Fat girl fetish


Fat girl fetish
2000 was a very important year for me. I graduated high school, earned my independence, and fooled around with a fat chick for the first time. The last one was definitely the most life changing event.

Every true man has gone hogging at least one time in his life. Some men blame their experiences on alcohol; however, true champions rise to the occasion and do it over and over again. I’m a true champion who is willing to do the dirty work on a daily basis.

Shortly after graduation, I was desperate to fuck a different girl. I was extremely tired of my girlfriend’s pussy. She used her snatch to get what she wanted. She would also refuse sex if I didn’t do as she said. Every man knows those types of bitches. I feel sorry for any of you that keep them in your lives. After another annoying night of being rejected by my bitch girlfriend, I decided it was time to find a new girl to plow. It was that sad night I discovered my most important pussy catching device, Myspace. One fat girl in particular helped lead me to glory.

I searched desperately for slutty girls within driving distance of my house. Fortunately, there was a skank who lived five minutes away and eager to chat. I skipped the chatting and got straight to the point about my need for hot loving. She quickly invited me over to her college dorm for a little naughty fun time.

I ran to my car and raced to her dorm hardly believing my good luck. I wanted to get there before the bitch changed her mind. My desperation led me to make a classic rookie mistake. She didn’t have pictures posted on her page and I was too dumb to ask what she looked like. The mistake hit me like a truck when she opened her dorm door and towered over me like a mammoth. She was as wide as she was tall. I easily fit into her huge arms like a newborn baby as she hugged me close to her six sets of tits. After the initial shock wore off, I was still bound and determined to get laid.

I heard the springs cry out for mercy when we sat on her bed. Her jiggly jelly rolls fought a gruesome battle when she bounced around excited that a man was there to see her. Her tongue engulfed my face before I could even speak. It had obviously been a while for her since she skipped small talk and frantically pulled down her grey stained sweat pants. I bravely plunged my fingers between her razor burned legs, yet the mountains of fat rolls made it almost impossible to figure out which hole was right.

I almost vomited in my mouth several times while trying to finger blast what was hopefully her vagina. The aroma of body odors wafting from her fat folds made me overwhelmingly nauseous. Eventually, I felt her cervix tighten as a gush of fluids flooded from her baby. After she came she eagerly dropped to her knees in front of me happily trying to return the sexual favor. She started sucking my cock like it was covered in chocolate syrup. My eyes rolled back in my head because it felt so good. That was the first time I realized fat women can dick as good as any porn star. I also realized if I cum in a fat girl’s mouth then I won’t have to fuck them. Seconds after she began deep throating my wiggly wiener; I shot a hot load of hot man chowder down her throat. She must have been hungry since she sucked my nuts dry.

I pulled my pants up quickly saying I had to go. She begged me to stay to watch a movie but I wasn’t in the mood to cuddle with a plumper who just swallowed my cum.

I ran out of her dorm room and then threw up once I reached my car. The whole way home I couldn’t stop picturing how disgusting she was. When I got home I frantically jumped into the tub and started sobbing like a rape victim. I’m serious; I’m not writing this to be dramatic. I really did cry like a rape victim. I stayed in the tub crying until the shower water ran cold. My mind raced with confused thoughts of how gross she was. Strangely enough, I still couldn’t stop thinking about how good the blow job felt. That was the night I stopped having standards. I started to crave girls with meat then I started fucking fatties all the time.

That traumatic evening prepared me for the most marvelous moment of my life, the 1,200 pound orgy.

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