Cuck and Bull

Cuck and Bull
She told me to be there at 11:00. Not at night, 11:00 in the morning. Is 11:00 still morning. I was always iffy on that subject. You couldn t get breakfast at McDonalds at 11:00 so I figured it shouldn t be considered morning anymore. I guess it didn t matter. 11:00 it was and I knocked on the door. She told me to knock quietly. She would hear, she assured me. Sure enough, she opened the door.

Elizabeth is a big girl. I don t mind. I like her. I like her in that, let s sit and have lunch and laugh about movies kind of way and I like her in that let me suck on those big giant tits sort of way. I ve been accused of being a chubby chaser, I guess I am. Lizzy is chubby. She is pretty though. I love her eyes. She also isn t that kind of fat where there are rolls. I don t much care for rolls. She has a round belly I like to rest my cheek on after we do stuff. She had big thick legs and when she spreads them she has one of those chubby pussies. You know the kind, where the whole pussy is kind of buried and you get to dig for it. Lizzy is also almost entirely free of hair. She just has acres of pale white skin I can run my tongue over. She likes it when I run my tongue over it. She is a kinky little thing. That s why we fuck. She likes it weird and, well, I don t give a shit so long as she lets me fuck her.

Lizzy opened the door with a towel wrapped around her. I slipped in and kissed her. You know what, sometimes that s all we do. I come over while her husband is gone and we eat something and watch TV and take our clothes off and just kiss. Mostly it s because we don t get to plan when he is out of town and sometimes, you know, it s like her time of the month, so we just kiss and then she blows me and I am gone.

We aren t sneaking around on him. He knows about me and her. We take pictures sometimes for him to jack off to. Like I said, Lizzy is kinky. Today was supposed to get really kinky. She said I was gonna be a bull and he was going to be a cuckold. I told her, hey, I ve seen that shit online and a bull is supposed to be a black guy and sure, I m hung but I m like Jewish, not a black guy. I told her I thought she had it wrong but that s what she wanted. We talked about it. I didn t know about all of it, there was some shit, well, you will see, there was some shit I didn t think I was going to be able to do. She said we would play it by ear which just meant she was gonna make me do it anyway. She has this big old house. Her husband, I mean, he must do well. She has a Beemer too. I was just inside the door and we kissed and I took her towel off. Usually she wears something pretty. She gets them online because, you know, they have to be big. Her little outfits are always lacy and pretty and she makes sure they aren t the kind you have to take off to get to her so I like them. I always wanted a girl that would wear lingerie for me. I think it s pretty. She got me undressed and I was already getting hard. She took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom. She had the curtains pulled shut and it was pretty dark but you could still see I mean, it was the middle of the day. I could see him sitting there. He was tied down and he was but ass naked.

I don t think I d ever seen a naked guy before, not in person. Sure, they are in porn and shit but it s not like you are looking at the guy. He wasn t what I expected either. He wasn t fat or nothing at all. He was kinda tall and kinda fit, like in good shape. His schlong was pretty hard already. I really wasn t ready for this. Lizzie brought me to the end of the bed. She started talking to him and I didn t get any of it and I was like, what the hell. She was speaking in French she said. I was like, who knew. I m not sure I ve ever heard French. I don t know what she said to him but it must have been dirty because he like got hard right away. She sorta moved me around until she had me where she wanted me and then she started sucking me off.

Lizzie, let me tell you, is some kind of like, pro at sucking dick. She moves her head and her hands and is just like, all over it. If I don t concentrate she will like surprise me and I will just be like, Bam! Cum everywhere. I watched her dude sitting there, that helped. I m not into guys. It sorta kept me balanced and she went to town. She can do that thing, you know, like only some chicks can do where they like swallow you. It means she can get my whole fucking cock in her mouth. Most girls don t, or can t. I don t want to brag, I m not like that, but my cock is like, really fucking long. Like, so long I ve had girls look at it and think they are all excited about it but then are like, fuck no, that shit hurts and like they don t want to fuck no more. Lizzie, it s her thing. That was why she picked me from all the different profiles. Well, there was that and I am free in the daytime because I don t really do anything. So I was available and had a long skinny dick and that was what she liked. Now she says she likes me for the other stuff too, so that s cool. Right then though, it wasn t the other stuff, it was my dick. She was sucking it and talking French and she had her hand, you now, down on her pussy so she was moaning too.

