Lesbian Fatties - erotic story

Lesbian Fatties - erotic story
I had lived with my roommate for about two years and we got along fabulously. She and I were so much alike. Both of us were big girls of about 250 pounds and wore a size 18. She had bigger boobs then me but thats what made me want her so much. She was so attractive. She always did her hair and makeup perfectly, dressing in nothing but the best suits for day and long silky satin nighties at night. Her favorite perfume would fill the air of the apartment on a daily basis and would linger for several hours after see left every morning for work. Leaving an impression of her in my mind till she came home every night.

My name’s Terri and I’m 28 years old. I work from home doing court transcripts for the local family court house and I’ve been doing it for about five years now. The pay is awesome and I love the idea of being able to work in my underwear. So your wondering why I have a roommate? I had met her a few years back at the court house when I dropped off some finished transcripts, she was working as a clerk and we got to talking. She needed a place to live and I had a three story, four bedroom home with just me in the house so I offered her a room for three hundred a month. She jumped on it and moved in with me right away.

Kara had always turned my head and I relished the idea of her living with me. It gave me the chance to get to know her and show her what I was like. She only stood about five feet, four inches but she held herself high. I had never met anyone before which had such a great self pride and so hardily ambitious. Nothing held this woman back, despite her size she was very assured in herself and her abilities. This, most of all, turned me on.

Many times I found myself captivated by her style and creativeness, I would find myself hanging off her every word. To me she was sensual in every way. I found myself watching her undress through the crack of her bedroom door several times over the past year wishing it was me pulling the clothes from her tender, plump body. I thought of her frequently as I laid in my bed alone night after night and hoped one day she would let me fulfill all my fantasies I had about her.

One Friday night, when we had settled in to watch a movie together, she came from her bedroom wearing a floral teddy and matching thong panties which barely covered her front. Her big, rounded bottom hung out from the thong as if begging me to touch it. She looked so cute and innocent in that little outfit and her hair pulled into neat little braids on each side of her head. I felt a rush of embarrassment run though me when she caught me staring at the front of her panties.

"You like?" She asked in a flirtatious tone, winking one eye at me.

I was in shock, all I could do was nod my head in an up and down motion. Kara walked over to the VCR and popped in the first movie. She had picked the movies that night and I just sat there staring at the screen unable to say anything when I seen two lesbian woman engaged on the TV screen in front of me when she pressed play on the remote. "Oh my god", I thought to myself, "what is she doing? Does she know I want her? Or is this just some thing she thought up on her own?" Questions kept running through my head, I had no idea what to think at this point and I certainly had no idea what to do. I just stayed seated not moving.

She took stance behind me and whispered in my ear, "Does that turn you on Terri?"

A shiver ran through me as she ran her fingers through my hair. I became increasingly unsettled and had to get up out of my chair. "Yeah....ahhh...I guess? What made you pick up a porno Kara?" My voice crack as my nervousness showed through.

Kara walked right over to stand in front of me with her lips almost touching mine. "Well, I thought it was about time I got to know you much better. Don’t be nervous, it’ll be fun. Have you ever been with a woman before? I haven’t and I really, really want you to be my first." She ran her fingers down my chest as the words rolled off her full lips.

Before I could answer her lips touched mine like a soft feather being glided along them. They were so gentle. The effect she had on me was overwhelming. I couldn’t hold back the desire I had held inside of me for so long. I reached for her teddy and pulled it over her head taking each one of her nipples into my mouth, hearing her moan deeply at the touch of my warm, wet tounge. She began touching herself and pushing down her panties to expose her fat, bald pinkness below.

Standing there naked with her large breasts exposed hanging over her rolls of fat, I slowly started to removed my own pajamas to shyly reveal my own bulges of fat. I guess I was moving to slowly because she came right over and began ripping at my pants as if in a hurry to take in my nakedness. I felt my entire body heat up and turn red at the embarrassment I felt standing before her with nothing on.

"Your beautiful!" She said commanding, "Don’t hide yourself, I want you and your body. Your perfect to me!"

With that she turned from me and headed into her bedroom. I wasn’t sure if I should follow her or not. Kara came strutting right back out with something in her hand. "Put this on, I want to feel you deep inside me." It was a strap-on with a vibrating nozzle on the reverse side.

We explored each other all night, I remember falling asleep with her head on my chest as the sun was coming up that morning.

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