Chrissie: Naked in School

Chrissie: Naked in School
"Good Morning.Last Saturday the President of the United
States signed into law a bill requiring all high school students
to attend school naked during part of the year. The reason for
this bill and the ground rules for the Program are all explained
in a brochure we mailed on Saturday to your parents and which
should be delivered today. You will know it because of the
picture of the two front-facing naked students on the cover over
the signature of Hillary Rodham.We are starting the Program here
at Darwin by sending today to their classes eight girls, seven
of whom are entirely naked and one of whom is wearing panties for
a short time. This represents two girls from each of our four
year groups.These girls were selected at random from among the
group of girls who, according to the menstrual charts we had them
make out upon registration, should not be having their periods
this week.If we have made a mistake in this matter, please inform
us, and upon presentation of proof, we will defer you until
another week."
"All girls will remain totally nude all week in all classes
and extracurricular activities. They will enter the east entrance
and will disrobe outside, where they may be viewed. They may not
cover themselves with their arms, hands, books, or any opaque
substance.They will remain on view at all times except for three
5-minute bathroom breaks, and they will participate in phys ed
with the boys, which means they will use the boys' locker room
and bathroom and will shower with them.Next week they will come
to school clothed and a new group will replace them. Males will
be chosen in equal numbers in about a month.There are special
rules for males getting Relief, see your brochure.All students
will be nude at some time during the school year."
"Now we come to the delicate topic of 'reasonable
request'.All girls in the Program must comply with any reasonable
request by any clothed student. An example of a reasonable
request would be a request that a girl pose herself for visual or
photographic inspection.What does this mean? At this point I
would like each of you boys to close his eyes and imagine exactly
how you would like a girl to present herself to you for
inspection.Now we'll wait a bit......Yes, you can ask a Program
girl for that, and she must comply.An example of an unreasonable
request would be to ask a girl do do something painful to her,
that is, physically painful not psychologically painful. Now,
between these clear examples, there is a large gray area which we
cannot at this time clarify. For example, a
request that a girl allow you to touch her may be reasonable
or unreasonable depending on the specifics of the
situation.However, insofar as the Program is designed to break
down the artificial barriers between girls and boys and to allow
students to satisfy in a healthy way their curiousity about
members of the opposite sex, we believe that in general the
Program should and will elicit a considerable amount of such
touching. We commend those students who put aside certain
artificial prejudices with regard to modesty, and who develop a
generous attitude in this matter."
" However, that being said, in view of the experimental and
tentative nature of the Program at the present time, and because
the selectees had no prior knowlege of their participation, we
have decided that for today and tomorrow only, there may be
absolutely no touching of Program girls, with or without
consent.So guys, for these two days it's 'look at me only and
keep your hands to yourselves.' And go to it on Wednesday!.
" I welcome discussion about the Program and will be walking
the halls soliciting it.I now return you to your teachers, who,
if they have a Program girl in their class, will place her at the
front of the room."
Mr. Fetherington asked me to come up to the front of the
room and face the class.
"This is Chrissie Boyd, who is 14 years old, and at this time
I would like to invite all of the boys and any girls who might be
interested to come to the front of the room and form a line so we
can look at her breasts. We will be examining her private parts
on another day, after she discards her panties.As you file by,
you can see that Chrissie has normal breast
development for a girl her age, with well defined breasts
that will certainly enlarge as she gets older.Her nipples, which
are now quite obviously engorged with blood and erect, are a
particularly attractive shade of pink, which contrasts nicely
with the white of her breasts, though as you can see right now
they are somewhat flushed with embarassment.Her aureoles also are
quite attractive. As you file by, you may wish to compliment
Chrissie or thank her for showing herself to you, but please
remember that touching and sucking are prohibited."
I was particularly nervous about John Narveson, but he just
gave me a real nice smile and told me I was a lovely girl, and he
was nice about not really staring which a lot of boys did.
Then I sat down and so did the girls that had come up, by Mr.
F. told all the boys to remain at the front of the room and face
the girls.
"It is probable," said Mr. F., "that all twelve of you boys
are now sporting erections, by which I mean that your penises are
hard with engorged blood, the purpose of which is to make it
possible for them to enter girl's vaginas.Since you presumably
all begain to get erections while standing and waiting to examine
Chrissie, your penises are now caught in the uncomfortable 'down'
position, held in an unnatural position by your underwear.They
need to be pulled up to the more natural and comfortable angle of
45-90 degrees. Most girls do not know about this problem, which
is why I bring it up now.I want you all now to open your pants
and manually adjust yourselves. It is not necessary to flash the
girls as it can be done under cover of your underwear."
Well, Mickey O'Donnell was not wearing underwear, but
otherwise things went smoothly. The girls were very interested in
seeing the bulges in the boy's pants, and I was sort of proud
that I was the cause of it all.I looked especially at John, of
course, and he silently mouthed something at me, something like,
"you did this."I giggled.

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