You Can See Clouds In Heaven and fucking

 You Can See Clouds In Heaven and fucking
The sky was pretty, some clouds in it, mostly sunny. We'd
looked at clouds before, and I don't know why I was paying so much
attention to them but it seemed important. Maybe not to look at them,
but to think a little and regroup. I'd never had any sexual
experience like today's. We'd have more in the future, do things like
making love outdoors in a tree whenever we wanted when we grew up.
Well, more grown up than we were.

But this was our first day together where we knew we'd grow up and
stay together. It was our first day spent making love together, the
three of us. Maureen and Sherry got this all the time, being able to
sleep together as girls can.

Maureen distracted me by licking down my chest to my navel, swirling
her tongue inside there. It tickled, but it only made me giggle,
because her chest was pressed against my dick, and that felt very

All this time, Sherry was licking and cleaning up Maureen's pussy. I
didn't think there was more to clean now, but Sherry wasn't slacking
off down there. She was on her back, face under Maureen's pussy, and
I could see one arm reaching in there as well. The other hand,
well... I wished I could see it. It was off between Sherry's own
legs, and from the movement I guessed that she was touching herself.

I felt kind of left out. Maureen was kissing and licking me, and I
loved it, but I couldn't reach her body to give her pleasure. Sherry
was doing a nice number on Maureen, and she could touch herself too.

This didn't last long, because Maureen kept kissing her way down to my
dick, then licked it all around. She grabbed it with her hands, and
rolled and squeezed while she sucked the tip. Then, down she went,
bobbing her head. She looked at me, and I watched her.

"You look so pretty doing that," I said. It felt really good now, but
watching it made it even better. Maureen had wiggled her way all the
way down between my legs, and I could see her bare butt up in the air
above Sherry's head. Even though I couldn't see what Sherry was doing
to her, watching her face let me know that Sherry's actions were
really getting her hot.

Maureen didn't exactly answer, just mumbled an "uh huh" sort of thing,
not letting me go. She was sucking on me pretty hard. Down my dick,
licking my balls a bit, licking all around.

"You're a little messy down her," she said when she took a break to
breathe. "It is partly me and partly you. I like it."

"A little bit me, a little bit you..." I sang. We laughed, I don't
know if it was because it was funny, or because we were just happy
doing this together.

She went back to licking and sucking, and we three stayed like this
for quite some time.

No talking either. I could have, but I had a hard time thinking of
anything while Maureen worked on my sensitive places. It wasn't like
the little "blow job" pictures I'd seen, where the woman just had the
guy's dick in her mouth. Maureen was eating me up, licking on me,
sucking me inside, then just kissing and licking all over. Up my
belly, down my legs, catching my balls over and over - which were
really touchy now, all tight and I really liked how that felt - and
she had her hand on my dick, stroking it, still wet from her kisses,
when she wasn't licking or sucking on it.

I tried to watch her doing this, but it was too intense. I needed to
do something, and a part of me just wanted to shoot come, and finish
it. I was close to that, but Maureen just wasn't doing it right to
make that happen. She was just making me feel great.

I couldn't complain about that. We had the rest of the day to play,
and I loved making love with my girlfriends. My fiancees, now, I
guess. I don't know if I was thinking ahead that far, but I knew that
I wanted to be with them forever.

Sometimes, Maureen would pause in her sucking and licking, and I would
open my eyes, usually finding hers closed in pleasure. It was really
good, and very cool, to make love like this. Maureen was in the
middle, pleasing me to no end while her own pussy was devoured by our
girlfriend Sherry. I could lay back and try to just relax, but I
enjoyed watching Maureen.

Not just how she was touching me, though that was terrific. I'd never
seen a porn movie, and the pictures I'd seen didn't hold a candle to
this real life view. But knowing that she was feeling much as I was
as she did things to me made it very special.

Sherry was touching herself, and even though I couldn't see it, I felt
a burst of freedom knowing she was doing it. We'd talked about
masturbation being OK, but knowing that she was doing it with us made
it OK in more than just words. Like my experience with Eileen - a
girl letting me know that it was OK to touch myself cleared things up.

