Sex with a fat woman

Sex with a fat woman
I once left my underwear in the college dorm bathroom. Bret took them out and nailed them to the fence post near the sidewalk. "Here, Just look at these. Bart left in the bathroom so I could see them. I put them out here so you could see them" Bret was that kind of guy. He was a friend to the end, but still an asshole just the same.

This happened almost a year ago, much to my discussed thinking having sex with ah Fat Woman, its not all that bad. Single Fat women don’t get much lovin’ as their slim good-looking counter-parts, so they are always horny. Pretty ladies good-looking seem to get it all. You can see these grossly overweight women practically anywhere.

A good friend from my college days called me and asked me to come and see him. I live in the mid-west and he in the northeast Portland, Maine to be exact. He has good job as an up and coming attorney. We were in college together right after high school. Bret was the party animal between us too. Fun to be with, if you were not on his practical joke list. I remember this college party when a frat brother had passed out drinking too much. He had gotten sick all over the house couch. One of the ladies at the party had a baby ah few months ago. Bret found a shitty baby dipper so Jim could wipe the vomit from his face with it. "Here Jim use this" He was too drunk to know. And, Yes he did.

I once left my underwear in the college dorm bathroom. Bret took them out and nailed them to the fence post near the sidewalk. "Here, Just look at these. Bart left in the bathroom so I could see them. I put them out here so you could see them" Bret was that kind of guy. He was a friend to the end, but still an asshole just the same.

I hadn’t seen Bret in four years and it would be kind of nice to together again. I made my flight reservations a month in advance. As time grew closer, I was kind of worried about what he had on his mind. I was skeptical on why he was so consistent about my arrival. "You will be here right You’re not Shittin’ me are you You will be here Huh Bart" Bret said. "Yeah I will be there" I spent my flight time trying to figure out what he was up to. I thought maybe he had changed a little since he had grown up some, but I was wrong.

My flight arrived on time and Bret met me at the airport. "I checked into a hotel Bret, it’s the Marriott is around here somewhere" "YOU WHAT Nonsense. You’re staying with me and my roomie" "Roomie Who is your roomie" "Ruth, He said, "She lives here with me an she great!" He drove back to his apartment, we talked about our college days, the drunkin’ parties & the women. I went in, Bret said, "you’re bedroom is on the left past the bathroom" I took my luggage in and came back out. "Bart you wanna beer" has asked. "No I have settled down a lot & don’t drink as much. Lets talk about your roomie. Who is it"

Bret turned and yelled at Ruth. "RUTH! Get Your Sweet Ass Out Here and meet My Old Buddy, Bart!" seconds later, this woman came out. She was a knock-out. She came out in a sheer tiny little light pink teddy and ah hot pink thong. Ruth has long flowing waist length dark haired brunette 5ft. 6". Her areola showed through her teddy quit distinctively, her nipples were standing out hard. Great Big Boobs & ah nice round ass. She was small framed. Ruth had a small 26"waist. Just at the sight of her my dick was growing in my jeans. I just knew I was going to get to fuck this Sweet Ass Brunette.

"Well hi there Bart, I’ve heard so much about you. How can you stand this guy" She pointed at Bret. I said, "I don’t really know, he’s just kind of grows on ya. He is an ok kind of guy, but he’s ah prick too" We went to college together and after graduation, I went back home. Bret stayed here" She asked me if I was as big dicked as Bret said I was. "Excuse me I said. She didn’t hesitate one minute. She pulled at my waistband of my jeans and pulled me closer to her. She started to un-button my button flies and rubbed my balls. It wasn’t long before I was at full length. "My, my she commented, what do we have here"

The soft touch of this fine assed looking woman hands reaching for my dick brought me to reality. I was going to fuck this fox tonight! She got my cock out of the confined of my jeans. She said, "WoW, Bret wasn’t laying, he is big. He looks like he’s under a lot of stress. Let me release some of that stress" Ruth with her small warm soft hands she began stroking very slow. She would reach the top of her stroke and kiss/suck my dick. Her technique was so great. (Oh damn, she was amazing. She knows how to give head. ) She had pressure building in my cock in a few minutes. She sensed I was close to busting my nuts, she stopped and said, "Oh no you don’t! I don’t want you’re cum just yet. Just follow me Bart!"

