How my mom turned me on to fat women


How my mom turned me on to fat women
Warning, incest sex story!

My love for big women started when I was a growing up with my mom being a real ssbbw. My dad had left when I was young and mom was single. She had boyfriends on and off, and a girl once in a while, but nothing serious. When I was in my teens, I began to gain interest in sex, and was masturbating regularly as most young men do. My mom and I lived in a small ranch and our bedrooms were right next to each other. I did not have any brothers or sisters, so it was just me and mom left alone to struggle through difficult times. Well my mom was a large woman and has gotten even bigger over the years. The first thing I noticed was that she had huge breasts. It was a turn on to me, and I didn’t know why, I never wanted to touch her or anything, it was just looking that got me hard. I was also very excited by her big ass, she would bend over and her ass would stick out of her night gown. Her thighs were huge, and her hips very wide, this was so sexy for me. She wore plain white underwear, but I was fascinated by the site. I started to fantasize about her when I would masturbate, and found myself shooting a load in less than a minute. This disturbed me, yet I was so aroused by it, and figured that it wouldn’t hurt anything just being a fantasy. One day in the bathroom I saw a pair of her panties on top in the laundry basket. I decided to sniff them and that started a fetish that still gets me off today. I was so excited by the smell; it was like nothing I had ever smelled before. The aroma of her pussy and ass lingered in her dirty white panties, and I took advantage of it. I would stare at her huge bra while sniffing and slide off into ecstasy, stroking my rock hard cock. The thing that I think really got me started loving ssbbws was one night when I was laying in bed. I turned the TV off and was ready to go to sleep when I heard moaning coming from mom’s room. She normally had the door closed at night, but I think the cat knocked it open. I slowly crept into the dark hallway and continued to hear this incredibly sexy sound coming from mom’s room. As I got closer to the door, I noticed it was open just enough for me to see in. So I peeked in to see what my mom was doing. Well I got the biggest surprise I ever had when I saw her laying naked on the bed with her big legs spread open and her hand rubbing her juicy pussy. My cock was like an oak tree within a second of seeing my fat mom playing with herself. I had already gotten used to the fact that she turned me on, so this was the jackpot. I kept watching as she stroked her clit and with her other hand held one of her big breasts, and rubbed her nipple. The light from her TV was enough for me to see her nipple grow harder as she rubbed. Her eyes where closed and I could hear the sweet sound of her fingers plunging into her soaking wet pussy. I let my PJ bottoms fall to the ground around my ankles, and I started to slowly stroke my hard throbbing cock. I was getting better at not cumming right away, and I wanted to watch more. Well, stared in as mom was enjoying a wonderful masturbating session. I could feel pre cum dripping so I rubbed it over the head of my cock as I watched my mom slowly rub her clit in small circles. She was still moaning and her hips were moving as she started to rub faster. I was doing all I could to hold off, because I wanted to see my mom orgasm before I let go. Moms breathing got faster as she rubbed faster and harder, her pussy juice was actually dripping down into her ass cheeks. Her head was pushed back into the pillow and her legs started to pump as her hips thrusted. Trying to be careful not to be too loud she put a pillow over her face as she started to moan more and breathe heavier. I could see mom’s fat belly jiggle back and forth as she thrusted her hips. Her legs were wide open, and I could see her wet swollen pussy as she played moaning so softly. Her toes started to tense up and release while her tits flopped back and forth making a slapping sound. Just then I got to see mom orgasm for my very first time. I could hear her going ??รข????oh ..oh..oh.. as her body got stiff for a second. She then slowed down and her sexy fat body began to relax after a good workout, that was the only workout she ever did! I started to shoot my load all over the outside of my mom’s door as I watched her cum. It was the best masturbation experience that I ever had, even better than the panties. We both settled down and I had to figure out a way to get the cum off my moms door, without her knowing. I waited a few minutes and turned my light on; I knew she would see it in the hallway. After another minute or so I approached the door and mom was lying cozy under her blanket. I stuck my head in the door and could smell the aroma of pussy mixed with other sexy scents in the air. I told her goodnight and that I would close the door for her. Mom asked me to come into her room for a minute, and I thought oh shit she saw me. Well all she wanted was a goodnight kiss, so as I gave her a peck on the cheek and got the hell out of there. After I closed the door, I quickly wiped the cum off and laid down to sleep as I pictured the scenes that I had just witnessed. This was all I thought about as I sniffed her panties and jacked off nearly every day for weeks. The next thing that got me hooked on fat women was’t..

I can continue if anyone likes this; I never had any sexual contact with my mother that was out of the question.

Other experiences include:
Watching mom in the bath
Watching mom with a woman she met at the bar
Seeing mom watch porn and get herself off
Seeing mom use dildos and getting into different positions
Moms fat sweaty body in the summer

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