Picking up THE BBW - erotic story


Picking up THE BBW - erotic story
It was a night of drinking and partying a few weeks ago??.I ended up in my usual watering fountain to have one last drink before going home, I was buzzing really nice and felt good!! at the same time felt a little horny as well. In the bar my eyes caught a glimpse of a latin looking women to the best of my guessing she was about 45 years old dark to medium color skin and the CLEAVAGE she had on her was mind blowing, for the longest time I had not seen such remarkable huge breasts filling out of a shirt like she filled out hers. I was stunned but at the same time aroused, being that I knew the guys in the bar I didnt want to make it too noticeable that I was watching her, so I was trying to think of somehow to get close to her and to eventually interact with her in some way. She was sitting with a friend of hers 2 tables down and judging from her huge tits I could see that her butt was big as well as I could see her ass flowing over her chair on both sides. I am a good looking guy not to brag (but I am not that well endowed I guess you cant have the best of both world but that does not bother me at all) and my girlfriend is one hot babe blonde tall and a body other women would die for, but Bigger women have always turned me on?..( when I search the internet for porn I am always jerking off to BBW ladies I can watch BBW porn all day and all night. My obsession to chubby ladies has been with me ever since I was 13 years old and I have to admit that I am a hypocrite to thinking women should be thin, to me the more meat on a woman the more I want them)?.so there I am thinking away how to start to mingle with this chunky latin babe when all of a sudden I see her friend hugging her and heard her say happy birthday!!! bingo I thought to myself I was in. I quickly order 6 porn star shooters and walk over to their table and say, girls whose birthday is it and her friend points her finger towards this latin hunny its hers my friends her name is Rosa!!!! Rosa such a nice name well I say to them it was my birthday yesturday I am still celebrating could I offer you these drinks and join you in celebration. Rosa looked at me no problem happy birthday sit down and lets party!!!YES I thought to myself and so I sat down and we started to drink. WE started to chat Rosa tells me she is from Cuba and she has been living here for 9 years now, she has been divorced for sometime and I started to say how my love life sucked but not to worry good things happen to good people bla bla bla?.so I can see that Rosa started to look at me in a sexy way, I ordered a few more drinks and could see that Rosa s friend was pretty much hammered and said I think we should leave, I said to her friend come on dont go yet the night is young?.her friend looks at me and says I know but I have to drive Rosa home, I looked at Rosa and said if it is alright with you I can drive you home???Rosa agreed and we were finally left alone. We talked for about another hour and a half and decided to call it the night??.we walked across the street to grab a coffee so we could sober up?.In the coffee shop the lights were much brighter than in the bar there I had a better look at Rosa, man was she plump, her tits are so huge I could tell that they were full of meat not the ones that sag down, hers look like they stick up and in front. I could not take my eyes off her breasts, she was wearing these tights and I could see the outline of her plump big juicy ass?oh how I wanted to stick my face between her cheeks, I was getting hard of the thought and was desperately trying to control my cock at that same time!!!. We had our coffee and talked some more and on the way to her place we were talking about what movies we like and found out that we both love horror flicks?.I told her that I had them all on my hard drive we were going on and on and then I asked her hey why dont you come over and we could watch one she looked a little unsure but them she said only if you have this movie she loved? I didnt but said of course I do and she changed her mind, I turned the car around and we headed back to my place. We came into my apartment I went to go make us some tea and popcorn and I asked her if she wanted to put on something else to be comfortable and not to wrinkle her clothes I gave her a long sleeved thin shirt and my pajama pants, I also changed and we sat down on my couch. When I looked at her wearing my shirt I could see the amazing size of her boobs, her nipples were punching through like a propped up tent, my cock was tingling just thinking of sucking those tits??..she was looking around my place and I could tell she was getting more relaxed, we were sipping our tea and as we put our cups down we looked at each other then started kissing, after about 5 minutes of kissing I felt her tits, they were so firm I slid my hands up her shirt and started to feel the curves of her breasts she took of her shirt and when I saw how full her tits were my mouth fell between them licking and sucking them like I was a little boy hungry for moms milk, her nipples were like perfect cherries and her areola was the size of pancakes??I took off her pants and her panties as I spread her legs I saw a perfectly shaved pussy it was so sweet looking and just as I imagined it tasted just like that?.Rosa was moaning like a school girl, I couldnt stop eating her pussy, she was grabbing my cock but didnt want to suck it, I climbed on top of her and slid my dick in her warm pussy flowing with juices?oh how it felt good I started to fuck her faster for a while then slow, I flipped her over grabbed her thighs and lifted up her ass towards me so I could fuck her doggy style. I kept on looking how her ass jiggled pounding her meat slapping her ass??..I could not express what a feeling it was. I laid on my back and had her climb on top of me, as I put my almost blown cock in her pussy, I watched her enormous titties bounce up and down grabbing them trying to make them stop???her body was of a BBW goddess I could not take any more? I put her on her back climbed on top of her and fucked her missionary style?..watching her boobs sway from side to side as my cock buried deep inside her pumping her I was about to explode. I pulled out my cock and blew a load so great so much cum all over her fantastic tits!!! Rosa was for sure my top 3 fucks I ever had.

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