My sweet mature Aunt


My sweet mature Aunt
In my village my uncle and aunt were staying. I was very close to them as they don’t have any child and treated my like one of them. My aunt was seeing me since I was a child. She was married at very young age. Now she was around 33-34 years. But she maintained her shape and figure. She still was looking very young. But I never had any bad intention towards her. She loved me like a kid and I also loved her for the love and affection she gave me.
So it was a village and people used to go to lake or pond for water for house hold activates and also for having a bath. My uncle was quite wealthy and we had nice water supply and washroom so that we don’t have to use the pond water. It was very hot season now. And one fine day the power was not there so there was no way to get the water to the tank. My uncle as usual left for his work in the morning. Now it was only me and aunt at home.
She said to me that today water will not come today, so we have to go to the lake to wash clothes and also have to take bath there. I was very happy hearing that as I loved the lake. I was very good swimmer and loved swimming in the village. So she completed the house hold work and it was around 3 in the afternoon. We also took lunch and then we went for the lake.
As it was late in the afternoon the lake was almost empty. The lake was covered with trees and it was also my uncle’s lake and so not many people used to come to the lake. She sat on the bank of the lake with some dirty clothes and started washing them. I got rid of my shirt and pants. I was only in my boxer and jumped into the lake. It was very hot season and the lake water was very nice. I was enjoying swimming in the open lake.
I went a bit further while swimming I saw her cleaning the dirty clothes on the bank. I thought of making a prank on her. I was good in underwater swimming. So I thought I will go close to her while remaining under water and will all of a sudden come out of the water to surprise her. I did the same and went close to her. I came up from the water. She screamed when I did that.
I was laughing my heart out on her. She said don’t do that again. I said sorry and went back to swimming again. While doing the prank I made her all wet. I saw her saree was now totally drenched and was sticking on her body. I removed my eyes from her instantly but again turned back to see her. I don’t know why I did that but I enjoyed looking at her in that pose. Her clothes were all wet and were stuck on her body. I never saw her like that.
I strange feeling was happening to me. I was getting a bit hard on my cock also now. May be as I was growing my sex feeling was taking over me. I can see her breast clearly over her saree and blouse. I even can sense her nipples pointed from her breast. I started looking at her carefully. I saw she was having a very good size breast and while she was doing the clothes her saree was almost falling from her breast exposing her breast and cleavage to me.
I was getting very hard now and I was just swimming near her so that I can see her more. I was now enjoying seeing her like that. Her boobs were no inviting me. Also the rest of her body was also was very much visible from her drench clothes. Her waist line and also her ass were quite nice. It was a very new way of seeing her now and I was enjoying every moment of that. My cock was ever growing now. Now I just wanted to see her take bath so that I can see more of her now.
After some time she completed her clothes washing and now she was getting ready to take bath. My heart started beating faster. Her whole figure was coming out from her drenched clothes. Her boobs were quite protruding from the top of her saree and blouse. Even the nipples were clearly visible from her saree. She was having a very slim body and a very thin waist line. I can see her naval and bare waist. I was now seeing her from all together different angle now.
My cock was getting harder and harder now and she then removed her saree from her body that made her expose her body to me. She was very comfortable in removing her saree in front of me. I saw her perfect size breast in her tight blouse. Her petticoat was covering her legs but there was a clear view of her figure coming out from her in that position. Then she came into the lake to take bath. She was in the water with me now.
As there was no one there she was also very comfortable having a bath in the open. She took some dives in the water that made her dress more stuck to her body. Her breast was bursting from her blouse I was losing my control now. She then took her soap and started rubbing all over her. I went close to her to see her more. She gave the soap to me and asked me to rub the soap on her back. I was like in the seventh heaven hearing that.
I wanted to touch her now and she gave the opportunity I was looking for. I went back and put my hand on her bare back. She was still wearing her blouse. She then loosed her blouse and asked me to apply soap all over her back. When I touched her back it was like a shock to me. I have touched her several times before but this time it was a different feeling I put my hand in side her blouse and started applying the soap all over her back. She was wearing a bra that was getting in my finger while I touched her back.
The excitement of touching her was making me hot now. I touched all over her back while applying the soap. She was very soft in her waist line. I put my hand on her waist also to put some soap. She didn’t say anything. I was so much enjoying her body touch on my palms and fingers. Then I put my hand on her lower back. It was almost on her ass. She did reacted this time and said now I can do it and took back the soap from me.
She then asked me to come in front so that she can apply soap to me. I was very happy hearing that but also got nervous as my cock was rock solid by then and it was coming out of my boxer. I hesitantly came close to her. She took the soap and started applying all over my back. Her touch was making me more excited. She then put her hand in my boxer also to apply soap on by ass. I got away from her when she did that.
