Bbw erotic stories : New Toy

Bbw erotic stories : New Toy
If you’ve been following my adventures thus far, you’ll know that my work life is very complicated. Ever since attending my first sales conference as the Personal Assistant of Miss Aubrey, she and I have been involved in a highly passionate - and highly covert - romantic entanglement, right under the noses of our superiors.

Of course, being deeply in love with her provides a great motivation for ensuring discretion at the office, but I still do my very best to steal a quick kiss and cuddle at every opportunity. Not only that, but I’m always willing to stay behind after hours to help her ’get ahead’ with the following day’s work: partly because I know that she appreciates the company, but mostly because we can take advantage of being alone in the office to indulge in more ’athletic’ activities.

It was on just such an occasion that this particular story opens. Aubrey had approached me on my lunch-break and asked, quite innocently enough, if I would be able to work an extra few hours and lend a hand with some urgent correspondence. Catching both her surreptitious wink and the subtle manner in which she ran her tongue over her full red lips, I’d been only too willing to oblige, but the speed of my reply definitely raised some eyebrows amongst the other guys in the break-room.

At first, I’d thought it best to shrug off any reactions of that sort; to be honest, I had a suspicion that more that one of my colleagues secretly wanted an opportunity to get into Aubrey’s panties. However, on this occasion, I noticed that Colin - a tall, stocky man who worked as a PA for one of the chief buyers - was practically glaring at me across the table, and a more black look I couldn’t remember seeing. As such, as soon as my boss had left the room, I took him aside. "Seriously Colin," I hissed sharply, trying not to attract the attention of the other people in the room, "what the hell was that about? I mean, if looks could kill..."

I tailed off. As for Colin, he shrugged his shoulders and laid a hand on my arm, the dark look in his eyes softening noticeably. "I don’t know Leonard," he whispered back to me, leaning forward in a conspiratorial manner, "I just get the feeling that you’re spending rather more time with Aubrey than is healthy for an assistant. You’re going to be giving people the impression that you’re obsessed with her." I’d expected something like this, of course; the other PAs weren’t stupid, and sooner or later, they were bound to ’warn me off’ my apparent level of eagerness to go above and beyond the requirements of my contract.

"I know where you’re coming from mate," I sighed, making sure to inject a note of reluctant consideration into my voice, "from where you’re standing, it probably does look like I’m starting to get too ’close’ to my boss. After all, I was rather quick to agree to her request for extra work tonight, and while it does mean getting paid for an extra shift, you probably worry that she’s taking advantage of me." I reached across my body with my free hand, taking hold of Colin’s wrist and easing his arm away. "Don’t worry though, I need the money, and I’m big enough and ugly enough not to get too ’close’ to her."

The big man gave me another level look, but the earlier fire had all but disappeared. "I suppose you know what you’re doing," he admitted slowly, "but I still don’t think that it’s wise to be so eager to oblige her. You’re still very new at this company, and it might start tongues wagging if you keep yapping around her heels like a puppy on a leash." In spite of the risk of further incurring his displeasure, I couldn’t help allowing myself a grin; as expected, my reaction earned me a ’see what I mean’ incline of the head and a warning slap on the arm. "Like I said," he repeated in a steel tone, "just make sure that you watch yourself."

Later that day, as the last few members of our team threw on hats and coats and surged out of the office for end-of-the-week drinks at the pub a few doors down the street, Aubrey and I found ourselves standing blissfully alone in the atrium. Slowly, I stalked to the door and glanced down the corridor: seeing that it was deserted, I spun on my heel and sprinted back across the room, hurling myself into my girlfriend’s open arms and gazing deeply into her hazel eyes. Almost instantly, I felt a wave of excitement surge through me, and I revelled in soft warmth of Aubrey’s ample curves as she enveloped me in her embrace.

Unusually for today, she had decided against a pinstripe suit and blouse, and was instead dressed more casually in a scoop-necked crimson sweater and long black skirt that, while hugging her hips and arse, swirled around her beautiful legs as she strode around the office. Slowly, I allowed my own hands to stroke up and down her back, tracing the strap of her bra through the sweater and holding her gaze, even as she leaned forward to whisper, "I love you so much baby." That was the only encouragement that I needed.

