I fucked with a fat nerd BBW

I fucked with a fat nerd BBW
My wife Daytona & I met at a mutual friend’s singles New Year’s Eve party. I really didn’t wanna go, but my friend (the host) wanted me to come. I arrived about 10pm. The host had valet parking, a Rose for all of the ladies & even a door man. He was skinny kinda nurdy looking with tape holding he eye glasses together.

I was making my way to the bar for a cocktail, through the poker games, people talking. Way off out on the patio deck, I noticed naked bodies in a three-some near another wet bar. (I thought to myself, "Humm, this is that kinda party This could a fun party after all) Standing in line & looking around the house, the other guests had been there quite ah while & paired off pretty well. The stereo was too loud, but the rooms were dimly lit. I stood there ah while watching the goings on. 5 poker games W/ some high stakes. Two tables were playing 5 card strip. It looked like the guys were playing the game correctly. The ladies were barely clothed, they were in their bra & thong panties with a little cotton patch.

I walked out to the patio wet bar where the 3-some was. (Where did they go) The tarbender (Bartender) was the only one there. She was a fantastic shoulder length brunette hair with ah midriff top on, that accented her curves with a set of AA battery (The Copper Top) nipps along with the largest round shark colored bedroom eyes in the world. Her teeth looked like a brand new cotton ball. (I just fell in lust) Her tight tittles were perfectly round & firm. Daytona’s areolas are 2" in diameter. Her coochie has a thin patch of short hair with a small Cupid tattoo holding a sign that says, "Join My Slice Of Life" This is so cute

Hi there Missy, I said. She said, "names, Daytona, what can I get for ya," Daytona Interesting name, how did that happen I asked. She explained, "My father was into car racing in the old Winston Cup Racing Series. To hear him tell it, I was conceived in the pits at the Daytona Raceway. My sister is Bristol was conceived in Bristol Raceway in Bristol, Tenn. My sister, Darlington was conceived in Darlington Raceway in Darlington, South Carolina, my sister Charlotte was conceived at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. And Vegas was made in Las Vegas at Las Vegas motor Speedway. All 5 of us girls were named after his win at those race tracks that yea. Mom was thinking that if he won a race she would end up pregnant, kinda odd huh Yeah it is, but it is cool way to name your children. I’ll have a tall JD & coke. I am Kal.

Just then a huge obese woman waddled on the patio wearing a stripped blouse & checkered pajama bottoms. This is totally DWI (Dressing With-out Instruction). She asked who I was with. Daytona said, "This is my husband" this DWI slapped my butt as she stepped away. She said, When you divorce this winch, call me brotha. This Big Ol’ clit wants to ride your mustache. Daytona & I just laughed. As she walked away her body giggled like ah bowl full of Jell-O, making us laugh again.

"Now Kal before we were so rudely interrupted. She giggled again, I was going to ask you if you would be my escort tonight" Daytona as pretty as you are, you shouldn’t have any problem finding someone. "Yeah thank you Kal. But are you dating or married" Oh no, I’m not married, but I would get if you were my bride. "Kal you have just become engaged. She laughed, but I didn’t. I can help you. Daytona came out from behind her bar, kissed me so hard it got Herman’s attention. She grabbed my growing woody, still sucking on my tongue. Daytona reached down & squeezed my junk several times. Herman was at full attention & cramped for space. She lowered my zipper and he fell out into her hand. Lightly stroking him, "Kal let’s go somewhere else" she stated. She grabbed her back-pack

Daytona grabbed Herman & lead me like ah puppy to a vacant bedroom. She pushed down on the bed. Daytona do you do this with all guy’s I asked. "No, no she said. You didn’t come on to me like most guys. I normally show them some breast cleavage to get ah good tip. I figured you must be something special, I wanna find what It looks like I may have found it" She removed my clothes while I removed hers. When I had taken off her midriff blouse I fell in love. Her tight tittles were perfectly round & firm. Daytona’s areolas are 2" in diameter with AA battery sized nipples. You know, (The Copper Top) Her coochie has a thin patch of short hair with a small Cupid tattoo holding a little sign that says, "Join My Slice Of Life" This is so cute.

