Porn stories - Plump Ebony for Dinner

Porn stories - Plump Ebony for Dinner
I come home to the aroma of Mexican food and my nice plump Mexican wife cooking at the stove. Her long black hair is flowing down over her nice round body, huge breasts and nice round stomach that makes her look pregnant even though she is not. She is totally naked except an apron. When she bends over to pick up things, I can see her pussy. Even though she is just cooking for me and her, she is cooking giant portions, enough to feed an army. She already has an assortment of foods prepared, such as rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream and her favorite: enchiladas. The portions of guacamole, sour cream and beans are huge. She is preparing some Mexican for me, both her and the food.

As I come in, she pauses from the stove and obediently comes to me like a good wife, and looks me in the eyes with excitement as she begins to undress me. Seeing all this preparation in front of me, I already know what is in store, and I am already hard thinking about it. She notices and is pleased. And I can tell she is excited too, because she knows what I am going to do to her.

After she undresses me, like a good little wife, I ask her if she is preparing herself for dinner for me, and she says she is. I give her a kiss, and grab her breasts and rub my dick against her. I am ready to fuck her right then and there, but she needs to be prepared first, so I tell her to prepare while I go use the restroom. I would have fucked her then if the food was still cooking, and there was time, but since she was nearly ready, I told her that I wanted her ready for me when I return. As I leave, she takes the food she has prepared to our special bedroom. She has timed the food just right that it is fully cooked, but is not so hot that it will burn us. She lays the big pots of guacamole, sour cream and beans next to the bed, and some plates of enchiladas on the bed. The enchiladas are for eating, and the pots of stuff is for messy sex.

I come in the room and she is fully naked, nice brown skin and plump, and slightly sweaty from cooking, looking like she has cooked to a delicious golden brown herself. We both get on the bed. Since we are both hungry, we immediately grab at the enchiladas with our hands. There is no silverware or any utensils, only our hands.

Like a good wife, she offers the first portion to me, and I eat. She feeds me with her hands, and asks me if she can eat. I tell her that she can, and I watch her stuff the enchiladas in her mouth like the pig she is. She eats so sloppily that it gets all over her face and drips down onto her huge breasts. Watching her eat and get fatter and fatter is such a turn on. I remember when she was small, short and petite little Mexican, and over time I’ve turned her into a nice plump fat pig, with huge breasts and nice blubbery belly. She looks pregnant all the time, and that is so attractive. She is now just a big fat piece of meat who likes to be fucked, and that is fine by me. She likes being my little fuck pig.

She asks if she can have some beans, which I reply yes. She uses her hands and dips it into the pot of refried beans, and puts a big amount on my dick, which feels so good. She starts eating the beans off my dick, giving me a nice blow job, while getting fattened up like a good pig. She works on licking it clean because she knows I will be fucking her soon.

As she is doing that, I grab some beans and start spreading it all over her, making her nice and slick. I caress her breasts and body, and cover her whole body in beans from head to toe. She needs to be prepared for fucking now. After making sure her back and limbs are well coated, I lay her down on her back where she spreads her legs and arms open for me to mount her. She arms herself with beans in each hand to rub on my back when I mount her, and makes sure her inner arms and legs are coated thickly so it gets on me as much as possible. I take the guacamole and sour cream and pour it all along her belly and breasts and midsection. I make sure her pussy and face are visible to me, since I love looking at her face (messy as it is), and love looking at her pussy sitting there getting moist, just waiting for my dick. At this point she is trembling a little bit since she wants my dick so badly, and I am so hard, I am ready to fuck her brains out.

Just the sight of her there, my messy submissive pig, covering in food, on her back, ready to fuck just makes me want to explode. I finally can’t take it any more and I get on top of her and stick my dick inside her pussy. No need for a condom since she is my wife. It feels so good. As I start to fuck her, I lay down into the bean, guacamole and sour cream mess between us, and it feels so good as it oozes around my skin. The aroma of Mexican food fills the air, and I fuck my Mexican wife in Mexican food. She takes her hands and legs and wraps them around me and smears as much food all over me as possible, while laying on her back being fucked.

The food caressing our bodies as we fuck feels so good that I need to stop and grab more guacamole from the pot next to the bed and pour it onto my back so it caresses down over both of us as we continue fucking. As she quivers in pleasure, I start to cum and squirt my cum deep inside of her, the best orgasm I have had since the last time we had food sex.

We both lay there panting, catching our breath from the awesome orgasms. We cuddle a bit and she lays there like a good wife, knowing that once I recover, I will need a round two. I catch my breath, look at her, and feel my dick getting harder. A brown skinned beauty covered in food is too much of a turn on to stop at one round. As soon as I am ready, she spreads her legs and arms for me and I mount her again, and fuck her over and over again, until we are both exhausted and fall asleep.

In the morning I wake to her next to me, still covered in food. She’s not awake yet, but will be soon. I start rubbing her pussy to get her nice and wet, and I mount her nice messy body, adding some more beans to her breasts and belly for good measure. She wakes up with my dick inside of her, which is something she enjoys. I cum inside of her, and as I cum, she gives me the biggest loving smile because she is so happy to give me pleasure because she loves me and I love her.

We get up and go to the shower, and she starts cleaning me, and I help clean her. As we shower, and get cleaned up, she bends over and offers her pussy to me, and I mount her and cum once again inside my nice little Mexican fuck pig.

After the shower, she dresses me and sends me off to work, while she stays hope like the good housewife and take care of the home. Last night she cooked, and this morning she cleans, like a good wife.

Next week, maybe we will have dessert for dinner. :)

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