Come and cum with me (erotic story)

Come and cum with me (erotic story)
I’m guessing you’re reading this whilst your wife is in bed, late at night. Am I right?

Are you touching yourself? Have you read other stories before this one that haven’t quite hit the ’spot’?

Shall I help you?

Do you want to know about me?

My name is Grace and I’m twenty seven years old.

My long brown hair is currently tied up in a loose bun on the top of my head and I’ve just had a nice hot bath.

I am laying on my back in my bed wearing only a night shirt. I’ve shaved my legs and moisturised so I’m beautifully smooth.

Currently, my laptop is on my stomach as I type this for you. The lights are off and the screen is slowly moving up and down as I breathe.

Shall I describe my body for you? Are you curious?

Well, for a start, I have very large and full ’F’ cup breasts. I’m guessing that’s the part you wanted to know most about first. Are you imagining them right now? Can you imagine sucking on my peachy nipples and making them harden and pointy? I’m rolling my left nipple between my forefinger and thumb right now.

It feels so nice that I want to grab more of my breast and caress it a little more deeply.

Give me a second whilst I rub both of them and tweak at my nipples. I can’t resist.

It feels so nice. I’m starting to feel aroused, are you?

I’m running my left free hand down my waist and over my tummy, following the curves as I go.

I’m going to pull up my nightshirt and open my legs.

Do you think I should touch myself? I think I’m getting wet but I can’t be sure. I feel like I need to stroke my pussy lips so I must be.

Are you stiff right now?

I’m thinking about you stroking your cock. I’m picturing myself in front of you, on my knees sliding the tip passed my lips and into my mouth and sucking on you ever so gently. Would you like that?

I’m touching myself now. I am very wet, as I expected.

My little hole is aching for my finger to enter it. I wish it was your hard cock poking at it. Teasing it and twitching against it.

Okay, I’m sliding my finger into myself now.


I’m so tight and warm inside. I’m trying to pull my finger out a little but the suction is intense. Imagine if your cock was inside me and the sound it would make as you tried to pull out a little. You’d have to make small thrusts back and forth to ease yourself deeper into me. It’s okay though, I won’t loosen up too much.

I’m going to grab my favourite dildo from my bedside cabinet now.

Bare with me for two seconds whilst I do so, please.

Just...stroke your cock in my absence and imagine me rubbing my lubed tits up and down the length of your throbbing dick.

Do you like that? Hold onto that thought.


Okay, I’m back with you now. I have an 8 inch realistic suction cup dildo (with balls) in my hand right now. I love tracing my fingers up and down the veins on the shaft and especially love the large helmet. My favourite part is when I pop it into to my tight hole for the very first time.

I try to hold back putting it inside of me for as long as possible and mostly like to rub my clit first. The build up makes me have a more powerful orgasm, however, the thought of you pushing your cock into me has got me so hot and wet that I just need to fill my pussy up right now.

Fuck - the silicone is cold and I can only just manage to push it in a few centimetres. I wish you were here to slide it into me.

You could be kneeling beside me with your cock in my mouth.

I’m pulling my dildo out for a split second and I’m going to squirt on some lube. That will help it a little.

The lube is cold, though. Shit. But it feels so nice and I’m tightening myself around my toy as I slide it back into me. It feels so good.

I’m moaning and breathing harder now. My eyes are watering slightly too.

I’m getting more and more wetter and starting to wonder whether I needed the lube in the first place.

I do like it when I’m nice and slippery though.

I’m going to pick up the pace and fuck myself a bit harder. It’s getting more and more difficult to write this. Thank God for spellcheck. This is becoming a jumble at my end.

How are you doing? Are your balls tight and is your delicious dick throbbing? Are you wanting to shoot your come?

I wish you were licking my pussy right now. I’m imagining your warm mouth around my clit, sucking it and rubbing the top of your tongue on the underside. Can you imagine how sweet I taste?

I bet I’m bright pink and shiny down there right now.

I’ve left the dildo inside of me for the moment and I’m focusing more on rubbing my clit in small circles. I’m blessed to have a large clit and it gives me the most amazing orgasms. If I rub the left side, my orgasm feels different to if I rubbed the right. It’s mind blowing.

Talking about blowing, are you near?

I’m getting there.

I’m rubbing myself so fast right now.

I want to straddle your cock and slide my soaking wet pussy up and down your length.

If I were there with you, you’d be grabbing my fleshy hips and fucking me senseless.

I’d be bouncing up and down on top of you with my tits bashing together in your face.

My pussy would be leaking onto you and we’d both be getting wet with my juices. I’d even let you slide a finger into my ass if you wanted to.

My pussy is tightening around the toy at the very thought. Do you like it there?

I’ve tried it a few times with my toys and found it pleasantly surprising.

But, I would prefer if you fucked my cunt.

I want to taste your cum so badly right now. I’m not going to last much longer. I can feel my orgasm building. It feels so good and I’m making so much noise.

I’m lifting my ass off of the bed now as I fuck myself frantically with my toy.

It feels so amazing.

I’m moaning passionately whilst ramming it into me.

I’m going to come any second now.

Are you ready?

Come with me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck...

I’m screaming like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m grunting like an animal.

I’m shaking all over.

I’m coming...right...NOW...

I’m squirting my cold wet juices across the room.

They’re pouring out of me.

My thick thighs are shaking uncontrollably.

I’m still fucking myself with my toy and yet still squirting around it.

I need to rub myself so I have dropped my toy on the bed and am now rubbing all four of my soaked fingers against my clit.

My pussy juice subsides but I can feel my clitoral orgasm begin to rapidly build.

It’s going to happen again.


I’m going to come again.



Oh my God.

I’m coming.

I’m squirting again.


I wish it was over you.

My toes are curling.

My back is arching.

My eyes are streaming.

I’m imagining you shooting your come all over my tits and in my mouth.!

I’m still coming.

It’s subsiding.

I’m catching my breath.

I’m calming now.

My orgasm is drifting.

My clit throbbing from the aftermath.

I’m taking a deep breath.

Wow. That felt amazing.

Did you like that. Did you come?

I hope you enjoyed it?

I certainly did.

Although, I’m probably going to have to have a wash again. I’m soaked all over.

Well, I hope you have a good evening and try not to wake up your wife when you get into bed.

We wouldn’t want her knowing about this, would we?

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