A Penny for His BBW Thoughts

A Penny for His BBW Thoughts

Whistling a soft tune, Eric made his way through the empty high school hallways. Class had already started, but he needed to stretch his legs. Feeling the need to look in a mirror, he headed towards the bathroom. Eric turned a corner to enter the boys’ restroom, when he heard a whimper.

The cry of distress was soft, but Eric couldn’t ignore it. He listened carefully and heard it again. The sound was definitely coming from someone crying. The moans were coming from the nearby girls’ restroom, and the concerned teen frowned.

Eric approached the entrance of the bathroom and stopped. He craned his neck left and right to be sure the hall was clear of wandering eyes, and he cautiously stepped inside.

The smell of cleaning agent was faint, and there was a small standee in the center of the tile floor. It read "Caution: Wet Floor." Eric rubbed his sole into the floor and found it was recently dry. A long mirror clung to the wall opposite a row of stalls and few sinks were placed under the mirror.

Eric continued into the bathroom slowly, following the crying sounds to the last stall. Behind the door he heard a sobbing girl, clearly very upset. Unsure of how to address the situation, he awkwardly extended his arm and knocked.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" he said with uncertainty.

The mystery girl immediately stopped crying and went silent. Eric assumed she was surprised someone cared to investigate, or that she heard a boy’s voice in the girls’ bathroom. Either way, he waited patiently for the girl to respond.

"Um, no, I’m fine thanks. You probably shouldn’t be in here," she said, hiding her distress poorly.

Eric could tell she was fighting back tears. She obviously was deflecting. He knew it wasn’t any of his business to pry, but he felt responsible to help now. He no longer cared about getting caught in the wrong restroom.

"I’m more concerned with why you are so upset," he responded, feeling a little more comfortable now that dialogue was established.

"I’m fine, really. Thanks for your concern," her voice assured.

Eric furrowed his brow and ran a hand through his slicked back hair. He didn’t want to leave her like this. With a sigh, he pushed on the stall door slowly.

Penny Daniels was sitting in the stall, her face red from her sobbing. She clenched a tissue in one hand, and was wiping away tears with another. When Eric was in full view, she gasped and hung her head low, her long red hair hiding her face.

"Penny? What’s going on?" he asked.

"Great. This is just what I needed," Penny sarcastically aimed at herself.

"I want to help if I can. Tell me what happened," Eric tried to sooth.

Penny looked up at Eric and couldn’t tell if he was being sincere. She was very distrusting, but thought she might as well say something if he wouldn’t leave. Standing up, she looked back down at the ground as she told Eric her torment.

"Stacey and I have the same AP class this period. We sit right next to each other, and every day she always manages to say something hurtful," Penny choked, her feelings becoming harder to bottle.

"Okay, what did she say?" Eric asked, genuinely trying to help.

Penny paused and fought back a wave of tears.

"It’s always something about my weight. Today’s joke was ’Penny’s so fat, not even Dora can explore her,’" she lamented, tears returning to her eyes.

Eric took a moment, and looked at her. Penny was five feet and five inches tall, weighing in at about two hundred, maybe two hundred and ten, pounds. Her body was the type that girls like Stacey could easily joke about. Eric looked to Penny’s pretty face.

"Stacey can be a real bitch sometimes. Just because she is skinny, she thinks she is better than other girls," Eric offered, crossing his arms.

Penny dried her tears with the tissue and regained some composure.

"Wow, I thought you would defend her," Penny admitted.

"Why would I do that? What she did was really mean," Eric responded, surprised at Penny’s accusation.

"Well, you two..," Penny trailed off.

"Used to fuck?" Eric finished, sensing her unease.

Penny nodded in the affirmative.

"You are always getting girls like Stacey and I never would have thought you would stop to be concerned with someone like me," she self-deprecatingly revealed.

Eric got mad. He wasn’t upset with Penny, he was mad at himself. He had feared this is what his reputation was. He was always pressured by his friends to go after all of the popular girls. All of the conventionally "hot" girls were so manufactured and caked with makeup. He would have never shown interest in those skinny bitches if it were not for peer pressure.