Sliding my hands up over Aubrey’s shoulders, I entwined my fingers as best I could into her auburn locks, which was made slightly tricky by the fact that, as usual, she was keeping it cut relatively short. She had one hand in my hair too, but the other was busily fondling my arse, and I guessed that Aubrey had been stealing glances at it for most of the day. Finally, I couldn’t stand the tension any longer, and drawing her face towards mine, I gave my boss a deep, urgent kiss, trying to communicate the frustration that I’d felt at not being able to give her any attention that day; not even a hug in the elevator.

Slowly, I could feel Aubrey’s lips parting, and the tip of her warm, wet tongue pushing gently into my mouth. Moaning slightly and pushing my hips forward in response to the firm grip that she now had on my right buttock, I allowed my girlfriend’s tongue to joust with mine, listening to the rhythmic clicking of her barbell piercing against my teeth and feeling the cool, sexy sensation of the metal gliding around my mouth. At last, I ran my hands instinctively down the length of Aubrey’s back, squeezing her arse and rubbing against her thigh as she broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

"I love you too darling." I managed finally, stepping back so as to give her a chance to compose herself. "I’ve been waiting all day for a chance to do that. It’s pure torture seeing all those other blokes staring at you, knowing that if they knew what we were really doing, they’d probably start crawling on their hands and knees, begging to trade places with me." Aubrey smiled warmly, shaking her shoulders so that her massive bosom jiggled invitingly inside her sweater. "It that why that idiot Colin was glaring at you when I saw you at lunch?" She asked slyly. "Does he suspect that something’s up between us?"

I raised an eyebrow. "Well sweetie," I mused, gesturing to the large bulge which had developed in the front of my trousers, "I don’t think anyone could deny that something is most definitely ’up’ between us. But as for Colin, he’s just anxious that you might be tempted to ’take advantage’ of my eagerness to take on extra work, seeing that I’m still a relative ’newcomer’ to the office. He said that I’m acting too much like a ’puppy on a leash’ when you’re in the room." As soon as I said it, Aubrey let out a bellow of laughter, and my hard cock gave a violent lurch as I saw her every curve begin to ripple with the effort of containing her amusement.

"Well, at least it seems that Colin isn’t as stupid as he looks," she grinned, finally managing to control herself. "Either that, or you aren’t as subtle as you think you are when it comes to concealing your feelings for me; after all, you did seem overly keen to stay behind tonight. Colin would have had to have been deaf and blind not to at least notice that." Stepping towards her with my head bowed in mock shame, I felt Aubrey tuck her fingers under my chin and raise my face to hers, planting a soft, tender kiss on my lips.

"Aww baby!" She cooed teasingly. "Has Mistress gone and upset her sexy little slave boy? Don’t fret darling, I’m not going to punish you for this little indiscretion. After all, you seemed to allay the nosy idiot’s fears quite successfully, and he probably just thinks that your eagerness is the result of honest-to-goodness horny male lust." The smile on her face was making me giddy. "I’m not stupid either sweetie," she continued, running her hands over her hips and belly to cup her huge breasts. "I’ve seen those lads staring at me, longing to get their hands on my big soft body, practically drooling when I bend down to look in the filing cabinet."

Seeing her squeeze her bosom for emphasis, I adopted a ’laddish’ posture, stepping away from her with my hands outstretched, making ’grabbing’ and ’honking’ motions as I did my best to ogle her voluptuous figure. Breaking into another fit of giggles, Aubrey lifted her breasts towards my staring eyes, and as I saw her fat nipples hardening like bullets, I switched to twiddling my thumbs and index fingers as if tuning the dials on an old-fashioned wireless set. This only made her laugh even harder, tears streaming down her face as she continued to fondle herself in front of me.

