Black lesbian domina in fat camp

Black lesbian domina in fat camp
My name is Alicia Joanna Silverman. I’m the Head Trainer of Secret Fat Camp in the city of Norwood, Massachusetts. It’s a camp where big women who want to shed a few pounds can go. It’s a nurturing yet challenging environment. I ought to know, I’ve been coming there for years. Now, I am in charge of it. It’s my ship and I run it with a tight fist. Any fatty who doesn’t do as she or he is told will get it from me. Word up! I have special punishments designed for those who displease me. You don’t want to be one of them, trust me.

I’m a fierce businesswoman who totally means business. Many people would describe me as a ruthless bitch. That’s okay. I take it as a compliment. Better a bitch than a doormat. I don’t let people walk all over me. I stand up for myself. I stand six feet two inches tall, and weigh two hundred and seventy pounds. I’ve been a thick black female my entire life. I’ve got large breasts, a thick body, wide hips and a plump ass. I used to play basketball for the Boston Institute of Technology a few years back. Now, I am an accountant and the CEO of Secret Fat Camp. This year, we have some interesting new recruits. Fresh meat, as they say. This is going to be tons of fun, folks.

My hobby is running Secret Fat Camp and it’s so much more fun than to my regular job. I am the Athletic Director of Solomon University, a private school located in the city of Hanson, Massachusetts. I’m a very efficient administrator. I’m very committed to diversity. When I came along, Solomon University had a serious gender imbalance among its twelve-thousand-person student body. Sixty four percent of the students were female and thirty six percent were male. This was reflected in their athletics. They had Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, Equestrian, Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics, Field Hockey, Rifle and Bowling along with Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Cross Country, Rifle, Soccer and Swimming. Man, things have sure changed since when I went to school. My alma mater, Boston Metro Tech has an equal number of male and female students among its undergraduates. Then again, it’s a technical college and these tend to be full of men. I like having men around. Hell, just between you and me, there are times when I wish I were born a man. Unfortunately, I am stuck inside the body of a woman. Nature is a bitch.

When Solomon University’s Board of Directors hired me, I promised them that I would change things. The first thing I did was draft a proposal for a massive fundraiser. We raised around a million dollars and began a Varsity Football program. Just as I had hoped, the prospect of a Varsity Football program attracted the attention of many male students who were graduating high school and looking for a college or university. The year we added Football to the athletic department, Solomon University welcomed an onslaught of male students. I was happy to see them. The school’s student body became fifty percent male and fifty percent female overnight. I added a few more sports, like Men’s Wrestling, Men’s Volleyball, Men’s Track & Field and Men’s Gymnastics. I had diversified the campus and turned Solomon University into an athletic powerhouse. As Athletic Director, I had done a lot of good.

However, I still had my evil side. That’s why I got Secret Fat Camp. Why is this Secret Fat Camp going to be so much fun? Well, it’s simple, really. I am sadistic and mean. I’m a mean-spirited woman with very little conscience. And above all else, I love making other women suffer. I find women to be much more interesting prey than men. Women are ruthless. Women are deceitful. Women are twisted. Women are manipulative. Women are enticing. Women are wicked. Women are evil. Women are liars. Women are deadly. Yeah, they’re the deadliest prey for any hunter or huntress. The truth of the matter is that Secret Fat Camp is a sham. It’s not affiliated with any legally recognized program. It’s not even accredited. I bought the facility and had a team set it up in the woods of Norwood, Massachusetts. It’s my own private playground. I can do anything I want there. I created a website to lure desperate women to my camp and then I unleashed hell on them.

The new batch of bitches arrived. First, there’s Sarah Jensen. A five-foot-ten, blue-eyed, ugly-faced blonde woman with a plump body, wide hips and a fat ass. She weighed in at around three hundred pounds. It’s not her weight which bothered me. It was her attitude. She was a real bitch. She was berating her husband on the phone and asking the tour guide twenty questions at the same time. Yeah, she was a total bitch. I promised myself that I would tame her later. Second, there was Larissa Anna Pappagionnapoulos. Could this woman get any more Greek? She stood five feet eight inches tall, with huge boobs, a thick body and a plump ass. Her skin was light bronze and her hair was black. She had beady little brown eyes.

