Porn stories - Mature bbw assfuck

Porn stories - Mature bbw  assfuck
They where a nice couple both of them in there 50’s or so it looked the wife Marge was huge with her massive body crammed into a knee length dress her double chin joining her enormous breasts that sat on her lap as she drank her beer. The husband Dan was slim and not as talkative as his wife. I was staying just the one night like them at the hotel just passing through and meet them in the hotel bar.

We talked about everything and nothing but it was what I needed and every time I tried to leave Marge would insist on more drinks so in the end I stopped trying and just chatted and drank. I didn’t notice at first but she was flirting more and more until it became quite obvious when she leaned towards me to whisper the punch line of a naughty joke and placed her hand on my leg, she left it there longer than needed and then she slid it onto the inside of my leg and gave it a squeeze. I was amused by it and pretended not to notice.

At closing time I said good night but Marge said they had a bottle of wine in their room that needed drinking and I found myself in their room five minutes later. Once there she went into the bathroom to clean up as she said leaving Dan and I drinking the wine, he was in a good mood and kept looking at me funny. He asked if he could ask me something and I was feeling no pain and said sure go ahead "You like big women don’t you?"

It was a direct question and I said that I had never really been with one as my wife was slim but jokingly I said I’d try anything once "Why do you ask, you must like’em big with Marge, no offence" I said. He chuckled and said he did and that once you tried it you where hooked, we both laughed and drank some more.

When Marge came out I nearly fell off my chair, she was wearing a teddy nightdress that had no chance of covering her ass, as it was so full of her breasts. It was see- through and she wore no bra so her tits where on full show, tits like I’d never seen in my life. Her legs where clad in stockings and she wore her shoes that where quite high, she smiled at me in what she thought was a sexy smile and came over and sat beside her husband who was looking flushed and excited.

"You can see my breasts better now cant you Pete, I saw you looking at them in the bar" she said her smile getting bigger "Have you ever touched breasts like mine?"

I felt like laughing this was so unexpected and really quite funny but I said that I’d better be getting back to my room and leave the lovebirds to have their fun. "At least let Marge suck your cock buddy, she’s really good at it aren’t you Marge," said Dan, she looked at him and then me.

"Dan likes to see me suck other men off, it gets him hard just thinking about it," she said standing up. Every part of her body wobbled when she did. I watched as she took her night dress and pulled it up over her head giving me a full on show of her enormous body, when she dropped her arms back down her tits sagged down heavily reaching where her waist normally was. Her belly was large and heavy too curving down to hide her pussy, it was only when she moved towards me that I saw she was wearing panties.

I must admit it worked on me the whole atmosphere was horny and her tits looked so inviting I just had to go with it, she stopped in front of me and pulled my face to her left tit planting my mouth over her giant nipple and pressing her tit into my face. I sucked it, I pulled it into my mouth and sucked hard feeling it grow and harden in my mouth.

She moaned out loud as I did and when I reached up and cupped her other tit she purred, "You like my fat tits don’t you boy, you like my old fat tits." I did and when she let me go I took the other nipple and sucked it to hardness too. She then pushed me back onto the bed and started pulling at my jeans; I let her do the work watching her face for when she saw my cock.

I am blessed with a large cock, it s about 9 inches when hard and always gets a look of surprise when a new woman first sees it. It was not far from been hard now and when she tugged my shorts down over it she made no attempt to hide her surprise and joy "Ooh shit Dan, look at that cock" she immediately wrapped her small hand around it and pulled it upright so Dan could see how big it was.

"Holy shit girl, you better fuck him too I wanna see that thing pound your fat pussy," said Dan. "You gonna let me ride this pole baby, you gonna give momma your big hard cock," she purred bending down and licking the underside of my cock while jerking me off slowly.

I just grunted yes and pulled her head up so I could get it in her mouth, she closed her podgy mouth around it and started sucking right off, Dan was right she was good at this and she was soon bobbing her head up and down my cock while jerking me off and massaging my heavy balls. She made lots of noise as she worked slurping and slobbering making my cock slick with her saliva, it was amazing to see her rub it all over her face then lifting a huge tit up to rub my cock against her giant nipple.

I looked over at Dan who was now getting undressed his eyes glued to my cock and his wife’s mouth, when he was naked he quickly got behind her and bent down to eat her pussy from behind. "Ooh yeah Dan, get my pussy good and wet for this horse cock, he’s gonna stretch my fat pussy wide open with it aren’t you boy," she panted between mouthfuls.

I heard him slap her flabby ass with his open hand and she loved it sucking harder on my shaft when he did, she stopped sucking and came up and planted a big wet cock tasting kiss on my lips which turned me on big time. She carried on up my body again offering me her tits to suck on slapping my face with them then straddling my hips with her chunky legs.

I felt her wet slippery pussy slid against my cock that was squashed against my tummy "Put it in me Dan, quick I need it now" she demanded and before I could stop him I felt Dan take my cock and pull it back up straight then he pressed it to her wet hole and she sank down onto it in one go.

"Ooh fuck yes! Ooh Christ Dan he’s huge!!" she screamed out, "Ooh baby I love your cock! Give it to me give it to me hard!!" she continued leaning forward so I could start to hump into her.

It was not easy as she was far too big and I was jammed under her but we managed to slid it in and out enough to make her come, I felt her whole body shudder as she came on my cock telling me she was coming and demanding that I fuck her harder. It lasted five minutes and despite her pleading that I come inside her I didn’t.

