BBW for my birthday

BBW for my birthday
November 3rd...another birthday. Shit; I turn 53 years old and it is the same old same old. Cards and underwear from my parents and happy birthday phone calls from my brothers and sisters. Just once I wish a birthday could be a little different. Oh well, at least it was Saturday, so I could grab a few extra hours of sleep.

Just as I was dozing off again, the phone rang.


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..." came the off tune rendition of my best buddy Dave s greeting.

"Dave, isn t it a little early to be torturing me with your singing?"

"Har Har good buddy. I will ignore that little jibe. Just calling to see how you like her."

"Like who? What the Hell are you talking about?"

"Oh, I guess she hasn t arrived. Damn she was supposed to arrive at 8:00. Oh well. Guess I have blown the surprise good buddy, so I will just tell you. I ordered you a beautiful woman to be your little sex slave for your birthday."

"Right Dave."

"Hey, I m not shittin you, she is.....

Ding Dong

"Hold on Dave, that s the door bell."

I lay the receiver down and got out of bed and went to answer the door in just my boxers. When I opened the door, there was this massive brunette, about 5 4", and 336 pounds in a mini skirt with a scoop necked top, showing her jiggling deep valley of cleavage.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Hi, My Name is Trudy Armstrong, and your friend um" pulling a card from her purse, she looked at it and added, "David Murphy" sent me as your birthday present."

My mouth fell open as I surveyed her body with rolls of flesh trying to break free from the confines of her dress.

"Um, I think there must be some mistake. You can come in and have a seat in the living room while I sort this out. I will be right back."

I hurried as fast as I could back to my bedroom and grabbed the receiver and whispered, "What in the fuck were you thinking you moron?"

Dave sounded shocked when he said, "What do you mean Jerry?"

"The woman is a moose. She is huge with a capital H!"

"Man, I m sorry I don t understand. I saw this ad in the City Paper that said BBWs for Birthdays or any occasion. Doesn t BBW mean Beautiful Birthday Women?"

"Hell no, you douche bag. It means Big Beautiful Women...with a stress on the Big part. What the hell am I going to do with her?"

"Sorry Dude, you ll think of something," and he hung up.

"Sorry Dude...Sorry Dude." I m going to kick his ass when I see him next time.

I ran my fingers through my hair and slowly walked to the living room, going over in my mind what I could say to this large woman.

Her dress as ridden halfway up her thighs, and she had taken off her jacket to show me that the dress was backless, and I could see acres of skin in soft fleshy folds.

"Um, I m afraid that there s been a little misunderstanding. I have an extra $20 for all your troubles of coming over here, but Dave said he made a mistake, so I won t be needing you."

When I saw her smile drop and her eyes began to tear up, I knew I was in trouble. I just couldn t stand to see a woman cry.

"Don t think another thought about it. I m used to men looking for a Barbie Doll for sex and being turned off by my weight," and she grabbed her jacket and began heading for the door.

By then, the tears were streaming down her face, and against my better judgment, I stopped her.

"Wait, wait. Maybe I reacted a little too hastily. I haven t had breakfast yet, and it is my birthday. I could use some company, so would you like to join me?"

She sniffed, and dried her tears and grudgingly said ok and removed her hand from the knob. After tossing her jacket back on the couch and kicking off her heels, we both went to the kitchen and started some French toast and sausage.

I have no idea what was coming over me, but the conversation was incredible, and this...this....well I guess I can say, this fat woman was becoming more and more appealing.

We polished off the French toast, sausage, juice and coffee and my admiration continued to grow for her intelligence, humor and yes, beauty.

I became more and more curious, and tentatively asked, "What exactly do you do for your clients?"

She calmly answered, "Anything they wish."

"Damn" I thought. "Anything?"

"Yes, anything."

This did sound like it had its possibilities and I was growing quite fond of Trudy, so I invited her to sit on the couch to talk. I stuck the dishes in the sink then returned to the living room and saw her bare feet crossed at the ankles. The painted pink nails for some reason were turning me on immensely and I stood in front of her, debating to myself.

"You did say anything didn t you?"

"Sure did."

"Would that include....licking your feet and toes? I ve never done that with a woman and would like to try it."

"I d love it Jerry."

I got down on my knees and approached her feet, and could see that she wasn t wearing any panties under her skirt. "Oh my God, I thought. Between the separated meaty thick thighs was the thickest bush of dark black curls I had ever seen.

