Erica needs cash,group sex

Erica needs cash,group sex
Erica is a Juggalette slut who needs money or else she will be evicted. She is desperate and will do anything... even if it means getting all of her holes filled by half the town!

Erica was a chubby sexy slut who lived in a small town. In high school she was skinny and quite promiscuous. 10 years after high school she has been through bad relationships. After a while she grew a few pounds but that didn’t stop guys from wanting to titty fuck her or get a great blow job from her. Erica was about five foot three and had really big tits. She was chubby but fit her curves well. She had a decent sized ass. Her eyes were so incredibly sexy and she has a "fuck me face" that you would love to shoot a load across. She was known for giving the best head in town. Guys would always share stories of her dick sucking abilities. She was a local drunk and was known to suck dick in the bathroom at the bar. Erica always wore slutty gothic clothes or your average juggalette slut look. She would wear sexy boots and wear shirts to the bars exposing her big floppy breasts. Erica was a fun slut!

Erica had been dumped by her boyfriend Josh. He had caught her texting a guy friend named Slim about her wanting to suck his dick. Josh wasn’t having it so he just left her there in the apartment. Erica never had a decent job and her parents were tired of helping so she was on her own. She finally received a notice that would be kicked out in three days. She owned $850 for rents and utilities. She only had a $200 but spent $25 on cigarettes and pills. She just didn’t know what to do.

One day she was texting her friend Slim about her big problem. He was a good friend of hers. They had always been there for each other but had also had a sexual tension between them. Erica wanted him to be one of the few guy friends that she had not fucked. However, there were some nights where she would think about Slim eating her wet pussy. Slim had always wanted to fuck her as well. He had spent many times trying but never succeeding.

They had been texting for a while and Slim said, "lol maybe you should show your tits for $20 dollaz a pop! Lol". Erica had thought about it. She knew that Slim had always wanted to see her tits. So she replied with, "Do you got $20 bucks Lol"

Slim gripped his cocked and texted back, "Yes I do Lol. Really though"

"Yea I’ll let you see my tits Slim!"

Slim couldn’t believe it. He waited a couple hours for the next reply and finally got a picture mail. It was Erica right after a shower. She was covering her stomach and vagina with a towel but her nice gorgeous tits were exposed! Slim immediately jerked off twice in a row.

"wow thank you, where do you want to meet so I can give u money"

"meet me on rocks st. same apt"

Later on Slim drove over to Erica’s house. Slim walked in with a bulging boner and gave her the money. When Slim pulled out the $20 bill he accidently dropped $100 on the floor as well. Erica’s eyes lit up!

"Oh wow, I didn’t know you had that much cash!" Erica said, "Slim I’m really hurting can you give me any more than $20."

"I don’t know Erica, you’ve never ever paid me back, but it was nice seeing your tits." Slim said lustfully because he noticed she was in her sexy boots with the long stripped socks and a slutty Goth skirt. She also had her tits sticking out her black blouse. Her hair was dye blonde with black streaks. Erica noticed his cock getting harder and harder.

"Slim, if I let you jerk off on my tits will you please give me $100" She said as she pulled her big tits out.

Slim didn’t hesitate at all. He gave her the bill and pulled his big cock out. Erica was impressed actually. Now she wishes she had fucked him before. Slim jerked off his hard dick. He grunted and groaned at the site of Erica’s big tits.

"Ooooh fuck Erica I’m going to cummm!!!" Slim yelled.

Erica looked at slim and said, "Yea Slim cum all over my tits!"

After that Slim’s big dick shot a giant load of cum across Erica’s tits and face. Erica then proceeds to lick his cock clean. He was so pleased he let her have the whole $120. Erica was so happy she now only owed $555 now to her landlord. This gave this slut an idea. Maybe should could show her tits for some more money. She didn’t mind having someone jerk their load on her so maybe should ever go as far as sucking a dick or two

Erica immediately ran the money to her landlord’s secretary and said the rest was coming soon. She started texting some guys and finally got a text from her friend Tom. They had fucked a couple of times but had bad fallout. But occasionally they would share pills. Anyway he asked what was up and she told him what was going on. Tom wasn’t as nice as Slim. He treats girls like true sluts. He went on a rant about how he had already dumped a load in her pussy before and shouldn’t have to pay for it. About a half hour later Erica got a text from Tom.

