My big ass aunt

My big ass aunt

This a real story having sex with my Aunt, She is now 47 yrs old by now, She is brown colored skin with big ASS and BOOBS might be 36-32-40.I am Fair handsome and Fat guy. I was good at studies, so everyone in my family and neighbors liked me,

my Aunt was pregnant she had come to my home (i.e She is my Dad?s younger sister). I was helped during her stay in our house, that time I was 18yrs old and didn’t had any Bad intention at that time about my Aunt.

Their was house opening ceremony she came for the party at night the new house was full so my Grandmother, Sister and my Aunt went to stay in our old house we all slept in one bedroom as other rooms were occupied by other relative and I was sleeping next to my aunty,

the day was hectic and all of us were tired including me then I was very thirsty got up to drink water I saw my Aunt saree has rised above here knee and her BOOBS were visible through blouse, my dick got erected, I couldn?t control my emotion,

I drank water then slept by keeping my mouth in front of her boobs it was so good and smell of sweat and she was hot at that time. I slowly lifted her saree started to move from her thigh to her cunt and touched her public hair,

my heart was beating fast I slowly started massaging her boobs and her cunt for about a hour suddenly I realized she turned away from me I could see her ASS then slowly I lifted the saree I could see the BIG ASS then Slowly I caressed it then my Dick

was unable to control then I masturbate their and applied my semens on ASS. I was caressing for long time I was unable to control my temptation I kept my Dick in her ASS really it was great feeling, within no time my Aunt got up she went towards the light

and switched on by that time I covered my dick as I was wearing shorts and I saw her She was steering at me, I was afraid she said steering at me and said its hot her you sleep at that corner. I was very afraid that she would say anyone, but she didn?t say but left to her town.

After two months, I joined my Engineering in my 1st Semester vacation, I want to her place I thought she wouldn?t speak to me, but to my surprise she greeted me she hugged me and kissed on head.In the evening she took me to trace she said any girl friend,

I said no then, slowly she took my hand started caressing her cunt, I was taken to surprise the next day morning my Aunt has three children all had been to School and Uncle to office, then, she asked are you going to have bath yes I said,

she said I will give you oil massage before bath, she removed my clothes I was in my underwear, she started applying I was shivering this time, after that she saw my dick was fully erected inside my underwear that she removed and said you kid have such a big dick(6-1/2)

my goodness, she said do you want to have sex with me me I said I like you. She said come took me to bed room and started giving a blow job by taking my dick into her mouth she did it for 10 minutes, she said my mouth is paining.

Then To my surprise she removed her saree, blouse, bra, panty, everything and she stood naked and said suck me darling, I sucked her BOOBS for more then 30 mintues non stop she was moaning ooooonnnooooonnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo,

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhoooooooouuuuuuchhh. After that she said suck my cunt I was started sucking here cunt she adjusted so nicely that I was giving here much pleasure for 10 min.

Then she cummed here orgasm into my Mouth I licked it completely. After that we were in 69 for more then 20 min. Then She said Fuck me, she widened here here legs and guided my dick was paining initially she said don?t worry nothing will happen,

now move slowly I did it for some time then move faster and faster she was moaning, screaming noooooooooooooo stoppppppppppppppppppppppp?..I was having pleasure and not in a mood to stop After 10 minutes I cummed into her she hugged me I was fully

tired she gotup and brought some Orange juice and said it will give you energy after some time, she started sucking my dick it got erected then, then said to suck her BOOBS, I was much passionate I again sucked for 15min, she said OK Suck my cunt enough BOOBS,

another 10min she cummed and licked her juice completely I said I want suck your ASS, So good do it, and placed here in doggy position by I was taken to surprise to see already she knew doggy position, shall I fuck your ASS I asked she said come on don?t ask just do it.

For 10min I sucked her ASS and my dick was ready for the action into her ASS hole initially I felt little pain I started movement she started screaming cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, ddddddddddoooooooooooooooo fast,

and I started hitting her ASS wildly she started crying, I slowed down and asked why are crying, she scolded me by saying you fuck did I say you to stop, do fast your Uncle don?t much enjoy sex much now a days as before.

I felt angry and applied my full energy until she cried out and begged me to stop.I cummed into her ASS. I was fully exhausted. It was already 3pm and their children might come so parted. After that we had sex for one week or so. Now I got a job in Bangalore were she stays,

I stay with them, Every day I Have sex with her. No one knows it we have very good relationship, she introduced to here another friend also but I will say it in another time. Now, she searching girl for my marriage she says she old now, My time to get married.

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