Plumper threesome

Plumper threesome
I am 5 5", brown hair, blue eyes, you can call me Mae, and actually I m quite pretty, except for the fact that I m over weight. I m one of those girls that always gets the "you d be so pretty if you lost weight" backhanded compliment. So I ve never gone out with anyone or had sex with anyone, boy or girl (I m bisexual). Which is a huge issue because I get horny so easily. Everyone thinks I m so innocent but goddamn do I want to have sex. Sadly I m too shy to come on to people that I m unsure of whether they are into big girls or not and it s hard finding out if they are up for some good friends with benefits stuff. So I turned do Craigslist.

Yeah I know it s not always safe but I knew how to handle it. I put a few ads up looking for a man or woman down for some fun with a BBW and soon got some replies. I weeded out the sketchy people, and the people that were into things that I m not really for (BDSM, watersports, etc), and that s when I came along a nice couple.

28y/o BBW wife (Lisa) and her 30y/o chubbish husband (Mica) contacted me and said they were looking for a friend with benefits for them both. After some discussion, info exchange and pictures I decided I wanted to get to know them. We started texting and sending more pictures. Mica really loved sexting and I was okay with that, nothing gets me more turned on then hearing what he s gunna do to me. He sent me pictures of his dick and I was pleased to see that it was a nice thick 7 inch cock. Of course a little was hidden under his tummy but that s okay. Lisa didn t text as much but when she did, it was pictures and videos of her and Mica fucking like crazy.

This couple were exactly what I was looking for, they accepted the fact that even though I had never been with another person that they didn t have to go easy on me. I ve been using dildos on my pussy and ass for years and liked it hard. So the moment they asked to meet up I jumped on the chance.

It was a Friday night after I got done classes. I showered and shave and put on a cute dress and then I anxiously waited until the time they said they would pick me up at my dorm since I do not have a car on campus. When they arrived and waved me down excitedly, Lisa got out of the car and gave me a big hug. This shocked me a little because I m not a big hugging person but that s nothing compared to how close we were going to get soon.

To my surprise Lisa sat in the back of the SUV with me and once we were situated Mica pulled away from the campus, starting the 25 minute drive back to their place. For the first few minutes they chatted with me about everyday things, and that they were so happy when I replied to their email. They asked if I was nervous, and told me there was nothing to worry about. Then suddenly the mood changed a little.

Lisa began moving a little closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. "Mae, we re so excited to show you the pleasures of being with another person. Mica and I kept getting so turned on talking about all the things we ll do."

As she talked she began stroking my leg reassuringly. "Mica and I really want to get to know you, and so far you seem like such a wonderful girl."

Lisa hand got closer and closer to my crotch as she spoke until she was barley brushing it. Seeing as I did not make any move to stop her, Lisa s hand went under my dress and began running up and down my inner thigh. I was slightly shocked, not expecting anything to happen so soon, but I did not protest. This was really turning me on.

Instinctively opening my legs a little wider as she got closer to my pussy, Lisa s hand finally had more access and reached my underwear where she gently rub against my clit. The anticipation and waiting made me gasp a little once she did touch me which made Lisa pause for a moment.

Quietly she asked me "Is this okay? I don t want to make you uncomfortable."

I quickly told her "Oh it okay, I m fine... Just not used to it... But it feels good."

Looking relieved Lisa began slowly rubbing my clit through my underwear again, this time with a little more pressure. By then I was so excited that my clit wasn t hard to find. Feeling good, I opened my legs again wider, and this gave Lisa more room to rub my pussy at full. She flicked, and gently pinched my clit, then would rub my pussy lips, putting in enough pressure to find my now wet hole. As I began soaking through my underwear, Lisa pushed them to the side and slowly started rubbing my pussy directly. The touch of another person hitting all my sensitive spots got me really hot and I began to breathe heavily as she played with my clit and started dipping her finger tips into my hole every few seconds.

With in minutes I was moaning quietly, happy from how things were turning out so far. I noticed Mica watching from the review mirror and smiling as his wife got me off. It wasn t enough for me though, and I think Mica could tell because soon he asked "Do you feel good Mae?" To which I left out a soft yes, and he replied "Do you want more?"

I quickly nodded and looked at Lisa hoping she understood. She did.

Pulling her hand away, Lisa scooted away slightly, then asked me to re-position myself so that my back was leaning against he car door, and my legs slightly draped over Lisa s. I lifted my butt in the area slightly as she began taking off my undies, and let her slip them off and on to the SUV s floor. With one leg positioned on Lisa s lap and another hanging off the side of seat, she had full access to my pussy. Once comfortable, Lisa began stroking my pussy again, but this time once she began dipping her finger tip into my hole she didn t stop. From all her working, her middle finger slid right in and wiggled around gently.

