Sex stories : 3sum,chubby and fat older women

Sex stories : 3sum,chubby and fat older women
It all started for me, wanting to be with chubby fat girls, when I was seventeen. Susan Fedico , and I had been fucking each other since we were fourteen. She was skinny as hell , no tits and her pubic bone use to rub me sore everytime we’d fuck. which was almost every afternoon . after school. I practaclly lived at her place. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the pleasures she had put on me. Especially the way she sucked cock. But my fantasies always laid in the other bedroom. I wanted to fuck her Mother so bad. She was short five- four weighed around a hundred sixty pounds....Her big soft looking tits turned me on, along with the way her ass moved when she walked. She was chubby , but she had one of those beautiful round faces. She had a great laugh and a wonderful sense of humor..Margie was thirty -eight years old, and been divorced a couple of years, I had kind of been her handy man .. I mowed her lawn, and always repaired little jobs I could handle. The only thing I hadn’t done for her, that I wanted to do so bad was fuck her.... Oh well her daughter was keeping my reserve of cum in check, but if I ever had the chance I’d be in her balls deep.

Susan had made plans for us all to go out for dinner , It was Mothers day weekend, and she wanted to treat her Mom...So I suggested we treat both our Moms. Dad was gone on one of his business trips, So we invited my Mother along. Margie and Mom had been friends along time . and we all had a nice evening. They laughed about old times and what wonderful children they had been blessed with. (Speaking of me and Susan) Mean while I set there admiring those two older women.....Fuck I started thinking of fucking Mom to...She looked so beautiful . Fuck I was becoming a real sex pervert....Wow! Susan’s Mom and now mine.

One thing for sure, I wanted to fuck a chubby , fat big busted beautiful gal... I started looking more and more at chubby chicks My cock was wanting to test the waters, of one of them soft fleshy cushions. It was hard to fantasise fucking one of those big beautiful women, with your cock inside a pile of bones. But I was trying ...I had Susan on her knees, and I was fucking her from behind. I had my head back and my eyes closed. In my mind I could see Margie’s face , then my Mom’s. Holy fuck I even imagined fucking Aunt Ella Mae........Aunt Ella Mae!!!!!! Holy fuck now, that would be some fine chubby fucking... I snapped back to reality, hearing Susan let out a cry. " OH FUCK! " " AWGH " OH GOD! I’M CUM ’ IN ! ! She was driving her boney ass back hard against me, my balls were swinging and slapping the clit part of her cunt.....I started spraying my jism into her cunt. I kept erupting squirt after squirt of cum into her.. In all the excitement of dumping my load, I thought I heard a door close, Holy fuck could Susan’s Mother be home ? " Fuck" She could have been watching us. "Did you hear a door close" ? I asked Susan. "No" she replied. " Well I think I did" I responded...." You don’t think your Mom looked in and caught us , do you" ? I question " For God sakes no" Susan replied. " She knows we’ve had sex." she added. " How would she know that" . I asked . " Well she’s not stupid" She knows about young boys and how their hormone problems are. "Fuck" " you pervert", She was a young girl once, too. Susan was laughing.....Don’t worry about it , Moms kool..." I sure as hell hope so."...I remarked.....