Last but not least, there was Marianne Louisiana Nielsen. She was a plump white woman with big tits and an ugly face. Her hair was dark brown, almost black. She had pale skin and beady little brown eyes. I asked them what they did for a living. Sarah Jensen was a housewife. What a surprise! While her husband was at work, she watched television and abused her body by taking frequent trips to the fridge. Larissa was a truck driver. I smiled. Lesbian on board! Marianne Louisiana Nielsen was a librarian, and a bitchy one at that. I rubbed my hands together and smiled. This was going to be fun.

I introduced myself as the Instructor. They were surprised that there was only one instructor at the camp. I told them that this was for maximum intimacy and to facilitate the hard work they were going to have to do in order to lose weight. Those dumb bitches actually bought it. Am I good or what? I showed them their dormitories, and let them rest. Then, I went to my cabin and watched them on camera. Just as I had predicted, they had brought secret snacks. I got mad. Those bitches were cheating. So, I went into the dormitory with my rifle. There will be no cheating at Fat Camp! The three women were treated to a rude awakening by yours truly.

I stormed the dormitory, and woke them up with a can of ice-cold water. They woke up screaming. I told them that I knew they were cheating, and the Camp was just getting started. They screamed in shock, and looked at me sheepishly. I grinned. This was going to be fun. I ordered them to strip naked, and show me what they got. Larissa hesitated. I smacked the plump Greek bitch and ordered her to do as I said. She whined, but did as she was told. Marianne and Sarah soon followed suit. I stood there, watching as one plumper after another got naked. The three of them stood naked before me. I smiled. It’s so fun to dominate other women. I treat bitches the way I know they deserve to be treated. They can fool men with their charms but they can’t fool me. I’ve got a pussy too. I know all the tricks.

I noticed that Larissa and Sarah were looking at Marianne and each other curiously. Oh, my. Is that hidden lesbianism that I’m sensing? This was going to be good. I asked Larissa and Sarah to do each other. They both stared at me like I spoke Martian. I nodded to my metallic little friend and they immediately complied. Larissa lay on the floor, spreading her thick legs. Sarah knelt between the other chick’s legs and began fingering her pussy. Marianne watched, puzzled. I told her to come next to me. She complied. As Sarah began licking Larissa’s pussy, I gently stroked Marianne’s dark brown hair. Why was I taking such good care of her? Simply because I knew our dear librarian was both a sociopath and a lesbian. Both of these aspects of her being are usually undetectable, but not to me. I’m sharper than a switchblade.

I slid my hand between Marianne’s thighs and the sociopathic librarian gasped. Two of my fingers easily fit inside her. She moaned and hissed. I could tell she liked it. Yeah, she was no stranger to this kind of thing. I caressed her tits and pinched them while fingering her pussy. Meanwhile, Sarah was showing Larissa something I’m sure she already knew and loved, the joys of lesbian sex. Sarah ate Larissa’s pussy like pussy licking was going out of style. Hot damn. I liked this! It got my pussy all wet and stuff. I grabbed some necessary tools out of my pockets. I threw Sarah a dildo. I’ve heard it said that Greek women loved anal sex. Maybe Larissa enjoys a good fuck in the ass as much as the next gal, if not more. Sarah caught the dildo I threw at her, and did was came natural. She decided to fuck Larissa with it.

Sarah put Larissa on all fours, and spread the Greek woman’s plump butt cheeks wide open. She pressed the dildo against Larissa’s asshole, and pushed it inside. I grinned maliciously as I watched Sarah thrust the dildo into Larissa’s asshole. It was such a pretty sight. A big dildo disappearing inside a big woman’s tight asshole. Who says lesbians don’t like anal sex? We fucking love it! As for me, I wanted some loving and Marianne was going to service me. After I made her cum with my fingering of her pussy, she was happy. Still, the bitch was reluctant to lick my pussy. I smacked her face, and reminded her that I ran the show. Then, I made her get on her knees. I dropped my pants and spread my legs. I never wore any underwear. Marianne breathed in the smell of my pussy...and coughed. I laughed. I don’t wash down there much, nor do I wear vaginal deodorant. I flaunt my own aroma. I grabbed her head, and shoved her face into my pussy. Lick me, bitch!

