I fucked my chubby babysitter


I fucked my chubby babysitter
Kayley was getting ready for her hot night out on the town. Tonight she had one thing on her mind.
Recently single, her pussy was begging for some attention, and tonight it was going to be getting some.
She leaned towards her mirror and applied her deep red lipstick to her plump lips, she moved them together to smooth the colour over them and licked her pure white teeth to remove the excess lipstick.
Kayley kissed the mirror, leaving her lip shape mark there, just like she was planning to do on Jason.
She turned her music up on her iphone and waited for the baby sitter to turn up, he was running late.
Pulling up her hold ups over her long tanned thick thighs, the door bell went.
She slipped on her black high heels and walked to the door.
Stood on the other side was Ryan the baby sitter her neighbour had recommended to Kayley the night before. ?He really is great, you will love him!" her neighbour had told her.
He was a little shy of 6 ft, tanned, brown short hair, smooth shaved with gorgeous bright eyes. He looked up from the floor and lifted his eyes up Kayley?s stocking clad legs and smiled. She bashfully smiled back and invited him in and offered him a drink.
Suddenly her phone buzzed on the table with a text message. Her friend had apologetically let her down, she was running a high temperature and thought it best to stay home. ?I?m really sorry Kayley, I know how much you wanted to get laid!" it read. She smirked but was upset as it would have been a great night.
?I?m really sorry Ryan, but I don?t think I need you now!" said Kayley, looking at him again. She never did get a proper look in the full light. He really is gorgeous! She thought.
?Are you sure you don?t need me?" said Ryan, watching Kayley as she flustered with her phone.
?My friend just said she is sick, but do you want to stay for a drink, I know you wasted a journey now".
?Sure, and wasted? My journey was by far not wasted! It?s a pleasure to meet you Kayley".
Kayley could feel her cheeks pink with colour. That was not all she could feel. Her pussy was throbbing with all the thoughts of potential things going through her head.
?Ha, well if you are sure! Why don?t you come through to the lounge, the children are fast asleep already".
Kayley bent over, her ample cleavage spilling out over her low cut dress, she reached for her shoes and took them off, aware that Ryan was watching her every move. As she slowly stood up again she looked over at Ryan and could already see his growing bulge in his jeans. She felt her pussy moisten.
?Are you sure the children are asleep? I wouldn?t want them to walk in whilst I was deep inside their mother". Ryan said shockingly. Kayley didn?t know where to look, she was embarrassed by his comment yet so turned on at the same time. She was extremely glad that Carrie had cancelled their night out.
?You want to be deep inside me?" She said, sitting down on the sofa next to Ryan, her thighs touching his. She handed him a glass of red wine and looked at him anticipating his answer.
?Yes, I want my cock buried right inside that tight wet pussy you have under your dress. A very nice dress it is too, Kayley, but I really want to rip it off your body right now".
Kayley took a large sip of her wine and placed it back onto the table. She stood up and put one leg over Ryan, lifted up her dress and sat right on his lap. She felt his hard cock against her wet pussy through his jeans. This turned her on so much, her nipples hardened and her breath started deepen.
He grabbed her hair and pulled her in tight so he could kiss her hard. His tongue opened up her red painted lips and their tongues tangled and entwined inside her mouth, he really knows what he is doing, she thought.
Ryan pulled at her dress, grabbing at her huge breasts, he put his mouth to her hard nipple and teased it with his teeth, she gasped and arched her back with her mouth open she gasped as he bit down on it.
His dick stiffened even more and she felt it flinch on her pussy. With one hand Kayley moved her lacy black panties to one side, then unzipped Ryan?s jeans to release his eager cock.
She raised up to allow his cock to glide straight into her ready pussy, he groaned with delight and smiled at her. He reached around her to grab at her big peachy arse and squeezed it hard.
Finally Kayley was getting what she had been missing and there was no stopping her now.
She could feel every inch of Ryan?s cock sliding in and out of her gushing wet pussy, and every time she slammed hard down onto his full balls.
?Don?t cum in me" she said ?I want to taste your cock, I want to taste my juices off you"
She got off and got on her knees in front of him, starting at the base of his cock, she licked his balls all the way up to his hard tip. ?Mmmmm you taste good" she said looking at him in the eyes.
She reached over to the table and took another sip of red wine, she didn?t swallow it, she trickled it slowly all over his cock from her mouth then licked it all back up again before taking him deep inside her mouth. She could hear his breath quicken through his moans and feel his cock get even harder in her mouth.
Kayley reached down inbetween her legs and stuck her fingers right inside her wet tight little cunt, she then put her fingers right inside Ryan?s mouth ? with that hot sticky liquid pumped in her throat as he called out her name. She swallowed like a good girl and smiled.
?Woah, no wonder Mrs Nash recommended you to come over!" Kayley said, jokingly.
?Mmmm, any time Kayley, any time. You really are sensational". Said Ryan, with a glint in his eye.
?I might just have to plan another night out next week and come down with a mysterious illness!"
?Well you know where to find me now".

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