Played - Interracial love

Played - Interracial love
David woke early that Saturday morning to find his cupboards bare and his refrigerator stocked with some spoiled milk and a stale bowl of instant mac and cheese. It had been about six weeks since he last worked and the portly writer had been supporting himself by working temp jobs for a local agency. The portly twenty something had recently moved to the city of angels looking to reinvent himself. He’d formerly lived a life of relative obscurity in the sticks helping his father out as a farm hand during the day and yearning for more during the night. His girlfriend Daisy Mae had provided extra emphasis by dumping him a month earlier for being boring. He’d found out later that his buck toothed paramour had been seeing her own cousin behind his back. Disgusted he’d even informed her mother of the incestuous affair and been run off by the offended woman taking several blows to the head from her broom.

Daisy Mae had been the only woman he’d ever known and his first. She was a rail thin blonde with abnormally wide hips. He’d formed a casual acquaintance with the addled young woman at a church picnic after complimenting her on the flowered secondhand dress she’d been wearing. Their parents were acquainted and several simple walking dates later David received his first blow job. He’d been lucky enough to have been blessed with an above average prick that fascinated the mildly retarded girl. Daisy Mae was a certified oral specialist who would jerk and suck on his cock for hours on end leaving him exhausted and too spent to assist his father with the farm work. Of course his exhaustion had been mistaken for laziness by his parents who put a temporary end to his relationship with Daisy Mae.

"His dick is just so much bigger than yours sorry." Was the addled girl’s explanation a week later after he’d got himself out of trouble with his parents and found out that she’d been cheating on him. His heart was broken and the small town where he resided afforded him very few opportunity to meet other women. He was gone a month later catching a train halfway across the country. Sure it had been a culture shock but he wouldn’t have it any other way. A little shopping would be just what the doctor ordered for his ailing cupboards.

"Hey man; can you get me a pack of cigarettes?" She was somewhat chubby and her clothes appeared a little bit too small for her size. His eyes were drawn to her extremely large breasts which stretched the cotton fabric of her tattered wife beater. Her belly protruded a bit over the top of the beige khakis she was wearing and it struck him kind of odd because the pants looked like something a guy would wear. They also seemed kind of odd in that the pants only reached just below the knees. The girl had this sort of roundish face and loud garish makeup that made her look like a cupie doll.

"Hey stop looking at my fucking tits cerdo!" He remembered himself and looked up into her eyes noticing the dark corona of long black hair that framed her cute face. She was wearing a red bandana that accentuated her rather thuggish look and he noticed a beauty mark on her cheek.

"Uh, sorry what do you want ma’am?"

"I want you to get me some fucking cigarettes okay?" She managed a disingenuous smile as he found himself blushing for some reason or another feeling awkward under her hawk like gaze.

"Gee ma’am are you old enough to smoke?" He couldn’t tell her age due to the garish makeup and worried that he would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

"Anybody ever tell you that you ain’t supposed to ask no lady her age?" She sounded like a kid and her tone was rude and abrasive.

"Well I want to make sure that you’re old enough to have a smoke."

"Are you serious; what do you care if I smoke or not mister?" There was a slight smirk on her face and she leaned forward from the wall she’d been leaning against as he approached the convenience store.

"Smoking is a nasty habit eh, I didn’t get your name ma’am?"

"That’s right you didn’t; so you gone buy the smokes or what?" There was something in her eyes that intimidated him and she seemed to exude a kind of innate sexuality. He had been living a Spartan lifestyle and failed miserably at every attempted interaction with the opposite sex. This was in his opinion definitely an opportunity if nothing else.

"Sure where’s the money?" He held out his hand expecting her to drop some money into his palm but she scoffed and looked away.

"Aw man I’ll pay you after you score the smokes for me alright? Hey I’m good for it no shit man." English was definitely her second language as she spoke so fast it took me a little time to figure out what she was saying. David simply shrugged and did his shopping while she waited outside in front of the store. He picked a six pack out of the freezer and noticed another girl talking to the cute beggar just outside the door. Whatever was being said didn’t sit too well with the cute Latina.

"Those girls are nothing but trouble." The storekeeper commented as he rung up my items.

"Come gain sir?"

"Those girls are nothing but trouble; I saw you talking to her a little while ago. Be careful with that little bitch." His tone spoke of past incidents and the old Korean shop keeper shot the girl an angry glance or two as he related a prior incident in which he’d caught the girl in question shop lifting and ended up in a scuffle with the angry woman. David had some reservations as he placed the cigarettes on the counter ultimately figuring that it was only a favor if nothing else.