Well the following day I found out just how kool Margie was....."We need to talk" she spoke softly looking up at me... "Sure" I replied. " What’s up" I added. She spoke rather slowly and I could sense she was nervous about what she was wanting to say..." Last night" she went on.. I didn’t mean to ," but I ", she took me by the arm at this point." I saw you and Susan" she blurted out. Honest it was an accident, I didn’t know you all were up there, and I bought Susan a new blouse and was just gonna put it in her room. " I always figured you and Susan were having sex, I never really thought to much about it" But last night, watching you thrust your large cock in and out of her ass, had me wanting to fuck you also. She was squeezing my arm, and I could feel her hand trembling...."Don’t think bad of me", " I realise, to you I’m an old fat woman", she looked up at me, still speaking with a nervous voice. I reached my arm around her and pulled her heavy chest up against me...".Margie I could never think bad of you" I told her. You’ve never been an old fat woman to me, "In fact you have been one of my greatest and hottest fantasies".....She looked at me as if she wasn’t sure her ears had heard what I was saying. "Oh Bill you’re joking me’ She said, as I pulled her face close to me an placed my lips to hers.. She responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth. She kissed back with a passion I had never experienced......I want to make love to you so bad. I told her...."We can’t now" she whispered , "Susan will be here soon" she went on, I stay up late at night, if you want to come by late tonight," No one but me ,will know you’re here. " Oh Margie, yes ! " holyfuck yes" I answered her... I was the one now who was nervous.." Just carry on here like you always do" Margie said.." Margie was making plans.".Go home, like always" Margie said. Susan always goes to bed right after you go home. she added... "You don’t really have to go home", she laughed. Just leave and set on the porch..."I’ll come for you when she goes to bed...."WOW" Susan was right Her Mother was kool...
Susan came bouncing thru the door," Sorry I’m late", had to stop off at the Library for Mrs Johns. She was giggling, You wouldn’t believe what she checks out of that place ...she added. "Sexie" or comedy " I asked...."Neither" you pervert. Susan seemed to be in one of her moods. ’What’s wrong Babie" I asked. " Oh you know it’s that time of the month.." Susan said discussedly... I looked at Margie, her facial features never changed..".Whats for supper Mom" Susan asked..." Well I haven’t thought about it to be honest" Margie spoke..."What would you like" she added. "Don’t fix anything for me, Margie" " I got to go home tonight" I added. "Well it won’t be any trouble, You’re more than welcome" Margie went on.. " I know" I’ll see you all tomorrow. Susan gave me a kiss, and I gave Margie a wink, and a thumbs up. I just lived three houses down. My mind was whirling like a wind mill. I had fantasised, fucking Susans Mother for the past two years.
And tonight ,, I would be testing those chubby waters......!

When I got home, Mom was cooking supper, "Gee You’re home early tonight" Mom greeted me. "Yeah" I replied. Gonna get a change a clothes, and stay over at Rogers tonight, if you don’t mind. I spoke. (Roger was one of my closet friends and he’d cover for me on anything I wanted to do) " No honey" I don’t mind Mom replied..".Well I’m gonna go upstairs and shower" I said. "Well Your Aunt Ella Mae is using it right now Mom spoke. She’s here for the week end , she added. "Holy fuck" my other Fantasy was in my house washing her big beautiful ass and washing that fat pussy, with the bar of soap, that I would soon be washing my cock with.."WOW" My hormones were perking.....Aunt Ella Mae came down stairs in her bathrobe, and her hair wrapped up in a towl... "Hello Ape Face" she giggled ( that was the name she had given me when I was a little boy.) " How are you" ? Aunt Ella. I asked. "My". ! You sure have turned into a real hunk" she teased.... I laughed, and headed for the bathroom. " Fuck." I sure would love to fuck her somehow, she was just plain hot... I took my shower and got dressed, and came back down stairs. Mom was finishing putting supper on the table, and Aunt Ella Mae was coming out of the guest bedroom. She was dressed and had that long black hair looking good... She was my Mom’s younger sister, and she’d been married, hell I don’t know how many times. She was a rounder...even Mom had said that...and she did like to drink....I excused my self from the supper table, Where’s Dad ? I asked Mom. Oh he’s at one of those meetings of his, Mom exclaimed.."He called earlier, she went on, said he’d be running late. You go on over to Rogers and have a nice evening. I kissed her on the cheek. I stopped next to Aunt Ella Mae and gave her a kiss on the mouth. Fuck she answered my kiss with more than I expected. She ran her tongue into my mouth, and held my face in her hands, kike she meant it... See you all tomorrow...I said, Aunt Ella was smiling at me as I left.

I headed towards Susan’s house, I knew I was gonna be a little early for Susan to have gone to bed, but I took my time walking over there. When I got in front of the house I could see the light on in Susan’s room. Well she’s still awake I thought to my self. I could see Margie working in the kitchen yet.... I slipped up to the window and pecked on it with my finger...Margie came to the window, and motioned me to come around to the back door. I met her at the back door, and she greeted me with a wet kiss that made my cock jump. "Just be real quite" she said I’ll get you up to my bedroom, Susan’s got that music on upstairs with her earphones, and she won’t hear a thing. "You sure of that" I asked. Trust me Baby, this is our night. Margie sounded almost wicked.

