I fucked my bbw aunt

I fucked my bbw aunt
Back in 2008, when I was about 22, I had the greatest year of my life. It all started when my aunt and I were texting each other. She, at the time was living in Florida, and I was living in Seattle. I hadn’t seen her in years. It must have been about 13 years. I saw her last when my father took me down for thanksgiving. She and my grandmother loved cooking. They always made great food for thanksgiving, probably because they were from the south an I don’t really have southern food often. Anyways, before I get off track, she was telling me about how she would love if I visited.

"I’d love for you to come and see grandma and your cousins! We haven’t seen you in years!"

"I’d love to come down some time. I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t really had time away from my books. Maybe I could come down during the summer. How about 4th of July weekend?"

"Sounds like a plan! I’ll see you then!" I put my phone down and I turned back to my chemistry books.

Just then, I thought about my aunt again. She always had a BBW shape to her. She always had the largest titties, oh how I always dreamed of seeing those lovely titties without a shirt covering them. I always dreamed of touching them, of sucking on them. And that large ass of hers. I had wished of squeezing that large ass. The image of me pounding her large ass popped into my head.

I quickly took my pants off and started jerking my fully erect dick. I thought about sucking her large titties and her giving me a blowjob. I thought about her screaming and moaning as I fucked her large pussy. Then in my fantasy, she had an orgasm. That was enough for me and I let go my load on my chest.

I made it official. This July, I would fuck my aunt, no matter what. I cleaned the cum from my chest and went back to studying.

A few months passed and all I could do was think about this July. I was trying to plan out what I would do. In the end, I figured I’d go with the flow. I would tell her how sexy she looked and when we sat down I would show off a hard on. Whenever we were alone I would compliment her sizes and tell her that I think big women are sexy. I thought it was a legit plan.

I took a plane to the east coast. The ride was quite boring, but I passed the time with music. I landed in Arkansas and took another plane from there to Florida.

When I arrived in Miami, I took a taxi ride to her house. I remembered that she had divorced the past year and that all of my cousins had moved out and live about 20 miles away from her. Niether my dad, nor any of my own siblings would be coming down for the weekend, and my mom is not related to her. My mom divorced my dad’s sorry ass when I was about 12. So we would both be alone. It was the first of July, so I would probably be staying for about 6 days.

"I would be staying at her house for those 6 days, so if I hit on her the first day, I could be fucking her everyday this week." I thought to myself. I eagerly approached her door and rang the doorbell.

She opened the door within 15 seconds and the first thing I noticed were her enormous boobs. She was about 5’5, and had a huge ass behind her. She was still curvy and had a few extra pounds. She was still in her pajamas. I don’t blame her. It was about 7:30 AM. She also did not have a bra on, which I wasn’t bothered by at all.

I was about to start the first step of my plan.

"Ryan! I’m so glad to see you after so long! You’ve really grown into a handsome young man!"

"Thanks! You don’t look to bad yourself!"

"Oh stop it, you. Give me a hug." She put her arms out and I hugged her. This started my plan. I was semi hard and when she hugged me, I pressed it against her. Her huge titties were pressed against me and she was squeezing me so tightly. I wanted to rip her cloths off right there and fuck her, but I had to be patient. We let go. I think she noticed because she looked down at her feet, and when she looked back up, she stopped a split-second at my dick. She smiled at me and motioned me to come inside.

I sat on the couch and leaned back a bit to show the semi tent in my pants. She asked if I wanted anything to drink. I said no, thanks and she sat next to me. Her eyes were blue and she had long, curly, brown hair.

We talked about f****y, school, and then she asked if I had a girlfriend in Seattle. "Nah, not to many people around school are my type."

"Well, what main things do you like in a girl?"

"Well, I like a girl whom is smart, funny..."

"Oh, stop. We both know you know what I’m talking about. What physical features do you like?"

"Ha, well, I like blue eyes, any hair color, around 5’2-5’8. I actually like bigger girls, not really skinny. I think bigger girls are way more sexy than the others."

Her eyes got a bit wide. "Really?? Most guys don’t like big women. I don’t think my ex liked my weight."

"Well, he was quite a dick, of you ask me. I think you look sexy." My heart was pounding.

"You do?"

"Well, yeah. I’ve actually thought you were for years. I just didn’t want to say it."

"Thanks, Ry." Silence for a few seconds. "do you think I could ask you another question?"

I hope she wanted to ask what I wanted her to ask. "Sure! I’ll answer anything truthfully. Fire away."

Without hesitation, " If I wasn’t your aunt, would you fuck me?"

My semi grew to a fully erect hard on and she noticed it. "I would even if you were my aunt, I mean, if you wanted to."

She looked down at my cock. "I kinda already figured that out." my cock had made a big tent in my pants. She scooted a bit closer to me. I scooted closer to her. I put my right arm around her shoulder and felt her right breast. With my left hand, I felt her left.