"Enough of this foolishness!" She gasped, staggering backwards and collapsing on the leather sofa that stood against the wall of the atrium. "Get your naughty slave arse over here and show your big buxom Mistress some proper loving." Shrugging of my jacket, I practically tore my shirt and tie off my body, and I could see Aubrey shudder with arousal as my hairy chest and stomach were exposed to her shining eyes. She too was struggling to undress, the crimson sweater being hurled across the room and the black skirt being allowed to pool around her ankles. However, she kept her underwear on, seemingly realising that I wanted something to unwrap.

"Leave those where they are." She whispered lustily at me, indicating the black lace panties that I had taken to wearing to work, and which I had started to slip down over my thighs. "I’ll take care of that myself. You just get over her and show your Mistress how much of a goddess you think she is." Obediently, I hoisted the panties back up to their proper place, the crotch being tented by my now rampant hard-on, and sank down to my knees. Whimpering ’puppy-like’ and locking my eyes with hers, I crawled towards Aubrey, who slowly spread her thighs wide and reached down to stroke my hair as I nuzzled my face into her silk-covered pussy.

Almost instantly, the rich, musky scent of Aubrey’s sex filled my nostrils, and I moaned and growled hungrily as I felt my cock constricted even more by its lace prison. "Please Mistress," I begged, raising my face momentarily and making suitable ’puppy-dog eyes,’ "please let me take off these tight panties. I think I’m going to cum any second if you don’t. My poor boner can’t stand the pressure!" I was practically sobbing with need, but Aubrey simply pushed down on the back of my head and hooked the crotch of her own panties aside with her free hand.

"Not yet slave." She growled. "You know that you have to be a good little boy and take care of Mistress’ aching pussy first. If you end up cumming in those silky underthings, so be it. In fact, I’d rather enjoy seeing you explode like that. It’s so sexy, knowing that I can make my horny slave cum without touching himself." I could tell that Aubrey was rapidly losing herself the role of Mistress: locks of my hair were now twisted around her fingers, and I could feel her thighs gently beginning to quiver as she slowly increased the pressure of her touch, smothering my face between her legs.

Suddenly, I heard a low, feline purring from above me, and I knew that Aubrey would be busily fondling one of her massive breasts with her free hand, massaging the warm, soft flesh through the fabric of her lacy bra. My cock, straining against the gusset of my own panties, gave a violent lurch as the vision of my Mistress’ voluptuous bosom filled my mind, and I instinctively felt a damp patch start to spread over the material. Precum now leaking from the tip of my gently pulsing length, I furiously resisted the urge to rip the garment away and stroke it until I burst.

Desperate to distract myself, I tugged Aubrey’s panties down over her ample thighs, diving forward as they slid the rest of the way to the floor. Kissing and licking my way up Aubrey’s now-exposed pussy lips, circling her plump clit and latching onto it as if it were a nipple, I nuzzled against her dark bush, which she had allowed it to grow as a special gift to me. Almost sobbing with need, I began gently nibbling at her clit and giving it long, gentle sucks, my hands reaching up to caress her ample thighs before I slid them underneath her body to rest on her tight arse-cheeks.

Certainly, the thought of making me cum on impulse was obviously having a wonderful effect on Aubrey, because her low purring suddenly changed to a more savage moan, and her powerful legs locked around my shoulders. Bucking her pussy up to meet me, she pushed me downwards still further, forcing me to abandon her clit and resume lapping at her bulging lips. However, I decided to be bold, and giving her arse a firm squeeze, I pushed my tongue as far into her as u could, feeling Aubrey starting to grind against it like a little cock.

What happened next shocked me. A thunderous orgasm surged through my Mistress’ body, and I could feel her quaking and shuddering as she rode the wave. However, rather than the small gush of thin nectar that usually accompanied my Mistress’ climaxes, my lips and tongue were coated instead with a thick, sticky fluid; a kind I’d never seen before, but which tasted like warm syrup. Pulling a hand out from under Aubrey’s still-bouncing arse, I scooped the last of it up with my fingers, raising my hand blindly and feeling her slowly lick it off.

"Mmm..." She purred, her orgasm ebbing away, "I’ve certainly not cum like that before. You do realise, you naughty little boy, that the thick stuff you just fed your Mistress is a kind of juice that women only make when they’ve had an extra-hard climax?" I was dumb-struck: how I kept helping Aubrey achieve these new heights of pleasure I had no idea, but at least my instincts seemed sound enough. For her part, my Mistress was still luxuriating in the after-glow: having released her grip on my head, she was cupping one huge breast in each hand, caressing herself and tossing her head back as small shivers continued to rock her soft body.

