Big dirty girls are still the best

Big dirty girls are still the best
My psychologists name is Xenia Jones; honest to God that really is her name. Why I had to see her is a side story. I ll give you the short version:

I was about to leave a restaurant one afternoon when this young guy, about my height and size bumped in to me. I automatically said." Excuse me!" Then I stepped back to let him by.

For reasons unknown, he snarled belligerently. "That s not good enough gramps I m going to kick your ass just because you are a stupid old man who is in my way.

Of course, he tried to hit me in the face. It fallows that I blocked his punch. Now I haven t hit another person in anger for over thirty years. But this young pup really irritated me. It was not long before he found himself pined against a wall with my right hand clutching his neck, one of my knees pressed tightly against his groin, with my left fist cocked and ready.

Several people including an off duty cop pulled me off before I could do him any damage physically. His pride was bent just a tad I think.

He was hauled off to jail, outstanding warrants do things like that to a person, and I had to go to anger management counseling. Now what was I to do let him beat me up? The world is getting stranger by the minute.

Xenia is a very pretty girl; her jasmine perfume would have driven a weaker man crazy. (If they were under, forty-five they are girls to me) She had lustrous brown hair, dark doe eyes, and an amazing smile. Her short skirts reviled long smooth legs to die for. She always wore chunky three-inch stacked heels that thrust her incredible ass out to perfection. She was thirty-two when we met. Five foot ten or so, and maybe thirty or forty extra pounds in the right places.

I was instantly in lust with her. Unfortunately, she was my therapist, so I had to keep reminding my small head to relax. She was one of the one of prettiest big girls I had seen in a while.

We chatted for an hour or so. I tried to be as honest as I could answering her questions. Near the end of the session, she paused and looked over her notes.

"Mr. Rains...ah...John I believe you have been very truthful with me. I ve seen the police report and I think I understand what perpetrated your actions in the restaurant...." She winced then asked. "I really should not have told you that, may I count on your discretion?"

"Sometimes Xenia." I said grinning. "I m so discreet I won t even tell myself what I hear."

She chuckled at that then took a card and wrote on the back of it. "This is when I want to see you again. I don t believe you need it however the County policy says you need to see me a minimum of three times."

Her fingers lingered a few seconds longer than necessary when she put the card in my hand. "Show this card to the receptionist. She will confirm the time and date."

When we shook hands she looked me directly in the eyes, her grip lingered a bit then I left. Was this girl coming on to me? Fat chance kid I told myself...the chances of that were somewhere between slim and none. It is her job to be friendly so I did my best to forget the whole thing.

Three weeks later, on a hot summer day, I was in my shop a couple of hundred feet from my house admiring a small welding job I had just finished for a client. He would be happy with the result I was sure.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Xenia peeking through the open shop door dressed to kill as usual. Her blouse was partly unbuttoned showing a generous amount of cleavage plus her white lace bra. Sweat was on her brow and beads of perspiration dotted the smooth valley between her breasts. Her skirt was a couple of inches above her knees.

"Well hello." I said "Welcome to my office. It is a bit hot in here; the cooler broke down after lunch I haven t taken time to fix it."

"That s alright I m sorry to bother you right now." She said giving me one of her amazing smiles. "I have some forms for you to sign. More County stuff, even with computers we are all but buried in paper. I have the afternoon off so I though I would bring it by and save you a trip to town in this heat."

"How did you find me? I am sort of off the beaten track." I said dusting off a somewhat clean shop stool. "This is reasonably clean have a seat." I took another stool facing her.

"I m a little familiar with the area." She said blushing. "I like your house and yard. Have you been here long?" She perched on the stool and crossed her long smooth legs her skirt road up to mid thigh. I caught a hint of her nylon tops. As Xenia squirmed to balance her briefcase on a gorgeous knee, her skirt crept higher yet, her nylon tops coming in to full view. She gave up with that and uncrossed her legs giving me a panty flash in the process. Mercifully she placed the brief case on her knees hiding her panties.

"Twenty years or so...even after my ex left me I couldn t bare to sell out." I said while I mentally told my cock not to stand up and salute her." I didn t feel like building another one." I was trying to be a gentleman and not stare. Of course, I failed miserably with that endeavor as well.

Xenia seemed oblivious to the amount of leg and breast she was showing. I swear one of the buttons of her blouse popped out of a buttonhole on its own.

She blushed when I noticed her looking directly at the bulge in my pants. Acting as if I hand not noticed she leaned forward and placed a paper on the case and held up a pin. "J...just sign this and the County business is taken care of." She stuttered flushing to the tops of her breasts.

I stood up, took the pin, and signed the form. Then taking the paper and pin I put them in the brief case and set it on the counter behind her.

Her perfume and the scent of her sweet womanly sweat filled my world when we kissed. Her hot tongue found mine. She pressed her smooth lovely breasts against my hands when I cupped them. When I looked into her beautiful doe eyes, there was a little fear and pleading in them.

Her trembling hands found my crotch and caressed me. "Oh please fuck me." She said breathlessly. "You re the first real man I ve met in such a long time. "Pull my panties off and take me!"

Being a man of gentle nature, with a sound body and reasonably sound mind I did the only thing I could. I moved in for the kill.

Xenia leaned back against the thickly padded edge of the counter and lifted her ass from the stool to pull her skirt up to her waist. She kept her ass up when I tugged her low cut lacy panties off her hips and down her legs. She kicked them off and spread her smooth lush thighs.

