Alice goes down the hole and stays with Mouse in Wonderground

Alice goes down the hole and stays with Mouse in Wonderground
As promised, Mouse took Alice to the theatre to see a play called The
Truth About Dinah, which was at the New Crucible theatre. Mouse
took great care that Alice was dressed appropriately for the
performance. Her long hair was brushed back and kept back by a
ribbon. She lent Alice a dress which came to just an inch above the top
of her inside leg, and scrubbed her vagina so sparkled and smelt nice.
She carefully extracted a small hair she found growing there. She put
little white ankle socks and nicely polished black shoes on her feet.
Mouse took especial care, with Alice's assistance, to shave off any
hair on her body, particularly between her legs. Alice spent a fairly
uninspiring time tweaking out the hairs that were caught in Mouse's
prised open buttocks.

Most of the audience at the New Crucible was women and most of
those had short bobs like Mouse and proudly showed off their shaven
vulvas. Theatre, whatever it might have meant to Alice, was a sexual
experience according to Mouse. The centre piece of a good play was a
well-performed fuck scene. There might be several fuck scenes in a
play, but only the best actors were truly able to arouse an audience.
Mouse had seen plays where a fuck scene in a sub-plot was better
performed than the main one but that was rare.

Modern drama (in which Mouse didn't include the avant-garde
rubbish Dodie advocated) was always bound by certain agreed
standards according to whether it was comedy or tragedy. In a comedy,
there would be a series of fuck scenes in which the final scene
involved the climaxing of most of the cast. This orgy scene would not
be the principal fuck scene. This would happen earlier to allow the
stars the opportunity to perk up for the last act. In a tragedy, then there
were less fuck scenes and most of the cast were not involved (except
as passive spectators), but each fuck scene required more from the
actors to express the complex emotions involved.

Unlike, Mouse sniffed disparagingly, the avant-garde, proper theatre
was bound by certain quite sensible limits. No buggery in any
circumstance. Where male homosexual sex was required, one of the
couple would need be of the other sex dressed to appear as the same
sex, so that it would only appear to be homosexual. In those cases, for
instance, a woman might play, say, Edward III, and wear a dildo
around her waist to exhibit her supposed role. Fucking, even from
behind, had to be into the vagina. The Theatre Inspectorate were very
strict on that.

The Truth About Dinah was a tragedy concerning Dinah, played by
the leading actress, Prudence Smith, who was hiding the dark secret of
her love for another woman, Laurel, who was played by Pauline York,
an actress of lesser significance. Her husband, Edward, was a
disapproving religious man, played by Lionel Johnson, the leading

There were five acts. In the first act, Dinah and Laurel made love in
the company of some friends. The friends tried to persuade the couple
to leave each other and indulge in the more conventional sex they were
having. The scene ended with Laurel agreeing to have rather noisy sex
with one of the men.

The second act featured no sex at all, except that it seemed necessary
for Edward and Dinah to wear no clothes despite the coming and
going of the servants. The third act featured very athletic sex between
Dinah and Edward in which Dinah confessed her love to Laurel during
an apparently unfeigned orgasm. The act ended with Edward storming
out of the auditorium. Some of the girls in the aisle reached out to
touch his still moist prick as he passed by and smear it on their vulvas.

The fourth act featured a conversation between Dinah and Laurel,
which, although unclothed, contained no sex. The act ended with
Edward discovering them and killing Laurel in his anger. The final act
showed Edward in jail about to be hanged for his offence. Dinah visits
him and they cuddle, and she claims that her love for Laurel could
never match that for a real man. The play ended with Dinah sucking
off Edward just as the hangman is about to enter the prison cell.

"Phew! Powerful stuff!" gasped Mouse after the play. "That was quite
a strong performance from Prudence Smith, wasn't it? How she could
do it three times in an evening, I don't know. And there's a matinee on
Wednesday as well!"

Mouse and Alice went into the bar after the performance, but Alice
could only have fruit juice to drink because of her age. Mouse
enthused about the play to Alice and several of her friends.

"That was quite an orgasm in the third act," commented one. "I've not
seen one like that for ages! It takes real skill to remember your lines
when you're in that much ecstasy."

"Surely, it was just acting," suggested one of the men in the group.
"You can't have orgasms like that to order."

"That's what you think!" laughed another friend, who was nonetheless
being quite affectionate with him. "I've had better than that."

"I got some of his sperm," announced one of the girls, small and timid
with small round glasses. "When he went by that is. I put it all the way
right up me. You never know: I might have his baby!"

"I think it's chemistry," opined Mouse. "When you get Prudence
Smith and Lionel Johnson together you expect it to work don't you!
Every play I've seen either of them in has always been a success on
that front."

"Bit weak that Pauline York though," commented one of the men. "It's
not as if she had much to do really."

Mouse made no comment. Nor did any of the other girls.

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