As my head cleared, I finally became aware of the fact that my panties were soaked with precum; somehow, my ministrations to my Goddess had failed to ’set me off,’ and Aubrey could sense my predicament. Reaching down with both hands, she raised my face towards hers and guided me to my feet, the stained crotch of my panties now only inches from her own. "Your turn darling." She smiled gently glowing with post-orgasmic bliss, "show Mistress what a good boy you can be, and take care of that beautiful cock. I want you to give me all your lovely cream."

Raising herself up into a sitting position, she reached out and caressed my aching hard-on through the wet material, pulling the crotch to one side so that I finally sprang free from my confinement. My fat cock quivered as it stuck out from my body, pre-cum still pearling on the tip, and couldn’t prevent myself from moaning loudly as I felt Aubrey’s tongue flick against it, her hands slowly caressing my hairy chest and belly. "Oh baby!" She giggled, running her tongue teasingly across her lips, "is that thick, meaty boner really for little old me?"

I could only grunt in reply: the sensation of having this gorgeous buxom lady lapping at the tip of my throbbing cock was too much to bear, and in a rush, I stepped towards her, my right hand reaching out to stroke her face and hair as I seized my quivering shaft with my left. "That’s it you naughty boy!" Aubrey crowed, her eyes burning with lust as she hooked her panties from around her ankles and held the damp crotch up to my nose, "pump that juicy cock as hard as you can. I want to see you squirting a nice big load of cum for your Mistress. Show me just how much you love me baby!"

As if I needed any more encouragement, I watched in rapt amazement as Aubrey slid the straps of her massive bra off her shoulders, pushing herself up momentarily onto the balls of her feet. Straining my free hand, I could just about reach around her shoulders and unfasten the band before she fell back down onto the sofa, the huge cups slowly sliding away from her jiggling breasts, revealing the wonderful mounds to my half-closed eyes. Aubrey hefted her vast bosom invitingly underneath the end of my cock, pinching her hard nipples and leaning forward to trace her tongue around her own areolae, slowly alternating from one to the other.

"Here you are Leonard," she purred, pushing her heaving breasts together so that the tip of my cock almost nestled in her seemingly endless cleavage. "Mistress’ wants to see you cover her huge soft boobs with your sticky mess, but you’ve got to promise to be a good boy and clean up afterwards." Locking my eyes with hers, my left hand now pumping on autopilot, I rested my other on Aubrey’s shoulder for support, my head spinning as she continued to fondle herself before me. "Come on baby!" she urged, raising a nipple to her mouth and sucking it greedily, "be a good little slave and give me all that yummy spunk!"

I couldn’t stand it any longer. "Please Mistress," I begged urgently, feeling myself rapidly closing in on my own orgasm, "please may I cum for you? I need to cum so badly. I want to be a good boy and make a big sticky mess for Mistress!" Gazing into my eyes, Aubrey nodded slowly, smiling as she reached out and cupped my aching balls. "Oh fuck!" I gasped, my breathing reduced to rapid, desperate pants, "Leonard’s a good boy; good boys cum; good boys make their Mistresses happy; good boys love their Mistresses; good boys love massive fat titties! I think...I think I’m going to..."

With a roar, I trailed off, and I felt my cock erupt. Thick ropes of spunk showered over Aubrey’s heaving breasts, and my knees crumpled beneath me so that I collapsed, still shuddering, against her. My Mistress threw her arms around me, her head resting against my hairy chest, holding me tightly around the waist as the last of my cum pumped out of my softening length, pooling on the warm flesh of her bosom. "Well done darling." I heard Aubrey whisper. "Leonard’s definitely a good boy. He does what he’s told." I had no energy to reply; I simply slid to my knees and leaned forward to give my Goddess a long, passionate kiss.