Ruth held on to my dick and led me to their bedroom. In there was a king size bed. She said, "I want you to eat my wet pussy til I cum" Well, being a man of manners. I didn’t have to be told twice. I took control as I pushed her down to the mattress. She spread her legs W I D E holding on to her ankles reveling her nearly hairless womanhood. "Here Bart Man" she said. "Put that tongue in me. Get my clit out of her hiding place with your tongue" Her cunt was already glistening from her female moisture. Like her, I didn’t hesitate one minute. I fingered her as I sucked on her clitoris. Ruth was moaning low and frequent as I increased speed and depth. I had her little clit sticking her head out and sucked it wildly.

She went into a fuck mode that I’d had never witnessed before. She soon was screaming, "I’m Cumming! She shouted out loud. FUCK ME! WITH THAT WONDERFUL TOUNGE I’M CUMMING!" me Hard .....Suck ME HARD, BART! Oh Please,,,,OH YEAH, JUST LIKE THAT I’m cumming! FUCK! I’M CUMMING!". "OH Gawd! Bart" She had gotten to a point her breathing almost stopped. I moved up to her mouth and placed my cock in her throat. "Here Ruth, Get me off now!" She took my 8" down her slender throat. It didn’t take very long until I was shooting my wad down her neck. We both collapsed in ah heap of her female cum and sweat! We rested a while dozing off a short little nap.

She awoke first, yelling for Bret and Ruth to come into the bedroom. "Ruth Ruth! Who are you", I asked. She said, "I’m Sandy. I live across the hall" Just then the door opened and Bret and this Huge Fat Woman walked in. She was wearing a black thong and nothing else. This big woman said, Hi I’m Ruth..

(Have you ever seen a Fat Woman in Thong Panties) I mean My Gawd she was huge. 350 pounds I’d guess.

She walked over to me and rubbing my nuts and said, "Hi I’m Ruthy" BRET! Bret you SOB. You done it to me again! He started laughing so hard he was nearly crying. Ruth had giant tits, they wouldn’t pass thru a basketball hoop. I was thinking to myself, is there any material large enough to go around her with enough material left for tit cups.

This big woman grabbed my hand and led me and Sandy back into the living room. Her hips giggled as she walked. She said, "I need a good tongue lashing lover Boy!" She stopped at the edge of a large carpeted floor. Ruth grabbed the velcro straps on the sides of her thong and pulled. The thong fell to her side, and the string stuck in her crouch. Ruth crouched down a bit and pulled. Her thong fell away reveling her black hair covered pussy. She had ah bush-covering that snatch that it looked like a Willy Nelson concert.

She straddled me pushing me to the floor. (Side Bar) Now all pussy is good, but some of it Great! This one I didn’t know about. She spread her fat cunt lips apart and slowly lowered her gash on my face. (I mean you talk of muff diving. This was a Muff) She started to ride my handlebar mustache. I had a hard time getting a fresh breath of wholesome air. I thought I would kick Bret’s Ass again for doing this to me.

The more Ruth would grind her snatch in my face she enjoying it. Her clit was about the size of the tip of my pinky finger and easy to get a hold of. She reached around a grabbed my dick and started to pump it like an oil derrick. I soon was hard and ready for round II.

Sandy was sitting on the back of the couch with her legs spread and Bret was eating her pussy and Ruth managed to get between his legs, sucking his dick and his balls. I had her heavy legs over mine, trying to find her cunt with my cock thru the rolls of meat. I didn’t know if I was there or just found a wet spot. I went of it anyway. This chick was one horny fatty. While fucking her she was nearing an orgasm, I thought if she squirts I’d would fuckin’ drown. All four of us were about to cum together.

Simultaneously, Sandy was cumming in Bret face while he was filling Ruth’s throat. That triggered, Ruth to cumm all over me as I shot my gobs into what ever I had been fuckin’ Screams of pure pleasure and thank goodness that was over. We rested ah while. When I awoke it was close to noon the next day.

