Bbw fun

Bbw fun
It s been about a month and a half since I first met up with Mica and Lisa. We all had such a great time the first meet up that we ve continued to see each other each week. They would pick me up, take my back to their apartment and we would fuck on and off all day.

It was exactly what I was looking for, friendly, non-judgmental people, who didn t tie me down with commitment, but had the same high sex drive as myself.

This meet up I m going to talk about was a little different though. Feeling bad that they constantly had to pick me up, I convinced my dad to let me have my car on campus. Of Course I made up a bullshit lie as to why I had to have it, but it worked, and I excitedly told Mica and Lisa the next time we met up.

A few days pasted since I got my car, it was a a Wednesday. Around 12pm I got a text from Mica asking what I was up to.

I told him the truth, that I was just getting some work done, then I was going to grab some lunch. To my surprise he asked if I could come over. I planned on going to their apartment that night seeing as Mica doesn t work Wednesday s, and I only have one class that day at 8am, so I m free to do whatever later. It was just odd because I usually don t come over until 4pm when Lisa is done work and picks me up.

But I guess now that I can drive myself he wanted me over earlier. Which is okay, I don t mind, but I couldn t help wondering about Lisa. Was she coming home early? Or did she have the day off too?

So I texted Lisa too, and she told me to come on over if I was free.

"So I guess Lisa is home too" I thought to myself before telling Mica I d be over in a hour and jumping in the shower.

Once I was all clean, I threw on a pair of jeans and Tshirt, put my hair into a pony tail and started heading for thier apartment.

Didn t take me long to get there, and soon enough I was knocking on the apartment door. Mica opened it up after a few seconds and gave me a hug. They were very touchy feely people.

I came in and relaxed on the couch as usual, Mica gave me a wine cooler, and sat down with me. We watched TV, chatted and drank, nothing out of the ordinary except Lisa wasn t up and about like she usually is.

"Where s Lisa hiding? I haven t seen her at all."

Mica just casually said "She s still at work like usual. Doesn t get done until 3:30 or 4."

This threw me off. Every time we ve met up, it has always been the three of us. I was never really alone with one of them, and I wasn t sure how to feel about it.

"Oh, okay. Wasn t sure if she was off today of something." I said trying not to seem surprised. "I texted Lisa too and she told me to come over, so I thought she was here too."

"Nope," Mica said " just me and you until 4 or so."

It was only 1. I wasn t sure what we were going to do. Are we going to wait for Lisa or...

We continued to chill for about 45 minutes or so, during which time Mica had me cuddle up next to him. This is something I ve gotten use to, by both Lisa and Mica (like I said, very touchy feely people). The only thing is, often this cuddling led to more, so for about 20 minutes of laying next to him, I waited to see if he would make a move, even if Lisa wasn t there.

Finally he did, as I rested against him, he began stroking my arm. This moved on to groping my breast through my Tshirt. I let him continue without a word, even when his hand went under my shirt and began playing with my bare chest.

I have D almost double D sized boobs, so he had no problem taking a handful and squeezing them while pinching and massaging my nipples. I was getting really turned on, so I unzipped my pants and began playing with myself.

Mica loved to watch me and Lisa get our selves off when we were excited. He didn t give me much time to explore myself though, as he pushed me down on the couch and crawled on top of me.

Pushing my shirt up, revealing my tits, Mica began licking and sucking my nipples. After being with Mica and Lisa for a while I learned that Mica went with the heat of the moment and only asked to do everything our first time out of courtesy.

Now that he knew my body and personality better, this was not so much the case.

As he sucked my nipples, using his tongue to flick them, and his teeth to gently bite down, I felt his hand begin pushin off my jeans.

This made me horny and nervous all at once. We re we really going to continue without Lisa? Is she okay with this? The more I spent time with them I realized that they wanted another women not only to spice things up, but to give Mica a little more. He had a much higher Libido than Lisa and he often liked things rougher and in weird positions. Lisa isn t so much into this all, and that s where I came in.

But she wasn t here, she couldn t dictate how far he could go, and I felt unsure. As usual though, when I get horny all sense goes out the window, and at that time I thought "fuck it".

With my resolve I helped him kick off my pants and underwear. The moment they were off, Mica stopped playing with my breast and got off me. Backing away, he positioned himself so that he was laying flat on his back at the other side of the couch.

"Get over here and let me have a taste of that fat pussy." I knew exactly what he wanted and crawled over to get into my position.