"Hey that fat old fuck was talking shit about me wasn’t he?" He tossed her the cigarettes without a word and started back home.

"Come on man; what’d he say about me?" David was surprised to find her following closely behind him and stopped to regard her.

"He said you were trouble."

"And you believed that perverted fuck?" She looked irritated as she actually waited for an answer.

"Look it’s cool, I don’t want any trouble." He would have continued on but she grabbed his arm rather roughly unintentionally digging her fingers into the flesh of his forearm.

"Bet that fucking slope didn’t tell you that he tried to rape me did he?" The inquisitive look on his face told her that her words had some latent effect. The desperate look on her face said much about what may have happened between herself and the store keeper.

"He said that you tried to steal from his store and that you two got in a fight."

"AH COME ON THAT’S SOME OLD BULLSHIT!! ...well he did catch me trying to lift some chips; but that asshole told me he’d let me off if I showed him my tits." His eyes went instinctively to her expansive chest which had the appearance of down turned torpedoes. There was just the slightest hint of a tan line that contrasted mightily with her olive colored skin. Her brassiere was showing through her top which was so thin that he could see the lace overlay on the surface of the cups.

"You wanna see ’em too don’t you?" He coughed and quickly looked back up at her pretty face embarrassed at being caught ogling her a second time. He attempted to walk away but she held fast to his arm with a surprisingly toothy grin.

"Don’t be that way man; I know what big fucking tits I got cabron. Everybody loves these hooters and you look like you’d appreciate them too chico blanco." He noticed that she was massaging his bicep and looking deep into his eyes.

"I’m sorry about that; have a nice day ma’am."

"Come on don’t run away like a little bitch; we’re talking aint we?" David was apprehensive as she leaned into his body looking over her shoulder every few seconds. She seemed nervous and a bit jumpy making him ponder what was going on behind her brown eyes.

"I have some things to do; it’s been nice meeting you uh?"

"COME ON JUST HANG ON A MINUTE PAYASO!" She began yanking on his arm until he acquiesced allowing her to pull him into a small parking lot. Her anxious nature only increased as he nervously followed her past and SUV and an El Camino until they were obscured from any view of the street. She quickly snagged his hand pressing it against one of her breasts.

"Hey you like that don’t you man; feel that big ass tit homey." David couldn’t help himself and began kneading the massive, spongy boob like a man possessed. He’d never seen anything as big as this girl’s chest anywhere outside of internet porn. Her nipple thickened pressing into the center of his palm as she leaned against him breathing hard. He wanted to grab the other breast but didn’t know how she would react. Her other nipple was visibly poking through the material of her top.

"See I knew you liked my tits; bet you wanna take ’em out and suck my nipples don’t you chico blanco? I got milk baby, some sweet ass milk in these big fucking titties. Makes a good lubricant for titty fucking payaso." He was shocked at her emerging offer worrying that she was a prostitute.

"What’s your name?" She gasped and slapped David’s hand away from her chest but his eyes remained glued to her tits as she adjusted them inside her shirt.

"Look you know you wanna fuck some big titties; why you gotta be all hung up on fucking names and shit?" She seemed really annoyed and flustered never taking her eyes completely off the street traffic.

"Sorry but its normal to ask somebody what their name is when you meet them ma’am." The pudgy Latina seemed to ponder his words before quickly looking at her phone.

"Show me your dick." The request was harsh and sudden giving him pause.


"Show me you fucking dick; I want to see what it looks like!" She was suddenly animated and aggressive waving her hands around as if she might strike him. Much to his own surprise the slightly pudgy man fished his semi-erect penis out before her eyes. Under her gaze he tightened up and became fully hard.

"Hey you alright in the dick; pretty big for a white boy payaso." She gave him a few strokes making him wince as the numerous rings on her fingers pinched the sensitive skin on his penis. He couldn’t believe that some girl was jerking him off in a parking lot where anybody might happen along and see them. His hands found her tits fondling and roughly squeezing them.

"Your dick wants my tits; still think names are important?" They’d built up a decent rhythm as she continued stroking his cock while he groped her breasts rolling the thick nipples between his fingers.

"Uh-I guess not ma’am."

"I aint no old lady, why you keep calling me that shit?"

"Just trying to be polite is all and I don’t know what else to call you."