"Yo slut, my dick is hard, will u suck my dick for $20 bucks"

Feeling turned on by knowing she was being a slut for some reason said, "Make it 30"

"Sure bitch, you know where I live...I ain’t picking ur ass up either!"

Erica didn’t know what to do for a ride. She could of asked Slim, but he was already at work. She was craving Slim’s big dick since she seen it anyway. She loved sucking on Tom’s dick too. She texted a few people and finally got a response from friend, Mark. Mark was a construction worker who went to school with Erica. He always wanted to bust a load on her tits as well. He was willing to give her a ride but had some demands of his own.

"I’m going to need at least $20 for gas. My car is shit now. Bad on fuel."

Erica reluctantly relplied "Okay"

On the way to Tom’s house Erica told Mark about her issues with her landlord. Mark felt bad about it but still drooled over her big tits. Erica noticed and tried to make a deal.

"So...Mark I really need this cash.." Erica said.

Mark smiled, " And.."

"Let me keep the $20 and I’ll let you suck on my tits"

Mark immediately went to a drive off and did not hesitate to pull Erica’s big tits out and start sucking on them. Erica was moaning because her pussy was wet. "Erica... your making my dick so hard I wish I could titty fuck you!" Mark said.

"Well....why not I guess. I do need this ride. Pull that big dick out and fuck my tits!" Erica demanded.

Mark pulled out his 8 inch cocks and she sucked on his dick for a good minute. Erica loved the taste of his precum. He thrusted his cock between her fat tits and shot a big creamy load all over her chest. She cleaned up and was glad she got to keep her money. Mark then dropped Erica off at Tom’s house.

Tom always had druggies around and never had a clean house. Erica walked in and saw Tom playing XBOX. He was pilled up but his dick was rock hard. Tom did not hesitate to throw 3 ten dollar bills at her and say, "Cunt, suck my dick!"

"Wait hold on Tom! I will suck you dick but can I at least get a drink" She smiled as she pulled out her tits that had already had two loads of cum on them today.

Tom smiled and, "Fuck yea, I’ve got some pineapple rum here ya heard"

They had a couple of drinks and fondled each other. They both were horny and Erica proceeded to suck on Tom’s long dick.

"Yea bitch you suck the best dick in town. Fuck yea everyone wants Erica Hern to suck their dicks."

Erica was rubbing her clit through her long underwear underneath her gothic skirt. She sucked on his long dick for a good 10 minutes.

"Oooh fuck yea Erica swallow my fucking load!" Tom Said as he shot his load down her throat.

Erica swallowed every drop and cleaned his cock for him. He sat back almost comatose. Erica only owed $525 now. Erica knew that Tom would not give her a ride so she had her friend Faith pick her up. She had to walk a good 2 miles before she could make the main road. Erica was still wet and as she walked she thought about how much she loved cum and sucking dick. She needed to get fucked by the end of the day. It was about 10pm and getting dark.

Eventually Erica safely makes her way to meet her fat friend Faith. Faith felt so bad for Erica. She wanted to help her but was on her way out of town to go see a loved one. Erica wished along the way that she could tell Faith that she had been sucking dick for money. She didn’t tell her but they did say good bye as Faith dropped Erica off back at her apt. Erica watched a gang bang porno and fingered wet pussy to an orgasm. She decided to sleep but still stressed because still owed $525 to her landlord. She had one more day to get it or she was going to be homeless.

The next day Erica was freaking out because her computer wasn’t working. She called her gross friend Chris over to fix it. She was really grossed out by him but he had always lusted over her a lot since high school too. She called him and he showed up in no time. Erica was wearing a long ICP shirt shit and baggy boxer shorts. Chris was lusting over her so much as he worked on her computer. "I found your problem. This porn site fucked it all up. Wow I like this site too." Chris said in a creepy manner.

