it was good to hear Garnet laugh again I thought.

A few minutes later we pulled into Garnet’s driveway and I touched the remote control that was clipped onto the driver’s sun-visor for the garage door, the door began opening and a light from the ceiling of the garage came on. The rain was coming down in sheets now.

"Nose up to the back of love seat until you just barely bump it honey." Garnet instructed me.

Garnet had always had a love seat in her garage as long as I’d known her - if and whenever she’d had a garage. She loved sitting in her love seat and smoking cigarettes while she read her gossip magazines or talked on the phone.

I pulled the car in and touched the button on the remote again and the garage door came smoothly down on its tracks. Immediately upon hearing the garage door and the car enter, two small dogs and five cats came running to greet the car warmly.

"The new guy is Silver, you’ll like him, he’s a rescue kitty, had him a week or so." Garnet explained to me.

I saw the cat she was referring to, he was jet black. I then got out of the car and stepped around several boxes of canned food that were piled up beside the love seat which Garnet explained were for a food drive she had been working on.

We then walked passed the love seat and towards the door connecting the garage to the house.

"It’s late and I need some time to think, go in and make yourself comfortable, your bed is already for you. I’ll see you in the morning and we’ll go out and meet with Patti for breakfast since tomorrow is Saturday, see if Monika wants to come." Garnet said to me as she leaned up and kissed me on the lips.

I started to protest that I was concerned about her and maybe we should talk but before I could say anything she held up her hand and said "I’m ok honey, I need to be alone right now but am comforted by your being here, please, just go get some rest now and we’ll talk in the morning."

Garnet then added "You’re my kid and this is your house so help yourself to anything you want, I love you."

I held her a moment and told her that I loved her too.

She leaned up and kissed me again.

I then went inside, all of the animals except Smokey the cat stayed with Garnett.

Walking into the living room I saw that Garnet’s easel was erected again, apparently she was working on a new painting. I picked up Smokey and began petting her as I walked over to see Garnet’s latest work.

The piece was approximately three feet by four feet and depicted two middle aged women lying in a heap together atop a silk covered sofa. Both ladies were covered in a sheen of perspiration and wearing long white pearl necklaces and pink lipsticks. The painting captured the ladies in a room of Victorian décor that was drenched in afternoon sunlight and overlooking a sunlit beach far below with distant waves crashing ashore. The sky and shoreline of the Caribbean could be seen through a balcony door which stood slightly ajar with satin drapes moving lazily in the afternoon sea breeze.

One of the ladies in the painting, a very buxom blonde was passing a lit cigarette to her other, an attractive and voluptuous Asian lady with long black hair and pink high heeled shoes, one of which she had propped up on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Both ladies were pleasingly plump and showing slight tan lines which seem to enhance their Rubenesque features immensely as they lay together draped in golden rays of sunlight and cigarette smoke.

The painting’s influence was so strong that in studying it one could almost hear the tranquil sounds of a distant surf crashing ashore intermixed with seagulls frolicking in the afternoon sun.

Recollections of musk and perfume tinged with cigarette smoke were very prevalent with the painting as well and the open balcony door gave the sensation of a fresh, clean scent of warm ocean breeze coming into the room.

Garnet really was an amazing artist I thought to myself as I stood looking at her work again with awe. I knew that I’d love to have the piece hanging above my own mantle once it was completed but I don’t think Monika would give the idea much approval.

Next to the easel on the kitchen table there were a few scribbled notes in Garnet’s own hand lying about and half a dozen every-day photographs of the blonde and Asian lady next to Garnet’s paints and brushes. Obviously Garnet was doing a piece for hire, an anniversary or some other special occasion and creating a portrait of someone with her significant other.

As always Garnet’s work with oils was mesmerizing and seductive.

Looking at the photographs again, a little more closely this time, I realized that I actually recognized the blonde from a downtown Anchorage office building that I had been to concerning my work on a couple of occasions. I thought about it for a moment and then recalled that she had introduced herself to me as Penny.

Penny had been very professional and friendly in helping me obtain a legal document for temporary easement on public land when the company I work for was building the new courthouse if I remembered right. She had been a gregarious lady and a bit flirty as I recalled.

I had liked Penny.

Penny had been roughly about fifty six years old then, I would guess, a little thinner perhaps but just as stunning in person as she was right now staring back at me from Garnet’s canvas. The Asian lady I didn’t recognize.

Putting Smokey down again, I looked at the clock on the kitchen wall and decided it was time for bed and went into the guest bedroom where I had slept many times before.

I undressed, sent Monika a quick text and rolled into the sheets with Smokey purring beside me.

I was asleep within minutes.

The blinking LED light and buzzing of my phone on the nightstand awoke me. Getting up on one elbow next to Smokey I squinted into the darkness as I tried to read the number on the screen. I recognized it immediately, Linda. I clicked the ’reject call’ button and let it go to voice mail. Looking at the clock on the nightstand I realized I’d only been asleep about 37 minutes.

I flopped back down on the pillow and pulled Smokey closer to me. After lying there a few minutes I realized that I’d have to get up again. Throwing the covers off with disgust, I wrapped a towel around my waist and padded down the hallway to the bathroom with its little amber nightlight and went in. Rain was beating down on the roof now with such a fury that the rain gutters outside were making a gurgling sound.

I had met Linda six or eight months before Monika through an ad on the internet. Linda was a pretty girl but came with a lot of baggage. She drank too much and sometimes she liked to drink, dial the phone and have pity parties. I liked Linda but I couldn’t handle the drama.

I finished what I was doing in the bathroom and flushed the toilet.

Stepping out of the bathroom I smelled cigarette smoke and saw that the light in the garage was still on so I decided to look in on Garnet.

The drumming of rain on the roof and gurgling of the rain gutters was even louder in the living room than the hallway or bathroom, I noticed as I padded in my bare feet through the darkened space and up to the door connecting the house to garage. Peeking around the door to the garage, I was about to ask if everything was ok - when I stopped dead in my tracks.

Garnet was reclining on the hood of the Subaru Forester with a large pillow behind her back and both feet spread widely and planted firmly on the back of the love seat which was still in front of the car. Garnet’s eyes were closed and her head leaned back, she had a lit cigarette and was wearing nothing but her long white pearl necklace and red lipstick.

I’ve watched a few women masturbate but none of them could hold a candle to Garnet.

I stood watching her for a few seconds as she manipulated her toy which was hot pink in color and seemingly quite adept at what it was designed for.

Smiling to myself a little, I then realized that the -U- shaped dent in "Peal’s" hood was a perfect fit for Garnet’s ample bottom. I continued to watch Garnet masturbating a second longer and then padded down the hallway back to my room. I was glad Garnet was blowing off some steam, she had needed to. I got back under the covers and closed my eyes.

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