"Cheekz; call me that alright?" Her pistoning hand was working miracles on his reddened cock and he knew that if she continued he would cum. Cheekz seemed to realize what was coming snatching her hands away at the crucial moment and nearly making him cry out in frustration.

"Come on man, don’t you want to go someplace private for some tit fucking goodness huh?" she pushed her pendulous breasts together for emphasis elongating her cleavage into a single line that nearly reached her throat. He wanted to see more of her dusky bounty and nurse on her prominent nipples.

"Sure whatever you say Cheekz." He happily went after her breasts again to have his hands slapped away as she motioned towards some pedestrians on the street.

"Hey can you call a taxi?"

"I only live two blocks away; we can walk it." David attempted to grab her hand but she yanked it back shaking her head. There was an anxious look on her round face but his cock was definitely making the decisions at this moment.

"No I want a fucking taxi or no deal."

"My name is David."

"So what." Her response startled him but didn’t dissuade him from dialing up a taxi. Twenty minutes later they were standing in his living room sharing an awkward silence. He’d been nervous and beside himself with apprehension at what would happen once they were alone in his apartment. David wondered if it were appropriate to make the first move or should he remain passive and allow Cheekz to guide the experience. The first thing she did when she entered his apartment was look out of his window which faced the street and draw the curtains. He found himself looking at a tramp stamp at the base of her spine. There seemed to be some large writing there and the tattoo was partially hidden from view by the helm of her khakis and what appeared to be a boxers. Her hips were definitely wider than her doughy waist but the pants made her butt look as flat as a pancake. He slipped behind her and cupped the underside of her breasts.

"Did I say you could touch me?" She growled pushing his hands away from her body.

"But isn’t that why we came to my place Cheekz?" She looked at him rolling her eyes as she fished out her phone seemingly checking her messages and continued looking out of the window for a few moments completely ignoring him.

"Look just chill out for a while, I got some messages and shit to deal with." She rolled her eyes at him before turning back to the window as she began texting. Her sudden change of personality caught him by surprise as he sat on his ratty couch staring at her back. Cheekz had really long curly black hair that went just below her shoulders in a silky triangle and he longed to run his fingers through her tresses but it seemed that he was just being used by the girl for some dubious reason. He knew he needed to get her out of his apartment and went into his narrow kitchen to figure something out. He fished a beer out of his fridge in an attempt to work up enough courage to kick the troublesome girl out of his apartment.

"Got one for me?" She was suddenly standing on the other side of his open refrigerator door with her elbows resting on top of it. Cheekz was smiling again and he didn’t know what to make of her shift in attitude.

"Well uh, I don’t know."

"Baby don’t get all sour because I didn’t let you jump me the minute we stepped into your place; I just needed a little time to-adjust and shit." She lowered her arms and gave the refrigerator door a tap with her knee closing it.


Cheekz was standing there topless with her large pendulous breasts on full display and he found himself treated to a full unobstructed view of her bounty stretch marks and all. Her olive hued skin was sectioned off by hard tan lines and she had really puffy dark areola topped with huge stubbly nipples. Torpedo shaped indeed and hovering a bit over her circular navel, Cheekz was a sight that sent shockwaves to his cock. David hadn’t realized that his mouth was open until she closed it with a single finger before grabbing his hands placing them palm down on her tits.

"We friends now cabron?"

He was already breathing hard as he groped and squeezed her full breasts to his heart’s content finding a wetness streaming between his fingers. He fondled and mashed the big spongy tits watching as jets of milk squirted in varying volumes and dribbled down over his knuckles. In seconds his palms were sliding around on her globes as he chuckled nervously and flushed beat red.

"You’re lactating; you’re full of milk?! This is freaking amazing ma’am uh I mean Cheekz." Her fingers closed around his ears bringing him to his knees and giving him a direct view of her glistening nips. David looked up to find her gaze burning into him, her breath coming in short hard gasps. There was something in her face that seemed to give him permission to sample her wares and in short order he began sucking on the nearest nipple.

