Swipe right - porn story

Swipe right - porn story
"I’m walking in now," I texted as I hurried though the mall entrance, "Sorry I’m late."

"Its okay, but you owe me a kiss," he replied.

I typed a quick "LOL" and dropped my phone in my pocket as I rushed to meet him near the movie theater. I must have walked by him several times before he tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around taking him in and suddenly I hated my outfit and just about everything else about me...

He was most assuredly the man from his profile pictures--same eyes, same charming smile. And yet, he wasn’t at all who I thought I was meeting. He’d seemed a bit on the chubby side in the pictures and we’d been having nerdy conversations so I wasn’t expecting the man who stood there smiling at me. He was gorgeous-- well over six foot, green eyes, close cropped light brown hair, great bone structure, athletic build. He was fucking hot, and there I was... 240 pounds and just barely over five foot, wearing this stupid patchwork skirt and blue button up.

"Oh, hey... I must have missed you somehow," I greeted him.

"I couldn’t have missed you," he smiled and my heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah... I have this bright fucking skirt on."

"Well, there is that too," he laughed.

I shuffled awkwardly, "Umm, so, maybe I’ll just go... you don’t have to go on the date with me."

"Why wouldn’t I want to go on our date? I finally got you to agree to meet me," he cocked he head as he asked, "Am I not what you were expecting?"

"No! No.... No, it’s just that guys who look like you don’t go on dates with girls who look like me."

"I don’t go on dates with sexy redheads?" he winked at me, "Get a drink with me."

"Uh... okay..."

I followed him to the bar across from the theater and he ordered my drink for me. The bartender sat it in front of me and he stopped me from taking it.

"You’re forgetting something."

"I am?" I asked, confused.

"You owe me a kiss," he pointed to his cheek and bent low so that I could reach him. I flushed, but learned in to kiss his cheek. He caught my face in his hand and kissed me full on the mouth, his tongue exploring mine. When he broke away my head was swimming. I followed him to a table where we sat and talked for a while. I cycled through random tangential subjects and he smiled at me.

"Are you nervous?"

I nodded my head, "Very!"

He laughed, "Why?"


"You’re beautiful. Can I kiss you again?"

I nodded and he kissed me, this time it was deeper and I felt it from the tips of my curling toes to my butterfly filled stomach and racing heart. I moaned softly as his hands slid up along my waist.

"Want to stay here at the bar, or go see a movie?" he asked me as he broke the kiss.

"Let’s see a movie," I suggested and followed him as he led the way back out to the theater. He fiddled with the ticket machine, talking to himself as much as he was talking to me as he picked a movie. And then off we went, up the escalator and to our theater. We barely made it through the door when he pushed me against the wall.

"You are so fucking sexy," he whispered in my ear, "It has been very hard not to look at those amazing tits instead of your face while you’re talking," he kissed my neck before his mouth met mine again. I was so lost in the kiss that I didn’t notice that He’d gotten his hand under my skirt until he was burying his fingers inside my wet pussy. I gasped through the kiss, my body shuddering as I started to orgasm. He kept going making me cum again and again, burying my face in his shoulder to muffle my moans as he kissed and nipped at my neck. I couldn’t have cared less if one of the people walking by on their way into the theater realized what we were doing, I never wanted him to stop.

"Go pick our seats," he said as he let me go and pulled his fingers from inside me. I got a smack on the ass as I turned to continue into the theater.

The theater was packed and there were no back row seats so I just picked and we sat. He kissed me again and guided my hand to his crotch. I could feel how hard he was and I wished I could take his cock out and give him and hand or blow job, but it was too crowded. So we just made out, my hand rubbing his cock through his jeans and his fingers teasing the inside of my thighs under my skirt.

"I want to fuck you," he growled in my ear and I shivered, "Want to go somewhere?"

I nodded and he grabbed my hand pulling me up out of my seat, down the aisle and back through the theater doors. On our way down the hallway he shoved me back into the wall several times, kissing me roughly. Somehow we made it down the stairs and he was pulling me across the parking garage. When we reached his car he opened the door for me and I got in.

"Show me your tits," he demanded as he opened the driver side door and climbed in.

I hurriedly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my breasts out for him.

"Goddamn," he admired them for a moment before he started the car and I buttoned back up, "Where are we going?"

"We can’t go back to my place," I answered awkwardly.

"Mine either," he pulled out of the parking space, "I’ll think of something."

As he drove he reached under my skirt again, "You are so fucking wet. You need a good fucking don’t you?"

"Yes," I moaned.

He pulled behind a building and parked, there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

"Do you want to see how hard my cock is for you?" he asked as he reached for his belt.

I nodded and he undid his pants, "Are you going to suck it for me?"

I sunk my mouth on his cock, struggling to take it into my throat. He was so thick that I was having trouble not grazing him with my teeth. Still, I sucked him greedily, pumping his shaft with my hand since I could barely fit more than the head in my mouth.

"Can you take me in that tight pussy?" he asked, pulling me up to face him.

I nodded my head, "Yes."

"Get out and walk around to the back of the car."

I complied and he met me, bending me over and pulling down my panties, he buried his cock in my pussy in one stroke. I screamed, it felt so good. He was so thick and hard and stretched me out, filling me up like I’d never been before. I braced myself against his car as he pounded me.

"Your pussy feels so fucking good... so fucking tight. I’m trying not to cum."

I came hard, my pussy gripping around his cock and making him cum.

He leaned on me a little, "I’m sorry... I’m lame."

"No," I panted, "That was great. Jesus, your cock is big."

"Good or bad?"

"Good, definitely good. So good."

He laughed and helped me back into the car, "Are you just that tight, or had it been a while?"


"Damn," he shook his head and walked around to the driver’s side, "Want me to take you back to your car?"

"Yeah, that works."

He drove us back to the mall and dropped me at my car. I waved as he pulled away, sure that he wouldn’t be asking for a second date, but happy that I’d agreed to meet him.

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