Erica just rolled her eyes. She was so creeped out. Chris never bather properly and has a dirty t-shirt on. He reeked of body odor. Erica was disgusted. Erica then got a phone call from her ex Josh. The conversation took a long time as they argued over who got what DVD’s. Chris snooped around on Erica’s computer to find a conversation on Erica’s face book account. It was the conversation with Tom about getting his dick sucked for $30. Chris read about her issues about rent. Chris got a hideous idea as Erica finished up her conversation with Josh.

Erica walked back to quite a site. Chris was jerking his little hairy dick off and had $100 lying on the floor.

"Your computer is fixed Erica...and I read about your problem. It must have been nice for Tom to get a blow job now how about me" Chris demanded.

Erica was sickened but she needed the money. "Okay Chris I’ll suck your dick."

Erica got on her knees and got near his unwashed dick. It almost made her puke.

"Yea gag on my dick you fucking slut!" Chris said as he moaned.

Erica sucked his slimy four inch dick until he blew his load in her mouth. Erica gagged as she swallowed. She then gathered up the money and felt Chris grab her from behind. He forced her boxers off and exposed her pussy.

"Bitch, $100 is more than a blow job I’m going to fuck you!" Chris said as he forced his little dick into Erica’s surprisingly wet pussy. Erica actually enjoyed this. Chris sweated and moaned until he shot a second load onto Erica’s ass. Chris left her there after he used her. She was sweaty and coved in cum and $20 bills.

Erica in a sick way smiled and said, "$425 left to owe."

Erica was disgusted and turned on at the same time. That sweaty pig Chris had his way with her, but she liked it. His dick was small and this was only a big tease. But, Erica the slut that she was had to keep trying to make money. The money was due by midnight. She openly texted men and told them she was selling blow jobs for $30. Erica didn’t know what she was getting into. She immediately had 4 text messages from 4 horny men with hard dicks ready for Erica’s mouth.

Her friend Sean stopped over with a big grin on his face. It had become casual to Erica now she was being a whore. She sucked Sean’s dick and swallowed his cum. "Wow bitch you suck a mean dick! I’m a tell the boys how good you suck."

Then Erica’s hot black friend Brandon came over. He was a crack head with a long black dick. "Yea bitch here’s your thirty now suck on it!" Minutes later Erica’s face was covered in cum. As Brandon left she cleaned his cum off her face and realized she only owed 365. Erica had two men on their way to get there dicks sucked too.

She got ready for her next friend Mike. He was good friends with Joe but was known for fucking his friend’s girlfriends. He didn’t care he just had $30 and hard dick. He was a white guy who dressed thug. He showed up in and they both snorted a pill. Next thing you know Mike’s 10 inch dick is exposed. Erica starts sucking on it. Mike strips her down and fondles Erica’s big tits. Next thing you know Mike is sucking on Erica’s toes.

"So do you like my sexy feet Mike" Erica said as she sucked on his dick.

"Yes I do, how about you finish me off with your sexy feet" Mike said as he got his big cock sucked on.

Erica wrapped her toes around Mikes hard dick and gave him a sexy foot job. Mike eventually erupted his cum all over Erica’s sexy feet.

"Mmmm yea cum on my feet Mike." Erica smiled.

Mike left still with a boner thinking about Erica’s feet. Erica cleaned herself up and waited for the last man to show up. It was her old teacher Tom. He was the gym teacher and got caught fucking a cheerleader. Erica used to suck on his cock back in the day. She always wanted to fuck him.

Tom Showed up and they talked for a while. Erica sucked his dick twice. He even texted his other teacher friends and told them.