She pumped her finger in and out until she felt like I was ready for another finger. Pulling almost all the way out, Lisa inserted both her ring finger and middle finger this time, and began making the coming her motion with her fingers. With this she stroked a really sensitive area and I let out a gasp of pleasure.

"You like that spot don t you?" She asked as she started fingering me, rubbing up against that spot every chance she could.

It felt so good, her fingers were long and thick, and I didn t think it could get much better... until she inserted a third finger. With this I felt my pussy stretch a little wider, and she begin thrusting and twisting her fingers. She laid her other arm on my stomach and began using her left hand to rub my clit as her right hand finger fucked me faster and harder than before. As Lisa finger my pussy, my breathing grew shallower and I knew I was about to be hit with my first wave of pleasure.

I closed my eyes tightly and grabbed Lisa s leg and the car seat. Lisa felt my sudden clench on her fingers and started hitting that spot again hard and fast.

"Cumming? You gunna cum all over?"

"Yes." I gasped, "I m gunna cum. I m gunna cum." I began thrusting my hips to match her fingers, whimpering with pleasure as she brought me to climax. Letting out a small scream, I came all over her fingers, and collapsed in the seat.

"That s what I like to hear" Mica called up front.

Lisa pulled out her fingers, and gave me a moment to just lay there, catch my breathe and take in what just happened. Once my breathing was even, Lisa gave a small smack to my pussy, which made me jump and laugh.

With that I sat up and fixed my dress, still glowing from feeling so good.

Lisa, Mica and I took the last few minutes of the car ride to chat, and clean up before arriving at their place.

Once we were there, Lisa and Mica took me up to their apartment and said I could grab a seat in the living room. Once I got comfy Lisa and Mica gave me a drink and sat around me. We listened to music, talked about life, and our interest. It was an enjoyable chat, I really liked their personalities, they made me feel comfortable and joyful to be there. But soon enough, I noticed the change in atmosphere and the looks in Mica and Lisa s eyes, the same ones right before Lisa fingered me. This got me all excited again.

This time Mica was making the first moves. He moved closer and began kisses my neck, which is a total weak spot for me. As he kissed my neck, his hand slid under my dress and bra, and began playing with my breast. He sucked and kissed my neck moving down to my collar bone sending shivers of excitement down my body. As he groped my left boob, pinching and flicking the nipple, I notice Lisa slowly stood up and went into another room. I was curious, but not enough to make Mica stop. Especially Mica s hand that was playing with my breast made its way down to my bare pussy (left the under wear in their car) and began pushing his fingers in my hole.

I was still wet from the car ride, and two of his fingers went in nicely but it was still such a different feeling. His fingers were thicker and rougher than Lisa s, they reached even farther, easily touching my favorite spot all over again.

Mica went slow and steady, asking "Do my fingers feel good, you like getting fucked by my fat fingers?"

I moaned and nodded and held his arm as his big fingers penetrated me. He kept going, and I was getting the urge to ask for more, when he slowly pulled them out.

I was definitely disappointed, but before I could protest Mica stood up and motioned for me to follow him. I was so horny so I followed him without question. We went a few doors back and found Lisa standing naked in their bedroom. She was going through her drawers and taking out many sex toys hidden away. Mica knelt on the bed and motioned for me to come over and lay down on my back. I did as he said and carefully laid down on the bed, my heart beating with nervousness and excitement.

Mica began pushing up my dress so that my lower half was in full view, and seemed to enjoy the sight as he took off his pants and boxes to reveal his big dick already erect. Standing up next to the bed, Mica began stroking his cock and asked me "You said you were on birth control correct?"


"Can I go bareback then?"

This excited me, hearing that sex without a condom felt better for both the woman and the man I quickly replied, "Of course."

Mica smiled and patted the edge of the bed, "Mae can you move your ass to the edge here?"

I did as Mica said, knowing exactly what he was getting ready for. Lisa joined us on the bed but still kept her distance as she leaned again the head board and began using a toy on her clit as she watched us.

Standing between my open legs, Mica stroked his cock, began fingering me again, twisting them around and making sure I was nice and ready.

Lisa was starting to get into too and demanding Mica around playfully. "Come on baby, you gunna fucked her nice young pussy? Come on, fuck her hard. You heard her in the car, she s ready."

Ready I was, and to my pleasure Mica and pulled out his fingers, and began lining up his now fully erected penis. It was just a big as I remembered seeing in the pictures, and I couldn t wait to get fucked by it.

Once the tip of the head was at the entrance of my hole, Mica began pushing. A rush of pleasure came over me as his big cock slowly started going deeper and deeper in. When his dick was a few inches in, he pulled all the way back out, lined up again and pushed back in, this time with a little more force.