I stood over Mica face and slowly lowered myself so that my pussy was right above his mouth. He loved face sitting, and had me or Lisa get eaten out like that almost every time I ve come over.

Once i was close enough, I got down on my knees, and pushed my pussy to his mouth. He grabbed my ass, and within seconds I felt his tough poking around my vagina lips.

He moved my hips first so that he could take a mouth full of my clit. My breathes became shallower as I held on to the back of the couch, and felt his big wet tongue run back and forth over my clit. He would lick it lightly, circling it, then suck on it hard as he flicked the small bean.

I was really starting to get wet, my hole begging for attention. Mica could tell and repositioned me so that my hole was now over his mouth. This was one of my favorite parts, and I started to moan as I felt him lick my hole and dart his tongue in and out as far as he could. It felt so good that I applied more pressure to his face and he took it happily.

"Oh god yes. Mica, tongue fuck me!" I yelled. Since the first time we fucked, Ive found out that Mica loves dirty talk. It took me a little bit to get used to it, but soon enough it became exhilarating to here these words come out my mouth and out of his.

Once again he switched back to my clit and continued to eat me out, roughly licking and sucking, sending shivers through my body. Much to my happiness, I felt his fingers begin prodding at my ass. Anal was a huge turn on for me, and I loved when Lisa and Mica played with my ass. Using some of my pussy juices, Mica was able to lube up his fingers and stick two of his pudgy fingers in.

I began bucking my hips, and pushing down harder as the sensation of his licks and fingers started pushing me over the edge.

"Oh god Mica, I m gunna cum! Oh god yes right there, lick my fat clit!" My hips moved faster has I moaned, and rode his face. "Oh god, deeper Mica, fuck my ass deeper!"

Stretching has far as he could around my pudgy waist, he pushed his fingers in as deep as he could, and this set me off. I gripped the couch tightly as a ripple of pleasure went through me. I put all my weight onto his face and came as Mica continued to eat me out.

Once the climax had subsided some, I quickly got off Mica s face to catch my breathe and let him get up.

While I recovered, Mica cleaned himself up a little and took off his pants. He stood up in front of me stroking his half erect penis, and I knew it was my turn to return the favor.

Sitting up so that my face was just inches away from his penis, I gently wrapped my hand around his dick and took over the stroking. I continued to play with his dick, using his full length, and gently rubbing the head of his cock where I learned he likes it.

Once he was a bit harder, I took his cock in my mouth.

"Oh yes" he grunted. "Suck my fat dick Mae."

I began blowing Mica, using my tongue to play with the head, and stroking the rest of his length that I could not fit in my mouth.

The more I sucked, licked, and stroked the harder and bigger he got. Soon enough Mica was starting to gently moves his hips, forcing me to take more and more of his length. Before he got too aggressive though, Mica stopped, and pulled back.

I ve learned that Mica doesn t like to cum inside a girls mouth, knowing neither I nor Lisa liked it very much ourselves. So the next best thing is of course my pussy.

He had me stand up, then bend down over the couch. Standing up while fucking was still new to me, but I had regained my energy and was eager to go again.

Mica rubbed his fingers through my wet slit, and brushing past my clit over and over again causes me pant in pleasure and anticipation. Finally after making his way back to my hole, Mica stuck a few fingers in my pussy and swirled them around to make sure I was ready to go. After thrusting and wiggling his fingers around Mica pulled out, his hands hands soaked in my juices and knew he could have his way with me.

Mica started rubbing his dick up and down my wet lips, pushing the head in slightly, then taking it out ever time he got to my hole. He did this over and over again until I realized he was teasing me, something he never really got to do while Lisa was around because she always got impatient and wanted to see him fuck me.

It felt good, but I wanted more and he knew it.

Mica gave a small laugh and said "Look at this hungry little hole. Trying to suck up my dick every time I come by."

I couldn t take it anymore and tried to push back the next time he put the head of his dick in, hoping it d go farther in. I whined with protest when it didn t work.

"Whoa! Well look who s being aggressive today. That s what I like to see, but I want to hear you say it. What do you want Mae?"

I get embarrassed easily and he knew that, but I couldn t take it anymore.

"I want to be fucked Mica! Pound my fat pussy with your big dick!"

"That s a girl!" He said as Mica finally lined up his cock and thrusted deep in one go.

I let out a moan and continued to egg him on "Ah! Fuck! Yeah just like that Mica! Mess my pussy up!"