"Tell me when you think you are going to cum, okay?" she asked me. It was no big deal. She did that a lot. I mean, she could swallow every damn bit of it but she liked to shoot it places, like on her pussy or her tits. She liked to smear it around on shit and lick it off. She would always lick it off unless it was some place she couldn t reach and then she always wanted me to lick it off. That was some freaky shit the first time she wanted me to do it, Not no more though, I guess I m used to it. That s what I figured she wanted to do but I was wrong. She was suckin and slurpin and I was thinking about where she was gonna want me to shoot it and that really got me off so I like tapped her on the head and shit. That was our signal.

She pulled me out of her mouth. "Come here." She said and she pulled me by my dick over to the dude who was tied up. She was like showing my shit to him and talking in French. At first he as like, get that shit out of here and closed his eyes but she like popped him. Not like a punch, like a slap. Then she grabbed his dick and like yanked that shit and said some more French stuff and I don t blame him, he was like, sure, whatever, and then he like took my dick in his mouth and sucked.

So yeah, when he started, he was all sucky at sucking. I haven t had no head from a guy before but you always hear it s the best and I wondered but not this guy. He didn t know what he was doing. She like started giving him a lesson. The two of them, they like passed me back and forth like I was a milkshake. It was like, good-head, bad-head, good head, bad-head, until he like got the hang of it. He couldn t do the swallow the whole boner thing but he licked and sucked good. I was back to almost ready to cum and I tapped her on the shoulder. She like, squeezed my balls and my dick while he sucked on the end of it and that did it. I fucking came like a, I don t know, like when you go to SeaWorld and the whale like splashes everybody, it was like that but with cum and everybody was just lizzies husband. It was weird, like I said. I didn t think I would do that shit but when it was time, It was really just like, head is head right. She d told me what was next. It was no biggie, I could handle fucking.

She wanted me behind her. She put herself so she was facing him and she was on her knees and I did the deed doggie style. I fucking love her ass and her pussy was all ready and I just went at it. She told me not to come again, like she didn t want me to because she wanted me to do more so I just kinda started slow and got a nice rhythm going and started singing in my head. I always sing old shit when I fuck. Otis Redding or like the blind guy, you know. I was just kind of along for the ride and she did her French dirty talk thing and he just sat there, his arms tied to the chair his dick flopping around. He had been hard for a good long time for an old dude I figured it was killing him.

"Do my ass now, baby. You know. Hard. Do my ass hard until I scream and then cum for me."

So my Lizzie, she doesn t want the condoms. She says she doesn t have to worry, can t have babies anymore and I told you how she likes the jizz everywhere so fuck, why not. I knew where she had the jar of lube she uses to do it up the ass so I rubbed some on and she bent down further. It slid right on in. I don t ever get chicks to take it up the ass, not after they ve seen my schlong anyway. Lizzie takes it though. She takes it like its no big deal. That s how I knew she was just playin with him, fucking screaming bloody murder like it hurt. I knew what she was going for so I really put the extra effort into it. I grabbed that big ol ass and just went to town. It was a fucking workout. I had cum like, not that long ago and I wasn t exactly ready to come again but she kept saying it. "Fucking fill my ass." She said so I had to just keep going. When I did fucking cum, it wasn t like it was before and she was kinda disappointed. She tried to rub it all around but mostly it was just the lube.

I was kinda glad I didn t have to lick her up after that because the lube, it doesn t taste that good and besides, it would kinda taste like ass because I seriously had just fucked the shit out of her, but I also didn t really like that she was untying the dude. I m not a gym guy or nothing, I m just kind of a tall skinny guy and I figured he could bust me up if he wanted to and he had just watched me fucking bang his wife but that wasn t the dudes thing. She untied him and he kind of just crawled across the floor and lied down on the bed and she climbed on top of him fucking is face. She liked fucking faces. We did that some. You kinda always thought she was gonna suffocate you but she was good and just kind of humped you. She was really getting off on it, I could tell even though she was talking in French.