"Chupe mi maldito culo tetas!" She groaned as he nursed on one and then the other being rewarded with a mouthful of her natural sweetness. He had no idea what she was saying and finding out was the furthest thing from his mind as he wetly suckled the thick raspberry treats that topped her pendulous sloping teats. His cock was so hard that it was practically curving back in on itself in his jeans as Cheekz lurched forward wrapping her arms around his head. His tumescence had become painful and he managed to free it tugging his zipper down trembling as the head of his cock touched the linoleum tiled floor. Her huge tits seemed to envelope his head as she ran her fingers through his hair assaulting mashing repeatedly into his face until she relented leaning back against the counter. David would not be denied as he cupped the outside of her breasts pushing them together and feeding. Cheekz noticed his erect cock touching the floor and nudged it gently with the tip of her Chuck Taylor. It took him a few moments to register what she was doing but the Latina had his head in a death grip. The tip of her sneaker brushed the head of his cock as light as a feather and he responded to this new sensation covering her shoe with a precum glaze.

"Yo quiero que me lames payaso." She moaned as he used a single finger pressing it into the junction between her legs and stimulating her pronounced camel toe. The hot and bothered girl didn’t waste any time drawing her zipper down. David undid the clasp on her khakis drawing them down her plump thighs along with boxer shorts mid-thigh before burying his face in her lightly furred snatch. He noticed a tattoo written in cursive right over her sex that simply said "Chauncey."

"Lick that shit white boy." She moaned as his fingers dug into her fleshy thighs.

Her slightly pungent odor assailed his nostrils as he dove in feet first licking and sucking on her mound. Cheekz parted her thighs allowing him better access to her sweet spot. David made the most of the experience using his fingers to part her lips and twirling his tongue on her button. He could feel the slight tremors coursing through her body as her moans grew louder until she was obliged to push him away. Cheekz tugged at his t-shirt signaling that she wanted him to stand and passed him on the way down as she knelt before his throbbing member. He could feel his cock parting her lips slowly and squirmed when her tongue teased his the tiny slit on the head of his cock. Cheekz was definitely skilled at the art of fellatio as she continued throating him until her prominent slightly hooked nose was buried in his public hair.

One of her hands cupped the underside of his large balls as she worked her plump lips on his cock while rotating her other at the base of his shaft. The Latina worked her mouth and both hands in a tantalizing counter rhythm that had him loudly moaning. She worked sloppy and wet with her attention resonating loudly in the small kitchenette part of his one bedroom apartment. Cheekz was efficient if nothing else making sure to slather saliva and precum all over his balls. He had to prop himself against the counter top and one of his hands naturally sought out her dark tresses only to be quickly slapped away.

"Don’t fuck with my hair." This was warning enough as he folded his free arm behind his back while she increased her actions bringing him to the brink.

"Oh- Oh shit I think I’m going to cum Cheekz." He gasped wanting to bury his fingers in her hair and shove his cock deep.

"Oh yeah?" She suddenly stopped what she was doing standing as he moaned in frustration.


"Relax motherfucker I just have to check something okay?" She turned and walked out of the kitchen as he followed discovering her checking her phone for messages. His neglected cock stood straight out in front of his body quivering and bobbing.

"Look I obviously got some shit going on and you need to understand that if you wanna keep having fun with me David. This aint nothing personal for you but don’t crowd me alright?" She’d looked out the corner of her eye noticing the panicked look on his face and felt the need to set some ground rules.

"Uh okay." He would have agreed to anything to get her mouth back on his cock as his former girl troubles became a thing of the past.

"Good answer fool, now take your pants off and have a seat on your shitty couch." He followed her orders shucking off his jeans and leaving them in the doorway of his kitchen. He sat on the couch facing her back once more and getting a little bit more of an earlier puzzle piece as more of the tattoo on her back was revealed. Her street name was tattooed on the small of her back in large blocky graphitti type lettering. She’d pulled her pants up halfway leaving a little more of her wide butt exposed also giving a tan line hint that she didn’t always wear men’s boxer shorts. Whatever was in her messages seemed to worry her even more as she produced a charger from her pocket and made use of a wall socket before turning her attention back to David.

"You think you ready for this chico blanco?" She motioned towards her own body in a grand sweeping gesture and hooked her thumbs into her khakis drawing them down enough for them to fall to the thin grey carpet on his living room floor. Her curvy silhouette framed against the window was awe inspiring as she stood there with her hands on her hips letting him drink in every bit of her inner city beauty. You could only really appreciate Cheekz when she was fully nude as everything about her physicality suddenly became clear. Her roundish face with its sharp features, thin neck resting perfectly over narrow shoulders that flowed into the olive skinned Latinas huge pendulous breasts over a rounded belly. One couldn’t help but notice the dark fur over her pronounced mound, that perfect inverted triangle of her sex a junction between two large yet shapely legs. Her thin feet remained covered by her sneakers and calve length athletic socks.