"I miss all of you sluts from high school." Tom went onto explain whores from my class. "I used to fuck Cara Rosener in the ass every week. I remember fucking that chubby slut Amanda Jankins too." Tom left in his truck, a pleased man. Erica now only owed $305. It was 6pm and she only had 6 hours. She dropped off the money to the landlord’s secretary and swore it would all be there by midnight. Erica decided to wear her really slutty juggalette outfit. She had her tits hanging about and no underwear on. Her skirt was sexy and she had teas in her fishnets. Erica got there and guys were squeezing her tits and buying her drinks. She gave word to Steve about her $30 blow job. Steve was willing to pay $40. So Erica sucked Steve’s dick in his car. She swallowed his cum. Erica now only owed $265. Word had gotten around about Erica needing cash. When she got back in the door, a creepy old man named Scotty flashed $50 at her and whispered, "Want so suck on my cock"

Erica complied and took him into back room of the bar. The man pulled out his long hairy old dick. Erica got on her knees and sucked his limp dick until it was hard in her mouth. Erica was so wet by this point and was fingering herself as the old man enjoyed Erica’s face. Then the door opened. Erica was shocked to see it was the owner Hank. Hank was 55 and always hit on Erica. Him and Scotty were friends.

"Oh Scotty make room. I’m going to stuff my cock down her throat too. What is it $20 bucks a suck" Hank said as he pulled his dick and shoved it in Erica’s mouth.

"I paid this wench $50 dollars, but it’s worth it!" Scotty said.

Both men abused Erica’s mouth and smeared her makeup. Both shot loads into her mouth. She was drunk and covered in cum. That was $70 now she only owed $195 to her landlord. Erica got so desperate that she was now going to sell her mouth for $5. The bar was full of degenerates men who always drooled over Erica and word got around fast that she was sucking dick for $5. It was 8pm and she had to suck dick fast!

Erica was sitting at the bar getting groped buy 4 men. She had no idea who they were but invited them into the same room where she sucked Scotty and Hank’s dick. She removed her shirt and sucked all 4 cocks in a row. Each man shot their loads on her tits. Erica was drunk and topless. Her big fat tits were drenched in cum. Then she heard a crowd of men walk in the room grunting about wanting their dicks sucked on. Erica had 8 more dicks to enjoy.

"Wow I always heard this slut was a good dick sucker." Said a stranger that Erica had never met before. This man face fucked Erica and was due to cum. "Shit I might cum soon. Fuck!"

The man shot his load on her tits. Then the next man joined in. It was Erica’s classmate Mack. "Wow I can’t believe Erica Hearn is such a slut! Now suck this dick!"

Mack face fucked Erica hard and shot a load down her throat. Other men cheered him on and some groped her tits. They didn’t even care that there were covered in other men’s cum. "Who’s next, who wants this fat sluts mouth next"

Next thing you know Micky the tattoo artist who actually had done some of her tattoos shoved his pierced dick in her mouth. "Fucking slut, you tease me while I tattoo you sexy tits!"

"Yea Micky face fuck that slut!" said his friend. "I’ve got $5 bucks I’m next!"

Micky soon shot his load all over Erica’s Face and smeared his dick in her makeup making her a fucking mess. "Fuck yea, she sucks good. Shove your dick in man. It feels good!"

Micky’s friend was next. Erica had never met him either. He face fucked Erica until he shot his cum down her throat. "What do you think of all these dicks Erica"

Erica wiped her mouth and stuttered, "Fuck my slutty mouth, I want your cum. whose dick am I going to suck next"

A local High school kid who was named Jason was drunk and in the room. He was 18 but was able to drink there. He slapped a five dollar bill on Erica’s tits and said, "Suck on this dick you fat slut"

For only being 18 Jason had a 9 inch dick. Erica sucked and sucked on it. She was so drunk but couldn’t stop sucking dick. She did not want to be homeless.

"Yea this slut is good. Suck it Erica. You tubby fucking slut!" Jason said as Mack was jerking off.

"yeah, you know what slut I’ve got $5 more bucks. I’m next. I want that mouth back when your done with it Jason." Said Mack.

"Fucking slut, shes gota be 10 years older than me. Now you’re sucking high school boys dicks for five bucks" Jason said. He was now about to cum.