I got up and made coffee. The aroma caused Bret to wake up. I said, "Hey Blood, we need to talk and I mean right now! You have played jokes on me so many times in the past I can’t count them" He said, very calmly, "I just knew you would fuck my roomie. How is she any way I never have had sex with her" I called him everything but a white man. He continued, "Just you wait for tonight, you might get the screw Sandy"

"Wait ah minute, Wait ah minute Bret, knowing you as I do, you have Ruth’s older sister for me. Right" He said, "No. No, it’s not that way at all. You see, when I moved in here I was introduced to swapping, gang-bangs and group sex. That was three years ago. I knew you would get into to it as well. We are going to a nude swing club tonight. There will be couples, men & ladies of all races, shapes and sizes. You will love it Bro"

"I don’t want any of the size I had last night. That was too much" I said. He said, the club owners would greet us. This couple is cool & she is a HOTTIE! Bret & I arrived at 18:00. He knocked on the door and the receptionist met us at let us in. Bill, the club owner and his Hottie wife Bridget welcomed us with a hug / hand shake and her a kiss. And I mean ah Kiss! She didn’t know me from Adam, but she kissed me hard and very passionately sucked on my tongue. "Damn Bridget, Do you welcome all men this way I commented. She just smiled at me & said nothing.

"Welcome Guy’s" she said. "Our other guests have made their way to the pool. Care to join them Bill said, "Bret, will you show your guest where to disrobe" "Bart, you can take your clothes off in here, there’s lockers also. We took our clothes off and headed to the pool. "GD" I said. "This swim pool was entirely indoors. An Olympic sized pool, diving boards, water slides and a sandy beach near the shallow end.

Bret and I walked to the edge of the pool. Bret dove in & stood thee looking around at the naked people there. Some of the 50 naked people were swimming, diving, some lounging around and standing with their drinks talking. The women had titties of all sizes, nipples & colors, same for the men, some big tall men, some short & dumpy. Everyone had his or her naked glory ah hanging out. Quit intriguing I thought to myself.

Looking behind me, I saw a familiar face. She hadn’t seen me yet. I gave a big Whewww. But, Yeah. It was Big Ol’ Ruth! I wanted to disappear. Now it was too late to do that. I felt a tap on my shoulder. She said, " Well hi again Bart Man" I acted like I never noticed her standing in her nakedness. She came around in front of me & said, "I said Hi there Bart Man. I turned and walked away, that really pissed her off.

Ruth said, "Oh Yeah now I see. In private you’re ok being with a big woman, but in public you snub me off. I’ll tell ya something you asshole! You ain’t any better than any other male. You SOB!" Well Screw YOU! This Big Beautiful Female is too good for you!

"NO!, No. Ruth, no it’s not that way! There are so many other women here & I did you last night. I wanna find another sex partner for tonight" She picked me up around the shoulders and between my legs and thru me in the damn pool while screaming at me at the top of her lungs.

"You Asshole" She said, "I WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO FUCK MY PUSSY LAST NIGHT. NOW TONIGHT I’M NOT! "She grabbed me by my dick and gave it a hard yank. The people cheered for Ruth as she walked out. I guess Ruth had enough of me by that time. I thought, "That Bitch, she made me look like ah fool and a wimp. She did have 180 pounds on me. I was so embarrass I was wishing I had become invisible so I could climb into a beer bottle.

The guests were looking at me. I looked around to see where Bret was. I spotted Bret laid out on a chase lounge with his dick in some woman’s face, laughing his ass off at me. I walked over to where he was & said, "Bret I’m still the butt end of your sick jokes after all these years, well that will not happen again!" I stormed off of the pool deck. (You have to remember that everyone was totally naked)

Minutes later Sandy and Bridget came over to me. They told me to come back to the pool area and have ah drink. They both had an arm as we walked back to the pool. Bridget was pulling my elbow across her massive boobs. She whispered to me, "I may have something for in ah while" Come on now, Bart smile at your next piece of ass. She stopped and told Sandy to go on ahead. Bridget turned and led me in the other direction.

"Bridget the pool is back there" I said. She said, "I said I have something for you. Just come with me" She led me upstairs to a guest bedroom. "This bedroom is huge" as she turned on the bathroom light, "Here is where I need you" she said. The bathroom had a two-person hot tub filled with 103’ water. "I don’t need a spa right now" I said. "Just get in there. I lifted my leg over the rim of the tub. Bridget grabbed my swelling cock and stroked it a few times as she followed me in. We both sat down in the hot water. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead in no time.

