The gambler

The gambler
I m not a gambling man. I ve been to casinos, horse races, too. But I never wager too much. I m happy if I break even or come home a few bucks ahead. It s not that I don t like the excitement of a score, I m just not addicted to the high of it. But my work took me to a small casino town. If this were Atlantic City or Vegas I could take in a show and skip the slots and the tables. I d slowly nurse a drink, stare at the stage and forget where I was. In this out-of-the-way place slots and tables were all you can find. So I went to a diner, ate alone at the counter, then returned to my hotel. My plan was simple: grab a cup of coffee and a cookie in the lounge and take it to my room. I didn t expect to see anyone for the rest of the night.

Instead I bumped into two curvy ladies, one had short and spiked red hair, the other wasa brunette, long hair past her shoulders. I m forty. I d guess these ladies were about ten years older than me. They were laughing so hard their tits and belly s jiggled.

You know how it is, Jewels. I just have to grab that stick and pull it hard, the redhead laughed, apparently not caring if strangers were around. She saw me pouring my coffee and smiled. I just have that magic touch. She smiled and winked.

Sweetie, you can t press your luck, her friend answered. You might have to pick another stick tonight. She also turned her eyes towards me and smiled.

Slots, the redhead explained. I play the slots. I plant my toukis on the stool and hope for the best. There s one machine that I always play for a big payday. I swear it s got my toukis print all over it.

The redhead licked her lips. What are you doing here all by your lonesome? she asked me. Never see anyone here by himself. She moved her middle finger in a circle around the couch cushion beside her. Come sit, she said, drawing a larger circle than my toukis, or hers, would likely occupy. I m Karen, she said, grasping my hand more firmly than expected after I sat, She s Julie.

I m Jay, I replied, feeling chills I took Julie s hand after Karen s. I could see why Karen called her Jewels. Her tits were huge and appeared pointed like diamonds through her white cotton shirt. Karen s were rounder, but also ample. Her silky purple top was unbuttoned one more button than it probably should be at a casino, revealing black lace below. But if Karen didn t care, why should I?

So, why are you here? Karen licked her finger. Then she traced along my ankle and my knee cap. Julie smiled from the chair across, licking her lips.

I ve got a project nearby. Starts tomorrow. Kind of boring, really. Computers. I shook as the words came out. Karen s finger, combined with the sight of Julie s tits, caused a rise that I had not felt in a while. I saw no reason to say more, though I enjoyed the sensations.

Oh, you re a smart guy? Karen looked into my eyes and inched closer. Can you help me at the tables, Jay? In case I can t get a crack at the slots?

I don t know, Sweets, Julie answered. He looks a little woozy. She looked at the throbbing mess between my legs. Don t think he ll be much help.

Nah, he wouldn t want us, Jewels. We re old ladies. Jay s got a lady somewhere, smart guy like him. C mon Jay, why doesn t your special someone want to come out and play? Karen s hand reached my inner thigh. Then she pressed it along the zipper line of my jeans.

I don t have a girlfriend, I travel too much. I was married, divorced two years ago. My wife didn t like the travel any more than I did. But I couldn t find a job that kept me grounded. I don t want to get into details, but she found another guy.

I m so sorry hun. Cute guy like you shouldn t be alone, that s all. Right Jewels?

Karen s fingers switched course below my slightly flabby belly. I don t work out as much as I probably should, so I blushed when she called me cute. And my legs had not stopped shaking.

Julie nodded softly. Nope, he shouldn t. She sat up to give me a better view. I couldn t take my eyes off her tits as Karen continued teasing.

Come out with us? Karen said, her finger pressing deeper along the zipper. Be our sugar daddy.

I laughed. I m far from poor, but I m closer to a Dollar Menu-naire than an millionaire. I carry, maybe, fifty bucks in my wallet most of the time. If I went to a casino I was happy to come home with the same amount of money I came in with.

Karen leaned over, her tits in clearer view, as it to distract me from Julie. C mon sweets, she whispered. We might get lucky.

C mon, Jay. It ll be fun.You don t even have to drive. I ll chauffeur, Julie said.

Karen s curves, soft lips, red hair and fair skin had me throbbing fast as she got up from her seat. After I got up, she took me by the arm while Julie went to get her car. As the car, a luxurious SUV, pulled up at the hotel door, Karen opened the rear passenger door for me. I got in and stretched my arm along the top of the seat. Karen slid under it after she entered from the other door. She took my free hand, and I squeezed it firmly.