"And as for you!" I heard Aubrey mutter sternly as our lips parted, "I think you’d better get your arse over here quick-smart." Although I’d already begun to lap my warm cum off her massive bosom, my Mistress’ change of tone caused my head to snap round like a whip. Standing in the doorway, seemingly bold as brass, and with his trousers around his ankles, was Colin. Riveted to the spot, his huge meaty prick clasped in one hand, it was clear that he’d been so wrapped up in the show that Aubrey and I had been putting on that he’d not even considered being caught.

As I met his staring eyes, I could see a broad, stupid grin spreading across his face, and I felt myself beginning to turn red, joy turning to a mixture of annoyance and anger. "What the fuck?!" I yelled, jolting out of my reverie and heaving myself to my feet, "since when did it become polite to start wanking off in front of a happily fucking couple without their permission? I mean, you might at least have asked before whipping that big thing out of your pants!" I didn’t know what I was saying: I was still too caught up in the aftermath of my orgasm to process the situation.

"Well, well, well," the big man was smiling, his hand still tracing slowing up and down his thick shaft as he gestured towards us, "so this is what you mean by ’extra shifts for extra pay’ is it? How much is your boss dishing out then? I had no idea little Leonard was moonlighting as a rent boy." The stupid grin had turned slowly into a mocking sneer, and with a rush of fury, I suddenly hurled myself across the room, leaping as I closed the distance. Colin, impeded by his half-mast trousers, and shocked at my reaction, was caught off-guard, and the back-handed slap that took him across the face caused him to stagger backwards and fall to the floor.

A second later, I was on top of him. I didn’t care that I was stark naked; I just dropped to my knees, straddling his stomach, a fist poised above his shocked face. "Say that again! Go on, I dare you." I roared, white-hot rage pumping through my veins, "that’s my girlfriend over there you bastard. How dare you imply that the woman I love is paying me for sex!" Aubrey, who moments before had begun to massage the last of my cum into her skin, was looking on in a mixture of horror and fear, though whether for Colin’s safety or my own, it was impossible to tell.

"Leonard, no!" She yelled, raising herself off the sofa and moving slowly towards us. "He’s not worth it." I hesitated, my primal instinct wanting to slug the insolent cur beneath me right between the eyes, but my heart telling me to listen to the voice of reason; at that moment, embodied by my Mistress. "Howard," Aubrey growled, a note of menace in her voice, "if you don’t leave him be, I’m telling you now, we’re finished." Coming up behind me, she laid a hand on my shoulder. "Leave him I said. You’ve made your point already."

Hearing the safe-word, I felt the red-mist lifting from before my eyes. "You’re a lucky boy," I hissed, my fingers opening up as I sat back on my haunches and heaved myself upright. Colin backed away rapidly, his sense of relief clear, but his attempts to stand were again thwarted by his trousers. Aubrey, seeing that my anger had ebbed away, took advantage of the situation, and moved to the door with surprising speed, locking the door. Then, she came towards me and put an arm around my shoulders, squeezing tightly as we both glared down at the prostrate intruder.

"Good boy Leonard," Aubrey whispered gently in my ear. "It’s alright. I’m sure he didn’t mean to be so vulgar." There was a note of steel in her voice, and I saw Colin flinch at the withering look that she now gave him. "However," she continued slowly, running her tongue snake-like across her lips, "I think that a creepy little Peeping-Tom like Colin here needs to be taught a few manners and learn proper respect for a lady." She pulled me round to face her, leaning forward to give me a deep, passionate kiss. Her eyes were sparkling with mischief. "Don’t you agree darling?"

I smiled knowingly, glad to see the anger in my Mistress’ eyes replaced by a playful glint. "You’re right of course," I sighed, clasping her tightly and nuzzling my face into the base of her neck, just behind her collarbone. "I’m sure that we can think of something more interesting and entertaining than sheer brute force." We were both suppressing fits of giggles, grinning conspiratorially and looking sideways at Colin, who had managed finally to regain his feet and was standing uneasily in the middle of the room, glancing nervously at us and shakily trying to haul up his boxers.

