Meeting a Chatroom Bbw Pornstar

Meeting a Chatroom Bbw Pornstar
I have never had much luck in chat rooms. I mostly just lurk, hoping to see some sexy exchanges. The few times I’ve tried to be witty, I have gotten shot down by quit-witted snarks or dissed by the ladies, most of whom are probably men. I’ve tried sending private messages to ladies who had promising screen names like "SexyNymph" or "WildnWilling", but rarely get a reply and when I do they are generally one-word answers spaced ten minutes apart.

So it was with little optimism that I decided to kill a few minutes in the "Big Breast" chatroom the other day. The alternative was to beat off to some big breast porn. You can tell I like big breasts, huh? I watched some "clever" in-room banter, mostly bad puns. It seemed, as always, like the guys were trying not to sound horny and desperate and the girls or "girls" were sniping at the noobies and leading on the regulars. I was ready to click over to my favorite porn site when a name in the list of room occupants caught my eye. It was "RetiredPornStar".

I checked out her profile. It said she was female, mid-thirties, who had done big breast and BBW porn but had quit to raise her family. She wouldn’t give her "porn name" and claimed to just want "friendly chat".

Yeah, I thought, as if! I couldn’t imagine that any woman who had been in porn would waste a second trolling for sex chat like I was. After all, such a woman would have lived the life that most of us chatroom jerks have wet dreams about. After a lifetime of three-ways, double penetrations and facials, what possible interest could a chatroom full of people who can’t get dates possibly hold?

So, in my guise as "HornyNerdStud" (HNS), I private messaged "RetiredPornStar" (RPS).

HNS: Hey, were you really in porn?

RPS: Yes, years ago, late 80s to mid 90s. Probably before your time.

HNS: I actually watch a lot of older porn. It was realer and sexier.

RPS: Why do you say that?

HNS: Fewer fake tits, more real bodies, and better production values.

RPS: Wow, you are right! Today’s stuff is shot on video with poor lighting and dead-eyed actors.

HNS: Yeah, and the "amateur" stuff is so boring. No story or dialog. Like watching robots fuck.

RPS: You’re funny.

HNS: So, who did you work with?

I figured she would name the big stars that everyone would know because I wasn’t buying that she had done porn. She gave several names I had never heard before. I quickly opened another browser, went to my porn site and searched. Each one came up! And each one looked to be a late-80s to mid-90s big breast / BBW actress!

HNS: You worked with these girls?

RPS: Oh yes. I still keep in touch with some of them.

HNS: What about the guys?

She mentioned more names I wasn’t familiar with. Again I searched and again the guys came up. I asked her about the guys and compared her answers to the pictures of the guys on the clip thumbnails. She was right on!

HNS: How is it I don’t know these people?

RPS: I worked in England and Europe mostly. BBW was very big over there.

I strained my brain to think of European porn stars. I threw out some names. She said she had worked with one or two that I named, then she named several others that I had heard of including a famous huge-breasted model.

HNS: What was it like working with her?

RPS: She was so sweet. She never did hard core. We did a few scenes together. We have very similar bodies.

HNS: You are a similar body to her?

RPS: Yes, I may be a bit heavier than her, but our boobs were about the same.

I had jerked off to clips of that famous big breast model many times. I could picture her big jugs bouncing and swaying as she moved before the camera and played with other female models. One of my favorites was her oiling her mams with baby oil and then massaging them. How I longed to do that to her!

HNS: That model is one of my favorites.

RPS: What exactly do you like about her?

HNS: I loved the way her tits moved. And one scene she did she oiled them up.

RPS: Yes, she loved to do that! She always smelled so nice from the creams and oils she used.

HNS: Really?

RPS: Yes, and her skin was so soft and smooth. It was great to work with her. I’d go home and my husband would comment on how good I smelled.

I decided to get a little more raunchy.

HNS: How about the men? Did you like the ones with the big cocks?

RPS: Some of them. Once they got bigger than eight inches, I had to watch which positions we did or I’d get sore and have to cut a scene short. Directors don’t like that.

HNS: Did you like gang bangs?