Comfy? Julie asked, as she put the car in Drive.

Oh yeah, Karen said, flashing a pearly white smile. Very comfy. She returned her hands to my inner thigh. She sensed my throbbing quickly and bit my ear lobe as she played along the zipper line.

Bringing Karen closer I kissed her deeply. She gave my throbbing a gentle squeeze as our tongues danced. She slowly unzipped me and gave my cock a soothing massage. It quickly rose to attention, quicker than I would have liked.

Julie had added to the mood by choosing a soft classical music CD for the drive. She looked up at the rearview mirror a couple of times, but said nothing. Karen s tongue felt like it moved to the music, picking a beat at the brass pieces, slowing for the woodwinds. As she sucked me I massaged her neck and ran my fingers through her hair. I kept resisting the urge to explode as she took my cock into her throat. But I couldn t hold back for the final notes.

Karen didn t seem to mind. She took in my flavor as it poured. She licked it off the shaft and the rim. Mmmmmmm, damn hun, she said, as she licked her lips. Tastes like salted caramel. She kissed my lips softly and settled under my arm, my pants still unzipped. Classical music still filled the car as she rubbed my legs and balls. Jewels, why don t we take a pit stop? she asked, and winked.

Julie found a spot by the river that ran alongside the casino secluded by trees. She turned off the music and opened the moon roof a crack to let in a soft breeze. She got out of the car and opened the rear hatch while Karen kept playing. The breeze shocked at first, but felt good on my cock.

Karen saw the slight rise and grinned. Then she stopped playing. She got out of the car and came around the back. I followed, after I zipped up. Karen settled in my arms and rubbed against me as I sat on the car s rear bumper and watched Julie fold down the back seat. She opened a compartment under the cargo floor and pulled out a folding mattress as well as blanket large enough to cover all three of us.

I m cold, babe, Karen bit my ear lobe and nuzzled closer. She squeezed my hands tight. The cold made me pull her closer still, making me incredibly hard. Feeling my mass, Karen rubbed her ass cheeks around it in small, tight circles.

Julie closed the compartment where she d found the blanket and the mattress and laid out both in the back. Karen and I stopped our embrace and got in while Julie closed the hatch from outside. She came back into the car through the rear passenger door. Karen lay to my left, still teasing my cock. Julie lay to my right.

Jewels, you gotta have a taste, said Karen, as she opened another button on her shirt. The better view made me harder faster. Then Julie took off her blouse. She did need to touch me before she took me in her throat. As she sucked, Karen kissed me. She let me undo the rest of her shirt and the snaps of her lace bra. She guided my face over her hard pink nipples, digging her nails into my scalp.

Julie sucked faster than Karen, but with greater intensity. She slowed her rhythm when she took me in her throat.

Bite them, Babe, Karen whispered. I made small bites, then sucked and licked where I d made my marks. Ohhh yessss, she murmured, as Julie had me deep in her spell. She d brought me to the point of no return as my cum filled her throat. As I kept nibbling and sucking Karen, Julie pulled my jeans down further and squeezed my ass. She playfully spanked me as Karen kept my face on her tits.

You re right, Sweets, Julie said. Yummy. Julie ran her fingers through my hair and we shared a deep kiss.

Hey, I saw him first. Karen giggled.

As Julie and I made out furiously on her car floor, Karen opened her pocket book and pulled out a small toy. She kissed Julie below her belly, undid her slacks and pulled them off. She clicked a switch on the toy and pushed it between Julie s legs.

Julie had been the quieter of the two?until that moment. Karen pushed the toy deeper, careful not to rush as I fondled and sucked Julie s tits. As Karen pushed, she squeezed my ass, as if to bring Julie and I closer, burying my face between her cleavage. Finally, one last push. Julie squirted her nectar in a huge rush. Before I could move, Karen licked it like a cat tastes milk. She shared Julie s nectar with me in a kiss. Then they shared it together. After they finished we relaxed and stared up at the sky through the moon roof.

This happen often? I asked, kissing each lady s lips softly. You knew this spot?

Uhh, yeah, Julie answered. We ve been here before. It always brings us good luck.

You know what would make this perfect? Karen asked. Some wine and an extra blanket on the sand. I d love that right now.

