Not too hard (erotic story)

Not too hard (erotic story)
Ok. I knew it was an internet-arranged date, so I really tried hard not to expect much. For one thing it’s too often a disappointment, even after a long and rather interesting e-mail conversation. For another, I’m not exactly the kind of guy to deliberately rush things. So to find myself in bed with Anita on the first date was a real surprise - a shock even! But there was definitely a kind of pull between us that one can’t really explain or measure. So there I was, attracted to the girl a lot but not feeling exactly at home with the prospect of making love to her immediately.

"You know," I said, playing for time, "In all our correspondence, we never really discussed sex. You know - tastes, preferences."

Anita cuddled up to me in only a bath towel for clothing. She smiled, "You make it sound formal, like it’s some kind of political decision you need to make and then stick with it."

"Still," I replied, "I’d like you to tell me how you like it before we start. I would be more comfortable, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean," she answered more seriously. "There was a time I too was shy of the things I like."

"Things you like? You don’t - you’re not..." I started in alarm and faltered, confused and lost for words.

"What? What is it you’re so afraid of?" She chuckled.

"Well I just have a problem with all the submissive-dominant bullshit, and most girls seem to be really into it," I confessed.

"Rest assured I’m not one of them." Anita grinned. "I might like some strong language, though." She winked playfully. "And a bit of physical force. But not in an abusive way."

"Language and force are fine with me, as long as those are not in harness with humiliation or pain. I like to use a bit of strength on a woman, but I think it’s sick to wish to hurt and degrade a person you pretend to care about," I said with disgust.

"A bit of pain may also be welcome sometimes," she smiled once more. Then seeing my expression, she quickly added, "but with a feeling of self-respect, of course. And respect and care for your partner."

I still felt somewhat doubtful, and Anita saw it.

"You know what?" She proposed, "I’m sure we can find our balance with time, but let’s start nice and gentle for now, ok? So you can relax."

She threw aside half of her towel, presenting me her beautiful breasts; not very large, but really full and juicy. I noticed a white drop on her nipple.

"What’s that, milk? Are you pregnant?!" I looked at her, alarmed and puzzled.

"Oh, it’s nothing, just medical stuff," she answered nonchalantly. "I’ll explain later. Don’t worry about it right now. Better think of it as an interesting experience: being with a non-pregnant, lactating woman."

Well, no doubt about that! It was going to be a very interesting experience.

"Here," she said, taking one of her tits into her hand. "Come to momma."

Not an invitation to refuse, was it? I leaned in towards Anita, gently took her nipple into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. At the same time, my hand went down to find her pussy and give her a proper greeting. Then it all started.

See, here’s that bug in the way my mind works: sometimes I’m just unable to comprehend something until I put it into words. It’s like I’m tied too much to one way of exploring the world: through describing. So imagine: here I am, minding my own business, doing... whatever I was doing at the moment, almost absentmindedly, feeling cozy and relaxed. And then it struck me- that second this tiny voice inside my head posed the situation for me for what it was: a gorgeous, redheaded woman with perfect curves was breastfeeding me. She was putting her full fleshy tit into my mouth while letting my fingers explore her pouty lower lips and slowly unfurling her labia blossom at my pleasure. The thought sent a tremor through my whole body; my cock went stiff in a matter of seconds. I added as much pressure as I dared onto her breast, suppressing the urge to grab and bite hard. It was too early for being intense.

Anita noticed my arousal.

"Well-well, I see you really do like it, huh? How about I give you a bit more..." She paused and bit her lip, "...substance to work with?" I was not one to refuse such an offer, even if I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

Anita asked me to get to my knees near the bed while she got in front of me on all fours. Her tits were hanging appetizingly right before my face. I realized that by "giving substance" she meant letting them loose so they look and feel larger and heavier. ’What a tease that girl,’ I thought ’she definitely knows how to present herself!’

"Now, if I remember right, you claimed to have some skill in manhandling?" Anita taunted lightly. One of her hands already traveled to her pussy and started stroking slowly.

