Blind Date, erotic story

Blind Date, erotic story
"Don’t look at me,"she whined, covering her breasts with one arm, and clamping her legs together. "Turn out the light."

I shook my head. "No, Baby, I like looking at you. Just the way you are. Now open up? surrender the pink."

She moved her legs apart, revealing more of her crotch.

I reached down and lifted one of her knees, pulling it up and pushing it back toward her. Her pussy lips appeared, swollen and wet. I moved forward, letting the head of my cock brush against her vulva.

"Mmmm,"she whispered. "Give it to me."

I pushed my hips forward, thrusting my cock inside her.

"Oh yeah!"she gasped. "Fuck me, yeah! Fuck me!"

Holding her leg up, I thrust my pelvis forward and back, my hips slapping against the soft flesh of her upper thighs, the sound of the slapping adding to her soft moans and the squishy noises of her wet cunt devouring my cock.

"You like fucking, don’t you,"I muttered.

"I love fucking,"she gasped back. "I want to fuck forever. Fuck me forever! Don’t stop!"

She pushed her head back into the bed, arching her back as best she could. Her hands reached up, and she began to twist her own nipples, and I watched them swell and grow between her fingers.

Her breasts wobbled with each thrust of my hips, and her belly quivered.

I could feel her squeezing my cock within her, as her breathing quickened.

"Nnnnnnngh!"she moaned, "nnnnnn-aaaaaahhhhh!"Her body shook, and her head whipped from side to side as a massive orgasm convulsed through her. Her vaginal muscles clasped my penis within her, and I could hold back no more. My balls emptied in fierce, staccato bursts.

Leaving my plug in her hole, I dropped her leg down. She reached up and pulled me down on her.

"Keep it in,"she whispered, "if you can?"

I tried, but it slid out of her slippery cunt.

"Ahhh!"she moaned.

"Give me a couple of minutes,"I whispered back.

My mind rolled back to earlier that evening?

It was a blind date? well, not entirely blind. We’d "met"on the net, corresponding over the Internet after she had read some stories I had written.

She had told me that she was "a little"overweight. I had said that it didn’t matter. Not that I’m all that slim, but only a little more than average. But I’ve been intrigued by big women all my life.

I was already sitting at a table in the Marriott Hotel restaurant. I was distracted from watching the doorway only briefly by the waiter refilling my coffee cup. I felt a presence just behind me, then a touch on my shoulder? and a face next to my ear.

"Bob, I presume,"she said, then I felt her kiss my ear. Her tongue darted out, just brushing my earlobe.

I looked up.

The lady was dressed in basic black, a low-cut dress that showed an amazing expanse of cleavage; a jacket, and long skirt. She slid into the chair next to me and peered into my face.

"If you’re not Bob, this is terribly embarrassing."

"Even if I wasn’t Bob, I’d consider changing my name."

She paused, then a small smile crossed her lips. "I think you mean that."

"I don’t have a poker face?"


I smiled. "You’re right. I’ve never been able to play poker."

We talked about the net, and about stories, until the waiter brought around our meal. While we talked, I looked her over without trying to be obvious about it.

"A little overweight"was an understatement. She was 300 pounds if she was an ounce. But somehow, somewhere between the salad and the first course, I lost track of her size and concentrated on her voice and what she was saying.

We finished our meal ? and it wasn’t as large a meal as I might have expected. The waiter removed the plates, and we sat and finished our wine.

She leaned forward, and whispered, "I’m ready for dessert."

I started to look around for the waiter, but she giggled.

"No, silly,"she grinned, and raised her eyebrow. "Are you game?"

The smile on my face gave me away. Damn poker anyway.

I called for the check.

She took my hand as we left the restaurant.

I started for the exit at the front of the hotel, but she stopped. "Where are you going?"

"I thought?"

"You think I’m going to wait that long? I’ve got a room right here."

"You were pretty confident,"I said, smiling.

She couldn’t play poker either.

She led me to the elevator, and pressed the "up"button. The doors open and a couple of people got out. We got on the elevator, and were followed by another couple. We all turned to watch the numbers.

The other couple got out, leaving us alone in the elevator. She turned to face me, lifting her chin. I took the hint and kissed her. Her tongue darted out between her lips, and I sucked gently on it.

Her free hand found my crotch, and she fondled my penis through my pants. The elevator stopped, and the doors opened.

She broke the kiss. "Our floor,"she breathed.

She led me down the hall, slipped a card into the slot, and opened the door.

No sooner did she close the door behind us than she was all over me again. Her tongue in my mouth, her hands fumbling with my fly.

She unzipped my pants and reached inside, sliding her hand through the opening in the front of my boxers, and wrapped her fingers around my rapidly-hardening cock.

"Mmmmm,"she hummed. She broke our kiss and stepped back, still holding onto my cock. "Dessert!"

She slid down to her knees in front of me, and drawing my penis out through my fly, she wrapped her lips around my cock, she sucked eagerly on it, her fingers exploring my scrotum.

Her tongue rolled around my cockhead, until she felt my balls start to tighten, then she leaned forward, pressing her nose into my pubic hair, taking my cock deep into her mouth while I came.