"Hell yeah!" Mica yelled as he began pumping.

I shivered in excitement as I finally got what I wanted, Mica s big dick pounding me from behind.

As Mica fucked me I couldn t help but think of Lisa. Wondering how she would feel knowing that while she was at work her husband was ramming another woman on her couch.

Mica got more aggressive as time went on, and at this point he had a tight grip on my pony tail, pulling it as he slammed his dick deep in my pussy.

"Mae, taking my fat cock so greedily. Does it feel good? Does my little slut feel good?"

"Yeah! Ah! Yeah it feels so good!" I screamed out in pleasure every time he hit my inner most spot, and rocked my hips back to meet his so he was pounding me faster and harder.

I could tell when he was getting close to coming as he let go of my hair, grab my waist and began pounding into my cunt. There was so much force in each thrust that it was almost painful, but there was no way he was stopping.

"Oh god Mica! So fucking hard!"

"Yeah it is. I m gunna cum in your hungry fat pussy!" He started pushing me into the couch with his weight, and my legs finally gave out from the hard fucking so that I was now kneeling on the couch.

Mica s grip tightened on my waist and he continued to slam into me until I could feel his cum start pouring in me. I moaned and twitched as he let it all out with a few hard thrust, and collapse on top of me with his dick still in my pussy.

I felt all his cum in me, and breathed heavily waiting for him to pull out. Once he had enough energy, Mica pulled out and slid to the floor next to the couch.

I could tell Mica was ready to relax for a little but I was still ready to go, and wanted to cum. So while Mica relaxed I started fingering my self, feeling my juices and his cum inside me.

Mica saw this and patted my leg that was near him. "Not enough?"

I shook my head, "It felt really good, but I want to cum."

If Lisa were here, this is where she would usually come in and help me finish, but we both knew she wasn t there.

Mica happily took over for Lisa though, and scooted over towards me. He gently moved my hand away from my pussy and replaced my fingers with two of his. They were much longer and thicker so I let out a soft pleasurable gasp.

He began fingering me, wiggling his fingers, hitting my sensitive spot gently than harder. With ease he soon stuck in a third finger and finger fucked me faster and harder this time.

"Oh fuck yes! Mica fuck me with your fat fingers! Harder!"

It felt so good, and it got even better when I felt him slowly start to add his pinkie. He continued to wiggle and twist and stretch my pussy until he had four fingers in.

"That feel good? Your slutty hole took in these four fat fingers all the way up to my knuckles."

"Yes! It feels so good Mica!" It really did, and I needed him to move. So I desperately grabbed his arm and started moving it on my own.

His fingers went in and out slowly at my command, but that still wasn t what I wanted. "Mica I need it harder! Finger my fat pussy!"

I guess Mica decided that was enough teasing, and got serious. Mica held down my waist as he went all out, twisting and thrusting his fingers as fast as he could.

Sometimes he would stop just long enough to get his fingers in real deep and make a up and down movement with his whole hand. This sent me bucking and moaning, yelling "oh god yes! It feels so good!"

Then I felt it, my whole body began to shake, and I was yelling "oh god, oh god!" over and over again. Mica held my legs apart as he continued to finger fuck me and I started cumming.

I dug my nails into the couch and lifted my waist into the air as my pussy clench Mica s fingers and came.

Once I lowered my body back on the couch, Mica removed his fingers and sat by my legs on the couch. I kept my eyes closed and just stayed there while recovering from the shakes still going throughout my body. After sitting there for a little, he turned on the TV and we watched a few shows as we cleaned up, went to the bathroom, and got a drink.

Time went by and it was finally 4pm, so I knew Lisa was going to be home any minute. This made me uneasy because I was still unsure of how she felt about us doing it alone.

Mica on the other hand had not a single worry has I watched him begin stoking his dick again. In no time he was already rock hard. Smiling he looked at me and says "this guys ready for another round, gimme that fat pussy."

I didn t move at first. I couldn t help but think what if we didn t finish before Lisa got back. Would she be mad if she walked in on us.

I didn t have time to think it through though as Mica instead came over to me, brought my butt to the end the of the couch, open my legs and pushed his dick in.

I wasn t as wet as before, but it still didn t hurt and I didn t fight it. Soon enough Mica was standing over me, fucking my little cunt. It felt great, and front this angle his cock hit a good spot so I started gettin more into. Moaning and squealing as he picked up the pace, hearing his balls slap against my fat ass every time he thrusted.

