Deepthroat sucking

Deepthroat sucking
We have a routine we both like. We go to the bedroom. She takes the comforter off the bed and lays it out on the floor then puts a couple of pillows down. This is for later.

I undress and lay across the bed. I watch her undress. I love her body. She is a beautiful Puerto Rican woman. She has large dark nipples and a hairy dark bush I love. She lays down next to me and I take her in my arms and we kiss. I love the feeling of her body next to mine.

After a few minutes she pushes my head down on her right tit and I begin sucking her nipple. With her hand pressing down on the back of my head I gently nurse on her, sucking her nipple in, gently at first, then harder until it s being sucked far into my mouth. At the same time I use my tongue to press it up against the roof of my mouth which each suck. This gets her breathing hard and pressing down on my head harder wanting me to take her harder into my mouth.

Then she moves my over to her left tit. Her nipple is swollen and erect as I take it into my mouth and do the same with it. She presses hard down on my head as I suck as hard as I can. She s breathing hard and moans a bit.

After a while she pulls my head up and kisses me hard, her mouth open and her tongue in my mouth. I suck on her tongue like I did her nipples. Then she moves me back to her right tit and we begin again. This lasts for a while until she s positioned herself on her back and I see her legs are pulled up and her knees are as far apart as she can get them.

I look down to see her legs spread and her beautiful mound of pubic hair. I move my left hand slowly down while still sucking her right tit. I run my fingers through her silky bush and over her lips. She moans and moves her hips up toward my hand. I continue to stroke her bush and I begin to gently press my fingers between her lips. She is soaking wet.

I press my hand against her pussy while slowly rubbing her with my fingers insert inside her. She presses harder against my hand and begins to orgasm. She breaths in deep and lets out a passionate moan an I feel her clit pulsing as she cums.

She pulls my hand away then grabs my face and sticks her tongue in my mouth again. This time I suck her tongue like I sucked on her nipples.

She grabs my cock but I move away. I m always hard when I m with her and it doesn t take much for her to make me cum.

I move down between her legs. She has them spread wide. I use both hands and run my fingers through her bush and spread her lips. With her pussy lips spread and my fingers in her bush I take her pussy in my mouth, her hair tickling my nose and face. I suck gently on her click as it swells in my mouth. She smells and tastes incredible. I love the scent of her bush and when she s wet.

Very quickly she breaths in deep and lets out an even more passionate moan. Her pussy is pulsing in my mouth. Before it becomes too intense for her I remove my mouth and gently kiss her lips and inside her legs. Her scent is really intense. I kiss her in the thickest part of her bush and smell her.

She asks, "You wanna come in?" I move up over her and position my cock head against her pussy lips. I push in gently as she wraps her legs around me and pulls me in by pressing her heels against my ass. She s warm and wet. It always feels incredible when I enter her. I look down to watch my cock enter her pussy. Her bush envelops me and feels so soft as I press against her.

She lays with her arms back above her head, completely subordinate to my entering her. I start pumping her slowly and pressing as deep and hard as I can. I keep this pace until she grabs me and pulls herself to me and takes my left nipple in her mouth and starts sucking as hard as she can.

This sends a bolt through me and I begin fucking her fast and hard. I m stabbing her pussy with my cock as she sucks my tit. Her feet go out wide in the air and she cums hard. I keep up the pace as she lays back with her arms splayed out. I look down to watch my cock fucking her hairy, swollen pussy.

Her legs are now down on the bed, her arms out on either side, eyes closed and I keep pumping her. Her pussy is soaking wet and the sound of my cock fucking it fills the bedroom.

Again, she breaths in deep and lets out a hard moan as she cums. I slow my pace and intensity and lean down to kiss her neck and face. I say to her, "I need to cum in you." She smiles and asks, "Do you want to get on the floor?" We always to but she asks every time.

Before she could move I pull out of her and move down to her pussy. Her bush is soaked and her lips are swolled. I wrap my arms around both her legs and take her into my mouth again. Her smell is instense and incredible. After only a few seconds of sucking her she cums hard. She pushes my face away and moves to get on the floor.

She lays down on the comforter on her back with her head on the pillows. I move down to her pussy again, wrap my arms around her legs, and begin gently kissing her lips and clit. I then move my mouth down and enter her with my tongue. With my face pressed so hard against her I pull away and my face is wet.

I kneel in front of her and press my cock into her. I start pumping her slow, leaning over her on my hands. There s total resistance on the floor, no give like the bed. She pulls me hard into with her legs. I start pumping her harder. The feeling is intense. She keeps opening her eyes to look at me as I m looking at her tits and raising up to watch my cock go in and out of her.

She says, "Don t hold back." She wants the absolute intensity of when I cum in her. She thinks I m holding back so she starts a bit of dirty talk, "Fucking squirt it in me."

By now I m close and stabbing her pussy hard and fast. Her eyes are closed, she pulling her legs open. It wells up and I fuck her hard as I cum in her. It s intense, if feels like it comes from deep with, and I feel every squirt of my cock in her. She cums hard and I keep pumping her until she has me stop.

I lay on her and we kiss. I feel her pussy pulsing after her orgasm. My cock is still stiff and feels good in her pussy. I pull out and lay beside her. We just lay there together for a long while.

Eventually she turns over and leaning over me begins kissing me. Her mouth is wet and warm and she s never stingy with her tongue. She take each other in our mouths and kiss long and deeply. She raises up and looks down at my cock that has become quite erect again.

She leans over me and positions one of her tits over my mouth. I take it and begin nursing on it, sucking it hard. She then moves over and gives her her left tit and I nurse on it too. Laying on my back as she moves over me I get to watch her beautiful tits hanging in my face and her silky black hair brushing against me.

She then moves up and straddles my mouth with her pussy. Her pussy smells amazing with her wetness mixed with my cum. She knees over me as I suck her pussy and clit. I love her bush in my face, it s wet and sticky. She leans forward on her hands as I suck her hard and she cums in my mouth.

She moves back down and begins kissing me, running her tongue over my lips to clean me. I take my cock in my hand and begin to masturbate. Her kissing becomes deep and passionate as I begin stroking. Her long hair envelops my head, I love the way she smells.

She looks down to watch me jerking my cock. I start to get close while looking at her and her tits. She moves down, takes over and begin sucking me. I cum hard and and she sucks hard taking it down her throat. It was so intense I yelled out. She stops and licks me clean.

Moving back with a smile she kisses me again, deeply and passionately. We move to the bed, I hold her spooning her, my face in her hair, and we fall asleep.

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