Next door bbw

Next door bbw
Blonde BBW next door has 19 year old twin daughter’s.
They often ask me to take care of their dog/house when they’re out. I have used that time to explore their underwear drawers and beds, getting naked and cumming in their panties then put them back for them to wear.
One of the twin’s has a boyfriend and I can tell the difference looking at their underwear ? hers is much more skimpy and sexy than her s****r’s ? silky thongs etc versus cotton panties.
A few months ago I went in to the house and heard a noise so I thought the main bathroom fan was running. I walked in to switch it off and there’s she is in her mother’s bed in her pj’s and the noise is an aircon running. She sat up and I said sorry I thought the fan had been left on. She said she had studied all night so was sl**ping late. She had no problem with me catching her like that.
A couple of weeks ago I walked in on her again. She was supposed to be at summer school with her twin s****r. I went in and heard a radio but knew they often left it on for the dog ? yes true.
I called out a few times and no-one answered so I let the dog out. When I came back to the lounge I heard water running. I took a peep around the corner and there is the same twin in the shower. Long blonde hair, 36B tits (I know from looking through her bra’s) defying gravity they were so young and firm. My eyes got drawn to her pelvis and I saw she was shaved, little bald slit showing. I stood there hiding and stroking my cock for about 3 minutes, taking this all in.
When she turned the water off I dodged back out and went to let the dog in.
I started talking to the dog to make it all look normal, but of course had a raging hard on and no underwear under my shorts.
She called out from the bathroom ?Who is it?? and I said ?******* from next door, I came to let the dog out, I know your Mum often leaves the radio on for her so I thought the house was empty?
She came out, 5’1? tall, long blonde hair and I could see the rise of her breasts out the top of the towel.
Her eyes went to my groin and for a fraction of a second I saw her realize I had an erection for her.
The combination of her half naked, previous experiences seeing and cumming on her underwear, cumming on her bed, and now watching her naked in the shower was driving me nuts.
I looked at her and said ?Yeh, obviously you are making a good impression on me here?
She looked at my erection again, a bit longer this time and said ?OOOOOKaaay?
I walked towards her and she was rooted to the spot. I said ?I don’t think you’re a virgin and I want you, I want to show you how a man makes love to a woman slowly and properly, how she should be treated, not just quick teenage sex?
Her eyes went wide open and she said ?You want to have sex with me?? I said ?NO, I want to make love with you and teach you how it should be? then I put my hands on the towel and pulled it open.
She had such a smooth, firm body, those tits barely moved and I looked down at her pussy slit.
I let the towel drop so I could get my arms around, bring her closer, press my cock against her stomach.
She had to stretch her neck up to me and I kissed her gently on the lips, broke away, make contact again and kissed her full on. ?How’s that?? I asked. She said ?It’s good?
I said ?OK, we have plenty of time so let’s do it properly?
I kissed her again, put my hands around her and put them on her ass cheeks, gently pressing to feel how hard and tight they were.
?Take my shorts off? I said and she pulled them down so they could fall on the floor. I stood back and pulled off my shirt and we stood and looked at each other.
She took a good look at my cock and I had a good look at her tits and shaved slit.
I said ?What do you think?? and she said ?Oh my God it’s huge?
Of course at the same time I’m thinking how she is so short it will be easy to fill her right up deep inside, feeling how tight she’s gonna be around me.
I told her to touch it, get used to it, then I gently slid a finger down her slit to check her wetness.
I said ?OK, it looks like you want me too, where do you want to do it, who’s bed??
I didn’t mind which one since I had already cum on her’s, her s****r’s and her Mum’s beds.
She said ?Let’s do it on my Mum’s bed it’s bigger. (She had a single bed with wood at the bottom, her Mum’s is a king size, open at the bottom so it worked for me too.
We went back into her Mum’s room and I said ?OK, now lie on your back and relax?
She lay down, I stood on the floor at the bottom of the bed and looked at her. I got on the bed, sat over her and started kissing her neck and shoulders. I said ?Just lie back and relax, I want to make you feel very special?
She nodded, a bit nervous and breathing fast.
I moved down her chest, licking her tits, gentle sucking on her nipples and watched them get erect.
I looked back up at her and her eyes were closed so I thought ?OK, this is gonna work?
As I went to her stomach she tensed a bit more. I licked around her navel and then ran a line with my tongue down to the inside of her right thigh. She obviously knew where I was headed and she tensed even more. I said ?Relax, I am going to be gentle with you?
I ran my tongue up around the top of her slit and across to her left inner thigh. She gasped as she thought I was going straight to her pussy, but obviously I was going to build her expectations slowly higher.
I went back across the top of her slit again, then from the inside of her right thigh I went up alongside her pussy lip. Now she was a little twitchy. Then over the top and down the side of her left lip, then up again, then down again, then a little flick into her slit.
The I did the right side, up and down past her lip, then I slid to the bottom of her slit, flicked from side to side a few times, THEN I ran it all the way up her slit to her clit.
She gasped out loud, I could see she was worked up, submissive, but wondering what next.
I asked ?Are you OK, is it good?? and she said ?I never had anything like this before? and I said ?That’s the point, I am going to show you how good it CAN be?
I went back down, running my tongue up and down her slit, pressed flat against her now, stopping to press on her clit and move my head around to massage it.
She said ?Oh my God that is crazy? I said ?Good, now you need to come back down a bit, slow down, show me some things you know?
I lay on my back and said ?OK’ now show me how you handle a cock, with your hand and your mouth, you have sucked before right?’
She said ?Yes, all guys like to be sucked?
?OK, go down on me and let me see?
