BBW Candy and Martha - lesbian story

BBW Candy and Martha - lesbian story
andy met Martha at a friend’s party. She had noticed Martha moving around the room. Everyone else seemed to notice Martha too. It was, she mused, not only because of Martha’s generous proportions -- but also because of her easy laugh, booming voice and the animated way she flung her arms and head when chatting. You could see Martha was accustomed to being noticed and she did nothing to make herself any less the centre of attention by her style of dress, which was a loud floral clingy number that only just contained her boobs, which threatened to burst out every time she laughed. Martha was enjoying herself immensely with so many captive to her abundant charms.

Candy was keeping a low profile as she had to be at work the following morning. She was sitting in a very comfortable chair out of harm’s way watching the guests become intoxicated and louder and raunchier as the night progressed. It was getting too noisy to hold a meaningful conversation so she picked up a magazine on women’s health and leafed through it. She started to read a "how to" article on becoming multi-orgasmic, and managed to tune out enough of the surroundings to concentrated on reading it.

She was halfway through the second page when she heard a loud voice: "What are you doing! Reading at a party! I’m having a damn good time and so should you!"

Candy looked up, startled. It was Martha, who was now bending over to see what Candy was reading. Candy couldn’t help but notice Martha’s mammoth tits straining under the floral fabric.

"Jesus, isn’t every woman just born multi-orgasmic? God help those poor souls who aren’t," laughed Martha, snatching the magazine from Candy. "Hmm," she said, "Maybe some just haven’t met the right man...No," she pondered, "Let me correct that: they probably just haven’t met the right woman!"

Candy could feel herself blushing and was thankful it was too dark for anyone to see her face clearly. She felt small sitting in the low chair all huddled up with this big woman standing over her rocking her hips to the music with the magazine now in hand.

"Come on now girl," said Martha. "Get up and shake that arse of yours. You look like you could do with some fun! Jeez."

Martha grabbed Candy by the wrist and nearly launched her into the air. Candy had a slight build and although she was somewhat reluctant to get up and dance, her blonde good looks were starting to light up at the prospect of being in close proximity to the effervescent Martha, who had now ditched the magazine on a nearby sofa and was grinding her hips intently to the beat.

Martha introduced Ed, a man of about 35, tall with dark hair, who did not waste any time planting himself behind Martha and gyrating in rhythm with her to the music. He locked himself into her body in what looked to be a familiar way and began to run his hands over her breasts, waist, hips and arse. His eyes were closed as he relished the curves. Suddenly Martha grabbed Candy around the waist and the three of them were wedged together. Candy was somewhat stunned at this move but did not resist Martha, who was now hotly kissing the back of her neck.

After a few slow minutes passed with the three of them feeling and kissing and dancing, Candy pulled away and said, "Look. I’m sorry but I really have to go. I have an early start tomorrow and as I’ve just started this job, I can’t be late. It’s already midnight..."

"Oh sweet pea, that’s too bad. We were just starting to have a bit of fun, weren’t we?" She looked at Ed who nodded but did not relinquish his grip on Martha and nuzzled further into her neck.

Martha slowly removed Ed’s hands and mouth and said, "I’ll be back in a sec," and followed Candy to the front door. "Look. I’d really like to get to know you a little better."

Candy nodded. She was a little shocked at the public display in which she’d just participated but on the other hand was in awe of Martha. One thing was for certain: she was extremely turned on.

"Do you have a pen and paper? I’ll give you my number. I’ll leave it up to you to call. No obligation, right?" Martha said matter-of-factly, with all the nonchalance of someone who had a good response rate. Candy got out a scrap of paper and Martha quickly scrawled on it.

"Bye now. I really hope you call. We could have fun together."

"Yes," replied Candy. "Yes, I think we could. But I have never been with a woman before."

"Hmm, no problem," said Martha, slowing guiding Candy’s hand under the material of her dress. Martha’s tits felt so soft and lovely that Candy could not help but have a good feel around. Martha’s nipples hardened. "I really hope you give me a call," said Martha.