I kneelt down to take a quick lick of her slice of life. Daytona had already become moist as her wetness glistening over her labia was too much to handle, so I took another lick. She softly moaned while she gripped Herman firmly & began stroking him slowly from base up the 7" to the tip, running her fingers over the urethral opening and back down just as slowly. Her soft warm grip felt amazing as she stroked me off. Daytona sucked Herman’s head into my mouth bobbing on just the head. I knew I was about to cum over the whitest teeth. She continued bobbing on just the head. All of a sudden Daytona dropped all the way down the shaft. "Gawd Gurl, suck my dick just like that" I began to spew my spunk down her pretty throat. Daytona didn’t miss anything, she took it all. WoW what a golden throat this lady has!

I began to flick her clitoris to get her out from under its hood. She poked her little head out; I grabbed it with my teeth and rolled my tongue over it. (It’s hard to imagine a little thing like a clit would cause such a loud moan) her grown must’ve been heard out to the patio. She kept mumbling "Oh Gawd yeah, Right there. Oh Gawd Right there. RIGHT THERE ! Suck On My Little Lady!"

Daytona reached for her breasts, squeezing her dark brown AA nipples. "Damn You, You’re gonna make me cum in your face" she moaned. I moved her hand down to her love connection as she started to finger herself bringing her to yet another orgasm. She began to lift her hips to meet her own fingers. "Gawd I need you inside me" she said. Gawd I gotta have you inside my pussy.

I moved up into position & drummed her clitty with Herman. "Don’t tease me, Fuck me like ah man" I continued thumping her clit with Herman. I pushed in just below his head & pulled out to drum her clit some more. "Don’t tease me you SOB, Don’t tease me! Take me & Fuck Me" She screamed. I lined Herman up to get a straight shot to through her inner labia & drove him home to the base of my dick.

"Ugh! Yeah Baby please, do me that way til we cum together. I want this load against my cervix" Daytona fucked back at me with quick deep thrusts. I stopped at her cervix to flex Herman against her inner womanhood. "Oh No! I gotta pee! I gotta pee!" I with-drew just about 4" & began to fuck this fantastic little lady with all Herman could muster.

I gotta pee damn-it ! She started squirting as fast as her heart was pounding, pulsating with every one of my thrusts.

"Oh yeah baby, I haven’t had a squirt like that since high school. I thought I had lost it" The bottom bed sheet was saturated with her fluids. (Let’s see if there’s another orgasm in there) I started to penetrate her deeper with each thrust. Daytona fucked me back with each one, harder than the one before. We soon were in unison, Daytona was fucking me as I fucked her. The crook in Herman was rubbing on her G-Spot. I pounded her deeply time after time. I’m gonna cum sweetie, I’m gonna cum. She went into the largest fuck mode. "Oh Yeah, Oh OH YEAH, make me cum again" she yelled. Hearing that, Herman began to erupt. I pounded her cooter just as she had ordered. I felt my dick loose it’s seed in her slice of life. Our orgasm’s had joined together in the best fuck of my life.

I didn’t know it then, but 6 months later we were married. I wasn’t going to lose this woman that love to screw as much as I do.

We laid there caressing each other in ah cool down period. She told me of the men that she had had and none of them meant h thing, just ah quickie. Daytona told me of the guy that took her cherry. She said he was ah 6th grade neighbor kid, we were playing "I’ll show you mine if you show me yours" he didn’t know what he did, but I know it hurt. I thought was going to bleed to death. She giggled.

She asked me who busted my nut the first time. Daytona do you remember the movie Porky’s in the boy’s locker room dirty laundry

The distinct odor of the dirty jock straps, except it was the wet shower towels that drove her to take advantage of me. "yeah right" she says. "Did you get your little pee-pee inside her or did she jerk you off" she asked me. No, no I was in there for ah second or two. It didn’t take long. The smell of her wet pussy, her jerking my little dicky & I lost everything. We kinda dozed off.