"What, pray tell, do you think you’re doing?" I growled, reaching out a hand and wagging a finger mockingly in the air. "I don’t believe that we gave you permission to get dressed." To his credit, Colin straightened up immediately, the garment falling once more around his ankles. "I mean, just look at you. You’ve been caught red-handed spying on me and my girlfriend, you’ve narrowly escaped getting a well-deserved arse-kicking, your prick is still sticking out like a springboard, and now you think we’re just going to let you walk out? I really don’t think you appreciate the position that you’re in."

"Quite right darling." Aubrey chimed in, giving me another warm embrace and squashing her heaving breasts against my chest. Her nipples were once again as hard as bullets, and I could feel a slight dampness spreading between her legs. "Dirty perverts like him need to be punished properly, and learn how wrong it is to spy on a couple of horny lovers enjoying some much-deserved private time." With a wink, she stepped away from me and disappeared into her office, returning a few seconds later with a black paddle, a small silver vibrator, and a pair of handcuffs.

I gazed in rapt attention as Aubrey strode across the room, her tight arse swaying from side to side with each step, and the smooth flesh of her ample inner thighs rippling as she showed her powerful muscles. Though Aubrey always celebrated her size, and loved how much I worshipped her soft, full curves, I’d had my head buried between her legs often enough to understand how much strength she possessed. She was in full ’Domme mode’ again, and this was her way of telling Colin to stay exactly where he was, or she’d crush the breath out of him in an instant.

Without a word, my Mistress reached out and seized the big man’s wrist, pulling his hand away from his still-pulsing hard-on which, I noticed, was leaking pre-cum all over the carpet. "Follow me, you little pervert," she ordered, looking into Colin’s eyes and giving him a half-smile, "and keep your other hand off that cock, or it might start getting rough with you." Sheepishly, he dropped his arms to his sides, and allowed Aubrey to lead him like a lamb over to the sofa, directing him to lie down with his arms behind his head.

She was bent over him now, her massive breasts hanging over his face, swinging gently as she began messing with the handcuffs. I couldn’t see exactly what was going on, and Colin’s position on the couch was such that Aubrey was turned away from me, but from the way that his fat erection was now straining skyward like the spire on the Empire State Building, I guessed that my Mistress’ hard, juicy nipples must be brushing against his lips. Wondering what all this was leading to, I focused my attention on Aubrey’s arse, which she was still wiggling teasingly in my direction.

"Leonard darling," I heard her call suddenly, "Mistress needs your help. Get your sweet, horny, naked self over here and help me to teach this nasty little Peeping Tom a lesson." Suddenly, the realisation dawned on me that, not only had I been gawping like a complete idiot, but the sight of Aubrey exerting her power over a tall, bulky man like Colin had caused my own cock to rise to half-mast. "Jump to it slave." She ordered brightly, "I’ll even let you take those panties off this time. Just make sure that you don’t tear them."

Without wasting a minute, I slipped off the black lace and practically sprinted over to the sofa, my reviving manhood hardening still further as I came up behind Aubrey and fell to my knees, leaning forward and covering her arse-cheeks with eager kisses. "Good boy!" She grinned, glancing back at me over her shoulder and winking seductively, "my little slave knows how to please his Mistress properly. He isn’t some filthy little pervert who gets his kicks spying on a pair of naughty lovers having a cheeky after-hours romp."

As I crawled around to join Aubrey next to Colin’s prostrate body, I noticed that her breasts were still swaying over his face. "Mistress!" I cried in mock surprise, a naughty smile playing across my lips,"the naughty man seems to be learning already. Why, your massive soft boobs are jiggling in front of his eyes, and I’m sure that he’s desperate to suck on your big, fat, oh so delicious nipples, but he’s not moving a muscle!" My words had the desired effect, and Colin let out a long, desperate moan as his huge cock - which must have been eight inches long, but no thicker than my own - gave yet another violent lurch.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Very observant Leonard," Aubrey nodded, raising herself up in such a way that her heavy bosom dragged along our guest’s chest an stomach. "Colin here is longing to be allowed to play with these lovely huge boobs of mine, especially after he saw you lapping all of your yummy spunk off of them earlier; but I’m glad to see that he’s acknowledging the need to ask me for permission." Joining me in staring down into the big man’s half-closed, wild eyes, she reached down and stroked his face.