"Yeaaaa!!!" Jason yelled as he shot a giant load right into Erica’s eyeball. "Fucking bitch, I’m telling all my friends how good your slut mouth feels."

Everyone in the room laughed as Erica cringed with pain. Mack slapped another $5 bill on Erica’s cum stained tits and proceeded to receive his second blow job from Erica Hearn.

"Mmmm fucking suck that dick. You’ve already sucked everyone else’s dick." Mack said as Erica sucked on his cock.

"You’re going to suck my big nigger dick next slut." Said the local drug dealer Alfred. Women always complained that Alfred smelled and beat them.

As Erica sucked on Mack’s dick, Alfred slapped his big black cock on her face. Mack was soon to cum. "Oh fuck Erica drink my fucking load!"

Mack shot his load down Erica’s throat. "Now you’re going to suck on a real big dick bitch. My boy Alfred and I have tag teamed many sluts. Now suck that nigger’s dick!"

Erica sucked on Alfred’s big 11 inch dick. It was so huge. It was definitely the biggest dick she had ever sucked. It was smelly and had not been washed but she still enjoyed.

"Yes fuck my face fuck!" Erica screamed as the men cheered on.

"Yea bitch I’m going cum!" Alfred said as he shot his load down Erica’s throat.

Erica demanded a drink and was handed a warm beer. She chugged it down and poured the rest on her tits. "Who’s next Who wants to fuck my slutty mouth and tits"

"I’m definitely next. I’ve been waiting!" said the voice of a familiar voice. In a drunken daze Erica was shocked to see that her neighbor Cade. She didn’t seem to care that his dick was in her mouth though.

"Fucking suck it Erica. I always wanted you suck my dick and swallow my load. Wow my neighbor sucks dick better than that slut Celeste." Said Cade.

Mack and Jason were there taking pictures and still enjoying Erica’s humiliation. "Yea cum on her tits Cade!"

"fuck yea I’m going to bust!" Cade said as he shot his load on Erica’s tits.

Erica realized that she needed more money and said, "If anyone wants to fuck me it’s $10 each. Erica then bent over to expose her pussy. She was immediately fingered and groped. Erica Hearn was now about to be gang banged.

The football star Jason throw down two five dollar bills and said, " Fuck yea I want the sluts pussy first!"

Jason shoves his raw dick right into Erica’s pussy. Erica is in ectasy. "Fuck I might cum already!"

"Just cum inside, fuck her! Who cares if she gets pregnant" Mack said as Erica sucked his cock for the 3rd time.

"Fuck I’m next" said Alfred as he threw down a ten dollar bill. He then shoved his thick dick in Erica as she was bent over. "Fuck slut yea take this nigger dick!"

Alfred filled Erica’s pussy with cum. Next Mack fucked Erica. He came in seconds.

Erica had already had 4 loads dripping from her pussy. Erica is then thrown on her back and fucked by a stranger who has $10.

"fuck my pussy! Hard!" Erica said as she came. The man shot his load on her chest.

The room had filled up with new men stroking their dicks waiting for their turn. Mack and Jason would go on to film this gang bang in progress. They rooted as the men lined up ready to fuck Erica Hearn.

"Erica Hearn is fucking awesome." Mack says.

"Fuck yea, look my little brother is going to fuck her next! He’s a virgin! Hey everyone my little brother Drew is going to fuck this slut. It’s his first piece of ass!"

Drew was nervous as he looked down at the drunk slut Erica. Her pussy was already lubed with other men’s cum. Drew then shoves his raw cock right into his first pussy. He is in ectasy as the men cheer him on. He only fucks her for 40 seconds.

"I’m goin to cummmm." Says Drew.

"Yea fill her womb with you jizz little bro. Cum in her!" Says Jason.

Drew deposits his load into Erica’s already cum filled pussy.

For the next 2 hours Erica would suck 10 more dicks and get fucked by 8 other men. Most of them were strangers. Erica laid on the floor naked and covered in cum. She finally made enough money.

The next day Erica went to pay her landlord. She was finally caught up in debt. Erica would soon be known as a juggalette cum dumpster.

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