Room service - Bbw sex story

Room service - Bbw sex story
I was fed up driving and finally happy to have found a
bed and breakfast just off the main road. It was a big
old house in good shape with garden etc. I knocked on the
door and waited for a reply still thinking about all the
work I had to do the next day.

A lady opened the door in her late fifties wearing a
housecoat that hide well her ample figure. She wore
little or no make up but and looked like the kind of
women that was once a looker, she smiled and let me to
the reception area. I filled out the registration form
and as I took my key she asked me with a grin if I wanted
any female company that night. She explained that if I
need she could arrange it no problem. I thanked her and
said I’d think about it heading off to my room. It was
the first time I’d had that service offered to me and I
found it kind of funny.

After showering and freshening up I went in to the local
small town to eat and have a quick drink returning at
about 10.30 that night. Once I was in my room my thoughts
went back to her offer and I decided what the hell I
could us some company so I called down to reception. It
was a little embarrassing but she took it like I was
ordering room service. "Is there a choice of girls or
what?" I asked sounding like an idiot.

"I’ll see what I can do just wait in your room and I’ll
arrange everything sir," she replied.

An hour later there was a knock on my door and when I
opened it there stood the landlady herself only now she
was dressed up. I didn’t understand at first looking her
up and down but when I looked carefully at how she was
dressed I understood the female company was her. She wore
a knee length dressing gown made of some kind of silk
material rapped around her big frame and tied at the
waist. Her face was made up and she was wearing stockings
and pink slippers on her feet.

She gave me a big smile and pushed past me entering my
room, I closed the door behind her and turned to face her
still not sure what the hell was going on. "I had
problems finding someone on short notice but I’m sure I
can help you myself," she began still smiling at me.

"I’m sure you could Miss but I was expecting," that’s all
I managed as at that moment she untied her dressing gown
letting it fall open. Under it she was naked except for
her suspender belt and stockings, her sagging breasts
where enormous hanging down and resting on her swollen
belly. I couldn’t see her pussy as her bellies hide it
far to well.

Placing her hands on her hips and sticking her breasts
out making them look twice as big she continued, "Why
don’t you let me take care of you and if it doesn’t work
you wont have to pay," she walked over to me and took one
of my hands and placed it on her right breast.

It felt warm and surprisingly firm as she pressed my hand
into her flesh. Despite myself I felt my cock respond
giving a twitch. She stepped closer and placed her hand
on my growing erection through my jeans smiling up at me.
She then dropped down to her knees and within seconds had
my jeans around my ankles and my now hard cock in her

She pulled the foreskin back and forth pumping it to full
erection in a moment. I was speechless looking down at
this old lady as she jacked me off before engulfing my
entire length into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and
down my shaft sending shivers down my legs and balls and
I watched fascinated as her large breasts swayed as she

There was no question as to weather it was working I was
horny as shit by now moving my hips to meet her mouth
slowly fucking her face. She stopped sucking for a moment
to say, "If you don’t want to make love to me that’s ok I
understand you can finish in my mouth," she carried on
sucking my cock before I could answer.

I was full on by now and wanted to fuck something and
although this was an old slut at that point I would have
fucked anything. I pulled her off me taking my clothes
off and moved over to the bed. She stood up letting her
gown fall to the floor and climbed up onto the bed beside
me. I ran my hands over her enormous breasts down onto
her soft belly and then down to find her pussy. She
wasn’t a hairy lady but her pussy was big and fleshy
already open with the biggest clit I’d ever seen.

She moaned in appreciation as I inserted two fingers into
her hot snatch spreading her legs wide for me. Reaching
over I sucked one of her massive nipples into my mouth
sucking hard and biting into the rubbery flesh making her
moan out loud. The moaning may have been fake but I cared
less as I fingered her and sucked on her massive breasts.
Her belly was wrinkled around her belly button and on her
mound above her pussy and she had stretch marks on her
breasts from gravity as they where so big but I was still
turned on like never.

"You like my breasts?" she said with a big smile.

"They’re amazing," I replied letting her nipple drop from
my mouth.

"Why don’t you climb up here and give me that hard cock,
it’s been a while since I’ve had one," she said.

I was more than ready and I was between here legs in a
second rubbing my cock up against her slippery cunt. I
pushed it in right to the hilt stopping only when my hips
where pressed against her soft fatty mound. She moaned
out loud lifting her big chunky legs up resting her knees
on her breasts. Like that I was able to penetrate her
pussy to the max and I began to move in and out slowly at
first building up speed as I went.

"Please can you fuck me hard I think I’m going to come,"
she moaned, bucking her hips up to meet me.

I was kneeling between her legs at a perfect height my
cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy, it was slack
but so hot my cock felt like it was burning and pushing
her legs up a little higher I began to pound her hard as
she wanted. She came or pretended to come pulling me to
her trying to get her arms around me, I ended up lying on
top of her leaning all my weight on her big soft body
banging my cock as hard as I could into her.

She bucked and shuck all over and now I was sure she
wasn’t pretending as her cunt flooded with hot liquid so
much I thought she was pissing on me. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh
fuck I’m coming Oh shit fuck me!!!" she was screaming
like a nut thankfully there where no other guests in the

I managed to get back up onto my knees letting one of her
legs fall down I pulled the other up high so I was
fucking her at another angle sending her over the edge
again. She was trashing her head from side to side
moaning and mumbling her massive breasts slapping her
chin with every trust.