She then smiled and said, "What happened? I said nothing just like that. She then gave me a smile and said "Oh you gave grown up now so you are shying away from your aunt. Don’t worry you will be always a k** for me." Saying that she pulled me in again and started rubbing soap over me. She again put her hand in my boxers and I allowed her to do so. She put soap all over my ass. I was now enjoying her touch there.
She also did touched and saw me naked before but this time was different for me. While rubbing soap her hand got struck with the rock solid cock. She immediately removed her hand from there. I was also feeling a bit embarrassed. But she looked at me and gave me a smile. She then took the soap and started applying all over legs and thigh. Oh my god what a scene that was. She lifted her petticoat to her thighs and she was putting the soap all around her leg.
She was having such nice and fleshy thighs. I was getting out of control. While putting soap she sometimes was putting her hands inside her petticoat deep to reach her pussy and ass. I started rubbing my penis inside the water and within seconds I ejaculated. I never ejaculated that much before. After that she again came in water and took some dips and then she said now it’s time and we should leave.
She wrapped herself in a saree and came out of the water. She was looking like a sex goddess. I also came out of the water and put a towel on my boxer so that my erection can be controlled. I was watching her sexy ass when she was walking. I totally rediscovered my aunt today. Now she was my only fantasy. I came home and masturbated again thinking of her.
On the same day nothing really happened. In the evening my unlce also came. He said the power will not come for the next two days as some work is going on. I was happy hearing that as I will have more chances to see my aunt again taking bath. Next morning as usual my unlce left for his work and asked my aunt to get some work done in the city that was around 1hr from village. So after taking breakfast she asked me to get ready so that we can go together and finish off the job there.
It was 1 hour travel in a bus. Because that was village so there was no transportation available barring some govt buses. So, we went to the bus tand and after waiting for 30 mins or so one bus came. It was very crowded. She holds my hand and pulled me in the bus. The inside bus was jam pack with people. There was no place to sit so we got to a corner and stood there. It was so crowded that everyone was standing very close to everyone.
I felt my aunt was not very comfortable as there were not of men there and they were staring her. She was standing in front of a pole and I was standing behind her. Lot of people was pushing here and there as it was very crowded there. I felt she was not felling well so I came behind her and put my body just behind her so that no one can touch her. I came very close to her. She was shocked and looked behind. She thought some was doing some mischief.
She looked at me and got relaxed that it was me and she understood that was covering her. She gave me a smile and turned back I think she was very comfortable now as only I was touching her. I was standing right on her back and her ass was touching my groin area. I put my hand around her so that she can be covered from the one side also. On other side there were seats so no one was there.
My hand was touching her some part o the puffy boobs but she was comfortable in that position I can feel her ass moving on my cock and that gave me instant erection. I was standing so close to her that I can feel her ass crack also. She was also pushing her back towards me as there was no space in front of her. I was now enjoying the ride.
My hand was touching her breast and due to the bad roads some time my hand was pressing her lovely soft breast some time I also did press her boobs intentionally but she didn’t reacted a bit and her ass was so round in shape. I was moving my cock very slowly on her beautiful ass. I was doing it ever so slowly so that she will think the due to the bus movement I was doing so. I tried to put my erected cock in between her ass crack.
I pushed my cock on her ass and found her ass crack instantly. I came closer to her and now there was no air in between her ass and my cock. When I did that she turned around and saw me. She gave a smile back and again turns around. May be she was also started liking that. Her ass crack was so nice and her two round shape butt was making me mad now. Then a bus stop came and few people got down, but still it was crowed enough. She got some space and moved to a corner of the bus.
Now she was standing her back to the bus and I stood in front of her to cover her. Now we both were facing each other. She said that this time buses are much crowed. Soon again a lot of people came on board and there was rush. But this time she was safe as she was standing in a corner. She asked me to come closer so that I can cover her. I moved in more closer to her and now her boobs were touching my chest. As more pressure came from behind I pushed a bit more.
Now her breast was totally in touch of my body. My erected cock was now just inches away from her pussy. I was now a bit embarrassed a bit but at the same time enjoying also. Then suddenly bus driver put brakes on and there was huge jerk. I put my hand on her bare waist to hold her. Oh she was so soft there. Due to the jerk my cock was now touching her groin area. My hand was on her waist and I didn’t take my hand off from there.
She looked at me and took her eyes away from my eyes. I was also not looking at her but she also didn’t try to move. I can sense her breathing was getting heavier now. She was breathing on my chest. Her breast was getting squeezed on my body and my cock was all over her pussy. I also start moving my hand a bit on her bare waist. She was looking on the other side but I can sense something else in her now. I was really having fun now and maybe she also liked that.
