Ohhhh goddess, this feels sooooo good!

Ohhhh goddess, this feels sooooo good!
The sun was just setting when I awoke. My slumber had been uneventful, and I
stretched langorously. The lithe form next to me mumbled sleepily as I
moved, and I gently lifted the arm across my chest and laid it along side
her. She again mumbled, but tucked her arm under her pillow and snuggled
into it as she drifted back to sleep. I brushed the hair from her face to
see which of my maidens had won the nightly lottery. It amused me to think I
was the prize of such a contest. But I knew they felt it to be true. I was a
bit surprised to see it was Iris.

Let me explain, lest ye believe me to be a cad. Yes, I did say maidens.
Plural. In fact, there were currently twenty in what I considered to be my
garden, but in other cultures could be called a Harem. Each of the flowers
in my garden was similar in appearance. They all had very light brown skin,
and eyes of almond shape. Their hair color ran the gamut from light brown to
almost black, but each kept a length and style that appealed to them
individually. Iris' was a very short, rich, brown.

Each of my maidens was small. No, I didn't choose them for this reason. I
mean, they were all small. Their mothers were small. Their sisters were
small. Even their brothers were small. And some of their fathers were nearly
giants. Iris' father was Johan. He easily towered over me by a full twelve
inches, and I was a tall man. The top of Iris' head barely touched her
father's sternum.

But each of my flowers was brilliant. Though it was unheard of among those
who could be called my contemporaries, I saw that all in my household were
educated. Well, let me re-phrase that. All in my Household were educated. I
saw no reason to try to educate a goatherder or a field peasant. But those
who served within my abode were expected to read, write, and work with
numbers. This meant even the newest chambermaid could read any special
instructions I left for them. My flowers though, were marvelous. They wrote
music and poetry. They did the accounting for the estate. They even executed
my taxes and duties.

But I'll explain that another time. For now, I needed to break my fast. So
with that thought in mind, I slowly drew the bedclothes off of Iris. She
whimpered softly as her skin was exposed to the cool air of the bedchamber,
and her skin started to goosebump. I watched this with pleasure, not out of
any cruelty, but because when her skin began to goosebump, her nipples
stiffened to hard little points as well.

As I said, I wasn't being cruel, so when I saw Iris' distress, I took the
matter in hand. Well, actually, in mouth as well. My right hand cupped her
left breast, warming it with my palm and caressing it softly as my mouth
began to circle her other breast with soft kisses. Her skin was warm and
soft, despite the tiny bumps I'd raised when I'd uncovered her. Her breasts
were small, perhaps the size of a new-hatched chick.

The one under my hand felt wonderful. The one under my lips felt even
better. As I kissed her flesh, her nipple rubbed the tip of my nose, and she
let out a gasp of surprise. I was looking up at her face when my lips
settled over her nipple and my tongue caressed the stiff flesh, and I
watched as her eyes opened and she looked down at me with a joyous smile.
"Good eve, M'Lord." My eyes smiled up at her, but my mouth remained where it
was, my teeth lightly nipping on the hard tip. She reached down and caressed
my blond hair and arched her back, pressing her breast against my gentle
torments. "Ohhhh goddess, this feels sooooo good!"

I continued to suckle and tease both her breasts for a long while, until she
begged me to stop, and explore other places. I leaned up and kissed her
gently, then with growing hunger. My hand had rested on her belly as we
kissed, but she suddenly took hold of it and pressed it between her legs.
She moaned loudly against my lips as she dragged my hand along her crotch,
pressing it against her sex. I was unsurprised to find her damp, but when
she took my finger in her grasp and forced it between the lips of her sex, I
was pleasantly shocked to find her very wet.

As she groaned and kissed me passionately, she continued to rub herself
against the finger she had pressed within labia. As she was riding the
invading digit, I carefully spread my hand apart, and on her next thrust,
rubbed my thumb against the nubbin at the top of her sex.

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