This was turning in to quite a session, she was the
oldest lady I’d ever fucked but I wasn’t about to forget
her fast. I wanted badly to see how she would look from
behind an image already forming in my mind of that huge
ass so I pulled out from her. She looked up at me I think
expecting to see me come on her but understanding it
wasn’t over yet.

"Turn over lady I want to see your lovely big ass from
behind," I growled, my cock in hand jacking it off slowly
as she maneuvered her massive form over onto her hands
and knees.

She looked like such a slut with her stockings and her
huge open pussy completely soaking dripping liquid that
was running down the crack of her ass. Her breasts hung
down spilling out each side of her on the bedclothes and
looking around her hips I saw her belly too was hanging
down touching the bed. From behind I could see her pussy
but also her belly, which made me strangely more,

I slammed my cock back into her hot pussy rocking her
forward with the force and gripping her hips like handles
I pulled her back onto me roughly. Her massive hips shuck
every time I hammered home and she was coming again all
over me her pussy making squelching sounds as the air
inside was forced out.

"Tell me you like it boy tell me you love my big ass,"
she said in a moan. I loved it and it was the fact that
she was so big that excited me so much.

"Oh yeah slut I love it, I love your big fat ass," I
replied for her.

"Yes I’m a slut, I’m a whore, fuck me, take me do what
ever you want," she was screaming again trying to push
back at me. I pulled one of my legs up to one side of her
and spread her ass wider slamming into her even deeper
now it was starting to hurt my own hips now I was banging
so hard into her.

"You filthy dirty whore, you’re gagging for cock aren’t
you," I grunted banging into her almost with every word.

"Yes! Oh Jesus I love it!! I love your hard cock fuck my
fat slut ass," she came back at me balling the bedclothes
up in each closed fist then burying her head into the
mattress. I stopped and pulled out, my cock bright red
and wet. "Come all over my fat whore ass, come on my
pussy,’ she called out looking back over her shoulder.

I didn’t want to come yet I just needed to catch my
breath so I traced my cock up and down her open pussy
lips, they where slippery and looked all swollen. I could
see inside her at least two inches. I ran my hand down
her crack smearing the liquid all over her pussy and
asshole, her puckered asshole retracted as I ran my
finger over it and she let out a low moan. I was about to
push my cock back into her open pussy running my finger
back across her asshole, she actually pushed back at my
finger this time making it slide up her ass.

"Oh you dirty bastard your going to make me take it up
the ass aren’t you?’ she asked in a growl wriggling her
ass so my finger worked its way deeper.

I had no intention of taking her like that but now that
she mentioned it I liked the idea. I was now working my
finger in and out of her ass as she swayed back and forth
gently, my cock would dip into her open pussy each time
about two or three inches and my finger was going knuckle

"My husband never makes me do this," she continued her
voice trembling a little with excitement. I added a
finger slipping both in to the knuckle and then letting
her dictate the rhythm as she swayed back onto them.

"Your husband doesn’t know how to treat a slut like you,
he doesn’t know how much your begging to be fucked," I
jeered down at her. "You better beg me to fuck your ass
the way you want it bitch," I continued taking my fingers
out and pushing my cock up against her tight hole.

She still pushed back but trying to squeeze my cock into
her ass but I moved back at that moment. She breathed out
in frustration trying again but I wanted to hear her beg.
"Ok you bastard, stop fucking about please!!" she moaned.

"Beg for it slut!!" I said giving her ass a slap with my
open hand.

She let out a gasp then blurted out, "Please fuck my ass,
ram your cock up my ass you bastard."

Gripping her hips I slammed it hard into her ass, I had
to insist but with the smallest of resistance my cock
slid all the way until my balls where hanging down
touching her pussy. She let out an enormous moan sucking
in air in short sharp breaths. I went straight into it
slamming in and out of her stretching her ass wider with
each trust.

"Oh fuck yes!! Fuck my ass hard!! Fuck my slut ass!!!"
she was panting like a dog her ass now slick as my cock
pounded it. Her ass cheeks where wobbling all over the
place and she was coming I could feel it, she had her
head in the bedclothes again and her shoulders where
shaking. When she had come down I slowed it down fucking
her with long slow strokes almost pulling out with every
trust giving her time to enjoy the after effect from her

"Tell me, do you let your husband fuck your ass like
this?" I asked really enjoying this slow tight fuck.

"He never fucks me at all," she replied, "He hasn’t got
it up in two years the poor man," she continued.

I didn’t give a shit about her old man so speeding back
up I started on her again building up until I was fucking
her nice and hard. "Maybe you should let him see you like
this with a fat cock up your ass, let him stand beside
you while I fuck your tight ass," I continued.

She loved it moaning agreement and ramming her ass back
at me. I was on the verge of coming now and told her so.

"Wait please! I want to see you come, it’s been so long
since I saw a man come," she begged moving forward
letting my cock pop out. She rolled over onto her side
while I clambered up the bed my cock about to explode.
"Here on my breasts, come on my big breasts," she

I kneeled beside her inches from her heaving breasts and
jacked off pointing my cock at her breasts. Within
seconds I was pumping huge wads of spunk all over her
breasts, it shot out far enough to cover both some even
landing on her neck which she rubbed into her skin
massaging her massive breasts with my spunk. She then
leaned over to suck me clean not stopping until my cock
was soft.

The next morning when I left -- on my bill she had
charged me $100 for room service handing me the bill with
a smile.

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