"I merely stated that I love to use my hands on women" I replied, all modest and composed despite the growing agitation within.

"Well, you must have at least some skill and experience. C’mon, show those lonely girls some fine art of Masseur" - she pronounced the last word on a half-breath with that typical pseudo-French nasal sound and waggled her tits invitingly. I gulped, my mouth watering, and reached for them. As soon as I cupped her boob with one of my hands, I instantly became aware that I’m going to need the other one somewhere else. Surely you can understand if you’ve ever touched a piece of woman’s flesh that has this perfect balance between yielding to and resisting your attempt to squeeze. I tried grabbing my perturbed cock to comfort it a bit, but Anita intercepted my arm halfway.

"Sorry, but I need you to take care of both," she said with a note of mock strictness. I gave her a guilty schoolboy’s look and took her other tit into my free palm. Undisturbed and unashamed by such double standards, Anita returned her own hand between her legs and renewed the rubbing of her pussy with even more enthusiasm. Or so it seemed, since to me masturbation was - for now- forbidden. I wanted to give her breasts a delicate massage, but my tense penis was kind of distracting. I tried rubbing it against the side of the bed to release at least a little strain. Unfortunately, Anita noticed.

"Oh, no, no, no!" She smiled, gently pushing my hips away from the bed - "If your cock is not pleasuring me right now, it’s only because I want it to be 100% ripe for me when I finally take it. And you’re not letting a drop out until that moment. Promise? I’d like it to be full to bursting with excitement when I first touch it!"

"Be merciful!" I implored, "or reasonable at least! I can’t be all that soft and gentle to you if my body is on fire!"

"Then perhaps it’s time to leave soft and gentle behind," she winked. "That was our initial plan, remember? How about my little boy stops caressing mommy’s cute, sensitive titties so my man can grab some serious hold of those meaty fun-bags?"

My hands clutched on her flesh convulsively as she said it, and my prick prickled even more than before.

"Oh no, it’s just worse!" I groaned. "Can’t you see I’m suffering here?!" Anita giggled.

"I’ve told you, I like my meal to be fully prepared when I am! Yes, I’m a gourmet. And today I want myself a nice meaty cock stewed in its own juice." Sparkles danced in her eyes; she looked like a perfect, whimsical Greek goddess at that moment. "Speaking of meals, I’m sure you must be close to starving now. Why don’t you get back to your milky candy?"

She didn’t need ask twice. I attacked her nipple more like a bird of prey than a suckling babe this time. Although the taste of her milk and the feel of her breast were wonderful, it didn’t make me feel much better. My cock started to literally ache. It was as if every drop of milk I swallowed went through my mouth right into my overextended shaft, bloating it from within. Standing still was a torture, and for the lack of anything better to do, I just moved my hips forwards and backwards in the air as if fucking something invisible.

On the bright side, at least I could see that my ordeals were really turning Anita on. She observed my movements with a glint in her eyes, as well as the pulsation of a tight lump in my pants. And the finger sliding over her pussy was gaining amplitude. Despite her animated masturbation (and a total ban on it for me), we were in one boat. I mean, the girl was definitely going to drive us both into a frenzy before the real action even started. Not the way I’d choose it, but I guessed I could hold on a bit longer. So I let the woman take her time and prepare herself for me just as she was preparing me for her. The best redeeming thing that was making all my torment absolutely worth it was that she was doing the warm up with an instrument we both liked the most: dirty talk. Very soon, I found myself dizzy and almost drooling just from listening to her shamelessly speaking aloud things that I only ever dared to repeat inside my head, while alone and in the dead of night.

"Yeah, baby, squeeze my tits good!"

"Oh, I like squeezing them so much," I gasped languishingly, playing along.

"Don’t forget the nipples! Pinch them, please, just a bit. Oh yeah, pull and twist those big nips, baby! Do you feel how swollen they are? Do you like my huge swollen cherries in your fingers?"

"I just love your hard tasty nipples!"

"Then give it to them! A little harder... No, much harder! Pull, pull; milk me!"