Slowly he began thrusting, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. It didn t hurt, but I knew Mica was being careful not to push me too far for my first real penis. He continued this until until his cock hit my deepest parts.

"I m all the way in Mae. How does it feel?"

Smiling I said, "Fantastic, it feels so good, and your dick is so thick."

"Are you ready for more?"

As soon as I nodded, Mica began thrusting using his full length. Still taking it steady he pumped in and out, grinding his dick against the walls of my vagina every time he pulled out. Suddenly he stopped, and I gave a small whimper of protest, but fortunately he wasn t done.

Patting my legs to one side, Mica asked, "Can you turn over and get on all fours?"

I complied happily, excited to try a new position and determined to be fucked again. As soon as I tuned over, I brought myself to the edge of the bed again, and wiggled in anticipation. After spreading my legs some so that my pussy dipped to line up with his cock, Mica found my hole and began pushing in. The deeper he got, the more I realized this was a whole new feeling, his dick seemed to be touching all new areas.

To my surprise and utter enjoyment, Mica didn t take it as slowly this time, and as soon as he had his full length in me, he began a steady thrusting motion. I moaned and squeaked as he fucked me doggystyle. After two or three minutes of thrusting and grinding, my body started screaming for more. Feeling his dick hit me deep inside and stretch my nice wet hole, I knew I wanted more.

Still unsure of how to go about this, I mustered up the courage and made a small plea, "Harder...please."

I don t believe Mica heard me, but Lisa who was enjoying the scene did. She quickly began urging me to speak up. " You want it harder? Come on, you gotta say it louder. Tell him how you want it, tell him what your slutty hole wants."

I was super embarrassed, but all reason was lost and she was right. I was so wet, and it felt so good but I wanted more. So louder this time I said "Mica, please fuck me harder. I need it harder."

I think he was holding back, because as soon as he heard my plea, Mica grabbed my chubby waist tightly, and did exactly as I asked. He fucked me HARD. He was now holding me tightly in place as he slammed his dick in me. I began letting out little screams every time he slammed his big cock deep in my pussy, and heard a nice slapping sound every time Mica thrust deep inside. He continued pounding my pussy relentlessly, even when my arms gave out and only my ass was still in the air. This seemed to give him even more incentive as he put more of his weight into each thrust.

At this point I was moaning and making noises I thought only people in porn videos make.

Lisa was watching her husband pound me into submission as she fucked her pussy with a dildo. At this point she was ramming the dildo in and out of her own pussy, screaming out obscenities as she started to reach her climax. I could not pay much attention to Lisa though, as Mica was also coming to a finish.

By this point, Mica had been fucking me so hard that I was moving farther and farther from the edge of the bed. Instead of stopping and moving me back, Mica stepped on the bed, put his weight on me, and began fucking me while standing above me.

"Oh fuck! Mae... i m going to cum! I m going to cum in your fat pussy!"

I felt Mica s dick become larger and harder. His thrust even more aggressive. He was pounding me into the bed, and I could no longer keep my hips raised with the force and weight of each thrust. I was moaning and whining in a weird pleasurable pain, and finally screamed when with one last thrust he buried his cock deep in my pussy and came.

The sensation was amazing as I felt his cum pour inside. With a few more small thrust, he released the rest of his load in me then pulled out to lay on the bed.

We all sat there catching our breathes. I felt tired and even a little sore, but I was in heaven.

After laying there for a few moments, Lisa got up and patted my ass lightly while smiling at me. "Looks like you really enjoyed your first time. Are you okay?"

I continued to lay there but nodded and said "Yeah, it felt really good. I m kind of thirsty though."

Lisa chuckled, "It s quite a work out for us big girls right? Do you want some water?"

Again I nodded.

Lisa left the room to go get water bottles, and Mica finally sat up. He looked very pleased, and scooted closer to be on the bed, and started rubbing my back. "You felt great Mae! Your nice little pussy took me like a champ."

I was embarrassed by the words but I took it as a compliment.

Finally I sat up, and asked if I could go to the bathroom. Mica quickly showed me the way. While In there I cleaned up a little, and relieved myself. Once I was done, I found Mica and Lisa watching Tv on their bed. They patted the bed near them inviting me to join this moment of relaxation. We sat for a little bit and watched some CSI.

After the episode of CSI, Lisa and Mica started chatting with me about college, about work, and even about how I felt when Mica fucked me. Talking about it started getting me horny again, and I began to squirm.

Lisa noticed. "Are you ready for another round?"

I blushed and said "Yeah".

Surprising me, Mica grabbed my ass and asked, "Want to try anal this time?"

