My bbw granny - porn story

My bbw granny - porn story
When I was younger, all of 18 and freshly graduated from high school I was pretty much in the same boat as most people my age. Unsure of what I was gonna do with myself after the summer. Where I would go and what not. My mother worked quite a bit, but I knew she loved her work. She traveled often leaving me to my own devices some weekends. When she did leave for a few days, I would explore the depths of internet porn searching and clicking on the usual or "normal" kind of movies. You know, the women with the big, fake tits and shaved pussies. A cookie cutter porn model of you will. Nothing too wild, definitely not out of the ordinary.

It was one of those weekends when I was going through some classic videos when I noticed that a good portion of the all-time classics had a common theme, incest. Immediately it caught my attention. It seemed so naughty and taboo to see the plots played out in some of them. Mom’s and sons, dad and daughters. And everything in between. With my interest peeked, I started to look around for newer taboo videos. The older woman and younger guy family was the one that grabbed me. Something about an older woman, shapely and plump with graying hair that made my cock stand straight up to my chest at my computer desk. After many foreign language movies I found some with English dialog. Lots of step mom, a fair amount of mom and a handful of videos with the grandmother/grandson tags. I was enthralled.

After several hours of digging through the files, stroking my cock, and shooting several loads I was spent. In that same long, exhaled breath I was hooked on the taboo. I couldn’t get enough and I wanted to keep digging. Unfortunately, my mother was due back from North Carolina later on and I had to make sure my history was deleted and everything was neat for her return.

After a few hours of cleaning up, I jumped in the shower for a quick wash. I look over my body as I’m washing up. Tall and slim swimmers build. Not muscle bound but in shape. 5’9" and around 150lbs. I had my way with the ladies and was no stranger to having a girlfriend. Wasn’t the best in between the sheets but I did always like the reaction I would get to a girl seeing my cock for the first time. It wasn’t porn star big, but it was a nice and thick 8 inches. I was more than happy with it. Just a normal guy that was almost like a diplomat that moved between the tribes if you will.

Shutting off the water, I quickly dry off and notice my phone was blinking. 2 new text, Mom.

"I’ll be in Charlotte for 2 more days. Your grandmother will be by this evening to check in on you and see that you’ve eaten something that isn’t microwaved. Love ya, see you soon!"

Nothing out of the ordinary, just seemed quite the coincidence after the afternoon diving in to my new found fetish. Evening came with a knock on the door, it was my Grandmother Joann just like mom said. Joann was in her early 60s, stern but a very loving grandmother. Dark hair dyed to hide the gray, a plump build. Fairly good shape, she go out often with her friends. You could tell her figure was once the cats pajamas. Busty up top with wide hips and thick thighs. These days in between the curves was a little extra weight, but over all a very pretty lady. Classy and well put together, yet she didn’t take any shit from anyone and you could read it on her face.

"Grandmother, come in! Let me get your things. How are you?"

"Hello my boy! I’m doing well. Busy day as always so I can’t complain. How are you? I see you’re showered, have you had dinner?"

"I’m good, relaxing and enjoying the summer so far. I haven’t had anything since lunch but you don’t need to cook. Mom always worries, I eat." I said laughing. "I just have high metabolism".

"Well, I didn’t cancel my dinner date to be turned away here either. Open us some wine and I’ll throw us something together right quick."

Before I know it, the house smells of Italian food and I’m anxiously waiting to dig in. Joann finally called me in to sit down. Plates are full of pasta, 2 glasses of red wine and a basket of bread sit waiting. Smell was amazing. More small talk over the food and time was flying.

"A toast." Joann said "to becoming a man. And a fine young man at that."

"Thanks grandmother. And thank for this food, it was awesome. Oh and the wine. Mom probably would frown on that" I said while laughing. Feeling the drinks set in on top of my full stomach and I was feeling good.

"Please, let me clear the table. You worked hard enough on the food."

"I thought you’d never ask" said Joann. "I’m going to jump on the computer and check my email."

Clearing the table, I thought nothing of it until I heard the gasp.

"Everything OK Grandmother?" I said through the kitchen.

"Oh my goodness!" She said out loud. "What have you been doing??"

As I turn the corner the first thing I see is the big bold letters... GRANDMA SUCKS GRANDSONS COCK followed by a detailed image of the last movie I watched with a chubby, gray haired woman sucking a large cock. I could’ve died. Right there. Just dropped dead and died. I couldn’t find any words. She quickly asked again...