She sat back on her heels, licking her lips. "Dee-licious,"she said, smiling.

I knelt down in front of her, and kissed her lips. I tasted the salt of my own cum on her lips and tongue.

"What about my dessert?"I asked softly.

Her eyes glistened. "Whatever would you want to eat?"she smiled.

Her skirt was bunched up around her knees. I reached down and pushed it up her thighs. Her legs were bare ? no stockings or pantyhose. She shuddered a little as my fingers touched her bare skin.

There is nothing so soft as the inside of a lady’s thigh ? especially one that is overweight. I ran my fingertips along her inner thigh, delighting in that feeling.

She sighed, happily.

"Come on,"she whispered, and rose to her feet.

I followed close behind her, clinging to her skirt, tugging it up over her ass. I was a little startled to see it naked. She wore no panties, either. It jiggled as she walked, and I couldn’t help but put my hand in the cleft between those wiggly cheeks.

"Mmmmm,"she moaned as my fingers wiggled in her crack. She turned, and my hand pulled away as she sat on the edge of the bed. She scooted back, and raised her knees, perching her feet on the edge of the bed. She reached up with her hands and grasped her knees, pulling them up and back.

I fell to my knees beside the bed, the better to view the pink of her hidden flower.

Her clit was hidden by a fold of skin. Gently, I used a finger to reveal it, then leaned forward and brushed it with my tongue.

I heard a small gasp, so I did it again.

Then I leaned into it, wrapping my lips around it, rolling it with my tongue, feeling it grow and warm up under my tongue. I slipped one finger, then two into her pussy, wet and slippery and warm.

"Taste good?"she asked.

"Um-hum"I grunted, without stopping.

"Well it feels heavenly,"she said. "Mmmmmm?"

I slid my tongue down toward my fingers, slipping the tip around her piss-hole. I pulled out my fingers briefly, while I pushed my tongue as deeply as I could inside her. My nose pressed against her clit.

"Mnnnnnnnnn!"she hummed. "Oh Bob, that feels so good!"

I moved back up to her clit, and put my fingers back in. I felt her body tense a little, and I doubled my movement on her clit with my tongue.

"Oh yeah!!"she gasped. "Oh god yeah!!"

She began to convulse, and I backed off, leaving my fingers inside her. I watched with some amusement as her hips bucked against my hand, her pussy clenching around my fingers.

After a moment of silence, she whispered "Get naked, Bob. I need to be fucked."

I started to undress, but she sat up and said, "No? in there."She pointed at the bathroom.

"Why?"I asked.

"Just do it,"she smiled. She stood up, and her skirt fell back over her legs. She stepped over and turned out the light.

I did as she said, peeking back over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of her large body as she pulled her dress off over her head.

I undressed quickly, then with my erection leading the way, I walked naked back toward the bedroom. But just before I entered, I turned on the light.

A throbbing between my legs brought me back to the present.

She felt it, too, reaching down and grasping it in her fingers. "Feels like you’re ready for another round,"she whispered.

I moved around behind her, and rolled her over on her side. I pushed her top leg forward, and straddled the lower one. I moved up until my cockhead was poised at the entrance to her cunt.

"Yeah, do it!"she breathed. "Fuck me again!"

I slid forward and my cock slid easily into her wet, hot hole. I reached down and grasped one breast, heavy and full in my hand. With my thumb, I stroked her nipple. It stood up, while her dark areoles puckered around it.

"Mmmmm,"she moaned. "Yeah?"

I could feel her body tighten again. I paused my hip movement a moment, while I bent forward and licked her nipple, lifting her large breast to my face. I drew the nipple in between my lips, and sucked gently on it.

"Oh, Bob,"she moaned. "Don’t stop fucking. Fuck me? fuck me!"

I raised my head and started the pelvic thrusting again. Her breathing sped up as her body tightened up again.

"Oh? Oh! OhhhhhhhhhHHH!"Her body stiffened, and her pussy clenched at my cock again.

I held still as she orgasmed. When she relaxed, I pulled out and rolled around in front of her. She gathered me in her arms, pressing my face between her massive breasts. She wrapped one leg around me, holding me very close.

Too close. I couldn’t breathe. I wiggled my head free, and gasped for breath, and she giggled.

She released me, and pushed me over on my back. Immediately, she straddled me, sitting on my upper thighs, my cock, still erect and throbbing, in front of her.

She raised herself up, and with one hand, she guided my cock back into the wetness of her pussy. She sat down, drawing me inside her.

I looked up at her, her large white breasts jiggling and bouncing, as she ground her hips around in small circles on my cock. I couldn’t see her cunt, it ? and my cock ? were buried in folds of flesh.

I could feel the pressure building, then it burst, my balls pumping jizm into her.

She lay forward and kissed me lightly, then rolled us over onto our sides, her legs wrapping around my hips, holding me inside her, although our upper bodies slid apart.

She looked across at me, her fingertips brushing my chest.

"Sleep if you must,"she whispered. "Just stay inside me."

I closed my eyes. I heard her breathing even out, then lengthen. Then a soft snore. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep still stuck into her.

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