Her bush was thick but well trimmed. Xenias hands were steady as she open the zipper of my pants and fished my cock out. Licking her lips, she cooed over the warmth and hardness of it. "Ooooh!" She panted. I want to suck it! But not now...make me your slut John! Shove it in me!" She pleaded rubbing the glans up and down her all but dripping labia. "Fuck your baby girl deep and hard!"

With one swift stroke, I buried my cock in her surprisingly tight pussy. She dug her heels hard against my ass while I rotated myself hard against soft chubby vulva. "Yes, yes, yes! Oh God yes!" She caroled her joy. "Make me yours. Fuck me, fuck me!"

I kissed her again; her tongue snaked into my mouth eagerly.

As tight as her heels held my ass I was only able to stroke into her with short deep jabs. She gasped with each stroke so I knew it was what she wanted. I raised my upper body continuing my short deep strokes.

Inside her sweat soaked blouse and bra her nipples were rock hard points of desire. Suddenly she jerked her blouse open exposing her lacy bra and ample breasts.

"It hooks in front." She panted. "Take my tits out and kiss my nipples."

"I ve always liked front loaders." I said, unhooking it with practiced ease. "Recreational bras are the best kind."

Xenia giggled at that, and then pulled my face down to the sweet soft valley between her tits. The scent was wonderful. Her perfume mixed with the pheromones in her perspiration would have brought a marble statue to life.

She opened her legs and pulled them back holding them at her knees, granting me full access to her vagina. Her lush full thighs and her chubby belly were beautiful. I stroked into her vagina, with slow deep thrusts faster and faster until the liquid slapping of our loins meeting filled air.

"Oh God, faster, harder! Fuck the shit out of me!" She sang as her body shuddered through her first orgasm. "Oh please John cum in me! Fill your baby girl s cunt with cum!"

(The baby girl commit was getting little scary but the small head was in full control at that point.)

By her command, I did just that. It was the largest burst I had shot in several years. Then I had not been in a woman this tight and wet for several years. Madam palm is a poor substitute for the real thing.

Xenia shuddered and twitched through two more orgasms as I filled her vagina with my cum.

"Leave your cock in me...please!" She panted. "Its so nice! I love the feel of it in me even when it s soft... but you re not soft are you?"

"It will go down shortly. It usually takes a while." I said.

She wrapped her legs around again leaning back on the counter breathing hard. Both of us were completely soaked with sweat, It ran off our bodies in streams. Xenia s flush had crept to her groin and I knew I was red faced as I stood there panting.

When I pulled out to stagger back and sit on the other stool. Xenia stripped all of her clothing off except for her heels and nylons. She posed for me with her hands on her hips. "I hope this wasn t a one time thing for you?" She said in a small voice. "I saw the way you looked at me the first time in my office...I wanted you from the first. I have a thing for older men. Not the way you might think though."

"And how is that?" I asked drinking in the sight of her beauty. And," I added. "If you think I want you to go away and not come back you re mistaken." I paused then continued. "You realize of course that I m twice you age." She sat on the stool with her legs parted her charms fully displayed. Cum oozed out of the deep cleft of her vagina. She dipped two fingers into her cleft and sucked on them. I could feel myself stirring again. God how I love fleshy women!

"I noticed you winced when I blurted out baby girl . The man I lost my virginity to was a seventy year old man, he called me that." She began "He was a neighbor I had know all of my life. It was a week

after I turned eighteen. His wife died the year before. He so alone He was Grandpa and I was his baby girl. I don t think he planed it, it was one of those things that just happened."

She smiled sadly remembering. "I was a randy girl full of curiosity about sex and for some reason he turned me on more than any boy who had ever groped me. They never got beyond feeling me up or poking a finger in me."

"I broke my hymen with a hair brush the week before he fucked me in his den." She cupped her mound with a hand. "He was so sweet and gentle and very hearty for his age. I more or less seduced him. He was so ashamed by what he had done. He was going to turn himself in to the police.

It took me a while to convince him that I was the one who wanted it, and was an adult who could make up her own mind. He grudgingly agreed and vowed it would never happen again. A week later, I seduced him again at a picnic. After that, we fucked as often as possible. When I left for college, he told me not to save myself for him. That I should enjoy all that school offered."

"Meaning college men" I interjected.

"Yes." She said ruefully. "That was a joke. Not too many men wanted a fat girl. The ones that did were crude and stupid."

"What did your old man say about that?" I asked.

"I never told him." She said. "I couldn t break his heart. He died in a car accident my sophomore year. I couldn t even go to the funeral."

"Do I look like him?" I asked. Not looking to be a replacement for what she had lost.

"Not at all you are taller, stronger, and with much darker hair. I like the beard too." She smiled roguishly. "It s you I want, not him. I want you to fuck me like the dirty girl I am."

"You are beautiful." I said. "A little rough around the edges right now, but beautiful and it could be a mistake but I want you too."

Xenia laughed and looked at me with wonder and a little fear. "I believe you mean that. I don t know why but I believe you."

"Enough talk for now. It s just a short dash to my back door." I said. "Join me in a shower then talk more and do something about some clothes for you."

She giggled, "I have a valise sitting outside your shop door with everything I need. I ll walk with you to the back door. If someone sees me, naked tough fucking luck. One other thing you should know." She giggled, "I tend to be a potty mouth."

We walked hand in hand across the yard Xenia naked except for heels and hose swinging the valise. My nearest neighbor was five miles away not much chance of being spotted at all. If someone did complain, fuck them.

I didn t know what was going to happen, but I knew I was falling in love with this woman and I had to grab the ring when it came by. Funny thing, the next week when I asked Xenia if she would move in with me. She pouted a little then wanted to know why I took so long...sometimes life is so good it s scary.

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