Eric used his good looks to sleep with Stacey, Emily, Elizabeth, and Bianca, but he hated fucking all of them. Katy, Mandy, Nicole, and Danielle were all so skinny, and had no curves at all. Eric hated sleeping with all of these girls, but he did it because it was expected. Eric hated it because he had a secret no one knew. He was ashamed of his secret.

"Do you want to know a secret Penny?" Eric asked, wanting to lift the burden on his shoulders.

"Secret?" she questioned softly, shifting her weight to one side.

Eric sighed and prepared to purge the fact from his mind.

"I hate skinny girls. They have no curves at all. I hate how small their breasts are. I hate how boney their asses are. When I was fucking Stacey, I couldn’t wait for it to end. She is a terrible lay. I only sleep with these girls because my friends expect me to. None of them know I hate it," he poured, finally admitting it out loud.

Penny stared at Eric with a shocked expression. For several moments nothing was said. Tension was building and Eric wondered if he had made a mistake.

"Are you serious?" Penny asked, her surprise by the confession subsiding.

Eric was so mad at Stacey for hurting Penny. Penny was a beautiful girl. Her bright red hair framed her lovely face perfectly. Her bright green eyes pierced him as she waited for his reply.

"Yes. If Stacey ever makes fun of you again, tell her you know how awful she is in bed because Eric told you. If she doesn’t believe you, tell her about her birthmark on her right ass cheek. Tell her I said I would have rather fucked you," he spat.

Eric’s eyes widened as a realized what he just said. He was attracted to Penny, but he didn’t mean to tell her like that. Penny stared at Eric for a moment, and took a timid step closer to him.

"You would rather have sex...with me?" she asked softly, looking up at the handsome face.

The area between the two became warm. Eric’s face felt very hot as he stared down at Penny. Her full lips were slightly parted; small breaths escaping as her heart rate climbed. The pounding in Eric’s head was just beginning as he tried to recover.

"I’m sorry, what I meant was..," he stopped because he had said what he meant.

Penny stepped closer until her large breasts were pushed up against his body.

Eric’s body began to tingle with desire. Penny’s body felt warm and soft, and her blouse clung to her curves enticingly. It also allowed the outline of her belly to be displayed. Eric became nervous at how much he wanted Penny.

"I like big girls Penny...I’ve never told anyone that," he managed, getting closer to her lips.

"I...I want you Eric," she pleaded, meeting her lips to his.

Fire burned inside of them both as they realized their need. Eric rested his hands on her wide hips as he continued their passion. After a few moments, Eric stepped back.

"I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say you are a big girl," he stumbled.

"Do you...want me?" Penny timidly asked.

When Eric nodded in the affirmative she smiled.

"You can call me whatever you want," she breathed.

Penny nervously removed her top to reveal her huge breasts, sitting proudly in her bra cups. Her love handles jiggled as she threw the article of clothing aside. She slowly shimmied out of her skirt, her belly shaking pleasingly as she did. Eric felt his penis growing at the sight of his first fat girl in her underwear.

Eric drank in the sight of Penny’s wonderful body. Penny was big, but her weight wasn’t sloppy or flabby. Her two hundred-plus pounds were distributed perfectly all around her body. Her weight was held in hourglass form, her breasts, hips, and ass forming smooth curves. She didn’t have a single stretch mark, and her skin looked silky. Eric loved the way her bra dug into the skin under her breasts, and he grew excited at the ring her stomach formed around the top of her panties. Her belly protruded slightly, creating a beautifully round pouch.

Penny remained silent as she unclasped her bra. For a short moment, Penny held it up to her chest; her uncertain eyes betrayed her feelings to Eric.

"Please Penny, let me see," Eric pushed, excitement building inside of him.

When she let the bra fall, Eric could no longer hold his erection. Penny’s breasts were giant pillows, her nipples were small and perfect, and their shape was remarkable. The areolas were perfect circles and the nipples pointed directly at Eric. The nervous girl held her arms under her chest, displaying them.

"I always thought these were so disgusting...aren’t G cups way too big?" she sheepishly wondered.

Eric responded by removing his own clothing. Penny felt hot between her thighs as he revealed his hard body, and she let the feeling flow over her.