Marianne licked my pussy, and I grinned. Yeah, this plump sociopathic librarian knew how to lick a woman’s pussy. I watched Sarah working her magic on Larissa. The big Greek woman was squealing as Sarah gleefully rammed the dildo inside her asshole. The fat woman’s ass cheeks jiggled as she got fucked. Hot damn, this was so much fun. Marianne worked her magic on me until I came, squirting my hot girly cum all over her ugly face. My pussy’s girly scent got all the stronger because of it. Marianne shook her head in disgust. I smiled. Next, I made her get on all fours. I wanted some ass. I fetched my favorite giant strap-on dildo, and strapped it on. Then, I made Marianne get on all fours. When she saw the size of my dildo, the sociopathic lesbian of a librarian balked. She squealed, telling me that she wasn’t sure she could take it. I smiled wickedly. There’s only one way to find out.

Five minutes later, I was jamming my dildo in and out of Marianne’s butt hole. Just as I expected, the big white female librarian had a tight asshole. Just the way I liked them. I love fucking women in the ass without lube. It makes them scream more. I love the sounds women make when they’ve got a big dildo up their asses. Especially uptight bitches like Marianne. I grabbed a handful of her dark brown hair and yanked her head back while slamming the dildo up her asshole. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I fucked her good, taking my sweet time with it too. We went at it until I got mine, as they say. I pressed a button on my mechanized strap-on dildo and it squirted hot artificial cum deep inside Marianne’s asshole. She screamed. I laughed. It was fun.

Nearby, I heard a loud scream. Larissa had finally cum after getting her fat ass probed by Sarah’s dildo. The big Greek woman squealed in delight. I decided to join in on the fun. Marianne was spent, and I was no longer interested in that silly bitch. I wanted a piece of Sarah’s ass. She saw the nasty look on my face and tried to flee. I chased after her and tackled her. She protested, telling me that she thought we were on the same side since I let her have Larissa’s ass. I smiled wickedly. I’m a real woman, thus I am not on anyone’s side except my own! Treachery is the way of women! With that, I put Sarah on all fours and checked out her ass!

Sarah begged me not to take her ass. She told me that she was a butch lesbian, even though she was married to a man. I laughed. So what? Every butch is someone else’s bitch! I spread Sarah’s plump white butt cheeks wide open, and pressed my strap-on dildo against her asshole. Before I pushed it in, I looked into her eyes. She had a terrified look in them. I smiled wickedly. I do love to dominate other women. I noticed that Larissa and Marianne were both watching. I dug my fingers into the flesh of Sarah’s wide hips, and pushed my dildo into her asshole. The loud scream which came out of her mouth was music to my ears. See? I told you every butch is someone else’s bitch!

I fucked Sarah hard, thrusting my dildo deep into her asshole. She screamed. She cried. She begged and pleaded. I laughed. I’m the big black woman who dominates all the whiny fat little white bitches and fucks them in the ass. I grabbed Sarah’s blonde hair and yanked her head back while slamming my dildo into the forbidden depths of her asshole. I don’t know why but I love dominating white women. They think they own the world. They walk around with a sense of entitlement. They think they’re snow goddesses. They see themselves as above the black woman. Well, I’m changing that by bringing these bitches down to their knees and fucking them in the ass. I smacked Sarah’s face and berated her while fucking her in the ass. I called her a worthless bitch, a useless pussy and a miserable white whore. I had my way with her ass. Until I got bored of it and pressed a button on my mechanized dildo, sending hot artificial cum inside the big white woman’s asshole. This just adds insult to injury. Her screams of rage, frustration and yes, pleasure, were my rewards.

And this, folks, is how these three rich white women spent their first night at Secret Fat Camp. The next morning, I really put them to work. Two months later, when they left, they were as slim as supermodels. You see, I found the perfect way to encourage them along their path. Get thin quick or take increasingly larger types of thick dildos up the ass. They chose the first option. They thanked me as they went back to their lives. Forever grateful for what I’ve done. As for me, I felt rejuvenated by the experience. So much that when the summer ended, I returned to Solomon University a happy woman. I got my day job back and I loved it. I will always indulge my hobby in the summertime, though.

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