A sexy plumper and her stepson

A sexy plumper and her stepson
True sex story!
My name is lets say Kevin. I live at home and at the age of 18, I couldn’t help myself from being very attracted to my dads wife. She is gorgeous. A great beautiful face, kinky hair and tits that would make a preacher sin. We kinda flirted sum and I’m sure she caught me more than once looking at those tits, hell she may have been a slight tease, either way I got enuff view to give me sum jerk off material.
So one day I go to the movies and it’s a normal day. I leave and I gave my stepmom, Hannah a hug, carefully coping a feel. As I walk out, I have to slightly adjust my semi-hard cock. We watch a movie at the mall and I go home. As I walk onto the porch, there was a slight crack in the door and I peeked in to see Hannah under a blanket on the couch. My dad was presumably in another room. Hannah liked to wear nitegowns and often i would wonder if she kind of teased me sum.
Anyway I stood to try and catch a peek of anything through her nitegown blanket combo. As I watched tho, I realized she might’ve been masturbating! As I watched I saw my dad appear and was gonna go inside but decided to wait as Hannah was reaching for my dads belt buckle. Considering it was dark out with no porchlight, I figured I’d be safe to take my 7" throbbing cock out and rub it sum.
I rubbed as before my eyes my innocent seeming step-mom was rubbing her covered pussy while she had my dads cock in her other hand, looking up and saying something. I was rock hard by now, and licked my hand. Hannah leaned up and gave his cock a slow lick. She said something and sucked the cockhead into her mouth. She sucked as he rubbed her hair. He tilted his head back as he thrust his cock forward.
I could feel precum and not wanting to waste my load, I stopped briefly and knew I made the right choice. As I could tell that Hannah had enuff of getting hernface fucked, she sat back and stood up. She was wearing one of my favorite nighties, a leopard print that showed as much cleavage as possible and the right angle was a sure pussy shot. She sat back down as she lifted her nitegown and removed it sticking his cock in between her tits. This was amazing, not only was I seeing
The woman I was amazed by naked, but shes fucking also!! Wow!
He fucked those big beautiful titties as she licked his head each time it came up. A minute later she stood up and said
"plz baby fuck my hot pussy. I’ve been so wet since Kevin went to the movies. Mmmm I’m not sure why, but right after he left my nipples got rockhard and my
Pussy got so fucking hot. I need a cock NOW!"
She turned around and bent over and I could briefly see that her pussy was shaved clean, and indeed she was wet! I couldn’t help but to think maybe I made her hot. I stroked my cock slow and easy as he fucked her hard from behind. But something happened, as he pulled her hair back he also screamed out
He was Cumming. She groaned as he pulled out and unloaded on her luscious tits. She was clearly pissed she didn’t finish.
"well babe I’m gonna take a shower, Kevin Shuld b here soon so keep decent"
He winked. She waited til he turned the water on, and once again played with herself. As she sped up, I swore I heard my name, and I shot my load. I birders through the door and scared her shitless. She was flustered and I came in and sat right beside her.
" hey check this out Hannah "
I pulled out a joint of some killer hydro.
" I thought tomm while he was at work, we could have a good smoke and hang out?"
" I think ur dad would get mad if he knew we smoked some killer weed without him!"
The way she spoke I could tell she wanted to, and she was getting even more flustered as she thought about it.
" don’t worry Hannah, I can keep a secret if u can. This will b our little secret? No peer pressure of course haha"
" ok but it’s a secret. And did I mention u look really nice tonite?"
" thank you and I’ve noticed u look especially sweaty? Haha"

The next day I fired up the healthy lookin joint, and passed it to Hannah. I noticed she was wearing a Jean-type skirt. Not a mini-skirt, but certainly not in the long category. She was wearing a dark t-shirt, and I swear I saw her perfect nipples, no bra included. I wasn’t fornsure though. The erotic thot that she was a tease to her stepson caused a stir in my pants. I was pretty high, and I could tell she was pretty ripped. We laughed and joked as we finished the joint. Wow we were FRIED!!
" so Hannah, do u kno the exact color of ur shirt? I mean it’s a dark color, but what color?"
I laughed so she wouldn’t be offended or something. She looked down and said she wasn’t sure.
" do u not like it or something?"
" no I love the look of em" I blurted out.
" the look of... My shirt right?" she asked ll innocently. She had that innocent look, but I was starting to realize she was far from it.
I made it a
Point to prolong my gaze at her chest this time. I knew she was lookin at me, and I wanted to gauge her reaction. " pretty much your shirt. And I bet u have a black bra to match, rite?"
This time she leaned forward a little bit and said kinda low," I do have one but not today!"

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