Sex with a chubby girl

Sex with a chubby girl
I saw your profile on the website, with nothing more than your age (34) and home city (the place I work). "How interesting," I thought, and pinged a quick hello. You got back to me straight away and sent some pictures - they showed a fun person with a serious side, who might share some interests with me. And we almost met for a drink that Friday evening, but our messages passed each other and I’d gone home by the time I realised you were available.

So on Monday morning, I sent a note suggesting we meet for lunch. In the end it was 2.30 before you reached the city centre - and we lost some minutes looking for each other at Central Station! But then you found me - looking a bit different to your pictures with your hair up - taller than I expected, in fact; wrapped up against the cold.

I took you to ExKi for a cup of tea, and we discussed what we were looking for, like mature adults do. I told you what I could afford, and how often; you looked thoughtful and said that would be OK for you. You like sex, you said, and you like a bit more money without playing the dating game. That’s why we were both on the website, after all.

By this stage you had taken your coat off, and I liked what I saw - an extra kilo for comfort, perhaps, but I could tell that you work out, and that you are very comfortable in your own body. Your clothes didn’t show your figure but I could see that you had a lot of sexy body.

If you agreed in principle, I said, why don’t we start in practice right away? From my phone, I could tell that the hotel across the road had a room free. You were startled at the thought that we might start fucking within an hour of meeting; but I could tell that you liked the idea, and you seriously agreed.

I booked the hotel online, we went to the bank to collect your fee, and picked up our room key from the concierge, who obviously knew exactly what we were up to. Our room was freezing; we warmed each other up with hugs while I slowly undressed you. Your body was just what I hoped for, brown and sweet.

I stroked and fondled and kissed your lovely full breasts; you reached down to hold my swelling cock, and turned round for me to nestle into your bum as I held onto your tits.

Then you froze. "Condoms!" Of course neither of us had thought ahead. I had a vasectomy years ago, but that’s not the only factor. I pulled on my clothes again, checked with the concierge who sent me to the pharmacy across the square, and came back with a packet of six.

You were under the covers ready for me, and took hold of my cock quickly, applying your mouth, licking and sucking me, making me swell for you. "Who would have thought an hour ago," I whispered, "that you’d be sucking a strange man’s cock?" You moaned.

I moved you round to rest your head on my shoulder so that we kissed as I stroked your pussy. So wet, so tight; I knew you were right when you told me you like sex. You offered to put the condom on with your mouth, but we both fumbled a bit and used our hands. The moment had come.

"I want to take you from behind," I said. "Good!" you replied, "I like that best!" And I stood behind you as you got down on hands and knees for me, and you reached to slide me into you, and oh GOD it was so tight and slick in you. "Fuck me! Touch me!" you yelled as I grabbed your hips, ran my fingers over your ass, rammed into you harder and harder.

It didn’t take me long, aroused by your sexy ass pumping against me and your voice asking me to do dirty things. I came hard inside you, yelling in triumph, and we collapsed onto the bed and held each other.

Of course, I could not stay long - I had a phone call at my office 4pm and it was already 3.30. But we had paid for the room for the night, and I realised I could come back in the morning.

So the next day at 9 I walked down from Central Station again, buying some breakfast for you on the way, and came back to our room to feed you. You greeted me warmly; I had also bought some lubricating gel and you smeared it on my cock, making me so hard I couldn’t believe it. I put on another condom, and you got on top of me and rode me proudly, your hips churning with me inside you, begging me to tweak your nipples, as I thrust upwards deep into your full sexy body, and came again pumping out my seed.

We paused for our tea and coffee, and you brought me to erection again with your mouth and hands. I told you I’d like to fuck your ass some day. You thought it would take all night to prepare for that. Some time we’ll have that night. But I think you quite liked the idea.

Once again I stood behind you as you offered your body to me like an animal to her mate, and I fitted my hard cock into you, holding your ass and ramming deep into you, calling you my slut, taking you deep and hard, feeling you tighten around me until you cried out, "I came!" I loved the feeling of your cunt muscles tight round me as your orgasm hit.

But I’m in my late forties and I wasn’t going to cum again. With deep regret I separated from you, and we cuddled on the bed for just a few minutes before I had to shower and go to work. I felt very lucky to have found someone who likes sex as much as me.

We agreed that we must do it again very soon, and maybe use some toys next time; and we added each other on Kik so that we wouldn’t need to use the website any more. We had found our arrangement.

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