Then after sometime our stop came and we came down from the bus. Then we did the work. It was now 2o clock. She said that we should have lunch. So we went to a restaurant kind of a thing and had lunch. Then she said we should now return. We got a bus but the bus this time was not crowded. So we got seats, but I was sad now as I was praying for the crowded bus so that I can again touch her. We then reached house my 4:30 in the evening.
As there was no power so there was no water again. She said "I am going to lake for a bath, do you want to come?" I was waiting for that only. I said sure and took my towel and got ready for again seeing my aunt taking bath. She took some dirty clothes for washing. The lake was not very far from the house. Now it was almost evening and there was no one around. We reached the lake and it was kind of dark now. I was happy as there was no one there so my aunt can have a bath without having to cover as much.
She asked me to give my clothes which I was wearing so that she can clean that up. I gave her my t-shirt. She then asked for my pants also. I said no it’s not required. She said that today in the travel everything got dirty and so she must clean that. I was a bit hesitant but as she was asking I dropped my pants and gave it to her. I was wearing small underwear in that. My cock was again erected. She definitely saw my erected cock and gave a smile. I immediately went in the water.
She laughed at me and said "I saw you naked also, so why you are so shy?" She then pulled off saree and sat on the bank to wash the clothes. She was exposing her lovely breast to me again. I was looking at those melons while I was swimming here and there. With each stroke of washing clothes her breast was jumping. Her boobs were trying to jump from her blouse.
Then after sometime she completed the washing and asked me to give my underwear also so that she can wash that also. She usually washes my underwear also. I said no to her. She said "you are in water so there is no shame, and also now there is no one here apart from me so you can give me that I said ok and slipped my underwear and threw that towards her. I was totally naked now.
She washed my underwear and kept them aside. She then came in the lake also. She called me and asks me to put some soap on her back again. I came towards her totally naked. My cock was rock solid seeing her completely wet. Her blouse was now transparent and I can see clearly her breast and her nipples were bursting through her blouse and bra. But as I was in the water she was not seeing my cock.
I took the soap and came behind her. I put the soap first at her bare back. Then I moved up. She then said wait and unbuttoned her blouse so that I can put soap on her back. I put my hand in her blouse and started rubbing her back. I was getting so exited now. I was touching her bra hooks from behind. I tried to touch her breast from side also. She didn’t stop me when I put my hand on her side to put soap. My fingers were touching her breast that was only covered with her bra only.
It was dark now there. So no one can see us also. I then took some courage and asked her that why don’t you take your blouse off so that I can rub the soap all over your back. To my surprise she said ok and pulled off her blouse. She was now in her bra only. I did not believe my luck. I took the soap and started rubbing her back all over. She was also enjoying it and I again can sense a heavy breathing from her. Then after some time she said now let me put you some soap.
She turned around and I saw her big melons only covered in a bra for the first time. I was starring on her breast and she smiled and said "What are you looking at?" I got embarrassed and took my eyes off her breast. She then took the soap and started rubbing my back with that. As I was already naked she was touching my butt also. I was feeling like heaven now. She was touching all over my ass. Then she did something that was no expecting.
She put her hand around and started rubbing soap on my groin area. My cock was already rock solid. She touched my cock but this time she didn’t removed her hand. It was under water. She then put some soap on my erected cock also and smiled and said "Oh for this you are getting embarrassed, so you think you have grown up." I was looking down now due to embracement.
She said "it’s ok I am you r aunt and I can see you like that. So what if you have grown up, you will be always like this to me. Hearing those words I felt some comfortable. She then again put her hand on my cock and now she was intentionally putting soap on my cock. She even touched my ball. Due to excitement I ejaculated then. I think I ejaculated on her hands only. I was again so embarrassed but she looked at me and gave me a smile and said "Oh my k** has grown up.
She then said "it’s ok, nothing to me ashamed off and then she cleaned my cock again." Then she said put some more soap on her and gave me the soap. I was now feeling a bit comfortable now and very excited thinking my aunt just masturbated me and also she doesn’t mind that. I took the soap and started applying on her back again. While I was applying sopa on her she said "don’t tell this to anyone I said ok and continued rubbing my hands all over her back.
I wanted to touch her ass so I tried to put my hands in her petticoat but as it was tied so I was not was not able to do so. She noticed that and said let me loosen in my petticoat so that you can put soap there. I was so happy to hear those words. She then untied the knot. While doing so the petticoat got slipped and it came down. I quickly pulled the petticoat from her legs. She was a bit shocked when I did that but did not say anything.
I pulled her petticoat from her legs and threw that on the bank. Now she was only in her bra and panty only I can’t see her ass as she was in the water but thinking that she was half naked was making me hard again. I put my hand in her panty straight way and started putting soap all over there. She was also enjoying now. She was now making some strange sounds also. I put my hands on her ass crack and started swiping my fingers on her ass crack.