I took one of her feet in my hands and realized that each toe and the top of her feet also had little black hairs on them, and I immediately got an uncontrollable hard on. I slowly ran my tongue up the soul of each foot, then took the big toe of her left foot into my mouth and began to suck as I caressed the hairs on top of her foot.

She whispered "Oh yeah. That feels so good."

For the next 15 minutes I gave each of her beautiful toes loving care, then told her I needed a break to use the bathroom.

"Let me help."


"I said let me help," and she grabbed my hand and led me down the hall.

She faced me toward the toilet, raised the lid, and in one swift motion pulled down my boxers.

I could feel her large stomach and breasts crushed against my back as she reached both arms around me and took my penis and balls in her hand and aimed them at the toilet bowl.

"Anytime you re ready."

This was incredible, and I began to become aroused as my golden pee began to squirt into the toilet. After I finished, she shook off the excess drops, then turned me and licked the head.

"Um, Trudy, would you mind waiting in the living room, because I also have to have a BM."

"No problem Jer. Have a seat and do your thing."

I thought to myself, this can t be happening. I m going to poop in front of a woman?

Shyly I sat, and watched as she shed her dress and bra. Her huge breasts hung halfway down her chest, and I could once again see the beautiful thick pussy hairs with a thin line of hair reaching her navel. Damn she was turning me on like no other woman. She straddled me and took my lips with hers and as I did my "business" she kissed me like I had never been kissed, sending me into another world.

She broke the kiss, then calmly reached for a wad of toilet tissue and told me to lean forward. I did as I was told, and it is an experience I will never forget. She cleaned me with long slow strokes, then tossed the paper in the toilet and flushed.

"Now that wasn t so bad or embarrassing was it?"

"No, actually it was quite enjoyable."

"Anything else you have ever wanted to try, but haven t been able to discuss with a woman?"

I thought about it for a minute and didn t know if it was too far out, but finally said, "I have always fantasized about being given a golden shower, if you know what those are."

"Of course I know Hon. I would be glad to give you one."

I lay down on the living room floor as directed with a thick towel under my head. I watched Trudy as she spread her legs above me and lowered her giant hairy ass and pussy until they were two inches from my face, and I opened my mouth.

"I ll just give you a mouthful to start and see if you can handle it okay."

She let loose with a small stream until my mouth was full of her golden liquid. I rolled the warm juice around in my mouth until I was accustomed to the salty strong taste, then swallowed, surprised that it tasted quite good, causing my cock to swell at the thought of what she was doing to me.

"You ok back there? Want some more?"

"Yes please."

"Okay lover. Just hold your hand up if you want me to stop."

With that she started her urine flowing once again into my mouth and I greedily began to gulp and swallow all of it as she emptied herself into me. It was the sexiest thing I had ever done with a woman. It was such a private matter; peeing, and I was ecstatic over her doing this with me as I savored every drop of her.

After she finished, she turned and smiled at me, and I could only smile back at this beautiful big creature.

"I have one other fantasy if you are willing....I have always wanted a woman to sit on my face and let me eat her ass and pussy."

"I thought YOU were supposed to get the presents. It feels more like MY birthday."

She straddled my head once again and slowly lowered her ass until it was completely covering my nose and mouth. The scent of her was amazing and I slowly began to lick her ass crack and moist urine covered pussy lips.

"Mmmmm, that feels good."

I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and stuck it deep into her ass hole as she rocked and moaned above me. For fifteen minutes she rocked and moaned until she exploded in a massive orgasm filling my mouth with her pussy juices. Once she recovered, she turned and straddled my hard cock and slowly lowered herself down on it.

I couldn t help but moan as she took me inside her.

"God Trudy, you are so tight."

The warm moist lips of her pussy milked me as she moved up and down on my engorged cock, pressing her massive weight full on my body. She banged her huge body over and over against mine, slamming into me.

"Oh Babe....I can t take it." I thrust my fingers into the fleshy mounds of her ass as I shot my load into her and threw back my head, crying out in ecstasy.

She lay down beside me as I tried to catch my breath and ran a finger up and down my chest. We spent the rest of the day inventing all kinds of unmentionable perversions, and she fell asleep in my arms that night after whispering,

"Happy Birthday Jerry."

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