RPS: I didn’t do more than three guys at a time. But my agent once booked a triple penetration for me. That made me angry. I fired him after that.

HNS: Why?

RPS: lol It might look sexy, but it stretched and tore some delicate areas. I had to heal and didn’t work for a while. And I needed the money.

I was becoming convinced she was the real deal. We chatted for an hour more about every aspect of porn I had always wondered about. It was a job to her when she needed money and she had a figure that was a distraction in lots of other job situations, so it worked out for her. When she had to sign off, she thanked me for my interest and being polite to her. I thanked her for sharing her experiences with me. All the while, as I became more sure she was what she said she was, I was getting excited. I pictured the girls she worked with and brought them up on my browser. As I stroked my cock, I imagined each one was my new chat friend. It only took a few minutes before my cock was spurting a much bigger than usual load all over my hand and belly. I noted the time and vowed to look for her the next day.

Over the next week, we chatted several times. Each time I got more sure that she was a former porn star. She just knew so much about the business and was very nonchalant about it. And while she mentioned being a wife and mother, she also revealed her sexual side more and more. I thought she might be put off as I got more sexual and direct, but she surprised me. Instead of a line of chat, a link to a picture popped up.

RPS: Tell me what you think of my breasts. Tell me what you would do with them.

HNS: OMG. I can’t believe you are sharing this with me.

It was a picture of her right breast being held in her husband’s hand. It was enormous. His hand was underneath the huge, fleshy orb lifting it slightly. It overflowed his hand on both sides. I could see the breast was hanging under its great weight, but it was also full and round. Its outer curve extended beyond her body’s frame. And the photo showed just the edge of her left breast but displayed the deep, long chasm of incredible cleavage. I could not take my eyes from the picture. I kept typing "OMG" to her. My eyes locked onto her coral pink aureole and nipple in the center of the frame. The aureole was large and very distinct. It was dotted with little bumps that I knew would feel incredible to my lips. And the nipple was very large, round and standing out from the breast a good half inch or more. My mouth puckered instinctively. I so wanted to dive, mouth first, onto this dream come true.

I began typing like a madman. I told her how huge and gorgeous her breasts were. I told her how I wanted to touch, hold, massage, knead, lift and mold her huge jugs. I told her I could only imagine the feeling of burying my face between them, of inhaling her aroma and feeling the warmth of her expansive tits. I told her how I wanted to suck on her huge nipples like a baby and squeeze her tits as if I was trying to express milk from them. I told her that the deep valley between her tits was made for tit-fucking and how I wanted to slide my now-rock-hard cock into the abyss and mash her huge jugs together and pump them like a pussy. I went on and on. Then I paused. Had I gone too far? I had called her breasts "tits" and "jugs" and gotten very sexual all at once.

RPS: Go on, please. I love how much you are into this. What else would you do?

HNS: Does it excite you that my cock is so hard right now that it aches?

RPS: Yes. Stroke it for me. My cunt is dripping as I read this. Should I touch my tits like you describe wanting to.

HNS: Yes! I’m staring at your picture jacking my cock. I can’t believe I’m getting a porn star excited.

RPS: Tell me how you would fuck me.

I loved how unself-conscious she was. She had no problem with my language or my interest or my excitement. I didn’t have to pretend to be cool and unimpressed. I described kissing her mouth and romantically caressing her body as I might on a first date. But the imagined encounter quickly heated up. And I found myself on top of her rubbing my stiff cock against her pussylips. Then I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy and began pumping her in long, slow strokes. I imagined her moaning and whispering in my ear to fuck harder and to grab her asscheeks. I could sense her pleasure building as was my own. Even in my fantasy I fought to keep from coming too soon. I want to feel her explode on my cock. I imagined lifting myself up so I could see her face and those gigantic tits as I pounded her pussy non-stop. Those huge mounds rolled and bounced with each thrust. Her eyelids fluttered and she began to growl. She told me not to stop. Her body tensed and she closed her eyes tightly as her orgasm hit. She threw her head back, eyes now wide. Again she tensed and gritted her teeth moaning loudly. I could just about understand her saying she was coming through the gasps and moans. I felt her pussy flooding my cock with her juices. For a fantasy fuck, this was very real to me.