She said, "Now then sweetie, isn’t that better than swimming with that crowd I knew you were pissed about what happened over that fat woman. Did you actually fuck her last night" "I hate to admit it, but yeah I did" Bret played another one of his hilarious jokes on me. He’s always doing that. The years in college together he did that so many times. I was just too gullible. Bridget said, "Bart this is no joke I’m going to screw your brains out right here, right now!" She reached under the hot water for my cock. She began stroking and squeezing it with her soft hands. She had me hard and wanting her in no time.

She said, "Bart, let me show your something" She took a deep breath and sunk beneath the water. She took my dick in her month and started an amazing Blow Job. Sucking me off while squeezing my dick with her hands. (Hell I couldn’t hold my breath that long) but Bridget sure could. Four to five minutes she continued sucking my hard cock down her throat. She felt my cock twinge ah little as I was fucking her face hard. She knew I was about to un-load. Bridget went into a determined mode. She was after my surprise. I couldn’t hole back any longer.

She beat me off with her hands as she sucked my dick. I splattered the back of her throat and held her head firm against my balls as I un-loaded the rest of my spunk. She came up with her mouth open to show me what she found under the water. The sweat was trickling down my face in rivers. I didn’t know if it was because of the hot tub or the emotions of the moments. "Gawd, Bridget that was wonderful. You are amazing, I have never had a blow job like that" Bridget swallowed hard and just smiled.

She stood up and sat on the rim of the spa. I knew why. She spread her long legs wide and reached for her honey mound to pull her forbidden fruit lips apart for me. Her hairless labia was glistening from her female moisture. Her vagina was so attractive and neatly trimmed, totally unlike the one I had had the night before.

My male instinct took over. I buried my face in her love connection. I started kissing her inner thighs, leaving a small hickey on each one. I kissed her above her clit and below her bung. She was out raged with emotions. Squirming on the edge of the hot tub rim begging me to eat her lovely pussy, but I never touched it.

She reached down and separated her outer lips and forced my face deep in her sweet little snatch. I took one long swipe with my tongue across the length top to bottom. Bridget went wild as she fucked my face. Her shapely hips going in & out madly. She screamed out in pleasure. "OH, Bart Eat me, Eat my pussy! " She screamed. I dug my tongue deep into her mound. She had her orgasm in seconds. During her orgasm she slipped into the water. Bridget and I were water logged and feeling faint because of the water temperature. We both stood up and got out. She grabbed my hand and let me to the king sized bed. We fell back holding each other as our breathing returned to normal, spooning together as we drifted to sleep.

I awoke to find an hour later to find Bridget sucking me off again. She smiled and she said, "I haven’t fucked your brains out yet, you seem to be up for it" (Wink WINK) She climbed over me as she lowered herself on my stiff dick. She lowered herself very slowly until she had me deep inside of her coo-chee. Razing up near the tip she lowered herself slowly again. I started to fuck with this dynamite woman. She was cooing and moaning rapidity as she was after my cock. Bridget dropped down and started to move hips in side-to-side rotations and forcing down to get every inch.

Bridget was moaning loud and rapidity. "Screw me Bart, Fuck me deep and hard I’m going to Cum! she screamed. We increased our speed causing the depth to increase. Her pussy was so tight. We got off together as we continued to cum for several minutes. We held tightly together like a pair of mating dogs for along time.

Our breathing returned back to normal again, just then the door opened and Bill, Bridget’s husband walked in. Scared the pee-wadding out of me. "You kids having fun" he asked. He smiled at us and leaned over to kiss Bridget while my dick was still stuffed her cunt. "You two going to stay up here or come down and be with our guests" he asked. She gave me a lingering kiss. "Yeah I guess we better huh, Bill" She stepped in the bathroom to clean herself. A quick shower and off we went.

Bridget, Bill and I walked arm in arm into the pool deck & wouldn’t you know it. The first thing I saw was Ruth sitting on some poor guy’s face. This party / orgy went all week. I never got into Sandy’s panties

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