"I’ve heard stories..," she remarked, not finishing her thought.

"What stories?" Eric asked, stopping with only his boxers on.

"The skinny girls say...you have an enormous dick," she answered, embarrassed at her words.

"You tell me," Eric stated, liberating his boxers from his body.

Penny shrieked.

The massive erection stood solidly in front of Eric. His foot long dick was hard as rock, as thick as a log, and throbbing. His large, leathery ball sack was clean, and swayed as he stepped to Penny.

"Eric, it’s gigantic," she said, looking down at the pillar as her mouth gaped.

Eric just smiled as Penny started to lower herself.

Penny knelt and put her face right in front of the colossal cock. A bead of pre-cum was formed at the head, ready to be sucked. Penny grabbed the shaft tenderly, and slowly encased her mouth over the head.

Pleasure shot up Eric’s body as he entered the warm, wet mouth. Penny’s tongue massaged the underside of his head, while she stroked the shaft.

"Oh shit, I can’t believe how good that feels," Eric said, encouraging Penny.

Knowing her technique was welcomed, Penny lowered her full lips down the shaft of the pulsing pole. Eric grabbed a clump of hair on the back of her head as she sucked.

Penny’s blowjob was wet and slippery. She tightly wrapped her mouth on the thick trunk and moved up and down his length. After successfully working on eight inches of the cock, she pushed all twelve to the back of her throat and gagged.

"Oh fuck!" Eric approved, reaching the back of Penny’s tight throat.

Tears started to form around Penny’s eyes, and her face became red, but she did not relent. For what seemed like forever, she fucked her own throat with the massive penis. When she withdrew, Eric was harder than he ever had been before. Just for good measure, Penny sucked on his big balls before stopping, allowing his leathery sack to fill her warm mouth.

"Penny, I don’t know how you did that, but it was the best blowjob I have ever had," he told panting girl.

"Thanks, I worked really hard," she wiped her mouth clean of saliva.

Eric led her down and pressed her back the floor. The weight of her breasts shifted them to her sides. The fat girl-loving teen grabbed them and massaged.

"These tits are so huge Penny. They are the best breasts I have ever seen," he revealed, becoming enamored with the soft, pliable flesh.

Penny became wet when hearing her body praised. No one had ever showed such interest.

Eric leaned down and put a tender nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. Penny gasped lightly as her nipple was sucked, and her toes curled as Eric alternated his attention to each nipple.

"Eric...I want you...in me," Penny panted, the perfect cock being denied to her for too long.

Eric smiled and placed his penis near her entrance. The heat coming from her was incredible. His head barely touched her opening.

"I need one thing before I do this," Eric said, looking down at the beautiful red head.

"Anything," she responded earnestly.

"I need you to tell me you love your body. I need to know you know how sexy you are. I want you to own the body you have, not just accept it," he said, hoping Penny could overcome her anxiety.

Penny looked away from him. She had always been ashamed to look at herself. She was always fat. That was a fact. Eric wanted her to tell him she loved her body, but was not sure how to show it. Maybe, if Eric loved it, there was something to like. An idea popped into her mind and she looked up at him.

"Eric, I love that you love my body. I love that I grew huge breasts so you could play with them. My thighs are thick and my butt his huge...and I can’t help but jiggle when I walk. Eric, if you enter me...you will see how much my belly shakes when I move, I can’t stop it...and I don’t want to," she admitted honestly.

Eric wasted no time plunging into the overweight girl’s warm depths.

"Oh God!" she shouted, the huge cock spreading her wide.

Eric’s elation could not be measured as he finally felt the inside of a fat girl. Her walls hugged him tightly and she was more than lubricated to accept him. Eric started to pump his giant dick into Penny’s pussy.

"Penny, I can’t believe I’m here, I’m finally fucking a big girl. It feels fantastic," he smiled, pleasure shooting up and down his penis.

"Your dick is really big Eric," she struggled to say, his cock pushing in and out of her.

Penny’s body began to move like gel. Her belly pouch was bouncing in rhythm with her big breasts, and her thighs rippled every time Eric pounded into her. She had never felt such pleasure, and she had never imagined fitting all of Eric’s foot-long cock inside her.