HNS: How was that?

RPS: You have quite a way with words. I have to tell you that I came as I was reading all that.

HNS: What made you come? What part exactly?

RPS: Your description of how my tits moved. I can tell you really love huge tits like mine. That really excites me.

HNS: Doesn’t every man love big tits?

RPS: Not every man likes fat women with very big breasts. And I was made to feel ugly when I was young. That’s why I got into adult films. I love my body now. But seeing how much you love it makes me feel so good.

HNS: Do you wish you were thinner? You called yourself fat.

RPS: I find using the word ’fat’ empowering. I love the size I am. I have a big belly and a big round ass and huge hanging tits. I love that some men find that sexy and I don’t care about those who don’t. Now it’s your turn. You haven’t come yet, have you?

HNS: Not yet.

Then she started typing to me. I only responded with one-word answers like "yes" and "more". She described rolling on top of me and taking over the action. She kissed my mouth deeply, shoving her tongue into my mouth and then sucking mine into hers. Her hands caressed my face and chest. She sat up and began to rock on my cock. She told me how deeply she could feel my cock and how much it was filling her up. She twisted and squeezed her inner muscles and I felt her pussy tighten. She was in complete control. She could make me cum any time she wanted with a word or a movement. I was in ecstasy.

RPS: Look at my big tits. See the way they swing and bounce? These big tits are all yours to suck and bite and smother in. Let me feed you. Watch how I squeeze this one and force it into your mouth. Suck on it hard. Like a hungry baby. Can you get my milk flowing? Let me bury your face in my massive jugs, stud. I feel your cock throbbing inside my wet cunt. I’m going to lean back. Watch me suck my own tits. See how I can lift each one up to my lips. How does that make you feel? This is your own private porn. I’m a private fuck toy for your cock. Look at me trying to hold both of my big tits for you. There just too fucking big to control. Cum for me now. Blow you wad into my pussy. Fill me up with your cum.

I had been stroking my cock as I read. The pre-cum had seeped from the tip of my cockhead and lubed my jacking. When she told me to cum I imagined her lowering one huge tit into my face while she lifted the other to her lips and sucked and bit it as I did the other. And my cum exploded from my cock as it hadn’t in years. Thick, white jets spurted and arced again and again. I only wished she could have seen it. I really wished it could have been on her pussy or on her face or tits. I wanted to cum all over her.

I told her that I had cum.

RPS: Was it good, baby?

HNS: It was better than most of the sex I have had with women. Honestly.

RPS: That is so sweet of you to say. I really enjoyed it. I knew you were wild with lust for me.

HNS: I was. I am. I don’t want to sound crazed, but you are amazing.

RPS: You don’t sound crazed. You appreciate my body and my skills. It’s flattering.

HNS: Thank you so much.

RPS: Did you say you were near New York City?

HNS: Yes, why?

RPS: No reason. Will you be online this time tomorrow?

HNS: Absolutely.

RPS: Chat you then. Bye for now, dear.

HNS: Bye. *kiss*

I thought of little else for the rest of the day. My mind raced from one possibility to the next. I couldn’t let myself think this internet chat could ever be more than that. I was lucky that a real, live porn star would cyber with me. That was way more than I ever dreamed would happen. I knew she was happily married and had a child. I needed to calm down and take a cold shower. But I couldn’t stop my imagination. And the memory of that picture of her breast was burned into my mind. I’d dated some busty gals in college, but nothing like this.

The next morning I was online early and was thrilled to see her screen name in the list of room occupants. I sent her private message.

HNS: Hello?

RPS: Hey, you. I was hoping to find you here.

HNS: Ditto!

RPS: What are you doing Tuesday?

HNS: This Tuesday? Nothing. I work from home, so I am free.

RPS: How much trouble is it for you to get to mid-town Manhattan?

HNS: Not too much. Why?