"Oh fuck yes." He moaned as the sheer sight of her nearly made him explode all over himself. She squatted in front of him pushing his thighs apart and keeping them apart with her own powerful thighs raking her cherry red nails across his abdomen. Her musky scent filled the room overtaking and assailing his senses as her palms framed his sex. Her thumb and forefinger encircled him while her other hand cupped his furred sack kneading and stroking agonizingly slow.

"Do you want me to take care of this chico blanco?" She hissed already knowing the answer.

"Please." He weakly moaned, his voice dry and cracking from anticipation as she lowered her cupie doll face to his sex and ran the flat of her tongue from the sensitive area just above his backdoor up to his urethra.

"You sure baby?"

"PLEEEASE!!" He cried out in desperation tired of her constant teasing touch and tone. Her thin fingers tightened around the base of his shaft as a stream of saliva ran from her plump lips coating his member while she slowly stroked him. David twitched and jerked involuntarily under her care doing his best to pump into her fist. The tight and sticky sensation had him on the verge when she yanked her hand away at the last second with a slight giggle.

"FAAAWK!!" He almost was on the verge of tears in desperation wanting to cum so badly that he considered finishing the job himself. She put all of his doubts to rest cupping her hands under her large breasts pumping and squeezing until minute jets of her sweetness began to wet his shaft and abdomen. His cock was nearly glowing red and covered with a thick lattice of veins that were quickly smothered by her breast meat. Cheekz buried him inside her deep cleavage bouncing her soft mams in a heated vice against his crotch and sending the long suffering man into seventh heaven. He pumped his hips working his cock into her slippery canyon adding copious amounts of his precum to the equation.

"AAAHHHH SHIT; THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!!" She didn’t respond appearing laser focused on making him blow his load. Little bursts of her lactation squirted out on every downward stroke.

"Ah want you to PUSH as HARD as you CAN chico blanco!!" Her Spanish accent was thick and sultry adding to the experience. She pushed her fists against the outside of her breasts as he fucked her sticky, sweaty crevice as hard as he could trying to get off. Their labored breathing permeated the quiet of the living room as he felt the cum boiling in his sack as he increased his pace. Cheekz quickly back off just as he was nearing the point of no return.

"SHIT; WHAT THE FUCK CHEEKZ??!!" David’s frustration was palpable as she leaned back on her calves.

"Well uhm, could you like do me a little favor?"


"Could you do something for me persona blanco?" She batted her long lashes for effect and placed a single finger between her plump lips looking like a mischievous kid.

"Anything Cheekz, just let me CUM for crying out loud okay?!!" He noticed the wetness of her large cookie sized areolas and the moisture on their bumpy surface. He could make out the minute droplets of her milk running from her engorged nipples.

"So uhm, you got sixty dollars right?" He did a double take as disappointment set realizing that her services came at a price. The Latina had worked him good bringing him to the edge only to deny him release several times before stating her price. David felt like an idiot for allowing himself to get played like the country bumpkin she obviously thought he was.

"Look in my back pocket ma’am." He had come too close to just chuck it all and kick her out of his apartment. He wanted her lips and tits back on his cock once more. The visibly crest-fallen man needed release badly.

"Don’t be mad homie; my mom always said that if you good at something never do it for free." She fished the wallet out of his discarded jeans and helped herself to a hundred dollars instead of the sixty she’d asked for curling the five twenty dollar bills around one of her fingers. Her pendulous breasts hung low as she crawled between his legs and took him whole slurping and sucking like a woman possessed. Deep throating him was child’s play as she used her face as a surrogate cunt giving him an extremely sloppy blowjob that made the money he’d paid a distant memory.


"Yeah?" At this point he was full on humping her mouth and Cheekz took it in stride letting her mouth remain slightly open as he fucked it towards what was going to be a huge climax.

"OOOOHHHHH YEAH I’M CUMMING-FAAWK!!" A thick jet of cum hit the back of her throat followed by several other bursts which coated her lips and rounded chin. She quickly pulled back trapping his cock between her huge tits and letting him ride the powerful orgasm out as his toes curled from the mind blowing sensation. The base of his spine had actually knotted up while he was shooting his load and he was exhausted from her expert attention.

"You like that papi?" He was too spent to reply nodding his head as he caught his breath.