"I don’t even know how those skinny girls could take this," Penny said through clenched teeth, overwhelmed by the huge member.

Eric increased his thrusting as he became more saturated with bliss. His fantasy finally came to fruition. Completely enveloped by the perfection of Penny’s cunt, he could not hold back his needs any longer. He shouted his demands.

"Can I call you fat? Please? Can I call you my fat slut?" he begged.

Penny wanted nothing more than to please the man who was so wonderfully pounding her.

"Yes! I’m your fat slut. Call me fat whenever you can," she allowed as the huge dick pumped inside her.

"Penny, you are so fucking fat! I love fat girls! I will never fuck a skinny bitch ever again!" he promised, pummeling her snatch.

As Penny’s extra skin pleasingly bounced around like jello, she thought of a way to give Eric what he wanted.

"Would you...would you fuck my fat friends? They could never get a dick like this," she asked, hoping to intrigue Eric.

"Of course! Of course I will fuck your fat friends!" Eric promised, grabbing her tits and kneading roughly.

"I’ll gain all the weight you want. I will get as big as you please. I will love being fat for you," the girl stated in bliss.

Penny reached over to the purse up against the wall and reached inside. Eric was confused for a moment, but was too involved with pounding Penny’s tight cunt to care. After a moment of searching, Penny’s hand emerged from the bag with a wrapper. Eric’s mind exploded when he saw what it was.

Eric continued to fuck Penny vigorously as she peeled the wrapper off the Twinkie. She tossed the plastic aside and teased the yellow sponge with her tongue. Eric grew concrete inside of her.

"This is the nastiest thing I have ever seen!" he shouted, elated that Penny embraced her weight condition.

Penny slowly pushed the Twinkie into her mouth, cream spilling from the sides. She swallowed the treat slowly.

"Mmmm," she purred, "that’s my fourth one today."

As Penny completed licking the sweet cream off her lips, a loud thud sounded from the other end of the bathroom.

Stacey Owens had dropped her bag and was staring at the two lovers in shocked awe. She was speechless at the sight of her former lover degrading himself by fucking such a cow.

"No! Stacey! Don’t tell anyone!" Penny pleaded, while still in the throes of passion.

"No! Tell fucking everyone Stacey! Tell everyone I love fucking fat girls!" Eric retorted, pointing for Stacey to leave with the message.

The skinny blonde shrieked and ran from the room.

Penny wrapped her legs around Eric and placed her hands on his hips. She had never been so turned on in her life. Eric wanted everyone to know she was his. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with hope.

"If you want to cum inside of me...I won’t stop you," she softly said, praying it wouldn’t scare him.

"Are you on birth control?" Eric managed, his thrusting becoming more violent.

Penny gave him a cautious look, and shook her head.

"I’m not on birth control," she responded.

"You could get pregnant, you know that right?" he asked, unsure of her intent.

Penny gave him a thoughtful look, and nodded.

"Are you sure?" he questioned.

"Anything that will make me a fatter slut. I want to parade my pregnant belly in front of Stacey. I want to mother your child," she said, knowing how to convince Eric.

Eric could not hide his delight as his balls tightened. His muscles tensed and he prepared for climax.


Eric exploded inside of Penny, flooding her womb with his spunk. Waves of hot and thick jizz coated Penny’s insides, ensuring the two lovers conceived.

"I’m knocking you up! Get fat! Get fat for me!" Eric yelled, lost in his euphoria.

Penny’s orgasm hit her like a train when she felt the semen spurt into her. She wrapped her thick legs around Eric and imprisoned every last drop of his seed inside of her. She did not notice she was shouting in delight until she had climbed down from her amazing bliss. Eric fell onto her cushiony body.

There was no time for the teenagers to rest before the end of class bell rang. The sound of classroom doors opening echoed down the hallways, and shuffling feet headed towards the bathroom.

"I want everyone to know I love fat girls," he exhaled.

Penny felt confident with herself for the first time ever. She looked up into the eyes of her big-dicked man and spoke.

"Then fuck me again," she dared.

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