I followed her up the stairs, and straight past Susans room, no problem..Margie whispered" you go on and get undressed, I’ll be back in a little while." "Wow" here I was waiting for my girlfriends Mother, naked with a seven inch hard on. In the bedroom I had always dreamed of being in....Pre cum oozing from the head of my prick , waiting to feel that glorious hole of a real experienced women. "Fuck" was I ever nervous....It wasn’t long I heard Margie walking down the hallway. I heard her stop, at Susan’s room. " Goodnight Honey " I heard her tell Susan. Margie entered her room in the dark. I could smell the fresh perfume on her body. I rolled the covers back on her side of the bed and she sat down, on the edge of the bed. " Bill ", she whispered. " She’s not asleep yet" referring to Susan. She reached over to the headboard and clicked on a small night lite...I reached for her and we kissed a long wet kiss, our tongues came together with wet passion, ...I think the thoughts of maybe getting caught elevated the height of our passion. I began feeling all over her, running my finger tips over those big tits. I began kissing her nipples, and she moved tighter against me. I was feeling that large soft stomach pushing against me as we laid on our sides, facing one another . I felt Margie’s hand take a hold of my hardness, and she slowly began stroking it up and down..".Oh Bill , it’s been a little over two years since I’ve been with a man " she whispered..

.I’m kind of nervous about all of this.... Our mouth’s came together again , she was sucking my tongue, and I was returning the passion that was building between us, I slowly moved my hand between her legs, and she opened her legs wide.. I began massaging her pussy with my fingers. shoving my middle finger into her wetness. "I like that" she whispered " Keep doing me slow" she added. I kept slowly finger fucking her pussy. I kept giving her soft little kisses on her tits and neck. Then as natural as fucking should be, I moved up and above her. I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her cunt and slowly began pushing my cock into her. She pulled her legs up and I felt them move around my back I bottomed out in her, I just let it lay there deep inside her. I could feel her wetness and her cunt muscles massaging my prick.. I leaned down and kissed her...She gave her tongue back to me, her kiss felt so much more than just a kiss, it had a feeling of tenderness, and love...

I began stroking slowly in and out of her, and she began pushing back, we began picking up the rythum together and she began whispering "Oh Bill fuck me" I’ve needed this fucking for so long. "Oh God Baby it’s so wonderful." she was pushing her body to meet me at every stroke. I could feel her pussy getting wetter as we fucked. It was so much better, than I had dreamed it would be. Susan and I had fucked for years, and all it was was a fuck. Margie brought something else to the bedroom. True passion, "Yeah" that’s what it was true passion...The softness and the tightness of her vaginal canal was playing hell with me. I was doing everything I could do to keep from blowing, my load. I wanted her to be satisfied, Our bodies were now slamming against each other in a fury of passion. "Oh God baby I’m close" Margie was whispering "AWGH’ "OOOH" "Fuck me Bill" "OOH GOD" " FUCK ME BABY" She was saying all the things, I had longed to hear. I began slaming my cock to her as fast as I could, riding it up on her clit....shoving it into her with fast long strokes "AWGH" YES BABY OOH GOD YES BABY, I’M CUM ’IN " OH GOD BILL" " I’M CUM ’IN" AWGH " OOH YESS BABY"

I couldn’t hold back any longer, I started erupting my jism into her, squirt after squirt my cock was having it’s glorious moment..pumpin my jazz into her overflowing cunt. The warmth of my cum shooting into her, brought on another orgasam for Margie, she was biting hard on the pillow to keep from screaming, and waking up Susan in the next room. I was still cumming in buckets "Holy Fuck I had never had a climax like this I had never shot this much cum in my life.. I leaned over her, and kissed her on the mouth she kissed me back and passed some of her saliva to me. God she was hot....We layed there on the bed clinging to one another and talking how good we’d been for each other.

"Margie" I whispered. "Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to be with you like this"

"No baby, I got no idea" she said.

"Well it seems to me like it’s been forever". with that I kissed her again slowly moving my tongue into her mouth. "You’re just to sexy Margie" Way to sexy I told her.....