* * *

Candy knocked on the door. It was Sunday and very warm for early spring. She waited a minute and then knocked again. She waited another minute or so but still no one came to the door. She looked at her watch and saw she was a few minutes early.

Maybe she’s stood me up and it was all just a joke and a tease, thought Candy. However, when she turned to walk back to her car, the front door opened.

"So there you are," said Martha loudly. "I was worried you would chicken out."

"Oh, hi Martha," said Candy, walking towards the house again. "No, if I say I am going to do something I very rarely go back on my word." Candy entered the house through the heavy wooden door.

"Would you like a drink? Wine, beer, spirits?" Martha asked.

"Yes. Scotch and coke thanks," Candy placed herself on a red lounge chair. She heard some clinking in the kitchen and Martha returned with two large icy glasses.

"There you are. It’s so bloody hot. We deserve something big and wet," laughed Martha as she handed a glass to Candy.

Martha reclined on a lounge opposite Candy. She had on a short see-through sarong, which was slung low on the hips. Martha’s large but surprisingly firm stomach rose over the flimsy material. Underneath there looked to be a pair of g-string briefs consumed in folds flesh. On top Martha wore a loose midriff singlet that allowed her breasts to move freely. Candy thought back to the party and the feel of those tits.

"I can see you are looking at my tits," said Martha. She lifted up her top exposing them. "Like them?"

"Yes," gulped Candy, nearly spitting her drink out with shock. "They are, um, beautiful." She slugged down more than half the drink in one go. "Really."

"Come here," Martha said. The drink was strong and was starting to kick in and make Candy feel a bit more game than usual, so she did not hesitate to go to Martha. "Touch them."

Candy lightly touched Martha’s tits and kneaded them. The nipples were quite small and delicate for such large tits, or maybe Candy thought this as her own tits, a mere B cup, had disproportionately large rubbery nipples.

Candy pinched Martha’s nipples and watched them become hard. Martha had already moved her hands under her sarong and was rubbing herself. Candy leaned over and sucked Martha’s nipples. She felt herself getting wet, very wet.

"Jesus," said Martha, breathing heavily in Candy’s ear. "I’m glad you’re here. All I could think about was fucking you for the last few days. It’s been driving me nuts. But wait on. There’s something I have to do first."

Martha got up from the lounge and entered the yard through the large open glass doors. There was a strip of grass next to a large kidney-shaped pool. Martha stood on the grass and parted her sarong, and shifted the g-string to the side, then squatted and started peeing. Even from where she was sitting Candy could see Martha’s fat long labia hanging down. As the stream finally subsided Martha shouted: "Come on, stop gawking and get me some tissues."

Candy found a box of tissues and did as she was asked, passing the box to Martha.

"No. No," said Martha. "Please wipe me. That would be even nicer."

Martha was still squatting on the wet grass and Candy squatted in front of her and lightly wiped Martha’s pussy. Candy could feel that the urine was mixed with the thick goo of Martha’s pussy juice.

"Hmm. That’s better," sighed Martha. "Much better. It is so liberating to pee in your own back yard, to expose yourself to the bright sunshine and, possibly, the neighbours! Don’t you think?"

"I’ve never peed in my backyard," confessed Candy. "It looks like it could be fun though."

"It is. But sometimes I do worry what it will do to the grass!" Martha chuckled. "See. It is starting to look a bit patchy."

Candy was getting hot in the bright sunshine and her fair skin was starting to tingle and flush. "Do you mind if I go for a swim?" she asked. "It’s so hot. It’s got to be over 30 degrees."

"Yes sure," said Martha. "But please let me undress you."

They moved to one of the plastic recliner lounges near the pool. Candy sat down letting her arms flop to the side. Martha kneeled next to Candy and slowly pulled off Candy’s short-sleeved t-shirt and then undid her bra.

"Gorgeous nipples," sighed Martha. She rolled them hard between her fingers and sucked them until they were upright and hard. "What lovely pert titties you have. But let’s see the rest of you."

