Bbw incest

Bbw incest
I had been dating Becky for about a month, she is a dirty blonde who was thirty-eight years old with double Ds, big blue eyes, curvy hips and a love of sport fucking.

We spent most of our time screwing, she was such a frisky minx. But I figure when the sex cools I’ll move on.

She lived in a nice house with her eighteen year old daughter whom I had never met as we spent most of our time together at my place (or more to the point in my bed).

For the first time on a Friday night she invited me for a home cooked dinner. It was a nice meal and we finished the bottle of wine I gave her, and after we settled on the couch which quickly became a make out session with more than a little heavy petting. We slowly undressed each other probing each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths as we became more and more aroused.

She being a very big tease ran her fingers over my swelling dick. I pushed her head down slowly as she lay on her stomach on the couch and needed little more coaxing to begin giving me one of her amazing nuts deep in her mouth blow jobs. She was a true deep throat artist.

Her technique was amazing. Smooth and easy with her tongue dancing around my shaft like snake around a tree trunk.

Her pace was quick and steady as I held the back of her head with one hand and ran my other hand between her legs and used my finger tips to massage her greasy slit. She stopped to spit on it and look up at me with those amazing deep blue eyes and winked as she softly gripped my dick and rubbed it up and down.

?Feel good babe?? she asked dropping back down to her work.

?Becky, you are making me very excited.?

I was getting ready to throw her on the floor and pound the shit out of her when I heard the front door open.

?Who the hell is that?? as someone was moving around down the hall.

?Probably Sky,? she did not even seem worried her daughter was about to find us naked and in the middle of having sex, or more to the point her sucking my cock balls deep!

?Shouldn’t we cover up??

?Why, you shy? Cock like this you shouldn’t be,? she kept stroking me. ?Relax big guy, not the first time she has seen me fucking on the couch.? She put my dick back in her mouth.

?Shit really??

?M mhhmph,? she mumbled taking me back deep down her throat.

?Oh yeah? was the voice I heard from the doorway as I looked over to see Sky standing there leaning against the door frame and licking her lips.

?Hey Ma, this the flavour of the month, you suckin’ off there??

Sky was about her mother’s height with a distinct Goth look to her. She wore a waist length black leather jacket covered with buckles and zippers. Her hair was long and straight with varying colours of purple and blue which framed her chunky face. She was a large girl, fat even and had big eyes in which she wore coloured contacts that made them look like purple cats eyes. She was very pale and wore black lipstick and eye liner. Her face was pierced at the nostril, lower lip and eyebrow.

I could not tell what she had on under the jacket but I could see her ankle length dress made of black tulle or something with red fabric under it. Under that were pair of vinyl boots that went to her knee and buckled up the sides and had thick soles.

It must take her a long time to get dressed like that I thought.

?Hi sweetie your home early, early enough to meet my new lover? Becky said still concentrating on my dick. I could not believe the way Sky was reacting. Clearly this was not a new situation for either one of them.

?Yeah the party was lame and no one was doing anything terribly exciting so I came home, hope you don’t mind? she smiled as she and I were looking each other in the eye.

?No, we don’t mind, do we lover?? She sat up and put an arm around my shoulder while still playing with my dick.
?No, I don’t mind.?

?Show Don your new tattoo, Sky.?

Sky shrugged then stripped off the leather and exposed a black corset with purple lace trim. It was fighting to keep her huge chubby tits in. Her left shoulder had a tattoo of a Geisha girl holding a bloody sword.

?That was her birthday present.? Becky said in my ear. ?Sky, show him the other two?

Sky shrugged again and turned and showed me her right forearm where she had a small yin yang symbol. Then she turned around and held up her hair and on the back of her neck was a series of Celtic knots.

?Nice tats,? I said as she turned back to face us and put her hands on her hips. She smiled and licked her lips again as she ran a hand across her upper chest.

?My next one will be across here, a bouquet of flowers and a butterfly,? she said dreamily.

?Wanna see her other piercings?? She whispered in my ear. ?She will have to take her clothes off though? Becky giggled in my ear.

I just nodded and smiled up at this fat, sexy in a hardcore extreme kind of way girl in front of me. She shrugged and slowly undid the corset and letting it fall to the floor. Her skin imprinted with the pattern of the corset but you could not help but notice that both her large deep pink nipples were pierced with thick bars and her nipples were getting hard as rocks.