I told her to get on her back so I could fuck her on top and she rolled off me onto her back beside me, her tits flopped on each side of her fat body and her tummy quivered as it settled. Dan was still there and I saw that he was staring at my cock more then his wife’s pussy, which was now on display. Her legs where open wide and her pussy looked huge gapping open obscenely at us, she was pulling her belly up so we could see her pussy better and when I didn’t move fast enough she cried out, "Ooh for fuck sake, come and pound me I need it hard and fast boy."

I climbed on and slammed my cock into hot wet pussy getting deeper now that I was on top, she cried out in surprise and gasped for breath "Ooh fuck Dan he’s huge, Ooh yeah baby stretch my pussy" she screamed. I pounded her as hard as I could sending her over the edge into a screaming orgasm, Dan had moved over to see better and he was pinching and squeezing her tits stopping them from hurting her as they flopped about uncontrollably he was panting and masturbating his small hard cock.

"Fuck the slut, fuck her good boy don’t be scared to hurt her she fucking loves it the whore," he snarled.

She bucked at me trying to get more cock into her now her pussy a flood of cunt juice. "That’s right, show the asshole how a real man fucks, let him see what size cock I should be getting every night," she panted urging me on. "Ooh Dan he’s so much better than you, Ooh God he’s making me come like never! YES! Yes, Ooh fuck yes!!" she screamed coming again. Her pussy was slack and so wet now my shaft was sliding in and out easily she was half asleep with exhaustion from coming so much but I was still raging with lust.

She pleaded with me to come saying her pussy was sore from the pounding, "Come on my face, come in my mouth please, let me have it all over my face," she pleaded.

"Go on boy, cover the whore’s face with spunk," said Dan having come himself two minutes earlier.

When I whipped my cock out and stumbled up her body to get my cock at her face Dan leaned right down and started kissing her open panting mouth, it was too late to stop for me and I jerked my cock twice and watched as a thick jet of come shot out onto the side of his face and her cheek and eyes.

He pulled away but not by much as the second hit her open mouth and nose, the third wad landed on his nose and I watched as he licked the thick wad into his mouth. I don’t know what came over me, I had never touched another man in all my years but before I knew it I had grabbed him by the hair and forced my cock into his mouth, he took it and sucked on it hungrily.

"You want my spunk fag, suck it out then," I snarled fucking his mouth, he gulped and gasped but didn’t fight me.

"Suck his cock you useless asshole, go on get him clean for me to fuck again," said Marge looking on spunk still all over her own face. The whole thing was so strange for me my cock started growing again until it was fully hard again; I had never managed to get hard like that and wondered if I was not gay. I pushed him away and he let my cock go reluctantly, I turned my attention to his wife next

"Turn around and get that fat fucking ass in the air slut like a dog in heat." She loved it chuckling and clambering around moving her large body so she was facing the mirror opposite her massive tits and belly hanging down onto the bed sheets and her huge wide ass facing me. I saw her little hand appear from underneath to open her pussy for me.

From behind it was easier to see her pussy the lips where thick and meaty looking and completely soaked with come, she was rolling her swollen clit and murmuring something. I was about to give it to her when I saw her puckered asshole looking up at me, it too was soaked with juice from her gapping pussy and when I pressed a finger at it she gasped and said, "MMMmmm Dan, I think he wants my to fuck my ass, Ooh are you gonna slam that big cock up my tight ass boy," she actually pushed back onto my fingers. "Ooh you’ll rip me in two if you do it."

I had three fingers up her wet hot ass now loving how it seemed to suck my fingers into its depths, Dan was kneeling beside me watching and stroking his soft cock. When I pressed my cock against her hole it looked so big I knew it would feel amazing, she started hyperventilating even before I pushed the first inch into her sucking in air like it was running out.

The first inch was hard to get in my cock started bending as if it might not go and then her ass gave way and I had half my cock buried up her amazingly tight ass, she screamed for me to go easy not expecting 4 hard inches of cock up her ass in one go so I stopped and waited a second.

"Ooh Dan, this is real fucking, can you see how tight he makes my ass," she managed through gritted teeth.

I carried on forcing the rest of my cock and she started howling in pain and joy until I finally had my whole 8 inches buried deep up her ass, I stopped then and just savored the exquisite feeling her ass gave me, it was sucking my cock her insides where quivering and vibrating without her or I moving. I started slowly at first but her ass took my shaft no problem and I was able to really pound her tight hole, she loved it pushing back at me.

It was amazing to see her flabby ass wobble and shack with every thrust, I dug my fingers into her soft ass flesh and yanked her back harder fucking her ass as hard as I would her pussy. "YES, Ooh YES fuck my ass, fuck me up the ass I love it! Ooh Dan he’s so fucking good Yesssssss," she moaned out loud, Dan was still beside us watching the whole thing.

"Take in the ass whore, look at that fat ass shake" I panted banging her harder again "You filthy fucking slut, I’m gonna pump your whore’s ass with spunk you hear me," I snarled getting real close.

She bucked and said she was coming too, "Fill my ass you bastard, pump me full of spunk!!" she screamed while coming.

I came hard ramming my cock into as hard as I could wanting to hurt her but only making her come harder, I fired wad after wad of spunk deep in her ass and she bucked and shoved back right until I was spent.

When I came out of the shower ten minutes later Dan was between her legs eating out her ass, she was moaning and pulling him by the hair "Eat my ass you piece of shit, suck all that lovely spunk out for me," and he was.

We exchanged phone numbers and I promised if I was ever down their way I’d call

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