"What have you been watching young man? I demand an answer."

"I... I... I’m sorry. I thought I closed it out. It’s nothing, I swear!" I was flushed red and embarrassed to no end. I can’t believe I left that up for all people to see. I felt like a fucking idiot.

"It’s definitely something I’d say. It appears that woman is sucking a cock. It also seems to look like she’s older and related by the title above it. Is this what you look at? Do you fantasize about these things?"

"I swear it just came up, I wasn’t watching it. Please, can we forget this happened?"

She’s looking me dead in the face. I could feel it. I was hoping she would see things my way and not tell my mom. The one video, the one title that had to be there was something so taboo. Wrong in the eyes of most people. I couldn’t come up with an excuse. Nothing.

"Are you saying there is something wrong with older women? Can they not be sexy and have things like that young man’s cock?" she said with a sharp tone that cut through my brain like a like a blade.

Between the wine and the embarrassment, I couldn’t think straight. Did she really say that?

"I mean, what do you need me to say? I just... they." Again, nothing.

"I canceled my date for dinner with you, only to find this on your computer. I would like an answer. I have all night."

"I’m sorry you seen that. I was looking at somethings and I stumbled across it. I just wanted to see what it was." Accepting the guilt, I couldn’t lie. Maybe that would help me, just be honest with her." I was curious is all. Can we please close it now?"

Still, staring at me. Daggers seemed to come from her eyes still. "It’s fine that you look at women and do your business, everyone has a thing. I just didn’t expect you to do your business while looking at movies with a title like that."

It was hard not to look over and see the woman’s face. One hand around his cock, eyes looking up at him with a mouth full of his hard cock. What made it worse was that I knew the things she said at the beginning. All the "my grandsons cock taste so good" and "are you gonna cum in grandma’s mouth baby??" Finally she looks away and without skipping a beat she clicks play... fuck me.

"Well let’s see what it’s all about then, shall we??"

I couldn’t believe this. Black screen turns to a kitchen. An older woman stands at the sink looking out the window. She spots her "grandson" by the pool making out with his girlfriend. Grandma then stormed out the door telling the young man that it was time his company left and to get inside.

Joann sat in anticipation to see how this story played out. I couldn’t help to become aroused because I knew exactly what was about to happen. Yet, she was sitting there with my growing bulge 2 feet from her face.

The grandma in the movie sits her grandson down and lectures him about fast girls and how they’re nothing but trouble. Asking him questions like "does she make your cock hard? Is that the kinda girl you want? One that just makes your cock hard?" While pointing at and chastising him. "A girl like that doesn’t know what to do with a hard cock anyway. Your cock isn’t still hard is it? Why don’t you show grandma what she did. Let me see." She says as she’s unzipping his pants. He drops them while he’s huge cock bounces out. The grandma’s eyes got huge. And so did my grandmother’s eyes. Her breathing was heavy as she watched along. Seeming to be enjoying what was going on. "Grandma knows what to do with big, fat cocks like this." as she guides his cock into her mouth.

Joann sat there with her mouth agape as the woman slowly sucked and stroked the rock hard cock. After a few minutes I notice her glance back at me. First at my face and down to my crotch before she went back to the screen without a word.

The woman at this point was working the young cock with her hands and mouth doing everything to drain the boys balls. Suddenly he starts to moan and grab her gray hair in his hands and says "oh my god grandma, I’m gonna cum. Holy shit." And she keeps up the pace while cum drips from her mouth while she slows down and the screen fades black.

It was finally over, my cock was hard in my pants and my face was ashamed. Joann finally looks at me and says "Is this what you want? Your grandmother to treat you like this young man?"

This had to be a trick question, I had to by some time. "Huh." Was my genius plan. Huh. I felt stupid.

"Is this what you want?? Answer me. We’re both adults, I want to know."

Still no words. "It’s not... grandmother, it’s not like that. I promise."

"So you’re telling me that you sat in this chair, watched this movie of an older woman playing that well hung young man’s grandma who then sucks his well hung cock and swallows his cum and you didn’t like it? I think your pants tell a different story young man. Now I want to hear the truth."

"Ok. Fine. I saw the movies with the taboo label and I was curious. And if you have to know, I liked it. Alright?"