RPS: I have a meeting with my lawyers. They monitor the porn sites for unauthorized use of my clips. They send out threatening letters and the web sites settle for a payment. That’s how I earn a living. I have to be at their offices to sign some papers. I’ll have most of the day and the night free.

HNS: Just you and your husband?

RPS: Just me. He’s home with our child.

HNS: And you want to meet me?

RPS: I think I’d like to do more than meet you, but that will depend.

HNS: Wow. I can’t believe this. Depend on what?

RPS: Honestly, I am very curious about someone who is such a fan. If we meet at my lawyer’s office, I can get a look at you. Make sure you are as nice in real life as you are in chat. I am someone who trusts her gut. And there has to be an attraction. I haven’t seen you at all. You haven’t seen my face or my whole body. We both get the chance to bail. Would you be willing to do that?

HNS: I really can’t believe you are suggesting this. This is moving pretty fast.

RPS: I’ve known about the meeting for a while, but I wasn’t sure about you. I’m taking a chance, but I’ll be in a safe place.

HNS: What about your husband?

RPS: We have an open marriage. He knows about our chats and he says he’s giving me a "hall pass". There is one catch.

HNS: And that is...?

RPS: After we meet, if we both want to move ahead, we’ll both do STD tests. There is a doctor right there next to my lawyer. He handles a lot of adult performers and they can have the results before we finish coffee.

HNS: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

RPS: Well, think about it. I’m going to be there. If you want to meet me, this is your chance. I don’t get to New York often. This is a one-time thing.

HNS: I mean, I want to. But now that it’s presented to me like this. I guess I am afraid I won’t "measure up", you know?

RPS: lol, Yes, I know. I’m not a "size queen". You told me you had six inches. That’s plenty to work with. Hey, you might think too fat or that I’m ugly. We’re both taking a chance. Think about it. I have to run. My baby’s fussing. I should be around later. Bye for now.

I guess this is what it feels like when someone calls your bluff. Suddenly I was struck by every kind of doubt. What if I couldn’t perform? I was so nervous it was a possibility. And what if she didn’t find me attractive. Or what if she wasn’t attractive? I mean, she had big breasts, but she might have two heads for all I know. She had directed me to clips of some of the girls she had worked with. She had told me that her body was like this one and her face kind of looked like that one a little. And I had jerked off to each of those clips imagining they were her. But this was different. Tuesday was just a few days away.

That night, I went online again. I didn’t see her screen name in the list. I hung around and watched the idle chit-chat in the "Big Breast" room. She had told me she had chatted with a few guys in there and, of course, been bombarded with questions about her identity, rude remarks about the porn business, and such. She had told me the reason she kept chatting with me is that my questions were respectful and interested and that I was a fan. I had a gut feeling she was a nice person, but I was still scared.

Suddenly, I had a private message from her. I clicked on it.

RPS: Well, have you been thinking?

HNS: I haven’t been doing much else.

RPS: So...?

HNS: When and where?

The day came. My GPS took me to the building where lawyer’s office was located and I parked in the underground lot. I was right on time. The elevator took me up to the tenth floor. The receptionist directed me to a small conference room. I had barely sat down when the door opened and in walked a woman.

When I say I was thunderstruck, it doesn’t begin to cover it. Here was a woman in her early 40s with a smile that lit up the room and a curvy body that I couldn’t stop staring at. She greeted me warmly with a hug, kissing me on the cheek. She seemed very happy to meet me. She sat opposite me and leaned toward me.

"I can’t believe you are the one with all those sexy thoughts in your head!" she said.

"What did you expect?" I asked.

"I wasn’t expecting a handsome businessman-looking guy! And you weren’t lying about being in good shape."

"Well, you are more gorgeous than I imagined. You are way prettier than the girls you said you looked like."

"You don’t think I’m too fat?"

"Oh my goodness, no! You have an amazing body! I love the way that dress clings to your curves!"

"Oh, this old thing?"

And we chatted like that for a few minutes. She completely put me at ease and I sensed she liked me. There was a lull in the chat.

She said, "I’ve already signed the things my lawyers needed. So, shall we get tested?"

"Sure," I said.