?There is more, keep going Hun? Sky licked her lips again slipping her tongue out far enough for me to see her tongue stud. She reached back an unzipped the skirt and after dropping it around her ankles she kicked it to the side. She had on plain black brief panties and she slowly peeled those off as well leaving her in nothing but her knee high boots. She then pointed to the two rings in her labia. Her pussy freshly shaven.

?Holy shit? I said. ?Never met anybody with so many holes in her body?

?Kinda sexy though isn’t it lover, my young, big daughter looking like she might be kinda dangerous??

Or a good fuck I thought to myself.

?Becky? I said unable to take my eyes off Sky. ?I wanna fuck your daughter?

?Mm right on? she kissed me hard and deep. ?I think you should ask her what she thinks, she is a big girl, she can decide herself.?

My cock seemed to double in hardness.

I did not have to ask, Sky was already on her knees and wrapping her mouth around my dick as her Mom and I kissed and I kept a couple fingers buried in Becky’s cunt, while grabbing a hand full of purple and blue hair.

?Ah fuck ladies, I think I need to pound some snatch? I said pushing Sky down to the floor with my foot, she laid flat on her back on the carpeted floor as I knelt between her legs and held her right foot in the air and pushed her left leg down as I slid my dick into her fat twat as deep as it would go as she yelped in delight.

Becky stayed on the couch watching and masturbating as I fucked her barely legal eighteen year old daughter like a five dollar whore.

I slowly thrust balls deep in her fat bare pussy as she reached over her head and grabbed the bottom of a chair on the other side of the room. I used my free hand to play with her double e tits and the piercing on the nipple as she writhed on the floor like a fleshy snake.

?Ah uh ah uh ah uh mhph, oh god oh god mother fucking dam it man you are gunna make me come? Sky cried as I enjoyed the sound of our flesh slapping together. My dick deep in her hot, wet cunt surrounded by her large fleshy sex it felt wetter than any pussy I’d been in before.

Becky knelt down beside me kissing me and putting a hand on her daughters side and cheered her on as I rubbed her clit and the large tattooed teenage tart squirted all over me.

?see baby this is why you never send a boy to do a man’s job, those little boys you’ve been dating can’t make you climax like a man’s cock can? She squeezed her daughters tit making Sky yelp louder. ?Now cum harder, you know you’re there, come like the whore you wanna be!? Becky then clapped and cheered as her kid screamed, cried and moaned for four or five minutes straight. As Sky began to calm down and become able to speak again she looked up at me and smiled a vampire grin and told me it was her moms turn. I agreed and pulled out of Sky letting Becky give me a little oral delight. She loved the taste of her kids spend on my hard on.

I looked at Becky and smiled as I put her on all fours above her naked daughter with her face between those big pierced tits. Placing a hand on the back of her neck I pushed her face down into the fat torso and slapped her ass hard enough to leave a red mark causing her to jump as I entered her from behind. I had been with Becky long enough to know when she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm and she was there seconds after I entered her. But I did not want her to go yet, so I pulled out and rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks till she calmed again and re-entered her begging twat. I did this three times before rolling her over on her back.

When I did Sky sat up on her knees and back on her heels as I put Becky’s head in Sky’s lap again and the daughter brushed Mom’s hair off her face as I put her legs in the same position I had the daughters in, but leaned forward and sucked on her tits as I re-entered her again, this time hard deep thrusts as her little girl encouraged her to come this time.

?C’mon Ma, you gaddddam tart squirt! Squirt all over! Come like the white trash you are!? That was all it took as Becky came so hard I thought she was having an asthma attack.

I knew I was close too so I stood up and grabbed Sky by the hair and ran my dick into her mouth, her Mom’s juices dripping from the end. I quick pace face fucked her as she gagged a little on me at first. But as I got closer I slowed. She now had just the tip in her mouth and was flicking the end as Becky got up and knelt besides her waiting for the big finish.

?Fuuuuuuuuckkin hell yes bitch? I pulled her head to tilting back and with the tip of my cock resting on her mouth I shot ten or eleven hot thick loads all over her fat face. I stepped back and let Becky lick a lot of it off her youngsters face.

?Nice job ladies,? I said as Becky put me back in her mouth and cleaned me off as Sky scoop the come off her face and ate it.

?My fucking god? Sky said, I am spent.

?Me too hun, why don’t you go get cleaned up? Sky smiled gave me a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs. ?Hot girl for a fatty eh Don??

?Shit yeah. The guy who gets to date her will be very taken care of, for sure.?

?Like mother like daughter,? Becky said as we went upstairs to bed.

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