Too cold, said Julie. You still want to hit the slots?

Maybe that can wait. What do you say, Jay? I feel lucky. Karen licked her lips. Why don t you relax and enjoy the show?

Karen slid next to Julie. They embraced tight and kissed deeper than I d seen a man kiss a woman. As they switched to nipple play, my cock throbbed once more. I couldn t help touching and coaxing it to readiness. They broke their kiss and smiled widely as my hardness thickened. Julie reached for it first while Karen feigned disappointment.

Salted caramel, mmmmmm, Karen whispered as she ran her tongue in my ear. You better save some for me.

I m sure I ll have plenty, I whispered as we kissed softly. Julie sucked so sensually I tried to hold back.

I don t know babe, said Karen. Julie really loves cock. You ll need time for the rebound.

I slid my tongue into Karen s mouth, kissing her harder than I remembered kissing my wife before my marriage crumbled. My thumbs fondled her nipples as our kisses deepened.

Ohhh Jay, she signed. I gotta have more of that cock.

ulie s sweet mouth had taken me to the point of no return. She licked the shaft and playfully tasted the head. Mmmmmmmm, she purred. More like praline to me. She shared my juice with Karen in a lingering kiss.

We ve gotta let Jay recover, said Julie. He really blew a load.

What do you think, Jay? asked Karen. Plenty of tastes to taste. And Julie s especially delicious.

Julie blushed, then she spread her legs as she leaned against the front passenger seat. I came over, kissed her deep, then kissed my way down, stopping to massage and suck her scrumptious tits. Ohhhhh, yessss, she mumbled, as I kissed my way down, enjoying the journey down the folds of her belly. As my lips reached her lips down south, Julie and Karen kissed while Karen massaged Julie s tits. I licked along the edges of Julie s pussy lips. Then wrapped them around her clit.

Ohhhhh mmmmmy, Julie cried as I sucked harder, squeezing her ass cheeks I took her in. Karen sucked Julie s nipples harder, biting them for added effect. Julie shook and shivered as we devoured her. Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss, she moaned. Wooooooow. Her nectar exploded on my cheeks. I licked it off the folds of her belly, then along her thighs before returning to attend to her pussy lips.

Cherry and strawberry, I said. Then I shared Julie s nectar in a kiss with Karen.

She s really yummy, said Karen. So are you. Karen kissed my cheek, so did Julie. They wrapped our arms around me in the middle and we fell asleep.

Several hours later, sunlight poured through the windows of the SUV. I was the first to wake up. Since I had previously serviced Julie, I kissed Karen along the back of her neck, then down her spine.

Mmmmmmm, she murmured, as my lips reached her ass. Don t stop, babe. She remained curled as I spooned her, before I kissed my way down to her hips. She rolled over and spread her legs. Take me, Jay, I want you. Fuck me now.

As my hardness peaked, I folded Karen s legs on my shoulders, gliding inside her slowly, picking up my pace as her thighs closed. I could not resist the heat of her juices as I reached deeper. They squirted all over my balls.

Ohhhhhhhh, Jaaaaaay! Keep going babe! Ohhhh Fuuucccck!

Karen s pleasured sounds woke Julie. You two are too much, she said, and grinned. She leaned over to kiss Karen. Then she sucked her tits as I got ready to cum inside her. Julie bit Karen s nipples during my explosion. Then they took turns licking me off.

C mon Jay, said Karen. Can you stay out and play?

I didn t have a meeting for three more hours and I had gotten enough sleep. But I had to look the part of the brainiac when I got to the meeting.

I can t, I m sorry. But I really want to.

Relax, said Karen. We ll wait til you get done with work. We want to keep our sugar daddy happy.

Julie dressed then got behind the wheel. But she peaked in the rearview mirror time to time and smiled as Karen sucked me off beneath the blanket.

This was our lucky day, Karen whispered softly after I had cum again. I hope it was your s.

Before we settled into our rooms we agreed to meet that night. We got into the elevator and leaned into the corner, with me in the middle once more, and shared soft kisses. I throbbed once more, but sadly, my floor was the first stop.

See you later, Babe, said Karen. She blew a kiss as the elevator door closed. I could swear I saw her slide her tongue into Julie s mouth before the door finally shut. And I felt a warm trickle between my legs.

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