"I’m right aren’t I?" she continued in a sweet, mocking tone, "you’re jealous that I allow Leonard to worship my soft curves. He makes me feel like a queen. He’s a good little slave boy who makes his Mistress very happy." I could hear a low buzzing noise now, and I knew that Aubrey had switched on the vibrator. "Now, he’s going to help me in giving you some correction. Maybe, if you’re very lucky and behave yourself for the rest of the time that you’re here, I might consider letting you join us for some proper playtime, rather than keeping you all chained up."

It was then that I noticed why Colin wasn’t able to do anything to relieve his erection, which was now looking ready to explode. While she’d been practically hypnotising him with her swaying boobs, my Mistress had secured the poor man’s wrists with the handcuffs, passing the chain around the pillar of the floor-lamp that stood next to the sofa and behind his head. The base of that lamp, I knew, was bolted to the floor, and the shaft of the pillar was inch-thick tubular steel, so as strong as he looked, there was no getting out of those cuffs.

Slowly, I watched Aubrey run the tip of the buzzing silver bullet up Colin’s inner thigh, using it to gently tickle his large, shaved balls as he squirmed and bucked. How he didn’t cum yet, I don’t know, but I was certainly feeling ready for another go, and began absent-mindedly stroking myself as I saw the gleaming vibe inching further and further back between the helpless man’s legs. Finally, as his hips bucked up one last time, Aubrey seized her chance, slipping the toy smoothly into Colin’s arse and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl as he let out a loud, animal moan.

"Fuck me sideways!" He panted, his hips now bouncing wildly up and down as the vibrations stimulated his prostate, "that feels amazing! I don’t I can take much more." The poor fellow certainly did look rather desperate, I thought to myself, as Aubrey wrapped one arm around me and enveloped me in a deep kiss, the hand in which she’d held the vibe now brushing gently up and down Colin’s quivering shaft, causing him to thrust his hips even more fiercely. "Oh God in heaven!" His voice was more guttural now, an orgasm obviously close.

"Leonard sweetie," Aubrey whispered, her free hand tracing down my back and reaching surreptitiously for the paddle. "I want you to help Colin out. I that you’ve been watching bisexual threesome videos on your office laptop during coffee-breaks, and now I want to see you sucking a nice fat cock." She smiled at me and swatted my arse a couple of times, the thick leather blade of the paddle stinging slightly as it connected. "Go on. Just look at that delicious boner; I’ll bet your lips would look great around it."

Although this was the first time I’d actually seen another man’s erection ’in the flesh’ within a sexual light, my recent shift in porn-watching habits had deepened my interest in experimenting with what I’d long suspected to be bisexual tendencies. Now, staring at Colin’s thick manhood, the circumcised head and veiny shaft streaked with rivulets of pre-cum, I felt an overpowering urge to taste him. Moving around to Aubrey’s other side, I knelt beside the big man’s bucking hips, wrapped my fingers around his throbbing length, and placed several teasing kisses on the soft, bulbous head.

Allowing my lips to part so that he slipped easily into my mouth, and taking care to form a tight seal, I began sucking greedily, my tongue flicking against the tip. Slowly, as the pace and force of Colin’s thrusts increased, I allowed more and more of his eight inches into my mouth, but I carefully retained my grip on the shaft, know long that my sensitive gag-reflect wouldn’t permit me to take more than about half. That didn’t seem to be bothering Colin, because he was thrashing around like a madman; and when I felt Aubrey beginning to fondle my own hard length, I could tell that the time had come to give him release.

In one smooth movement, I gave an extra-hard suck and pulled my head slowly off the huge cock, finally surrendering the head with a loud ’pop’ and a long sigh of satisfaction. Shifting my grip, I began pumping the thick shaft for all I was worth, long, hard strokes designed to bring Colin to a shuddering climax, and the big man started to gasp and sob incoherently as his orgasm approached. "That’s it baby!" Aubrey crowed, releasing my cock and reaching up to cup one of her huge breasts with both hands, "make sure you get all that cum out of his balls. I think that this will teach him to ask before joining in our fun."