"Yeah you loved it because I made it good for you chico blanco." The top of her cleavage was glazed over with a thick sheen of cum as well as her neck and the lower part of her chin. Cheekz ran a finger along her chin gathering up a bit of his seed and slurping it noisily up. She began fondling her breasts and spraying more of her milk onto his crotch as she displayed her toothy grin. The voluptuous Latina continued cleaning herself in an almost feline nature before handling his semi-erect cock once more.

"Say, you want some more?"


"You heard me motherfucker; you wanna find out why they call me Cheekz?" David stared wide-eyed at her before nodding his head slowly. He winced as her nails dug into his thighs as she slowly pushed herself up revealing the triangular patch over her sex. Cheekz spun around slowly and planted her wide butt directly into his lap. His cock sprang to attention at the sight of her sloping hips and expansive derriere. Even though her butt was slightly flat, there was enough there for his fingers to dig into. Her hips gave the illusion of a larger size and he could clearly see the entrance to her backdoor as his member was sandwiched between the lips of her sex. She was dripping wet around his length and her inner heat was incredible.

"Check this out payaso."She leaned forward planting her hands on his knees as she began to twerk her hips back and forth along his cock. His cock became even wetter as the friction increased until she was rocking against him with all her might.

"THAT FEELS FUCKING GREAT!!" Tremors were exploding all across his body as his fingers dug deeper into her soft fleshy hips.

"Y-you like my pussy-job motherfucker?!!" Her voice was hoarse from effort and lust while she altered her cadence with slight circular motions.

"Y-YE-YEEEAH!!" She suddenly leaned back filling his gaped mouth with a shock of her curly brunette hair and a little of her bandana. His hands found her pendulous breasts squeezing for all he was worth spraying her milk onto her soft rounded tummy. She buried four fingers in her mouth wetting them before applying them to the head of his penis. She repeated the process three more times before gently kneading the head of his cock in tandem with her own movements. In moments his cock was as hard as it had ever been while she increased her tempo.

"Can-I uh put it in Cheekz?" He gasped after great effort while fucking along her sopping wet slit.

"Fuck no idiota, estas loco de mierda?!" The sensation of her serpentine movements was getting to him and he would have done anything to bury his cock balls deep inside her snatch but the Latina had all the leverage as she arched her back into his torso. Her hand covered her entrance forcing his thrusting cock between her sticky fingers which only served to add another wave of pleasure to their coupling. He wanted to fuck her senseless until his balls were empty but she’d have none of it. He thought of his ex-girlfriend Daisy Mae comparing the two girls who were as different as night and day.

"OOOOHH FAAWK; I uh-Just wanna fuck you so bad!" He confessed spurred on by her expert touch.

"You so fucking stupid; I’m not doing it raw estupido!"

"I-uh, I could get a condom?"

"You really want me to stop carbon; cause I aint got time to be all stuck on stupid with some doofus and I aint trying to be having no more babies and shit with no chico de campo?!!" It took a while to figure out what she was saying and her hands were already gone from his member. Cheekz quickly stood up giving him a view of wide olive colored backside. David knew that he couldn’t let this experience slip through his fingers without getting to cum at least one more time and was prepared to give her the world.

"SU-SORRY, I JUST THOUGHT WE COULD UH-WORK SOMETHING OUT!!" She half turned looking at him in a manner that worried the recent Los Angeles transplant.

"Oh so we’re negotiating right?"

"Well, yeah-Cheekz; we can do that." He could have sworn that he saw the beginning of a smirk on her plump lips as she lifted one shapely leg and planted her foot next to his hip. He noticed that she had a small tattoo on her left hip and it appeared to be two hands clasped together in prayer with some slight script written on a disembodied sleeve that was part of the drawing.

"Well I don’t know man cause you kind of fucked up my style and shit; it’d be hard to get back into the mood carbon." She sounded slightly apologetic as her breasts hung right in front of his sweaty face which did nothing to diminish his hard on.

"I’m sorry Cheekz; can’t we just work it out?"

"Well uh-three hundred." She said plainly like it was pocket change as he gulped in shock.

"UH-OOOOH OKAAAY?" He couldn’t believe he was agreeing to give her three hundred dollars to fuck him instinctively sensing that he’d sunk to a new low. His hands went to her plush thighs attempting to draw her into his lap to impale her on his cock.

"Money first asshole." She shoved him back getting into a slight struggle for a few seconds before he relinquished his grip on her body.