Seeing as I like use butt plugs and dildos on my ass, I said "Sure. It s going to take a little preparation though."

"That perfectly okay, it s not really Lisa s thing, so it s nice to do it when I can."

With that Mica turned off the TV, and Lisa got lube and a dildo ready. As she did this, I took off the rest of my clothes and got on all fours again, and Lisa positioned herself behind me.

"Spread your legs a little."

As I spread them, Lisa pour lubricant down my ass crack and on her fingers. She rubbed the lubricant around my asshole, and gently started to push her middle finger in. Gradually she began going deeper and deeper as my asshole relaxed and softened. Once her finger was in past her knuckle, she pulled it out and added more lubricant. After a few more gentle pushes she was fingering my ass, and added a second finger in once I was comfortable enough.

She wiggled her fingers around and twisted them as she felt the inside walls of my ass. It felt so good that I got up the confidence to say "You can start using the dildo now."

Lisa didn t argue and began rubbing lube all over the dildo. The dildo was about 3/4 the length and half the thickness of Mica s cock so I was not scared taking it. Slowly she inserted the dildo, and with the smooth edges and lube it went in nice and easy. By this time, Mica was hard again, and and sat at the end of the bed watching us as stroked his dick.

Finally Mica got up and went to the back side of Lisa and told her to get on all fours just as I had. Lisa smiled and told me to take the dildo and continue fucking my ass with it. Once I got positioned and gave them room, Mica started fucking Lisa from behind. He was not as forceful as when he fucked me, but they both seemed to enjoy it a lot. He knew just how to grind and move to get Lisa to scream.

I continued to loosen up my ass and rub my clit as Mica fucked his wife. Watching two people fuck right in front of me was so hot, and I started really getting into fucking my ass. Within minutes Lisa was moaning loudly and slamming her ass up against Mica s dick. This continued for a few seconds until Lisa gripped the bed tightly, shoved her head into a pillow and let out a muffled scream.

Once she was done cumming, Lisa plopped down on the bed breathing heavily. Mica stood at the edge of the bed, his dick still rock hard, and looked at me. "Do you think you re ready? Or do you want to use your pussy again?"

I was so excited by all the days fun that I wasn t going to give up this chance. "No it s okay, I m ready to go."

With out having to be asked, I removed the dildo and put it down on the bed, then got on all fours again. Mica grabbed the Lube and positioned me where he wanted. Just as Lisa had, Mica pour a good amount of lube down my ass and rubbed it all around and inside my ass. After running some lube on his dick, he lined up his cock head and once again began to gently push.

His dick was definitely bigger than the dildo, but the gentle stretching gave me a rush of adrenaline. With small thrusts, Mica got deeper and deeper into my ass. The last thrust shoved the rest of his dick in, and it shocked me a little with how deep it reached. Mica s dick was buried in my ass all the way to the base. He sat there for a moment then began to pull out to the tip. Once again he pushed back in but faster and with more force. This continued until he had a steady pace.

"Shit" he grunted "It feels fucking great. You okay?"

"Yeah there was a little pain at the beginning but it feels good now."

As Mica pumped, Lisa crawled underneath me and began using a small bullet vibrator on my clit. I gasped in surprised and yelled "Oh god! Holy... that feels so good." The sensation of Mica s big dick rubbing inside me and the vibrator felt so good. I started panting and moaning.

I believe Mica took this as a good sign, so he pulled out, squirted more lube in me and on his dick, then slammed his cock back in. Before I knew it, Mica was pounding my asshole, he must have felt good because he wasn t as cautious as he had been before. Grabbing my hips again, Mica slammed his big cock into me over and over again. His dick felt so deep I imagined it was in my stomach.

For the second time that day I felt the wave of extreme pleasure start to hit me. My arms let out and I begin cradling Lisa s head that was underneath me. My breathe grew ragged and I started to scream.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I m going to cum. Don t stop! Oh god!"

Mica fucked my ass hard and fast, Lisa licked my breast that were in her face and continued to rub the bullet vibrator on my clit.

"You gunna cum? You gunna cum from my dick in your ass? You slutty girl!"

"Yes! Oh god fuck me!"

I tightened my grip on Lisa and slammed my ass against Mica, and screamed "Oh my god!!" as my body shook and I came. Mica gave my ass a few more slams as my body quivered and I whimpered in pleasure.

I collapsed in a shaky heap on the bed and watched Lisa give Mica a handjob until he came too.

We all sat there, and relaxed once again. I planned on staying the night so I didn t feel bad when I finally fell asleep from exhaustion .

That was the first time this fat 20 year old chick got fucked, and it was amazing. Ive had a few more play dates with them sense, and would love to share those experiences too if you like this one.

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