Have you ever heard things like "You'll go blind if you do that," or
"Hair will grow on your palms"? I knew those weren't true, but
discovering that my friends - my girl friends - knew that and were OK
with it made it special.

I knew that when I was home again, I'd jack off thinking about this
day. Maybe, I'd do it for the rest of my life, unable to think of
this moment without wanting to touch myself.

I lay back, eyes closed, and just reveled in the situation. Making
love felt so wonderful, and though I apparently had no qualms about
putting my mouth "down there," neither did my girlfriends. Another
one of the odd bits from my sex "research" reading, the idea that
there were people who wouldn't do this for their lover. I was ever so
glad that we weren't that sort.

I opened my eyes to look at the girls again. But I was facing up, and
the cloudy sky was especially pretty, so I just watched it. I never
knew that clouds were sexy, but between the light breeze and sun on my
body and Maureen's attentions on my dick, it was as if the sky was
making love to me. I loved being naked outside, but making love naked
outside was even better. I figured that we'd do this for the rest of
our lives, never forgetting how good it could be out here.

We'd never made love indoors, not yet. I wanted to do that, because
Sherry had Maureen in her bed all the time, or vice versa. I didn't
know if it would be better. It wasn't even the idea of it being
inside, but that someday we'd be free to do this wherever we lived, no
worries about parents or others getting in the way.

I had no idea that I was actually able to get distracted from sex by
my own thoughts. I wasn't ignoring what was going on, but the sex
seemed part of a bigger world. Like I felt that I was, more than just
me lying on a blanket, in a tree, just me anymore. Us three were more
than that, and Annie too.

Thinking about Annie was the magic trigger. She'd do to me what
Maureen was doing. I was happy with how Maureen did things, and
Sherry too. But Annie did it to enjoy herself as much as to please
me. Maybe even more than that, if her idea of feeling what she did to
me herself was real.

I shot come right into Maureen's mouth. She had my dick inside it
pretty far, holding it as she licked hard, and it pretty much all
stayed right inside. As I came, too late to warn her, I still said,
"I'm coming!"

She sucked the life right out of me. If I believed in heaven, I would
have said I'd arrived. As it was, I had just enough energy to count
my orgasms today - three this morning, one right before this while
fucking Maureen, and now this big one.

Why it was so big and intense I'm not sure. But Maureen didn't let me
go, didn't let up the pressure of her mouth on my dick, the whole time
I came. She didn't stop even after my spurts subsided. Ordinarily,
I'd feel too sensitive there to take much more, but this time each
swirl of her tongue, each kiss of her lips, was like a whole new

She sucked and licked me clean, letting me lay on my back, panting,
not talking. I didn't say anything when she was done either. I don't
know if she'd ever done something similar with Sherry, but somehow she
knew that I wasn't ready to talk.

Or move.

Or even open my eyes.

I needed this break. I didn't want to disappoint the girls, but I'd
never felt anything so intense. Well, not as an orgasm anyway. I'd
enjoyed every one I had in my entire life, but this one was extra
special. Maybe it was just from doing so much sex for so long. At
home I never had so long to myself to masturbate, though maybe at
night I'd done it. But it wasn't quite the same thing.

Maureen was leaving my dick alone, but hadn't moved away yet. I could
feel her breath there, warming me. I figured that Sherry was still
underneath her, and that gave me an idea.

"You two go on without me," I said.

It seemed obvious to me that with three of us, if one was out of it
the other two could go on. They probably could have roused me easily
enough. Part of me wanted to do that too.

But I mostly wanted to enjoy this sensation. It was like being high
on sex, or maybe drunk, or both. I'd never been high, but I had an
idea what it was like. It wasn't quite like being drunk, but I'd
never been really smashed yet either. I felt totally at peace,
totally happy, and totally loved. I did wonder if the girls ever felt
like this together, but didn't have the energy to ask.

"Are you sure?" Maureen asked. She was talking quietly, and that made
me feel great too. I knew that tone. She was very happy too, and
Sherry was helping make her close to orgasm too.

"Uh huh..." I said, letting it flow out like a song, fading away. I
let myself go into that dreamy bliss I was feeling.

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