I’m gonna get dressed, and go over to my friend, Rogers house now. I told her That’s where I told my Mom I’d be... I can get out of here with out Susan ever knowing anything about this.. I was talking as I was dressing....Margie laughed. "I’ll run defense for you, she said . " has the cowboys say " " I’ll blaze you a trail" Margie and I slipped down the hallway and she let me out the back door kissing me one more time with a wet wonderful passionate kiss....She you sweetheart she whispered and closed the door...

It was going on eleven o’clock as I walked up the street, towards Roger’s house. " Hell " I’ll just go on home, I said to myself...I walked thru the alley and on down the side walk, and damn I was home.. Mom must be asleep, the house was I got out my key and let my self in.. Dad must have had to stay away on business I thought to my self, Or he just didn’t want to come home. I walked into the kitchen, and turned on the light. Over on the sink shelf was a half empty bottle of Jim Beam....Oh, Aunt Ella Mae must have had herself a party, I thought...I made me a sandwich got me a coke and set there savoring the thoughts of fucking Margie...She was too much, Fuck she had made me feel good, and with just her pussy I thought...Fuck I couldn’t stand a blow job from her...Hell it would be too good. I put my saucer in the sink and turned out the lite, and started for my room.

"is that you Ape Face" I heard Aunt Ella Mae. Yup! it’s me. I answered bring Auntie a drink of water baby, please.... "Ok" I replied. I took her a glass of water she was lying across the bed, and all she had on was her panties. Fuck her big tits were beautiful. You’ve seen tits before , haven’t you? She giggled..." Oh yes" I said , but not as nice as those, I added. Come on over here and set down, sugar. she said , looking at me grinning. I knew she was still high, when she started calling me sugar and all those sweet names I knew she was still warmed up from the Jim Beam.and would probable get worst when that cold water hit bottom. I sat down on the edge of the bed. Damn I couldn’t take my eyes off those beautiful tits she had. You do like my titties don’t you, ? Billy Boy.....She giggled "Very much" I replied..".Here Baby " you want to suck on them.? she teased. Cupping her hands under them and pushing them up in a forward motion, for me. Damn was she for real, I thought. ".Fuck yes" I ’d love to suck them" I told her...

".Billy Baby have you ever ate a pussy." she looked me dead in the eye when she asked that. " No Aunt Ella" I ain’t never ate a pussy. I answered.. .Well honey child, I’d love it if you’d eat mine....I didn’t know whether she was serious or just joking....Well I’d like to try it. I told her.. Damn she wasn’t joking....She went to pulling off those panties and spread her legs. Come on baby eat Aunty Ella Mae...Her pussy looked so smooth, and it was such a nice pink with light brown shading along the outer parts of it’s lips. She had shaved the mounds and at the top the hair was trimmed in sort of a heart shaped pattern. Well I had never fantasised eating her pussy, but I sure had wanted to fuck her.

I positioned my self between her legs and started out by kissing her pussy..."That’s it sugar babe" Just pretend your french kissing your girl friends lips. Hunt for her tongue baby with yours.... she was giving me instructions. Fuck I was loving it, my cock was hard as a fucking rock, and her pussy tasted great to me I’d never tasted one before , but if they all tasted like hers, "Fuck I had found a new passion" ... The more I licked and sucked her cunt the wetter it became. She was moaning how wonderful it felt, and then she ask me if I’d like her to go down on me ... I slipped out of my pants and throwed off my shirt. I crawled above her and lowered my prick to her face. She took the shaft in her hand and brought it to her mouth. She than began bobbing up and down on my cock, shoving it way back into her mouth, deep into her throat, giving me a feeling like I had never felt..We changed positions to a (69), and I went back to licking my new found pleasure.....She was making a humming sound with her mouth and it felt like some kind of viberater on my prick.....Fuck Aunt Ella Mae was just what I always thought she was one hot chubby fucking chick....