"Well I have to go to an ATM for that kind of money; I’ll get it for you after we finish okay?"

"That’s REAL FUNNY carbon; how stupid do you think I am?!! I should have known you were a punk bitch trying to get something for free!!" She moved quicker than he would have suspected she could and snatched her khakis from the living room floor.

"No; I just don’t have that kind of money lying around my house Cheekz but I can get it for you right now if you want!!" The desperation in his voice was palpable and she knew that he was in the palm of her hand.

"You serious-you mean getting the money like RIGHT FUCKING NOW?!!" She had stepped into her pants and pulled them halfway up her succulent thighs. He hadn’t noticed her underwear still on his living room floor.

"Yeah there’s an ATM about a block away in this liquor store."

"Well I aint walking back down there home boy; so I guess we’re like done alright?" He began to panic shaking his head profusely as he absentmindedly fondled himself. She almost laughed in his face at the sight of the slightly pudgy man losing his composure. She’d intended to keep teasing him all afternoon until he was ready to explode before hitting him up for more money.

"Look you can uh, stay here and I’ll be right back-Just don’t go leaving until I can get you that money Cheekz!"

"Well you’d better hurry it the fuck up carbon-I GOT THINGS TO DO ALRIGHT?!!" Her aggressive tone and off putting demeanor along with her thick accent were grating on his nerves. David comforted himself with the notion that once she paid him; Cheekz would be getting seriously pounded like there was no tomorrow. He was going to fuck her senseless and there wouldn’t be a thing she could do about it once that money was in her hands. He lucked out finding a portable ATM outside of a thrift store and nearly lost in when he found out the machine had a two hundred dollar limit. His cock was partially tenting his pants as he had to run an additional four blocks and wait in line at a local bank ATM to get the rest of the money.

He walked slowly back home winded and exhausted from completing his quest for money to pay the female thug that’d wandered into his life hours earlier.

"Ah shit, ah should have known it...AAAWWWW FAWK I’M STUPID!!" The apartment was empty with no sign of the buxom troublesome teen. Except for the lingering fragrance of her cheap perfume and musk, there was no sign that anyone had ever been inside his apartment. He felt like a horse’s ass as he strolled over to the window hoping to see her below on the street.

"Fucking stupid!" At that moment he noticed them on the carpet. Cheekz had left her boxers behind in the mad dash to escape his apartment. He picked them up and despite himself, examined the damp crotch even going so far as taking a whiff of her scent.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!!" David looked up in shock as two burly, muscular thugs entered his apartment. He’d forgotten to lock his apartment door and now it looked like he was going to get assaulted and worse. Both of them were bald with the bigger of the two sporting a facial tattoo on one side of his face. The shorter thug was somewhat pudgy but had the massive muscular arms of a body builder. This guy somehow seemed more intimidating because a perpetual smile on his rather large head.

Before he could even react, David found himself flying painfully into a wall as the larger brute-type individual stormed into his kitchen. He could hear plates and other items being tossed around in short order as he struggle to stand and regain his composure.

"Uhm, this is probably the wrong apartment uh guys. I-uh, I mean you obviously never seen me before and all so like uhm, everything is-cool, alright?"

"So tell me home boy; where’s that little bitch hiding eh, I’d like a word with her?!" David found himself partially mesmerized by the overly toothy grin of the short thug in front of him. The menace posed by the urban intruders was palpable and he wanted no part of it.

"She left, that’s all I know sir." He answered quickly hoping they would run put after her.

"Oh I think you know a little more than you’re telling us eh homes? We gone find out the truth payaso!" The mitt-like hand of the larger thug snagged his collar pulling him to his feet. In the blink of an eye the smaller thug buried his fist in David’s gut.

"Oh yeah man; we REAL FUCKING COOL BRO!!" David nearly puked as he fell to his knees cradling his stomach as some of his lunch spewed from his mouth in liquid form.


"Puh-Please sir; don’t hurt me."



"Name’s Chauncey biatch; let’s see what you’re working with little homie." The other guy’s hands were already in his pockets searching and finding the wadded up cash. David watched as his hard earned cash was handed to Chauncey who looked slightly pleased as he thumbed through the bills.

"Now this is what we’re gonna call equal and adequate compensation for all parties involved white boy." He pocketed the cash as David ate another blow to the stomach. He rolled around on the carpet as both of the men ran from his apartment thieves in the night.

The panties remained on the carpet.

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