Chubby cuckold story : The old friend


Chubby cuckold story : The old friend
One day my wife and I were talking, and she let slip about a time she had with her ex boyfriend when they were dating. I found out that my usual prim wife had a wild streak way back when. I pressed her for more information even though she kept telling me that she didn’t remember. I knew she did, but didn’t want to say anything.

She finally let it all out one night while we were laying in bed for the night. I found out that she and he would have sex almost anywhere at any time. She said that they had sex in an open field behind the college, and a jogger ran by slowly watching them. She also told me about a time when they were having sex in the back seat of a friends car while driving to another state. I was informed about all the various locations over the next couple hours.

I have to admit that I enjoyed hearing the stories. She notices my raging erection when I roll facing her pressing against her. The next thing I know we are kissing, and I am fingering her wet crotch. She grabs my dick stroking it while moaning into my mouth. I then pull her panties off, and crawl between her legs. My cock slides right in. I suck her hard nipples while I mash my dick as deep as I can. Her hips move against me riding my cock.

Our moans become one as we quickly approach orgasm. I suck her neck and shoulder setting her off. I feel her fingernails dig into my back as her moan fills the air, and I love every second of it. She shakes and moans for a few seconds before I pull out of her, and cover her pubic hair with my cum. My body quivers with pleasure while my semen squirts out onto her. I lean down to kiss her when my orgasm begins to subside.

We talk while we clean up, and she comments about how I didn’t last very long. I smile saying that she didn’t either. I then comment about her being so wet. She smiles her coy smile not saying a word.

I lay beside her again asking if there’s anymore stories she’s not telling me? She says that I liked the last ones too much, and that she’s tired. She tells me that I’m demented since her talking about her and her ex’s sex life made me so horny. I ask her if it turned her on at all thinking about it, and she admitted that it did.

The next few days we don’t speak of the subject, but it again arises during a conversation we have after she tells me about an old friend she recently spoke to. It turns out this friend we a mutual friend of her and her ex, and he hadn’t seen either of them since they were together. He moved away with his family, and lost all contacts with their circle of friends. She told me that he was surprised to see her, and find out that she has been married to me for the past twenty years. They traded numbers, and vowed to keep in touch.

I asked her if she truly intended to keep in touch, or if she was just being cordial? She said that she wants to, but in a way doesn’t. I press her for more since she piqued my curiosity. She admits to me that he had wanted to date her, and she would have if she had met him before her ex. She went on to own up to having a crush on him while she dated her ex, and that she still has a little crush on him even though he’s older now. She admits that she values his friendship too much, and she holds our marriage above all else.

I tell her that I love her, trust her, and will let her do as she sees fit. I know she’s bored sitting at home while I work, and figure her having a friend will be good for her. She does go out shopping with him a few times before she tells me that she needs to talk to me, and it’s serious. I tell her to talk, and she slowly tells me how guilty she feels, and how she’s so ashamed of herself.

I tell her to say what happened. She eventually told me that they were driving around checking out the houses that their friends lived in growing up when they stopped for a soda. He leaned over to kiss her, and she allowed it. She said that they kissed passionately for a few minutes before she got her wits, and told him to stop. I asked her what she felt while it was happening, and she told me how she felt the butterflies in her stomach. She went on to say how he felt good against her while they kissed.

My dick is throbbing in my pants hearing her recall the night trying to feel some sort of jealousy, but I am so turned on by it. I wrap my arms around her as we sit facing one another, and I kiss her deeply. She is surprised asking me if I’m mad. I take her hand, and press it to my crotch where she feels my hard dick in my jeans. In seconds she has it out and in her hand.

It feels so good as she strokes me while we kiss. I explode all over her lap in a matter of minutes. She smiles watching my jizz mess all over her. When I finish she lets go, and tells me that she didn’t expect that reaction from me. I just smile and kiss her again. I clean up while she changes her clothes.

I ask her when she’s going out again. She looks at me questioningly asking if I’m serious? I tell her that there’s a concert in the nearby park, but that I have to work late that night. I ask her if she wants me to call him for her, and she tells me that she will call him herself later on in the week. I kiss her, and tell her to keep me informed. She again tells me that I’m demented. I thank her.

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