Kat and her pleasure

Kat and her pleasure
Hi. My name is Katherine.

When I was a teen, most everyone called me Kathy or Kitty. Now, my friends
mostly call me Kat. Well, except when they're mad at me. Then, they call
me Ms Fornier, Katty or The Bitch! I don't mind. I stopped worrying about
those things a long time ago. You see, I 'm one of those lucky,
self-confident people who believe in themselves and don't take other
peoples opinions too seriously.

Take my feelings about my body for example. Most women hate their bodies
or at least parts of their bodies. You know the story. My bums too big,
my breasts are too small my hairs a mess and whatever. Not me. I love my
body. Yeah. My tits are smallish but they're nice and firm. All the guys
in our crowd seem to admire them. I love the way my nipples get hard and
super sensitive when I'm turned on. I get a lot of pleasure from my tits.

My hair? No I'm not a real blond but I am blond this week. It's looking a
bit messy right now but that's because I have been running my fingers
through it. I love the soft, silky, feel of it. Hey, if you stop looking
at my tits and read on you might get to know me better.

You've noticed my all over tan, have you? That's because I love being
naked. I seldom bother with a bikini when I go swimming or catching some
rays. The problem is, I get so horny lying there, feeling the hot sun
caressing my body. Can't you see how my nipples are already standing up?
Would you like to feel? I wouldn't mind. Really!

When I close my eyes closed I can imagine you leaning over and touching
your lips to my hard nipple, giving it a little tug. Oooh. That feels
sooo good. I can feel your hand caressing one breast while you tongue
teases the nipple of the other one. I'm starting to get really hot here!

Can you guess where my hand is right now? With my eyes closed I imagined
your hand caressing my sun-warmed skin, sliding down over my tummy, across
my mound. It's smooth, isn't it? I keep it shaved bare. Well, when a
girl changes her hair colour every other week, and likes to be naked, how
else does she keep the guys guessing?

Nice looking pussy isn't it. Yeah, I know, my hands in the way. I can't
help it right now. My pussy is demanding a lot of attention. Admire my
slim, shapely thighs in the meanwhile. Imagine what it feels like to feel
them wrapped around your waist. I'd like that. I love fucking. I'm
thinking about how it would feel if your hard cock was pressing up against
my slit right now. Its sooo big!

Shit! I'm getting sooo horny. If you're just going to sit there admiring
my hot body, I'm going to have to take care of my self. You can watch if
you like. I don't mind. In fact, I find it a turn on. It makes me even
hotter knowing you're there, watching me. Perhaps you'd like to get your
big dick out in the open and stoke it for me. That bulge looks mighty

So you've noticed that I'm rather uninhibited. I have no inhibitions at
all! I just love to put on a show for the guys. Funny, though, it seems
to upset other girls sometimes.

I once masturbated to a mind blowing orgasm, in bar, sitting on the bar
counter, my skirt around my waist, my panties round my ankles and about
twenty guys watching, close up. The guy who made the bet thought that
there was no way I'd do it. What he doesn't know is that I would have done
it as friendly bet. Stupid woess! It cost him a hundred buck, free drinks
all round and his girlfriend too!

You're kind nice though! I love the way you can't take your eyes off my
tits and my cunt. It makes a girl feel real special to be admired so much.

That dick of yours is looking pretty damn interested too. Would you like
me to blow you? I love oral sex and I give a mean blowjob. I have this
thing I do with my tongue. Well, it's easier to demonstrate than to
describe. I'd insist that you return the favour though. Ooo, I can just
imagine you going down on me and licking up a storm! You'd love the way I
taste, too. I get so wet when I'm being properly treated. My juices go
everywhere. It makes me extra hot and slippery for you when you eventually
fuck me. My pussy swells up and goes this neat pink colour inside. My
lips get all swollen and it makes me feel so tight. You would really enjoy
fucking me. I can almost feel your dick slipping into me, now.

What? Oh, you still haven't got a good look at my pussy because my hand is
always in the way. Is that better? Look at the neat pink colour inside.
You won't mind if I keep massaging my clit while you check it out, will
you. I can't stop myself. It won't be long before I cum for you. You're
going to enjoy that. I get really noisy and thrash about quite a lot.
Last time I put on a show like this for a guy, he got totally into it too.
He stood in front of me, rocking his hips backwards and forward and
stroking himself furiously. Why don't you do that too? Come here, kneel
between my legs and pump your hard cock for me. I love to watch a guy
masturbate. It drives me wild when he comes and I can watch the semen
spurting from his big, swollen, purple cock, splashing, hot and sticky onto
my stomach and my mound.

Oh, my god, I need it now. I need a big, hard cock to fill my hungry
pussy. Excuse me if my hand gets in the way again but its time to get in
deep and personal.

OK, so my eyes are closed again. It makes it easier to imagine that these
three fingers are really you're cock, pressing into me, stretching me wide
open as you slide deep into my cunt. You better hurry up if you are going
to cum with me. I'm getting so close. Pump that big cock of yours.
Faster! Faster. Imagine your cock here, deep inside my cunt.. I'm so
hot, and tight, and wet. Can you hear my pussy making those squishy sounds?

Oh, god! Fuck me! Harder! Slam that cock into me, deeper, deeper! Fill
me with your hot cum! Make me cum! Ahhh! I'm almost there! Oh! Yes!
Yes! I'm going to cum! Don't stop! Don't stop! Deeper! Fuck me! Fuck
me! Oh Shit! Yes! Fuck my cunt! Hot! Quivering! Shaking! Throbbing!

Ahhhhhhh! I' cumming! FUCK! FUCK! COCK! CUNT!


Shit! My pussy's still throbbing. I told you that I got noisy. That was
so good. Give me a few minutes and perhaps ....

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