My wife bbw granny fantasies


My wife bbw granny fantasies
I am 28 years old and my wife is 26. She is 5’2" tall and weighs 105 lbs soaking wet. ;-) we had been married for a couple years when my wife’s grandfather passed away and left her grandma all alone. She is 76 years old and the f****y didn’t think she should live alone. We have a 3 bedroom home. Planning to have k**s but we don’t have any as of yet. So we invited her to come live with us. So she moved over 2,000 miles to come live with us in CA. I had never met Eunice before but I had seen pics of her. She is only 4’11" and weighs about 150 lbs but she wears it well! Measurements of about 38FF 34 44 would be my best guess. Now my wife is petite but I have always been attracted to mature BBW’s. When granny first moved in she was very quiet and stayed in her room most of the time. She has her own bathroom right outside her bedroom. My wife went away one weekend to visit a high school friend leaving me alone with granny. I’ m not much of a cook and had planned on eating take out most of the weekend. When I got home from work that Friday night I was welcomed home by granny with a home made meal on the table. I was surprised. Granny had never cooked anything since she had moved in. My wife did all the cooking. It was an incredible meal. Now I know where my wife got her cooking talent from. I thanked her and started to clear the table. granny scolded me and told me "Sit down young fellow. You’ve had a hard day at work. I will clear the table and do the dishes. You go relax." So I went into the living room and turned on the Lakers game. I went into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge and granny was there bending over putting loading the dishwasher. I stopped and stared at her pleasantly plump ass. You could see her panty lines and I couldn’t believe it! She was wearing a thong! I looked a little too long and granny turned around and caught me ogling her ass. I turned beet red and stammered "I, I, I was coming into get a beer". She said "Oh good could you get me one too"? I was completely surprised at this. I thought she was a tea toting old granny. She must have seen the look on my face and said "Come on Dear don’t look so surprised. I enjoy a nice buzz now and then too". My jaw practically hit the floor! "you don’t really know me do you boy? I’m gonna go change can you put my beer by the sofa, please?" With that she headed off to her room. When she came back she was wearing some PJ’s that were practically see threw. Her enormous tits were hanging free and fell past her belly button. When she sat down they rested in her lap a d her inch long nipples strained against the material begging to be set free. Reflexively my cock sprang to attention. Granny watched as a large tent grew in my shorts. She asked "My Greg, is that over me?" I tried to cross my legs to hide my erection but I was so hard that I couldn’t even come close to crossing my legs. I was tounge tied. "I, I, I’m sorry. You just look amazing Granny" "Stop teasing an old wrinkly lady" she said. "I know you must be thinking Gina? You miss her don’t you?" "actually it was for you Granny" I said without thinking. She blushed a little and said "Ur sweet for trying to be nice to an old broad like me but ur not fouling anyone here sweetie. I know I am way past my prime and Gina is a young beautiful woman but I appreciate you being so nice." I decided that I was gonna tell her exactly how I felt about her. "Granny. I have always been attracted to large older women. Ever since i can remember. I think you have an amazing body." There I had said it now for Granny to go off on me. But she didn’t. She just got a sly smile and said "Really?" "Yes Granny, really" to my utter surprise she asked "would like to see more of me?" I practically yelled "Yes! Yes I would!". With that she stood up and removed her top letting me see her globes in all their glory! And they were beautiful. So huge with a few blue veins looking like rivers running over her huge mounds. There were a multitude of wrinkles all over her boobs and arms and what I could see of her belly. I was in heaven! She said "There I bet that deflated that thing of yours?" I told her "On the contrary Granny. My cock is so hard now that it hurts!" With that I pulled my shorts down so she could see with her own eyes how rigid I was. "I’m going to have to do something to relive the pressure." Granny cooed "Can I help you with that?" "I’d love for you to help me out Granny. Would you kiss it and make it all better?" She smiled from ear to ear. "Why yes honey I can do that for you." She reached in her mouth and pulled out her dentures. I almost lost it right then and there. She sat down on the couch and pulled me towards her. She gave a very tentative kiss to the head of my cock. It twitched and I gave out a loud moan. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like a dream. A wet dream actually. She parted her lips and take the head of my cock into her mouth. She slowly worked her tounge around the head and was driving me crazy. It took all I had not to push my cock down her throat but I was able to restrain myself. She pulled off my cock and asked "Did Granny make it better?" "That felt so good Granny but the pressure is still mounting." She said " Well let me see if I can help you out some more." She then opened her mouth wide and started taking me deeper into her mouth. She had gotten about 6" of my 8" cock into her mouth when I felt the head of my cock hit her tonsils. I expected to hear her to pull back but she relaxed her throat and pulled me passed her tonsils and into her throat! It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. She the tightened her throat and the relaxed again sending stats shooting threw my head. It is hard to describe the feeling except to say I felt like I was in heaven and never wanted to leave. She kept that rhythm up for a couple of minutes until I was ready to explode! I yelled "I’m gonna cum! " and tried to pull out but she held on and pulled me even deeper into her throat! I erupted and pumped stream after stream of hot cum down her eager throat. She kept pumping my cock until she had sucked every drop of cum out of me. I started to go soft and she released my cock from her grasp. She smiled up at me and asked "Did Granny make it all better now?" "Yes, yes you did Granny. That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my entire life. Now I know why I have always been attracted to mature women. I love you Granny."
I will post more stories about granny in the future. I hope you all enjoyed the first story bout my wife’s lovely Granny.

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