Daytona awoke first about an hour later with the sounds of someone’s heavy breathing. She was looking for me, I was next to her. "Kal, Kal who is this" She whispered" this couple had snuck in while we were asleep. They were getting down to screwing on the floor like two dogs. We watched them a few minutes. He had this chick on her knees doing her doggie. Her back was arched to give him better access to her hairy pussy. He then leaned over with his body. She said, "Kal watch this" she took two her fingers & shoved them up his dung.

(Oh Gezzes Shit Wow) He shot his wad instantly. Daytona & I lay on the bed laughing. His lady kinda covered up with her dress. Daytona said, listen missy, there is nothing under that dress that we haven’t all seen before so take it off" "Listen missy, if you have to be ashamed of what you have under that dress. You don’t so get rid of It! "Daytona told her. "Who are you & why are you guys in here. "I am Ashley & this is ah (Ashley had this guy in her pussy and didn’t know his name WTFIT) Bert he said, This the only room that was quite. You guys were asleep" she said. .

"Well since you’re here you just as well get off the floor, to the bed with Kal & I. I’m Daytona" We were all nude. While they were telling us about themselves. Ashley moved to the bed close to me. This couple was in town on business as associates with-in a big corporation, they said & looking to party.

Ashley is dish water blonde 5’ 5" 130 lbs.’ short hair, with a large amount of pubic hair, it looked like an overgrown jungle of with a big cliff running down the middle. (Really kinda gross, I mean you could knit ah large winter sweater outta that stuff) I thought of the saying of my dad. He said, "All pussy good, but although, some have bugs while others pussy are Great"

Ashley was still moist from Bert banging her on the floor. I went down on her & separated the vegetarian to find it. (I know it’s in there somewhere) aw, there it is. Her button wasn’t little. You could tell she had been used, but she wasn’t used up. Her clitoris looked like a little pee-pee poking through her inner labia. I spread the weeds & lightly sucked Ashley’s clit with no reaction, I sucked harder. No reactions, Longer & Harder. Nothing, no emotions she just laid there. WTF. I bit her huge clit, she cooed, yeah oh yeah! Bite me, she says. Bite my clit! Suga.

Daytona looked at me, winked & nodded her head like go ahead. I bit down (I thought was too hard) Ashley screamed in pure pleasure. I slid my fingers in while I was biting her over-used clitoris. She made very little sounds because of my finger. Biting It hard and four fingers folded together sliding in her big ol pussy. Ah whimper along with her screaming. I added my thumb. Ashley began screaming, squirming & language would make a long shore-man blush. She was craving more. Her pelvic bone was plyable because of too many BBC’s. The trapezium bone slid under her pelvic bone. She took my entire hand (I’ve had a lot of women but I’d never witnessed that)

Looking over at Daytona & Bert, Daytona had Bert bent over a noticed a strap-on around Daytona’s waist with a rubber BBC. She was slamming his ass hard with her rubber toy. He wasn’t enjoying this treatment. "I’m going to show what we females feel when you SOB’s wanna fuck our ass" Daytona yelled at him.

Ashley was backing up against my hand just like a hen backing up, (Have you ever seen a hen back up She’s looking for something) she started yelling, "Gawd I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum" Damn she sure did! She squirted hard, (it was like a garden hose with ah clogged pulsating spray nozzle) it went in all directions. Ashley was breathing very arctic and close to passing-out. She took a deep breath; she did in fact pass out ah few moments. When she came too, all she could say was, "SOB, I have never had such intense orgasms like that" over & over. I was thinking it was impossible to an orgasm with a woman with a pussy that was that large.

(Someone should make tires out of pussy, they would never wear out)

I again looked over at Bert & Daytona. They were done. Daytona was on her back with her rubber dong pointing straight up. Bert lay on his side in the fetal position. Both of them were spent & I eventually fell asleep. Almost with an alarm, we awoke altogether. Bert and I put our tightly-whiteies, Ashley & Daytona put on their bra & panties. We went downstairs.

We missed some huge fuck fest party. There were naked bodies everywhere. We looked around the house. There were Girl on girl, male on male, white on black, Daytona said, "look Kal" she had notice my extremely fat woman was sitting on the skinny door-man’s face on the patio.

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