She shifted slightly, leaning over Colin once again and stroking his face, turning his head towards her as she offered the nipple to him. "There we go, you dirty little man, suck on Mistress Aubrey’s fat nipple while my slave makes you squirt a nice big load." Out of the corner of my eye, I could see our guest literally losing himself in my girlfriend’s breast, pushing his face right into her soft flesh as he latched on and started to suck. "Mmm..." Aubrey purred, one hand dropping down to strum her clit. "It seems I’ve got two naughty slaves to play with now."

"Right you are!" I chimed in, now using my free hand to massage Colin’s balls. "This means that you’re my Mistress’ slave boy too, so show her how sorry you are for being a naughty little perv before, and let her watch me drink your hot cum!" I’d not expected it to be so easy to talk dirty to another man, but I was totally absorbed in the moment. "Come on Colin, show my Mistress what a good boy you’re going to be from now on, Let her see how much you love being allowed to suck on her massive titties, and how much you love having her boyfriend wank you. I can feel that you’re about to shoot that load, so just let it all out, all down my throat!"

I sank my mouth back over his engorged head just in time. Almost at the same instant, I felt his entire length begin to pulse, his balls tightening beneath my fingers, and three or four jets of thick spunk coated my tongue. I swallowed greedily, noticing that Colin’s cum tasted somewhat sweeter than my own, but still very enjoyable, and as I allowed his softening cock to slip from between my lips, I made sure to catch the last few drops, licking my lips so that Aubrey, leaning over for a kiss, was able to taste him too.

"Goodness me Colin!" She giggled, pulling her nipple from the big man’s mouth to reveal his face, which was flushed scarlet from a combination of intense orgasm and being smothered by her warm, soft breast-flesh. "I’m definitely going to be keeping you as a helper for young Leonard here." She kissed me again, her tongue swirling around my mouth. "As you can see, he’s very keen to explore his bi side, and I think with you on board, he’ll train up very well." Aubrey’s fingers were still dancing over her clit, and I could tell that an idea was forming in her naughty mind.

"In fact," she continued, reaching over to finally open the handcuffs while I pulled the still-buzzing bullet out of Colin’s arse. "Why don’t we all get dressed and go home to my place? As Leonard is only too well aware, I’ve got a nice big double bed; we can all get nice and comfortable together in there, and spend the rest of the evening sealing this deal properly." Colin swung himself off the sofa and staggered to his feet. He looked at us both - me stroking my renewed hard-on, Aubrey lazily petting her fur-covered mound - and a broad smile spreading over his face.

"Leonard, Aubrey," he said finally, "I only hope that you can both accept my apologies for being so rude before. I definitely deserved your going ape-shit at me, and I promise to behave myself if you’ll still let me join your fun and games." Colin certainly looked contrite, and as Mistress and I turned to face one another, and seek each other’s agreement, we both found ourselves nodding eagerly, grinning like a couple of kids on Christmas morning. Our new partner heaved a sigh of relief, nodded and me and knelt before Aubrey, who extended a hand for him to kiss.

"Well Colin," she mused, a more friendly tone coming back into her voice as ’Mistress mode’ subsided, "you seem to have learned proper respect for a lady. Understand, though, that nothing of what goes on between us, or any word of my relationship with Leonard, must become common knowledge at the office. If you reveal anything at all, my slave and I will make your life at this firm very difficult indeed, and you will not be given a second chance to make amends." She eyed him severely, emphasising this last part as he swore a solemn oath of secrecy.

The formalities over, we busied ourselves with dressing, tidying the office, and generally cleaning up, then dashed downstairs to the tube station. Within half an hour, we had made it across the river, and were riding the elevator up to Aubrey’s sumptuous London apartment. Stumbling through the door, she and I pulled Colin onto the couch, seating him between us, and wrapping our arms around his shoulders. As if to calm his nerves, Aubrey pulling him into a deep, warm kiss, and I placed my lips next to his ear. "Trust me mate," I chuckled, "if you thought that it was wild at the office, just wait until you see what else we can teach you!"

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