I rubbed them and played with them, still in her shirt. I heard a small moan come from her as I fondled her tits. I pinched her nipples, which were already erected. she reached down to her pussy and slipped her hand into her pants to masturbate while I played with her tits. Her moans got louder.

I slipped her shirt off and stared at her amazing breasts. Round without sag and dark red areolas about 2 inches in diameter. Her belly was shaped like an egg. The thing I love most about a BBW is the belly. Egg-shaped with an "innie" bellybutton. I slapped her titties softly and bounced them in my hands. I moved my mouth toward them and sucked on her nipples. My tongue encircling them, teeth softy biting.

I had to take off my khaki shorts because my cock was so hard, but I left on my boxers. She was still rubbing her pussy. I slipped her pajama pants off and stared at her fat pussy. Her chubby thighs, surrounded it and it was already soaking wet, best of all, clean shaven. I kneeled in front of her and stuck my middle and index finger into her drenched hole. She gasped. I felt around the inside of her hole and suddenly I found her G-spot. I studied the G-spot as a side-project in college.

It was a small spot on the roof of a woman’s vagina. It is rougher than the other part, which is more soft.

I pressed it and she immediately shook with orgasm. She let out a soft scream as she squirted her juices everywhere. Her fat was bouncing as she shook. If was such an amazing sight, seeing my aunt orgasm right in front of my eyes. Her juices were all over me and her thighs.
I licked them off her thighs and the rest from her pussy.

"We shouldn’t make a mess in here." She said. "I’m going to have people in here for the holiday. I don’t want them knowing about this. Let’s go to my room." She got off the couch and led me upstairs to her room. She sat on the bed and told me to sit next to her.

I took my shirt off and sat next to her. She put her hand on my chest and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I put my arms around her and squeezed her ass as we made out. Out tongues wrestled in our mouths. When we finished, she laid me down on the bed and slipped my boxers off.

My eight incher popped right up and almost hit her in the face. Her eyes got wide as they gleamed with lust at my dick. She slowly stroked it a little and kissed the tip. She slipped the whole thing down her throat and I saw early fireworks. She picked up speed and even used her teeth to f***e the cum from my dick. Using her teeth felt so great. I was moaning louder and louder. When I told her I was cumming, she didn’t stop.

I released my cum into her mouth. I felt the back of her mouth swallow my cum as it shot into her. When I stopped shooting, she cleaned my dick off, lubing it with her saliva, she climbed on top of me and slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy. She rode me like a cowgirl.

"AAAAAHH! OOOHHHHH!!!! MMMMM!" We both moaned and screamed. I reached up and took hold of her tits. I squeezed them as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her fat was bouncing everywhere. She kept screaming as I f***ed my hips into her while she bounced down onto them. She leaned over me and pressed her boobs against me. She kissed me again as I squeezed her ass and pulled her onto my cock. She soon had an orgasm. She squirted everywhere and pulled off my cock.

She laid on her back and I climbed on top of her, thrusting my dick into her lovely pussy. She seemed to like this position more, because she screamed louder and squeezed her tits as I fucked her. "AAAH!! FUCK MY PUSSY, RYAN! FUCK ME FASTER!! HARDER!!!" The sound of our thighs slapping against each other was amazing. My dick had never felt greater. Her legs were wrapped around my back and her hips thrusted upward into me. She had another orgasm. I flipped her onto her belly and started to finger her ass.

"Oh, you want my ass now?" she asked.

"I need your ass, NOW." I put another finger into her ass. I had three fingers stretching her ass. She moaned and moaned as it stretched. Once it had stretched enough, I stuck my dick into her ass, and man, did she scream.

"AAAAHH!! YES!!! FUCK MY ASS!! FUCK ME! OHHH YES!!" I went fast. I smacked her ass and pounded it as I fucked it. My hands on her hips, pulling them into me, trying to get my dick as far as I can go. I fucked her ass for 15 minutes. She never got tired of it. I finally orgasmed and shot my cum deep into her ass. I pulled out of her ass and started fucking her pussy doggie-style.

"AAAAHH!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CAN GO FOR SO LONG! MY EX ALWAYS STOPPED AFTER 5 MINUTES!" I kept going and she orgasmed twice more. I flipped her over again and fucked her pussy some more. FAP FAP FAP. "AAHHHH!!" She cummed again. I finally shot my cum deep into her pussy. I saw stars as I pushed as deep as I possibly could into her fat pussy. I pulled out and laid next to her.

She climbed on top of me and stuck my dick into her pussy. She laid on her side with her boobs pressed against me. I pulled myself closer to her and put my arms around her. I kissed her again on the lips. We slept with each other every night that week. I visit her more often now and fuck her every time. She is the best aunt I could have ever asked for.

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