She was now breathing heavily. I saw the opportunity and slowly started pulling her panty down I wanted to make her naked now. When I was pulling her panty down she asked me, what are you trying to do? I said to her that that I want to put some soap there so I am pulling her panty down. Hearing those she looked at me and gave me a naughty smile. It was a green signal for me and I pulled her panty all the way down from her leg.
Now she was all the way naked from her waist. She was in the water so I can’t see her ass or pussy but thinking of that was making me so hot. After I made her naked I put my hand on her butt and started touching all over ass with my hand. Her ass was so soft and round. I put my hand in between her ass crack and started rubbing there. She was now enjoying my touch there. She closed her eyes and started biting her own lips.
I saw the opportunity and from the ass crack I moved my hand a bit further so that I can reach her pussy. When my fingers touched her pussy she let go a sigh. I asked her what happened; she said "Nothing you just continue what you are doing." Hearing those words I continued exploring her pussy now. She had a nice tight pussy and that was covered with some pubic hair. I can’t see her pussy now but I can feel her pussy on my fingers.
She was now moaning a little while I was rubbing her clit. Now the soap was gone and I was simply playing with her pussy now. Seeing that situation I slowly put my hand on her bra hook and the unhooked her bra. She did not resisted one bit I took her bra out of her body and threw that on the bank. Now she was completely naked. I was standing on her back up till now. Now I pulled her towards me.
She had her eyes closed. This is the first time I was seeing her bare fruits. Oh her boobs were so nice and well shaped. Her nipples had become very hard now. I put my hand on her bare boobs. She got very excited and caught my cock and opened her eyes. She looked at me and said nothing. But I can see sex in her eyes now. I started pressing her boobs now. She was making all kind of noise and was making such erotic moves.
Then she slowly came towards me and whispered in my ears"we should go to the behind the trees so that no one can see us." Now she was totally surrendered herself to me and she wanted more from me. I said ok and we came out of the water. We both were totally naked. First time I saw her totally naked. She was having such a nice figure. Her ass was so round and bulgy. Her boobs were so perfect sized and defying the law of gravity.
Her pussy lips were very tight and she was having very less pubic hair on that. She went behind a tree and called my name and asked me to come there. It was very dark now and from there no one can see us. I went there and she caught my cock in her hand. She sat on the ground on her knees and put a kiss on my cock first. Oh it was such a nice feeling. She looked at me and said "you liked that? I said yeah and then she slowly put her tongue on my and started licking my tool.
Oh it was first time someone was licking my cock. I got excited and put my hands on her boobs and started pressing her boobs. She asked me press harder and pinches her nipples I did the same. More I was squeezing her boobs and nipples more she was sucking my cock. Oh she was no nice with my cock. She sucked my cock for some time. I pressed her boobs all the time then. Then she said "Do you want to enjoy more." I said yeah. She said then "Will you lick me in my pussy?
I was in seventh heaven hearing that. I nodded my head. She then lied down on the ground and spread her legs apart and asked me to come in between. I put my face on top of her pussy and she then spread her pussy with her hands and exposed her pink fleshy pussy to me. She then asked me to lick there. I put my tongue in her pussy. She screamed like anything. She pushed my head into her pussy and asked me to lick it more.
There was a strange taste of her pussy but I liked that one. I started licking like I was having a ice cream. More I licked there more she was getting wet there. She was asking me to go more inside. I put one of my fingers in her pussy. She immediately asked me to put one more in there. I obliged her and put two finger in her pussy.
Oh she was so hot inside. She was all wet inside, she kept my face on her pussy with her hands and asked me lick all the juice that was coming out. After licking her some time she said "I can’t bear more, come one put your cock in me." I never fucked anyone before. I came on top and put my cock on top of her pussy. I was trying to put my cock in her pussy but it was slipping here and there.
Then she took my cock in her hand and guided my cock in her pussy. She then asked me to push. I pushed and my whole cock was in her now. It was already wet so my cock went in without any problem. She put her hand around me and pulled me in. She asked me to put my mouth on her nipple and suck it as hard as in can. I started sucking her nipples and same time I was moving my torso so that my cock can go in and out.
She was screaming and asked me to fuck harder. I increased my pace and started fucking her real good now. She was scratching all my back while I was fucking and sucking her. Then after fucking for some time I was about to cum. I said to her that I was about to cum. She said let it go inside. I pushed my cock as deep as it can go and ejaculated in her pussy. She let go a loud sigh of relief when I did so. Then after some time we get up and put our clothes on.
She then looked at me and said you have really grown up you can satisfy your aunt real well." I said "did you like that, can I doo it again? She smiled and said "I loved it and yes you can have your aunt anytime and can do anything you want." I was so happy hearing those words. I really re discovered my aunt. After that we had sex all the time whenever we got opportunity.

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