They really were set up for this. We went to an office two doors down and a nurse gave us each a quick exam and took a few " biological samples" for testing. A few minutes later we were back in the conference room. We had just finished a coffee over more small talk when her phone buzzed.

"They have the results. There bringing them over." She smiled.

There was a knock on the conference room door and the nurse who took the samples handed us each an envelope. I opened mine. There was a list of a dozen or so tests under my name and the word "negative" next to each. At the bottom of the page, there was a statement in big letters that said "approved for work". I laid the paper on the desk as she did the same. Her paper looked identical to mine except with her name at the top. She was "approved for work" also.

"Shall we go to work?" she joked. "I am staying a block from here. The lawyers are paying for the room and the tests. There’s an insurance thing that they apply to it. They have some deal with the hotel in exchange for legal advice. The whole trip costs me almost nothing."

We walked the block to her hotel. In the room, she excused herself and took a small bag with her into the bathroom. I tried not to be nervous, but who was I kidding? I have been watching porn since the mid-80s. I can identify by name hundreds of adult performers. I’ve jerked off literally thousands of times while watching these women and wishing I could be with them. And now I’m in a hotel room with a real, live adult film star who is a gorgeous woman with huge tits and a body made for pleasure. She has experience and skills light-years beyond mine. I’ve been with a total of six women in my life. I was so nervous I was shaking.
The bathroom door swung open and there she was in a purple bustier with garters holding up fishnet stockings and "fuck me" high heels. She looked like she was ready to shoot a scene. I almost came in my pants.

"Ready, lover?" she asked. She sounded relaxed and happy. All she knew about me was what I had told her, which was true, thank goodness, but now I had to live up to it.

"You look amazing. I’ve never seen a woman look so good in person. I just hope that..."

She silenced me with a finger to my lips.

"Get out of those clothes and come to bed, lover."

She turned off the lights and pulled back the covers on the king-sized bed. She moved over and patted the space next to her. I stripped off my clothes and moved next to her.

We kissed deeply. And we kept kissing and holding each other for a long time. Her mouth was so soft and warm and she seemed to read my mind, knowing what I wanting to feel and do. My hands roamed her body, trying to memorize every curve. I found the little buttons running down the back of the bustier and began undoing them. When the last one was released, she looked up at me as I lifted the garment away from her. Her body was stunning. Her breasts were huge, larger than I had imagined them. They were full and heavy, hanging to the side as she leaned up for a kiss.

"Well, lover, like what you see?"

My answer was to plunge my face down into the huge mass of warm, perfumed breast flesh. I just wanted to feel all that expanse of full, firm boob against my skin. She reached under her massive breasts and hefted them up to fully smother me in the endless bounty. I pushed closer to her, snaking one of my legs between her two. She reacted immediately grinding her mound against it, emitting a low moan as she did.

I finally came up for air. Every view of her was spectacular. Her face was so beautiful and as she was grinding against my leg, she had a look of lust in her eyes like I had never seen. It was raw, sexual hunger. I took one of her big breasts in two hands and began sucking on her huge nipple. I massaged and kneaded the giant tit while my mouth suckled like a hungry baby.

"That’s my big baby. Suck on Mommy’s huge titty. Suck all that milk out, baby. It’s all for you."

My cock leapt to full attention and strained against its skin. She knew exactly what I wanted to hear and she said it with such a raw sexual edge to her voice. Her breasts were so massive it was hard to take them in. There were the palest blue veins criss-crossing the expanse of white flesh. I moved to the other mammoth mammary and seized it in two hands and gave it the same treatment.

She backed away from me and maneuvered me across her lap. She was holding me like she would a baby for feeding. She grasped one huge tit and forced the nipple into my mouth. With that hand she worked the breast as if pushing her milk toward the nipple. I sucked and licked and bit her nipple lightly. She shuddered at the sensation and reached her other hand to grasp my cock and stroke it lazily. I was officially in heaven. I moaned into her huge breast. I wanted to touch her pussy and give her pleasure, but the position I was in did not allow that, so I just relaxed and let her please me. She moaned and whispered to me to suck harder. And she kept referring to her breasts as "Mommy’s massive jugs", "my huge milkers", "my giant tits" and each time she did, it drove me crazier and crazier. She knew she was my walking fantasy and she was playing the part all the way.