I could sense her arousal growing. I, myself was already far beyond the realm of sanity. My head was swimming as trickles of her milk ran down my arms and chin. Suddenly she replaced her fingers on duty of her clit with a vibrator. Her appreciative moans became louder. My boner was almost painful at this point, but I sort of got used to it. I saw that Anita wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

"Baby, you suck on those tits so deliciously! You make me hungry and envious with those smacking sounds! I want to be a sweet sexy tit-sucker just like you! Can you help me? My hands are busy, but I want to join your milky feast so much!"

I held her breast for her, letting her suck on it, shaking and squeezing lightly. Once again, it took a couple of seconds for what was happening to sink in. When it did I was sure I’d go mad, or at the very least lose consciousness. I was actually eating out a woman’s tit and feeding her with the other, literally milking her into her own mouth while she moaned, drooled thin treads white with milk and asked for more! It was such a fantasy I couldn’t believe it was real. I gobbled up her tit like it was the last thing I’ll do in my life. I tried not to concentrate on the possibility that I might cum, like a fourteen year old, without even touching my dick - just from the pure excitement of it.

But Anita gave up first. The buzzing of her vibrator suddenly stopped, then I heard a squish sound and her howl of pleasure and relief as it slipped in. She lifted her hazy gaze to me and said in a hot sexy croon:

"I can’t stand it anymore, I’m even hungrier now. I want to suck your thick juicy cock; immediately!"

In the blink of an eye I was on my feet, tearing my pants off as I tried to ram my trunk between Anita’s lips. She dodged.

"O-oh no-o," she drawled floutingly, "you’re not taking the joy of a nice, slow sucking from me. I did not tantalize your friend for all that time just to treat him like some cheap fast-food sausage now. I will savor every second and every inch."

As if to prove her point, she lowered her face over me and took a loud inhale of my scent. Then she wrapped her lips gently but tightly around my dickhead and pressed her tongue against it. Now it was my turn to moan as I slid my shaft deeper, very slowly and carefully this time. She had no objections, but I saw that she wanted to stay in control. Obviously, Anita was not one of those women who see oral as a treat for their partner. She saw it as a treat for herself.

Several minutes went by almost in silence, the only sounds being the steady wet slush in Anita’s dildo-ed pussy, her slurping on me, and occasional "mmmm’s" from both of us. The steady, sensitive blowjob cooled both our heads down a bit. We were relaxing and restoring from the previous heat. However, I was pretty sure this was only the calm before the storm.

"Now, you had your break, I reckon you should get back to your male labor, don’t you think?" Anita demanded, resurfacing after some time. "Do you have any idea how those start to ache when left alone for too long?"

Hell yeah I did! From my most recent experience, I had a very good idea about body parts aching from the lack of attention!

"And I dare you to leave a bit of nicety behind. I know we both agreed on gentle, but I still want to feel some man’s strength on my woman’s pulp."

"How much could you take, you sissy mollycoddle?" I tried to tease.

"As much as you care to give, if only you build it up slowly and steadily enough" Anita put a bold face on, looking amused with me at the same time.

"Very well, you’ve asked for it. Don’t dare to complain then!"

"Oh, I so-o won’t..." she purred contentedly and gave me a long, slow lick.

Surely, Anita was not the girl to be shut up by something as trivial as a cock in her mouth. Once her first hunger was satisfied, she didn’t waste any time to renew her comments. They were less frequent now of course, as she didn’t want to abandon her feast. She would even break a phrase in the middle to have a lip-smacking suck before continuing. The obvious gusto in her words as she tried to talk with her mouth watering was making it so much more fruitful. As Anita got more and more aroused, her talking was proportionally becoming both rougher and sillier. She was probably trying to guide me slowly to the top as hard as I was trying not to run ahead of the train. But still, the heat between us was increasing with a frightening speed.

"Yes, honey, shake them, just a bit. Those titties need care," gently at first. So I did.