.I started sucking her clit She was loving every minute of it, and I was loving the way she was sucking my cock.. I was holding back trying not to blow my load Whether Aunt Ella new it or not, I was fucking this pussy, oh yes I had wanted this pussy for a long time. I changed positions again , moving around and putting my self between her legs, where I could hold her big wonderful ass in my hands. I was kissing, and fucking her cunt, with my tongue and she was scooting all over the bed. Her fat wonderful pussy felt so soft against my face. She began holding my head with her hands..

OH ---! BABY! BABY BAB---Y " " YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM" She was getting loud. I was running my tongue in and out of her pussy like a dick. running it over her clitoris licking her crack clear to her little round rosebud looking ass hole...I had Aunt Ella where I wanted her. She needed me to put out the fire, that rage’d between her legs... Little did she know she was fulfilling one of my hottest, fantasies...And she was living up to every fantasy I ever had imagined about her. She had started this tonight , but her and I tonight were gonna finish this piece of fantasy heaven together....

She shoved her ass up to meet my tongue. and I got hold of her legs with both hands and pulled her clit against my tongue, she exploded..I went that much harder after her clit she was screaming she couldn’t stand it any longer. I kept holding on to her, so she couldn’t get away from me, and just kept eating the fucking cum out of her. She was sobbing with pleasure.and her pussy was flowing like a river, I called it the " Nectar of the Gods" ..She was so wet and slippery I moved above her, and started putting my cock inside her cunt. Damn it was sweet. She might have been a large woman, but her pussy was small and tight, even as wet, and slippery as it was, it was squeezing my prick as I made the first stroke into her. I bottomed it out, and she responded by arching her hips upward to make sure she had all of my cock in her.

.She looked up at me and her eyes looked glazed" OH BABY." " I DO NEED A GOOD FUCKING" " OH FUCK ME BILLY BOY" , and we began thrusting against each other in a frenzie of passion. Her legs were back and held under my arms and my prick had a straight shot with each plunge at her beautiful pussy...."Oh Fuck, Aunt Ella" ! "you’re tighter than hell," God it’s sweet ," It feels so good" I told her . ".CUM " Billy Boy " Cum in Aunt Ella’s pussy "she was wanting that load....."Fuck I’m getting close " I told her Well give it to me baby ,give it to me. FIll my pussy full, nephew." Oh fuck Aunt Ella" " here it comes " " oh fuck I’m Cum ’in " I was pumping every last drop of cum I believed I had left into her. And then she exploded again,"

AWGH " OOH ! " FUCK" What an awesome cum , oooOOOOOHH! ! ! FUCK THAT WAS GREAT BABY . "Oh God ,it still feels good," she said, her voice trembling.. She was breathing hard and heavy.... What a fucking night , I thought. First Margie, and than Aunt Ella Mae....I pulled my cock from her, and layed down beside her. She kissed me so pashionately , and wet. I could hear her pussy making funny little bubbling sounds, as my cum slowly oozed out of her crevice..and down the crack of her ass on to the sheets. I laid my head on her chest and licked at her large nipples. "That was great Ape Face " . "You were much more a lover, then I thought you ever could be." she laughed ... "You fucked me like you love’d me" she added. I do love you, Aunt Ella, I replied..She started fondling my cock with her hand , and it jumped back to attention . She crawled above me and guided it back into her cunt. Sitting above me, she begain to slowly fuck me her large tits swaying in front of my face. I reached up and held them in my hands . licking and kissing all over them. OH God it did feel good .Her big beautiful as had me covered, with pashion,,,,, Aunt Ella looked down at me.. "I hope your Mother doesn’t find out about us" Ella Mae laughed....."Find out about what! !," Mom was asking, as she stood there, with both hands on her hips.. looking through the door....

the end

I would like to dedicate this story to all the big busted, chubby, fat beautiful women , who sometime, somewhere, in my life, laid down with me , touched my soul and left beautiful memories of love burned into my mind...You all, always ful-filled my every desire. " One never forgets the good ones." and I never had a bad , big busted, chubby fat beautiful older gal....Ladies I applaud you. "You are the cream of the crop" ! when it comes to quality sex.
Also I would like to remember, and praise my Aunt Ella Mae, whose " memories" I have carried dear with me through out my life. She will always remain special in my heart, and mind.......! " And for you that read this story" ...... { She’s the only part of it that’s true }

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