I don’t know how long that went on. I was floating. She stroked my cock and kept it rock-hard without driving me over the edge. She hummed and moaned sweetly as I suckled. At some point, I decided to take the next step.

"I want to eat your pussy now. Let’s 69. You on top, like we chatted about in fantasy," I said, managing to keep my voice from sounding as nervous as I was.

We shifted into a 69 with her on top. She gradually lowered her pussy onto my mouth. It had wisps of dark hair at the top but was otherwise hairless. Her pussylips, as she had described them to me, were the same shade of coral pink as her aureole and nipples. They were big and meaty and hung down from her pussy. I devoured them, gently at first.

As I was thrilling to the first taste of her most intimate area, I felt the weight of her huge breasts on my stomach and her hand at the base of my cock. I felt her rub my cockhead against her lips and then push down to take it in. Her mouth was warm, wet, soft and hungry. I felt her twisting her head from side to side. Her shoulder-length brown hair tickled my thighs. She began to work her magic. I have never felt anything like her mouth. She had the ability to control every sensation. She took my cock down to the base, deep in her throat without any strain. Then she moaned around it and I felt her tongue swirl as she lifted up off it. This woman loved to suck cock, knew how to do it and was knocking me out with her passion and skill.

I could have focused solely on what she was doing to my cock and cum in ten seconds, but I directed my attention to the warm, wet pussy being presented to me. I sucked and pulled on her pussylips and ran my tongue between them. They opened like the petals of a flower and I slurped the wetness that seemed to be in endless supply. I plunged my tongue as deeply as I could into her pussy. She arched her back and moaned, even though her mouth was full of my meat. I pumped my head to tonguefuck her tight little pussyhole as deeply and as forcefully as I could. She was grinding her pussy into my mouth, fucking back at my tongue. She shuddered and relaxed. I gently moved my tongue up between her big cuntlips and up to her clitoris. It was a tiny bud, nestled in its hood at the top of her lips. I brushed my tongue over it and encircled it. I flicked my tongue lightly over it. Then I moved my lips directly onto it. I tried to push its hood and the surrounding flesh back so I could suck the little nub directly. She bucked her hips and almost made a muffled shout, her mouth stuffed full of cock. I repeated my tongue and lip actions on her clit and then moved back down to her pussy shoving my tongue in deeply again. She was moaning constantly now. It made her blowjob a true "hummer".

I felt her hand cup my balls and her fingers manipulate each sensitive orb. She cupped them both and squeezed as she slurped around my cock and took it deeply down, pumping her mouth the full length of my cock repeatedly. She seemed to know exactly how much I could take before my orgasm began to build and would back off a little to let the rush of passion fade, but just a little. Then she would be back to it. It seemed she could "edge" me like this indefinitely.

I moved back up to her clit and attacked it in earnest. My tongue and lips battered and suckled the tiny bud. I felt her breathing deeply and her moans became growling groans. I continued working her clit and she suddenly erupted in spasms of convulsive jerking and grinding on my face. She was cumming like a freight train and fucking my face hard, grinding and twisting, smearing her juices all over my face. I kept my tongue extended and she moved her hips so she could grind on it however it felt best to her. Again she convulsed and shrieked, her mouth lifting off my cock for the first time since she took it in.

I felt a gush of wetness squirt on my face and I moved my mouth toward its source. She squirted again directly into my mouth. A sweet, salty, bitter, delicious taste and smell filled my senses. She sat upright and shuddered several more times. Her thighs and pussy and lower belly were smothering me and I didn’t care. If I had to die, this is the way I wanted to go. But then she lifted one leg and rolled over onto her back.

"Fuck me right now. Shove that big cock in me and fuck me like a bitch in heat!" she ordered.

She didn’t have to ask twice. I sat up, spun around and barely took a moment to look at the incredible sight. Her legs were spread wide, her knees bent slightly. Her pussylips were sopping wet and swollen with her arousal. Her big belly heaved and rolled. Her massive jugs hung to each side, their massive weight stretching the pale flesh. Her beautiful face was a mask of lust. Her lips were parted and she almost snarled at me. She needed a cock in her now!