She kneeled between my legs where I could see her and she slid her mouth over the head.
She slid up and down, pretty much using her mouth as a pussy.
I said ?OK, now let’s do something more interesting. Lick my balls, come up the shaft to the tip, then take your head away and do it again a few times. Just like I was teasing you, run your tongue up me?
She did that a few times and I said ?Now when you get to the top, take the head in and swirl your tongue around it to stimulate me?
And I watched as this girl became a willing trainee, licking my shaft, sucking my cock.
Next I asked her to show me how much of my length she could take and she managed to get about 3 inches in. I said ?Relax your tongue, don’t fight my cock, let it go slowly back?
She pushed on me a few times more, each time getting a bit more of my length in.
?OK, it’s time for you to have me inside you now, are you ready for me?? ?I want you on top of me,?
?Sit on my cock, slide it in at your pace, move on me any way you want to excite yourself?
She got on me, spread her lips, guided me, and had big eyes as I filled her up more and more ?Oh God it’s big, it’s stretching me?
I said ?Slowly, as you get wetter it will slowly stretch and you will be able to take it all?
So she lowered herself onto me and I gave little pushes to open her wider.
She was sitting on my stomach now, my cock in right to the base. I grabbed her hips and guided her movements, showing her how to rub her mound against me to get friction on her clit.
?See? Now you get to decide how fast and hard to press on me, how is it??
?Good, deep but good?
I left her to it, lying back there watching her get worked up, eyes closed, wondering if she was thinking about her boyfriend or just focused on the feeling of me inside her, as she swayed her way to orgasm.
She was moaning now, louder and more often. I said ?***** look at me, what is happening?’
She said ? I am riding your cock. You are teaching me how to make love?
?And soon you are going to cum, I am going to watch you, you are going to look at me, and you are going to fuck me any way you want till I see you cum?
She nodded and kept rocking back and forward. She leaned forward and put her hands on my lower chest, pressing her pussy harder against me. She was rubbing herself off on me with my cock deep in her.
She started screaming now on every push and I said ?Come on *******, take my cock, fuck me, look in my eyes as you cum!?
She was staring at me, loud high pitched screams and then ?Oh God??..oh God, I’m cumming??. I’m CUMMING?
I watched her as she spent herself out, then lay down on my chest, my cock still rock hard inside her.
She was panting, poor girl. I pushed her up to look at her, as I did so of course that meant my cock pushed deep in her again and she squealed.
?OK, let’s try something else now. Have you ever cum twice??
?OK, we still have some time so let’s see what happens?
I had her sit on my face in 69 position and got a good look at that young pussy again.
I told her ?OK, now suck my balls when you are down there, then wobble your mouth around the head of my cock for a bit. Work that tongue on him again?
I flicked her clit for a while, then went back in with my mouth to taste this little thing. My spit was mixing with her pussy juice and I was tasting and swallowing a lot.
?OK, up and down on my cock now, see how deep you can get him.? ?Work him like your mouth is a pussy?
She had plenty of energy for sure and I was definitely giving her good grades for sucking now.
I said ?OK, you can get off now but stay on your hands and knees, turn sideways, face your Mum’s mirror?
I moved up behind her, spread her with my left hand, and slid my cock in with the other. As it went in she squealed again and tried to move forward. ?No, no, you can take it *****, just relax?
She is so short I could grab her shoulders from where I was kneeling and pull her back onto me.
She was squealing a bit but of course she stretched bit my bit and soon we were able to get going dogstyle. I said ?Look up, look in the mirror? and we watched as I fucked her in her Mum’s bed, in her Mum’s mirror.
I knew we were headed to my big finish soon so I asked ?Are you on the pill, can I cum inside you??
She said ?Yeh it’s OK I am?
?OK, I need you on your back again?
She lay back, I got on top of her and got my cock at an angle where her clit would get good stimulation.
I moved slow on her, fuck she was tight, and I thought about anything and everything not to cum too quick.
Her arms were above her head, tight tits staring at me, while I checked her pace and adjusted my fucking to try to make her cum again
She had her eyes closed, concentrating hard. ?Good girl, you can do this, cum for me *******?
I went at her gently and steady and her hips were moving, she was into it for sure.
?Cum on girl, luv that pussy of yours, so young and tight, let’s cum together?
She said ?It’s so good, I can’t believe this, I’m gonna cum again?
I didn’t need more encouragement after that. I just kept slowly humping her pussy as she moved her hips more and more, pushing her pelvis against me.
She said ?I’m gonna cum soon, are you gonna cum too??
?Yeh, I need to cum in your now, ******, cum for me, I will wait for you? and we went for another minute before she started screaming out loud ?Oh fuck, FUCK, cum now with me?
And that was all I needed to hear as I let go and shot a load deep in her little pussy, feeling it spread inside her, mixing with her juices, feeling it wash hot over my cock.
When we were done we lay panting for a while. We had been at it nearly an hour and she said her pussy was a bit sore?. I m sure she felt it for a couple of days the way I buried myself in her and humped.
I was of course thinking her teenage boyfriend will know nothing about this or how she learned some new tricks.
A couple of days later I was talking to her Mum and she asked ?Who walked in on ******* in the shower??
I said ?Oh that was me, I came in to let the dog out. I did call out to check the house was empty, guess she didn’t hear me?
She said ?Oh, that’s OK, both girls have the radio on loud when they shower?
This from a neighbor who gave me a hand job 2 weeks before I fucked her daughter and who gave me another hand job with facial 2 days ago for fixing her internet ? see those blog posts.
It’s fucking great to have these women live next door!

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