Cassie and The Road Crew orgy

Cassie and The Road Crew orgy
Cassie's moans and groans of ecstatic pleasure suddenly drowned out by a
deep grating voice. "Turn her over and hold her legs open, it's time to
give the slut a real man's cock" the commanding tone causing Cassie to lift
her head and look up at the tall black man who moved towards her menacingly.

Cassie felt the hands holding her move her onto her back as a massive
hulking black man moved between her thighs, his ebony features twisted into
a sneering grin as he unzipped his pants. "You want a good fucking you
bitching little whore? You've come to the right place, when I'm finished
with you you're gonna be begging Big Ben to fuck all your sluttish little
cock hungry holes" his deep chuckle followed by a heavy grunt as he buried
his monstrous cock into her well fucked cunt with one mighty thrust.

Cassie's body twisted within the firm grip of the hands that held her legs
open, her back arching as what could only be described as a horse sized cock
stretched her cunt hole to the limit. As she gasped and gulped loudly at
the feeling of this giant thrusting within her overstretched pussy, the tip
of his huge dong bumping against her cervix as it invaded her quivering
depths. Two other workmen sucked ravenously at her rock hard little
nipples, biting and nibbling hungrily, her mouth opening in a silent ecstasy
as fourth workman thrust his fingers in and out of her tight arsehole.

The men surrounding those who held her legs wide for Big Ben started pumping
their cocks, as they watched a fifth man twist her head back and thrust his
cock into the slut's mouth, holding her head as he rammed his cock down her
throat, causing soft gagging sounds to rasp from her every so often.

Cassie was looking upside down into a pair of balls as she sucked hungrily
at the man deep-throating her. She could see cocks being pumped all around
her as the giant Negro continued his onslaught, almost splitting her in two
with his wild fucking. The lips and fingers moving over her body making her
shudder with pleasure, her back arching as she orgasmed violently, her cunt
biting down on the horse like cock being rammed into her.

"You fucking little cock sucking slut. your gonna make me cum too quick!!"
Big Ben roared as he thrust himself deeply into her gobbling pussy, his cock
erupting on impact, pumping long hot squirts of cum straight into her womb.
The man fucking her mouth pulled his cock out spurting hot streams of white
cum all over her face and tits, with Cassie moaning and bucking continuously
as wave after wave of multiple orgasm ripped through her.

The other men standing around moved in, pumping their cocks hard, showering
her gyrating body with hot slippery cum as Cassie moaned, "yes oh yes.cum
all over me, cum in my face, cum in my mouth. oh yeah that's it all of you
cum on me at once". Big Ben pulled his long solid cock out of her slowly,
causing her cunt to grasp and pulsate as its length vacated her.

"You little fuck addict, your pussy is still hungry for more" he chuckled
deeply as he grabbed her arm and turned her around, pushing her down on the
hood of the vehicle. Cassie gasped with shock as the cool metal met with
her hot slippery cum soaked breasts, she slid forward as Big Ben grasped her
arse cheeks and pulled them open looking down at her runny pussy and her
tight little arsehole.

"Now how you gonna fit Big Ben in such a tiny hole slut?" he sneered as he
let his fingers slide into the little arse hole, wiggling it deeper into her
as she moaned with pleasure. He watched her cum soaked crutch pulsate with
anticipation and deciding it required more attention he slid four fingers of
his other hand into her cunt hole, slowly stretching her open until he could
slide his thumb into her as well.

The men looked on with whoops of delight as Big Ben's hand disappeared into
the slut's snatch, her body sliding up and down the hood on the cum they had
unloaded onto her as she cried out loudly with pleasure. "Oh yeah Big Ben
fist fuck me.oh my god!! Oh my god!! Oh yeah do it to me, do it to me!!!"

Ben removed his glistening hand from her gaping cunt after severely fist
fucking her for some time, "you are the biggest fucking slut I've ever seen!
You want Big Ben to break your tight little arse in to a real cock don't
you? You fucking little whore."

Cassie moaned as his dirty talking only served to arouse her more, sliding
herself back towards him she arched her arse upwards at him, feeling his
hands stretch her arse cheeks apart again. She moaned long and loud as she
felt the thick tip of his cock push into her arse, then the shaft following
it stretching her bum hole well beyond it's limit.

Grasping a handful of her hair and pulling her back against his member as he
corn holed her. Big Ben's thrusts causing her to cry out every time he
filled her with his gigantic phallus, her body sliding forward then back on
the layer of cum between her and the car as he rammed deeper and deeper.

The workmen watched in awe as Big Ben finished the little whore off, no
woman could possibly be left wanting more after what he was doing to her. A
couple standing close watching the huge black cock fill the hairless little
slut's pink arsehole, were stroking their hard shafts as they leered at the
pained expression on Cassie's face.

"Fuck her Benny Boy!" a harsh voice called out.

"Yeah give it to the little slut Ben!" another shouted, causing a chorus of
chanting to start up around the heaving Negro and the naked little slut.

"Fuck the slut! Fuck the slut! Fuck the slut!" the men continued calling
as the huge lumbering black man increased the rhythm of his frenzied attack
on Cassie's arsehole.

Big Ben's hips bumped hard against her arse as he buried himself to the hilt
within the tightness of her hole, grunting with each thrust. Cassie's
little bottom hole felt like it had been ripped apart, her cunt clamping
tightly on nothing as she orgasmed wildly, cum running out of her empty cunt
hole and dripping off her quivering hairless lips.

Ben groaned then roared like a bull, as his cock hardened even more within
her pumping great streams of hot cum up her butt hole, lurching and heaving
into her until he had spent his load. Sliding his cock out of her and
moving back to tuck it into his pants, he watched the little slut slide off
the slippery cum coated bonnet onto the ground, still whimpering softly from
the intensity of her orgasmic convulsions.

The workmen moved off back to their posts and resumed working as Cassie
pulled on her crumpled dress, wiping the sticky cum off her face she smiled
at those that glanced her way "thanks... for.. the... ahem... ride.. guy's."
her voice a little hoarse from the deep throating she had received. A few
pairs of eyes followed her as she walked a little unsteadily back down the
alley towards home, their murmurs of appreciation and low chuckles echoing
after her.

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