Halfway through, I heard the apartment door open though, and in walks Lisa. I began to panic a little and almost pushed Mica off, but Mica was having none of that. He continued to slam into my pussy, even when Lisa came over for a kiss.

After the kiss Lisa gave Mica s ass a small smack and started walking towards the kitchen saying "Don t stop on my account you two. Make sure you fuck her real good Mica. Ill join in a few minutes."

With approval from Lisa, my nerves calmed and I relaxed. Mica took advantage of this, and slammed his dick as hard as he could into me. I gasped in pain and pleasure and wrapped my arms around his neck as he continued to fuck me.

That day was extremely nerve racking but also a liberating day. It finally gave us all the freedom to have fun and do whatever even when one wasn t around. There are now days I spend it with just Lisa or days I m just with Mica and I love every moment of it.


This is something that just happened about three weeks ago, and it was one of those times I was just with Mica.

One Monday afternoon around 1pm, Mica gives me a call and asks "Where are you?"

"In my dorm room. Why?"

"Didn t you say on Monday s your roommate is out doing something for her class all day?" He asked.

"Yeah, she s student teaching. Why, what s up?" I was really wondering where he was going with this.

"Fantastic! My work sent me somewhere close to your school, and I have some time to spare. I ll be there soon."

At this I panicked because I have another class in two hours and wouldn t be able to go to their place. He knows that so I wasn t sure what he was thinking.

"Mica I can t leave, I have class soon."

"I know, that s why I asked about your roommate."

That s when it clicked, he wanted a quickie, while my roommate was away. This excited me, and I hesitated to say okay, but now I wanted to take the chances while I could. "Okay, text me when you get here."

Within 20 mins Mica had arrived and we were now in my room. He looked around and commented on our decor.

This wasn t what he was here for though, and I knew it. I was siting on my bed when he came over and started kissing my neck and playing with my breast through my shirt.

It made me nervous thinking my roommate could possibly come back early or something, and i knew I couldn t miss class, so I started speeding things up a little.

As he kissed my neck I ran my hand over his dick through his pants. I felt it start to bulge, and decided to unzip his pants and pull out his cock.

He must have been ready to go a long time ago because his dick was almost completely erect. Mica stood up straight and I got to the edge of the bed where I took his dick in my mouth and started to give him head.

By this time I was horny, and could feel my panties getting wet. I had on a pair of leggings so it was easy for me to push Mica and his hard cock away, get on all fours and pull my leggings down so my pussy was in full view.

"I see someone is ready to go" Mica said as he gave my ass a light slap.

"Mmmmm yeah, fuck my pussy." I really was ready to go, and was dying to get a good pounding. But I was also still a little shaken about my roommate and class.

Mica complied though, and began pushing his big dick in, stretching my little hole.

Once all the way in he slapped my ass again and told me "relax a little, you re tighter than usual. It feels good, but I don t want to hurt you."

I m glad he was being Considerate and took his advice. I calmed down, and took some breathes. He must have felt my ease because he started steadily pumping in and out.

I took him in happily now and began moaning as he hit that sweet spot over and over again. Grabbing a handful of my hair, Mica started thrusting harder and faster, grinding his dick against the inside of my pussy.

"Yeah right there Mica. That feels good, fuck me, mmmmhhh! Fuck me!"

Our walls are pretty thin in my dorm and I m sure my neighbors could hear me if they were in there, but it felt too good for me to care at that moment.

"Yeah! Yeah! Right there, fuck me harder Mica. Harder!"

He was hitting such a good spot and I was suddenly so turned on by the thought of someone hearing me that I was already close to cumming. Luckily I wasn t the only one, and Mica let go of my hair to grab my waist and begin pounding my cunt hard.

The whole bed shook and began hitting the wall, this only got me more excited as I could hear the rhythm of our fucking.

I began rubbing my clit as Mica put his weight into each thrust, slamming me into my bed.

I shoved my face into a pillow as I moaned and screamed, cumming on Mica s dick that rammed into me at high speed nearing his own climax. At the last second Mica pulled out and came all over my back and bed.

It felt so good that it took me a moment to regain my energy but once I did, I admit to yelling at Mica a little. One of the few times he doesn t cum inside, and it had to be right before my class and on my bed.

Mica apologized and helped me clean up. In the end we were okay and right before he left he made a promise that the next time we do this, he ll cum inside ;)

I was excited knowing that this could happen again!

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