"Mmm, that’s good, squeeze a bit stronger, they need it," starting to warm up. I obeyed.

"Go on, they need a deeper massage. Help yourself grabbing some meat, I know you want it," warming still. I took two handfuls and pulled, becoming dizzy once again.

"Yeah, baby, play with them, have your way with my tits!" Now the arousal started to really get to her. I shook and swung her boobs, delighting in the smacking sounds they made when colliding.

That was when Anita really showed me what she was like when let loose.

"Yes, shake my meat!" Rapidly going from arousal to heat, and then into straight recklessness, struggling to shout out her obscenities, almost nonsensical at this point, with her mouth half full of me - "Slap my milkers good! Knead them, milk them! I want you to milk a whole puddle under me, a whole pond! Squeeze my juicy meat while I fuck my cunt! Paw on my thick cans! Come on; milk my fat udders like you mean it!!"

With that last one she finally got the best of me. As much as I was having the time of my life and hated to change anything, my mouth was watering so bad at this point that I just felt I’d explode without a piece of her right on the spot. So I wrenched my cock out of Anita’s mouth, ignoring her indignant gasp of surprise, and dove under her head first, as she was still on her knees and one arm. It was only a second’s break. She immediately snatched my dickhead back into her mouth and placed my hands onto her hanging boobs, back where they belonged. Only now I had some flesh to bite on too. Seeing as her little hole was fully occupied with a dildo, I pulled her down by the waist and sunk my teeth somewhere between her lower belly and pubis.

"Yes, yes, eat my potbelly! Do you like how fat and meaty it is?"

No one in their right mind would ever have called Anita’s cute little tummy "a potbelly". No one, that is, except us. Exaggeration was our thing, that’s for sure.

At that point we both felt that the end was near. "Let me show you!" Anita gasped and, abandoning her masturbation, clutched her tit and started tugging and squeezing it with an unbelievable zeal. I in turn replaced her as a dildo operator, but proved to be an unendurable one. After several seconds of watching her swollen red lips giving under my push, be-jewelling the surface of the buzzing shaft with her glittering juice, I knew I just had to have this deliciousness. I grabbed Anita’s butt, unplugged her and stuffed my face into her gorgeous hot wetness as deep as I could.

Anita arched her back and screamed out loud. Then she commenced with vigorous fidgeting on my face, smearing her love juice up my mouth. It appeared that she decided throwing obscenities around was more important to her than climaxing. At least, she abandoned sucking and instead started squeezing and pawing on my cock with all her strength.

"Does it hurt? Tell me if it hurts, I might not notice now" she exhaled. It actually did hurt a bit, but it was nothing compared to the enormous satisfaction of having her delight in my body as much as I delighted in hers.

"No matter," I managed to answer with my mouth full. "Don’t think of it. I like to feel you enjoy my cock, even if it’s a bit painful. Treat it like a piece of meat if you need, just use it for your pleasure."

"Ye-e-es!" She screamed, almost jumping on my face. She started yanking my dick with such speed it was a miracle it didn’t catch fire "And you suck on my meat!" She grabbed her lips, swollen almost double with excitement, and forced them into my mouth.

It was impossible to resist such a fierce charge for more than a few moments. The second I erupted, Anita swooped on my cock and started to squirt all over my face. We swallowed each other’s cum as some precious nectar, pressing our convulsively moving bodies to each other as close as we could. For what seemed a blissful eternity, we were two balls of pleasure energy, playing around the astral fields. Then we came back to our bodies and lay still, trying to catch our breath. After that I must have dozed off...

When I awoke, Anita was still lying beside me, watching me. We looked at each other for some time.

"Well, it wasn’t your ordinary first date, was it?" Anita asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Definitely not," I answered. "It’s not every date you fall in love with someone’s dirty mouth."

She giggled.

"Well then, it wasn’t too rough for your liking?"

"No way! Rough? Almost ripping my manhood off and shouting requests like ’Milk my fat udders’? Clearly these are the nicest, most innocent things in the world to say and do!" - I said and we both laughed loudly.

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