Threesome with a bbw and my wife

Threesome with a bbw and my wife
I walked in the door after a long day. I unlocked the door and stepped inside to find all the lights off. The warm flickering light of the fireplace lit the living room and candles were placed all around the room.

The smell of perfume hung in the air with its intoxicating aroma and in front of the fireplace, pillows covered the floor and music played softly.

"I am in the bedroom, but don t come in!." I heard my wife call out from down the hall.

"This is very nice baby." I called back, dropping my stuff at the door.

"I think you will find it will be." she laughed back.

"Why don t you get naked and lay down in front of the fireplace, ill be out in a second."

I took my clothes off, the cold made me shiver until I walked over to the warm fire and lay down relaxing myself and anticipating what would be next.

"Baby, there is a blindfold down there, put it on, and no peaking." she said.

I did what she asked and placed the blindfold over my eyes. I could hear my wife walking towards me.

I felt her soft, warm lips on my mouth as she kissed me deeply.

I could smell her intoxicating scent as she moved around to my ear and whispered

"Put your hands out for me."

I put them out and she tied my wrists together.

"Now tonight I have a few rules." she whispered in my ear

"The first is that you can look but cant touch, the second is that this is a one off... just for tonight, and the third is that I m going to tease you until you cant take it anymore, only then are you allowed to fuck me."

I nodded in agreement.

Slowly the blindfold was taken off my eyes, before me my wife stood naked. Her dark curly hair cascaded over her shoulders and breasts.

She looked utterly beautiful and I could not take my eyes off her.

Then it hit me, "baby if you are in front of me how did you take my blindfold off?"

She smiled and put her hand out and suddenly, out from behind me stepped another woman completely naked.

"Like I said, you can look but you can t touch.... but I can touch." my wife whispered.

She drew the other woman into her and tentatively ran her hands down her back. The other woman then drew my wife closer and kissed her deeply.

They ran their hands up and down each other exploring every curve, every soft part as their kissing became more eager, more breathless.

I sat in complete stunned wonderment as this other woman then started making her way down my wife s body.

She cupped and cradled her breasts, soft biting her nipples as my wife moaned and bit her bottom lip.

She looked intensely at me as her eyes transferred her pleasure into mine. Then my wife gasped as the other woman nuzzled into her pussy.

I was far enough away to not touch but I could smell the musk of my wife s wet pussy as this woman kissed it.

My wife collapsed to the floor, her legs giving way under the pleasure. They lay at opposite ends of each other.

Then she timidly brushed her hands between this woman s legs and started to slowly feel her pussy. They both moaned as they touched and played with their clits together.

My wife arched her back and pointed her toes as the flickering light of the fire revealed two women overcome with erotic desire to please and be pleased.

Her breathing quickened and she started moaning, throwing her head back and grinding her pussy into the other woman s face. Quicker and quicker she grinder then suddenly screamed in sheer ecstasy.

Suddenly the other woman got up and kissed my wife deeply. She stood up and walked to the door. She grabbed a coat and dressing quickly, left through the door. I never really saw her face, or got her name. But she was gone.

My wife got on her knees and kissed me.

"Now its your turn to play with me, I want you to fuck me" my wife demanded.

She undid my wrists and I grabbed hers and pinned her to the ground. My cock was dripping with pre-cum and my wives pussy was warm and wet. I buried my cock hard and deep inside of her as she arched into me.

"I have been a naughty girl again, you better punish me."

I kissed her deeply and started thrusting into her. My hands pinning her back I fucked her with all the pent up yearning and desire from what I just witnessed. She put her legs around me and screamed.

"I want you re hot cum to fill my pussy."

With that, and holding her deeply I erupted inside of her.

Then I woke up.

I lay in bed wet from the hot fantasy I just had. I rolled over and felt my wife s naked body next to mine.

"Did you have a naughty dream?" she whispered.

"I did." I replied.

"I can t wait to hear all about it." she said.

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