I lay on top of her and directed my cock to her pussy. I rubbed my head along her lips and she bucked her hips and her pussy consumed my full length. It was the tightest, wettest, warmest sensation of total pleasure I could ever have imagined. It gripped my whole length and twisted and pumped and controlled it totally. I was on top, but she was doing the fucking. I held on for dear life! Our mouths mashed together and her tongue filled my mouth, swirling and plunging deeply. My hands gripped her big asscheeks and I held her close and ground my cock against her mound. She was moaning constantly.

"Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck your whore! Fuck my pussy! Pump my cunt harder! Make it cum again! Pump me just like that! Don’t you fucking think about stopping!" She was in another world, consumed with lust and I was right there with her.

"Take it all! Your fucking cunt feels so good! Squeeze that cock, bitch! Fuck back at me! Use your pussy on me. Fuck it good!" My voice was an animal growl. I was spitting the words into her ear. Not that she needed any encouragement. She was fully in charge and we both knew it.

I felt her body shudder and quake and her hands took a death-grip on my asscheeks holding me tightly against herself. My hands found her huge tits and pushed them together between us. I was squeezing the kneading them roughly, hoping I wasn’t hurting her, but not really caring. I raised myself up so I could plunge my mouth on one nipple sucking it hard and biting it. then I moved to the other. As my teeth plunged into her nipple, she bucked and shook, letting out a long, low, stuttering sigh. I felt her pussy spasm and quiver and a flood of her juices was unleashed. I slowed my pussy-pounding pace and looked up to see her gorgeous face looking at me. Her eyes were glazed and she had a euphoric look of satisfaction.

"You fuck like a stud. I haven’t come like that in a very long time. I lost count after eight. You fucked the shit out of me," she said, as if in a fog. She kissed my mouth deeply and lovingly. Her hands held my face close to hers.

"Now I need you to fuck me doggie-style. Really fuck me like an animal and I want you to blow your cumload all over my big tits, ok stud?"

She had told me that she came hardest when fucked from behind and I had told her that I wanted to see her huge udders hanging from her chest swinging and swaying and bouncing as I fucked her doggie-style. And so now was the time.

She rose up and got on her hands and knees. I moved behind her. Her big ass was wide open to me. I gripped her cheeks and kneaded them for a moment. Then I pushed up close and rammed my cock deep in her sopping wet cunt. She arched her back and tossed her head wildly. I looked up and she was facing a mirror on the hotel room wall. Her huge jugs hung down swinging to the rhythm of our fucking. I looked to the side and saw the mirror on the dresser reflecting the side view of the same. This was what I had dreamed of all my life. She coached and encouraged me with every dirty word she knew I loved. I pumped her pussy long and deep with my hands on her hips and felt her breathing building again. I reached one hand around her and rubbed her clit. She moaned loudly. It was coming. I leaned on her and reached around her body to cup, as well as I could, those two bouncing kitties, each nearly the size of my head. I squeezed their massive softness. I pinched her nipples and drove my cock in to the balls. I twisted her nipples cruelly, not caring if it hurt. She exploded again. Only this time she was bringing me with her. Even as she was coming, she pulled away, spun around and lay in front of me. She took my whole cock into her mouth and deep-throated it. Her mouth and hand took two or three strokes before she released it and I blew a huge load on her expensive chest. I reached down and jacked my cock as she cheered me on. Thick ropes of cum spurted out in arcs painting her huge tits in stripes. As the flood subsided, I collapsed beside my lover, spent.

When I looked up, she was up on one elbow. With her other hand, she lifted each great tit to her mouth and licked and sucked my cum from her giant tits and swallowed in down with a gulp. She smiled at me and, once she had cleaned and eaten every drop, she cozied up next to me.

"We’ll wait a little while before ’round two’", she whispered to me with a giggle.

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i really likes the way they do it the samecase the way they meet and enjoyed in total fully.

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