"Danny, come here." See, I knew this was coming. I still wasn t sure. "Danny, come here. Suck his tiny little dick." So first, it wasn t tiny. I mean, he had a pretty good thing there and he was like seriously getting off on this. "But don t make him cum. Don t let him. He s not allowed to.

So I was really thinking about it, you know. I don t really want to suck this dude s cock. That isn t my thing. I told her, when she told me what she was doing and that I was gonna come over but her husband was gonna be there, she told me she was gonna have me do it but I was like, I don t think so. She was looking at me though, she was looking all disappointed and sad and speaking her French and then she was telling me to go ahead, it wasn t a big deal. He had sucked mine and even had to swallow and I didn t have to do all that. It wasn t; any worse than ass fucking and she knew I didn t mind that. She was kind of right. I mean, getting fucked up the ass is way gayer than sucking dick and when she used the strap-on I was okay with that so sure, I guess it was okay. I gave it my best shot.

So sucking dick, I mean, its kind of easier than eating pussy and its kind of harder. You have to really open up. I like thought I had my mouth open but nope, when you go to put a dick in there you have to really open up. So that part is harder. Its easier though, because you know, when you are eating pussy, you are like, where the fuck is the clitty, is she liking this, am I doing anything. When you are sucking dick you just kind of put your mouth on it and go up and down and its no big thing. It didn t take long and I knew he was close because you taste it coming. I know what it tastes like. She likes to have me lick it off her, I told you that. She also likes to kiss me after she s blown me and like, spit a whole giant load in my mouth. Lizzie is a perv, but she has those giant tits. Fuck. I had to stop sucking dick so I just played with her tits.

"Are you ready to fuck again?" she asked me. Her fucking eyes are awesome, I told you that right. She used em on me and I was like, sure. I can fuck again. She was like good. Fuck us both, back and forth. I didn t get it but she put him right on the end of the bed and then she got right next to him. I figured it out and lubed up and just went back and forth, his ass, her ass. It was kind of awkward and I think she got that. I wasn t getting off because every time I was close she told me to switch, but it wasn t enough for either of them to get there. He was moaning like a fucking dog but I don t think he was getting off, she just looked bored. She moved so that he was eating her pussy and I was just fucking his ass and that was working. I asked her if I was supposed to cum. She got off on that like she hadn t thought about it. She talked to him in French some and he just wailed and she told me yeah, go for it.

It only worked because she was there all spread wide and was moaning and making coming sounds. I know I m not gay because as much as I wanted to, I couldn t cum with his big old hairy ass there. I told her so. She told me to try a little harder and I thought about her tits. They were just jiggling all over. I asked if I could cum on her tits. She gave in. I kinda felt bad because I was being a whiny bitch but still, I told her I wasn t gay, I was just doing this for her. I didn t have to jack off very hard, not with her all moaning and pinching her nipples for me so it happened pretty quick. I came better this time, there was lots. It was all down her neck and all over her tits and even on her belly. She didn t have to tell me to do anything, I was like, give me some of that and I got a titty and he got a titty and she had us both finger her. We both could get a finger in her pussy, I think that s why she liked me having such a big dick so she totally got off while we licked her clean.

"I think I need to let him come now, Danny. Do you want to stay?" I like kind of thought about it. It was pretty fucking hot, her little pervert thing she did but I had already gotten off a couple of times and I was thinking I had enough shit back at the house to get good and baked and I could go for a taco, it being Tuesday and all so I was like, no, you have your fun.

She walked me to the door and gave me one of those kisses that just make me want to stay. I took her big old titty in her hand and really thought about it but I also thought about lighting up a big fat bowl and just chilling out. It was a close call but a tie goes to the runner so I was like. Call me and she said I could count on it. Shit. I still think I should have stayed. I was thinking about her all the way home and my dick just got harder and harder. I thought about that chick Penny that makes subs down the corner and thought a sub would be as good as a taco and if she knew I had a bowl ready to go, I could probably fuck her later anyway.

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