Candy laid back on the lounge and raised her hips so that Martha could easily take off her skirt and underpants. When they were off Martha parted Candy’s legs and sat back contemplating Candy’s pussy. "Hmmm. That looks very edible, all pink, wet and juicy." Candy felt a pang of excitement at such an intimate part of her being observed and commented on so plainly by another woman.

Martha put a finger, then two, then three, inside Candy’s pussy, and rubbed the juice onto Candy’s clit. She then rubbed Candy’s clit until Candy started to rock and clench her hips. Then she licked Candy’s pussy. It was like no licking Candy had had before. Before she knew it she came with a muffled scream, pushing her pussy harder into Martha’s mouth.

"Okay," said Martha, "that was the appetizer. Now let’s go for that swim before we get on with it."

Martha took off her sarong and underpants, ran to the pool rather nimbly considering her size, and dove in, making a big splash. Candy sat on the side of the pool and then slid in, savouring the cool water enveloping her warm body.

Martha swam over to Candy and kissed her, and then did a couple of laps of the pool. "That’s enough for me," she said as she climbed out of the pool. "I feel energised enough to run a marathon. Yippee!"

Candy lingered for a while in the water, floating on her back with her eyes shut. The image of Martha’s large firm arse stuck in her mind and she floated.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Martha had set up a double airbed under a shady tree. She had refilled their glasses and was on all fours reaching back behind her poking a vibrator in and out of her pussy. Candy got out of the pool and said, "Here, let me help you with that." Martha handed over the vibrator.

Candy got underneath Martha with her head poking out between Martha’s legs. She reached up and inserted the vibrator and made long strokes in and out of Martha’s pussy. With the other hand she rubbed Martha’s clit. Martha was writhing and rocking over Candy and Candy could feel Martha’s heavy tits brushing her thighs.

Candy kept rubbing and was pumping the vibrator in and out at quite a pace now. "Oh God," cried Martha. "Oh God, please, please ... oh, oh."

Martha came with her pussy ravenously gulping at the vibrator. Her juices flowed onto Candy’s hands, face and tits. "Please stick it in my arsehole," Martha gasped. Candy was not sure if the vibrator could be accommodated as it was rather large, so stuck one wet finger into Martha’s arsehole, then ventured another one in, marvelling at the tight but soft sensation of Martha’s arse ring clamped around her fingers.

"Please," begged Martha hotly, "Work it in." Candy slowly worked the vibrator into Martha’s arse. She was amazed that after a bit of difficulty inserting the tip of the vibrator, it now slid in and out without too much resistance.

"Fuck my arse," screamed Martha. "Fuck it. Oh God. Fuck it." Martha reached back to rub her swollen pussy, and in a minute or two she came again, quivering and shaking perspiration all over Candy.

Candy slid from underneath Martha, who was still on all fours with her head hanging down, breathing heavily in a way that indicated she was spent but satisfied.

"Jesus Candy, are you sure you haven’t been with a woman before? You’re a bloody natural."

Candy was surprised too, that pleasing and being pleased by another woman seemed to come so effortlessly to her. She had frequently fantasised about having sex with a woman but something, until now, had always held her back. Maybe it was Martha’s upfront manner that had made her finally take the plunge. How could anyone, male or female, resist such a bountiful woman?

The women lay under the tree naked and spent. The exertion, alcohol and heat taking effect, they both dozed off.

Martha was the first to wake. She saw Candy’s sleeping face and stroked her cheek lightly. Candy stirred but remained asleep. Martha straddled Candy and kissed her, and then proceeded to suck Candy’s nipples. Candy stirred and rubbed her eyes, letting out a long sigh and looked up and smiled at Martha. Martha continued sucking Candy’s nipples and had now reached down to her pussy.

Martha then grabbed her own breast and rubbed it on Candy’s pussy, rubbing the nipple firmly on Candy’s clit. "Hmm that feels so nice," said Candy. "All I could think of after you let me touch you at the party was your tits,"

"Good. I like to be desired," said Martha. Martha then brought her wet boob to Candy’s mouth. Candy then proceeded to lick off her own juices. "See how good you taste?" said Martha.