"Fine. See it wasn’t so bad right?"

I stood there staring at the ground counting the floor tiles, not saying a word.

"What if I said since I have yet to give you a graduation gift, that I sit you down in this chair and suck your cock just like she did that young man? How would that make you feel?"

I felt light headed. She didn’t say that. I’m gonna answer this question and then get slapped, I know it. Again, out of all the words I chose yet again "huh?"

Joann says "I’m offering to suck your cock. Your grandmother is offering to sucking your cock. Right here, right now. Do you want your grandmother to put your cock in her mouth and you fill up my mouth with your cum? This is your last chance."

"Really? Are you serious?" I said. "I mean, yea?" I couldn’t believe it. This isn’t happening.

She stood up, her curvy frame standing in front of me. Large, supple breast heaving with deep breaths. The tension was thick and then she slowly turned me and pushed me down in the chair.

"Take off your pants. Show your grandmother your cock." As she started to remove her shoes and sliding off her button up shirt, exposing her overflowing tits in her bra. I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough. I pushed my boxers down with my jeans and big hard cock sprung free. Her eyes drew big and were right on my cock. And on my cock they stayed while she pushed her pants past her wide hips revealing her bare bush of hair and grabbed my hands to help her kneel down in front of my throbbing dick.

No words were spoken. She lowered her head down and engulfed the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth. Hand moving up and down my shaft as she sucked so softly. Spit and precum start to cover my cock as she starts to work faster. Looking into my eyes just like the other "grandma" had done.

"Holy fuck grandmother, this feels so good." I said as I pushed her head with ever motion. I could see her wide hips and bare ass over her hair. Her tits pushing against my legs under her chin. I still can’t fathom how I got here. Right here while my grandmother sucks me off. She slows down and pulls her mouth away from me and says "would you tell your grandmother no ever?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would you tell me no if I was to ask if I could sit in your lap and let your cock fill my cunt? Men my age aren’t this well endowed and I don’t have many opportunities to have something so big fill my pussy. So my question is, will you fuck your grandmother?"

I didn’t say a word. I stood her up and turned her while she lowered her wide hips and ass down to my lap. Guiding my dick toward her steaming hot hole. I feel the heat swallow my cock as she lowers herself slowly down taking half, back up and down to slide all of me in her soaking wet hole. I was in heaven. No pussy from school ever felt like this. Holding the arms of the chair she starts to fuck me faster. I won’t last long like this. My balls tighten and I’m doing all I can to keep from spilling my load.

she says "I’ve never had a cock this young! It’s so big and hot, I’m about to cum! Smack my ass boy and shove me down on your fat dick boy! Fuck your grandmother good!!"

I pull her faster and smack her cheeks. Gripping tight and giving it everything I have. Her legs start to shake and she screams "I’m cumming boy! Your making your grandmother cum so good, fill my pussy! Pump your cum in my pussy!!"

It was then I couldn’t hold back and I felt like I let go of every bit of cum in my balls. It was almost like a hose with a never supply. I could see it leaking out from her pussy and on to my cock and waist. She comes to a stop and lays back on me in the chair. My hands full of her chubby stomach and tits. Both of us panting, spent from the passionate and raw incestuous fuck session we just had. My grandmother turns her head to me, kisses me deep on the lips and strokes my hair.

"I hope this was worth me canceling my date" as she laughed. "You should find more things to graduate from so I can bring you more gifts". She stands and collects her clothing and walks to the restroom to clean up. I didn’t move an inch. Sitting and wondering what the hell just happened. Couldn’t believe this. No way this is real. But it was. Her juices and mine were all over my lap. The smell of sex was thick in the air, musky and strong. The door opens and my grandmother walks back out fully dressed with a freshly powdered nose.

"Your mother should be in on Tuesday evening, do you think you’ll need something else to eat tomorrow?" She asked.

Finally I say "if you’re bringing leftovers then I will absolutely need something to eat for dinner tomorrow" with a smile on my face.

My grandmother, Joann, looks at me a says "I’m thinking I’ll bring something else that you can eat for dinner. Dinner in bed sound good? Clothing optional".

With a quick nod I agreed and she kissed my cheek and wished me goodnight. I’m still in disbelief. Maybe I’ll stay around the area after the summer. You know, just in case my grandmother ever wants to have dinner again.

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