Candy was still licking Martha’s boob when a voice came from a distance: "You ladies look like you could do with a third party, a third party with a nine inch dick." Candy looked over at the head poking over the fence. It was Ed, the guy from the party who had been with Martha. He must have been spying on them for a while. Candy looked quizzically at Martha, who replied softly, "Forgot to tell you, Ed is my neighbour. His wife usually plays with us but she’s on a business trip."

"Hmmm. We haven’t been in need of a man yet," said Martha, looking Ed’s way and laughing. Unperturbed by the possibility of being superfluous, Ed jumped the fence. Candy noticed his lithe dark body as he walked towards them. He only had on a pair of shorts and his erection was very noticeable.

"Hi Candy. Nice to see you again," said Ed, sitting on the side of the airbed near Martha, who did not waste any time getting Ed’s dick out. Martha slowly clamped her mouth around his dick and started sucking it in long deep gulps. "Hmm," Ed said, "Looks like you were craving a bit of dick to me."

Martha came up for air. "As you should know by now Eddie, it is very rare that I pass up an opportunity at anything to do with sex. I’m the kind of person who would fuck through an earthquake!"

"You are the earthquake baby," Ed said, chuckling and slapping Martha on the arse.

Candy laughed and was getting incredibly turned on by watching Martha suck Ed. "Would you like your sweet pussy rubbed?" Ed asked Candy. "Oh. Okay. Sure," said Candy, placing herself in Ed’s reach, who rubbed her tits and then slid his hand down her stomach to her pussy. "You’re already nice and wet and swollen," said Ed. "What you need is a good fucking. What do you think Martha? Do you want me to fuck your girlfriend?"

Martha raised her head. "Yes. Sure. That would be fun to watch. And anyway, I get to have your dick almost daily. Why not share it around a little?"

"Okay Candy, on all fours. I’m going to give you a fucking from behind." Ed’s orders sent a quiver through Candy, who quickly did as she was asked. Before she knew it he had plunged his thick cock into her, and was pumping away slowly. Candy reached back to touch Ed’s balls. Martha was playing with herself watching Ed fuck Candy.

Martha then slid under Candy and licked Candy’s clit and Ed’s dick and balls. Candy could no longer control herself and her whole body shook as she came several times, screaming, "Oh my God. Oh shit, shit! Keep fucking me! I’m going to come. Keep fucking me. I’m coming. Oh my God. Oh. Ohhhh. Fuck..."

Ed was now fucking Candy fast and was close to blowing. However, he withdrew his cock and asked Martha to get some lubricant and rub it on Candy’s arsehole. Martha was taking her time preparing Candy’s arse, sticking two of her fingers in and moving them around. "Hmm. This should feel nice. I’m a bit jealous it’s not me," Martha said, as Candy’s bottom squirmed in anticipation.

Martha got underneath Candy again and started to lick and fondle her. Ed slowly worked his cock into Candy’s arse. Candy flinched at first, but Ed was practiced at butt fucking and soon Candy was overcome by the feeling of his cock slowly forging in and out, and Martha’s tongue inside her pussy and on her clit.

"I’m going to blow up your beautiful arse," Ed breathed heavily into Candy’s ear. Candy was now letting out high-pitched yelps every time Ed’s dick was fully thrust into her arse. Ed made one last deep thrust and Candy screamed as Ed pumped his semen into her.

Martha then came out from underneath Candy and licked the come out of Candy’s arse. "Hmm. That tastes just so good," she said, licking her lips.

"Wow girls," said Ed. "That was great. We should do it again sometime -- soon I hope. And work on our repertoire."

"I’d be in it," said Candy, "for sure."

"Great," said Martha. "See you all next Sunday."

Candy got dressed and said goodbye to Martha and Ed. Her body still tingled when she got home, and she went to bed early, wondering where her sexual curiosity would next take her.

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